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"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
Fiece hatchling moonshine.png
Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png
General data
Weight1.2 kg
Grid size1x2
Use time6 s
EffectEnergy: +20
Hydration: -10

  • Toxication
  • Radiation Exposure



  • 1s Delay; 500s Duration:
  • 510s Delay; 150s Duration:
    • Causes hand tremor
Loot experience10
Examine experience10

The "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine (Moonshine) is a provision item in Escape from Tarkov.


First-class moonshine straight from the hideout. Sixfold distillation, purification, crystallization, and ionization of the boiling process led to the creation of this 79-degree drink. Remember that drinking alcohol can lead to sad consequences.


"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine is also used with the Scav Case in the Hideout as a method of paying the scavs to find in raid Items.




  • On the kitchen table inside new construction glass building
  • In the basement of warehouse 4 next to the sleeping bag
  • In the back of the van between old gas station and railway bridge


  • In the saferoom exfil (#11SR), on the metal shelves to the left of the table with the microwave or on the ground directly in front of the metal shelves
  • On the boxes on the right side of the staircase at the entrance to OLI



  • In the kitchen of the 2 story house in scav town
  • In cabin No. 1 of the three, located in the north-east of the sawmill
  • In a tent south-west of the lumber mill
  • On the table of the second room into the Bunker in "Scav Bunker"
  • Usec camp side with the cars on the outside of the tent on some crates and on the table with food.

  • Trading[]

    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x50
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    VodkaIcon.png x35
    Bottle of Tarkovskaya vodka
    Whiskey icon.png x30
    Bottle of Dan Jackiel whiskey
    Therapist 4 icon.png
    Therapist LL4

    T H I C C Items case

    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x10
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    VodkaIcon.png x10
    Bottle of Tarkovskaya vodka
    Slickers bar icon.png x5
    Slickers chocolate bar
    Skier 4 icon.png
    Skier LL4
    Weapon case icon.png

    Weapon case

    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x1
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    Peacekeeper 3 icon.png
    Peacekeeper LL3

    GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles

    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x1
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    Jaeger 3 icon.png
    Jaeger LL3
    TorreyPines Thermal Icon.png

    Torrey Pines Logic T12W thermal reflex sight


    Sugar icon.png x2
    Pack of sugar
    Purified water icon.png x1
    Purified water
    Booze generator level 1
    3 h 3 min
    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x1
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    Fiece hatchling moonshine icon.png x1
    "Fierce Hatchling" moonshine
    Water icon.png x5
    0.6 liter water bottle
    Nutrition unit level 3
    1 h 36 min
    VodkaIcon.png x10
    Bottle of Tarkovskaya vodka