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.357 Magnum HP
357 Holow Point Big
.357 Hollow Point
General data
Weight0.016 kg
Grid size1x1
Sold byJaeger LL1
Projectile speed481 m/s
Penetration power18
Armor damage %20
Accuracy %+15
Ricochet chance2.5%
Light bleed chance %+40
Heavy bleed chance %+30
Durability burn %+60
Heat %+156
Failure to feed chanceVery high
Misfire chanceMedium

.357 Magnum HP (.357 HP) is a .357 Magnum ammunition type in Escape from Tarkov.


A .357 Magnum (9x33mm R) Hollow Point cartridge with a 9 gram bullet made of solid copper in a brass case; intended for hunting and home defense, produced by Smith & Wesson. The bullet in this cartridge has an outstanding stopping power effect thanks to its exceptional ability to expand upon impact, as well as being able to cause severe adverse effects on the target after impact. Likewise, its design increases its penetration capabilities against some models of basic ballistic body protection.