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12.7x108 mm B-32 gl
12.7 B-32 view.png
General data
Weight0.133 kg
Grid size1x1
Projectile speed818 m/s
Penetration power88
Armor damage %88
Fragmentation chance17%
Ricochet chance38%
Loot experience0
Examine experience10

The 12.7x108 mm B-32 gl (B-32) is a 12.7x108mm ammunition type in Escape from Tarkov.


A 12.7x108mm B-32 gl (GAU Index - 57-BZ-542, GRAU Index - 7B3-2) cartridge with a 48 gram armor-piercing incendiary bullet with a high-strength heat-treated steel core with an incendiary compound on the tip and a bimetallic jacket, in a brass case. This cartridge was introduced into service in 1936 for Soviet 12.7x108mm caliber weaponry, designed primarily to neutralize light armored vehicles as well as helicopters and to be able to neutralize hostile personnel behind light covers, not to mention its excellent results against the most modern specialized ballistic body protections as well as having a considerable stopping power effect and be able to inflict severe adverse effects on the target after impact.