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6B13 assault armor
6B13 assault armor
6B13 assault armor icon
General data
TypeArmor vest
SlotBody armor
Weight2.8 kg
Grid size3x4
Sold byRagman LL2: Flora, after completing his task Audit
Ragman LL3: Digital Flora
Armor class2
Armor areasStomach, Thorax, Back, Sides, Throat, Back neck, Groin
Default plates1x 6B33 ballistic plate (Front)
1x 6B13 custom ballistic plates (Back)
Default plates class4
Default plates areasFront Plate, Back Plate
Penalties-1% movement speed
+0% turn speed
-1% Ergonomics

6B13 assault armor (6B13) is an armor vest in Escape from Tarkov.


The main armored vest for personnel of combat units of the ground forces, airborne troops, marines, etc. The vest is designed to protect vital organs from being hit by firearms, shell fragments, mines, grenades, and cold weapons, reducing the severity of armor contusion injury when performing combat missions. Comes in flora and digital flora camouflage.


Armor Plates[]