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7.62x54mm R BS gs
7N37 ICON.png
General data
Weight0.025 kg
Grid size1x1
Projectile speed785 m/s
Penetration power70
Armor damage %88
Fragmentation chance8.3%
Ricochet chance34%

7.62x54mm R BS gs (BS) is a 7.62x54mm ammunition type in Escape from Tarkov.


A 7.62x54mm R BS gs (GRAU Index - 7N37) cartridge with a 12.2 gram armor-piercing bullet with a pointed tungsten carbide core over a lead base with a bimetallic jacket, in a steel case. This BS bullet (Bronebóynaya Spetsiál'naya - "Armor-piercing Special") was developed by TsNIITochMash in the 2010s to greatly increase the penetration capabilities of designated marksman rifles such as the SVD and its variants, being able of piercing through the most modern specialized ballistic body protections, in addition to being capable of piercing light covers and light armored vehicles despite having a relatively low muzzle velocity compared to other cartridges. However, due to its design, it has a significant bounce probability off various surfaces.


  • Cannot be listed for sale on the flea market.