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9x39mm SP-6 gs
General data
Weight0.023 kg
Grid size1x1
Sold byPrapor LL3
Projectile speed305 m/s
Penetration power46
Armor damage %60
Recoil %+10
Fragmentation chance10%
Ricochet chance50%
Light bleed chance %10%
Heavy bleed chance %10%
Special effectsSubsonic

9x39mm SP-6 gs (SP-6) is a 9x39mm ammunition type in Escape from Tarkov.


A 9x39mm SP-6 gs (GRAU Index - 7N9) special cartridge with a 16 gram subsonic armor-piercing bullet with a hardened carbon steel core with a two-layer semi-jacket, a lead interior and a bimetallic exterior, in a steel case. This cartridge was designed in the mid-1980s to equip the AS VAL suppressed assault rifle with capabilities to neutralize hostile personnel equipped with basic and intermediate ballistic body protection, in addition to providing a significant stopping power effect, however, due to its design, it has a high probability of bouncing off various surfaces.


  • Cannot be listed for sale on the flea market.


SP6ICON.png x50
9x39mm SP-6 gs
7.62x39PS.png x100
7.62x39mm PS gzh
Gunpowder Icon.png x1
Gunpowder "Kite"
Workbench level 2
7 h 0 min
366APIcon.png x100
.366 TKM AP-M
7.62x39HP.png x120
7.62x39mm HP
Gunpowder eagle icon.png x2
Gunpowder "Eagle"
Xenoicon.png x2
Xenomorph sealing foam
Workbench level 2
9 h 13 min
SP6ICON.png x300
9x39mm SP-6 gs