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AS VAL 9x39 suppressed assault rifle
General data
TypeAssault rifle
Weight2.587 kg
Grid size5x2
Sold byPrapor LL4
Recoil %Vertical: 140
Horizontal: 300
Effective distance400 m
Firing modesSingle
Full Auto
Rate of fire (RPM)900
Sighting range420
Default ammo9x39 mm SP5 gs
Muzzle velocity295 m/s
Default magVSS 9x39 6L25 20-round magazine
Accepted ammunition
Loot experience30
Examine experience6

The AS VAL 9x39 suppressed assault rifle (AS VAL) is a silenced assault rifle in Escape from Tarkov.


AS VAL (Avtomat Specialniy, Special Automatic Rifle) - silenced automatic rifle with integral suppressor designed for special forces units. Developed in TSNIITochMash on the VSS Vintorez platform.


Quest rewards[]

  • 1 can be obtained as a quest reward from Anesthesia.



  • Since the AS "Val" uses an integrated suppressor, the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash is comparatively lower than standard, unsuppressed rifles. This can be advantageous, as partial obfuscation of a player's position prevents engaged enemies from identifying cover that will provide adequate defilade, and additionally reduces their ability to effectively return fire. Local threats that might wish to capitalise on the chaos or 'tunnel vision' of a firefight will be less capable of identifying the shooters position, providing a further advantage for those using suppressed weapons such as the AS VAL.
  • It may be advisable to use the AS "Val" in Factory, since the rifle's range is more limited than similar carbines, mainly due to its integrated suppressor and subsonic ammunition. It's high rate of fire paired with its relatively low recoil (as a result of its heavy, integrated suppressor) can be particularly intimidating at close range.
  • Due to the extreme bullet drop of the 9x39 round, the AS VAL performs poorly at long-range engagements. Even mid-ranged combat requires significant accounting for the bullet drop. Because of this, the AS VAL is best used as a high-powered close quarters rifle.

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