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Action test
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Given ByFence
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Action test is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


These times its important to appreciate the right people. I told my men to purge their ranks. The trustworthy ones have to stick together and help each other out. But if theres even a slight suspicion that someones a rat - you get em smoked on the spot. While theres all this commotion going on around, its the perfect time to show your loyalty. Clear the areas from stray servicemen and tourists, but dont touch my people. You do that, and well keep working together.


  • Eliminate 3 PMC operatives in a single raid


Said and done, that's the way I like it! Don't get lost. I'll get in touch again if I need something again.


You must kill three PMC's in one raid. PMC's that you group up with to raid together will not count towards this objective if killed. This quest can be completed on any map.