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Airdrop supply crate
Airdrop Crate.png
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size10x12

Airdrop supply crate is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


A 10x12 grid crate that is air-dropped from a Russian Ilyushin Il-76MD painted fully white with "UN" markings.


A loud plane can be heard and seen flying over the map. It will fire off countermeasure flares in it's flight path in an even intervals, until it reaches the drop zone, where it fires off multiple flares at once and diverts from it's original flight path after dropping a supply crate. The crate can be dropped in one of a number of set positions and will slowly fall to the ground via parachute and can be looted upon landing. Once on the ground, the crate will be indicated with red smoke.

Airdrops can also be called in by using the ZiD SP-81 26x75 signal pistol with a red flare cartridge or the hand-fired red RSP-30 signal cartridge.
If someone in the raid already called the airdrop before you, you will get a "Wait for arrival! Airspace is congested" warning and will have to wait 20 minutes from the time of the initial airdrop.


Airdrops are available on Customs, Woods, Reserve, Shoreline, Interchange and Lighthouse.

Loot Table

There is 4 different types of airdrop crates containing different loot corresponding to their types:

  • Common crate containing low to mid gear of any kind
  • Barter items and backpacks
  • Medical items, stims and provisions
  • Weapons, weapon mods, ammunition and gear

All types of crates have a chance to spawn backpacks and valuables.


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