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Arena is a location in Escape from Tarkov.


The Arena location has to be purchased separately from Escape from Tarkov on the Escape from Tarkov: Arena website, and can be played as standalone. Owners of the "The Unheard" or "Edge of Darkness" edition of the main game have free access as part of the season pass.

Experience and character skills progression is shared between the main game and the Arena. With the help of Ref, certain items and currency can be transferred.

Game Modes[]


Ranked games consist of balanced versions of the Blast Gang and Teamfight game modes which allows players to focus on the most fair and interesting matches. Only 1 identical gear preset per team is allowed.

Blast Gang[]

2 teams of 5 players fight for victory with asymmetrical gameplay. The attacking side needs to plant a special device, and the defending side needs to prevent or deactivate the planted device. After 6 rounds, sides are switched and gear presets can be changed. The first team to score 7 round victories with a 2 round lead wins. Should both teams have 6 round victories (6:6), overtime starts. Each of the maximum 3 (only 1 in unranked) overtimes consists of 4 rounds, of which 3 need to be won to determine the winner. After every 2 overtime rounds, sides are switched and gear presets can be changed. If there's no winner after 24 (16 in unranked) rounds, the match is a draw.

Teamfight: No one's left behind[]

2 teams of 5 players fight for victory. The first team to score 7 (unranked 5) round victories wins. If no team was eliminated during the main round time, the overtime timer starts and activates an objective in the center of the location which needs to be captured. The team that captures the point or finishes off the opposing team wins the round. If the winner hasn't been decided in overtime, a cleanup crew consisting of Scav Raiders in the first wave, and Killa together with Tagilla in the second wave is released into the Arena, who will hunt the surviving contestants until one of the teams is fully eliminated. Additionally, poisonous gas is released 30 seconds after the start of overtime, dealing 3 damage to all body parts every 3 seconds.


Unranked games include modes for which it is difficult to determine ranking, as well as PvE modes.

Last Hero: The strongest survives[]

Deathmatch between 6-8 players. The goal is to get the most kills in the allotted time. All gear presets are free and available for selection, regardless of player progress. Gear presets can be changed after each death. In this game mode, the On Painkillers effect is permanently applied to all players.

Custom games[]

Create matches in the Blast Gang, Teamfight and Last Hero game modes according to your own rules. Progress made in this mode is not saved.

Configurable settings:

  • Room name
  • Room password
  • Server region
  • Team names
  • Arena location
  • Killcam
  • Character skills level
  • Gear presets duplicates
  • Amount of round wins to win a match
  • Overtime

Upcoming game modes[]

  • Shootout Tournament - 6 teams of 2 players or 4 teams of 3 players fight against each other in a round-robin style tournament. The two teams with the most victories meet in the final to determine the winner of the tournament. If multiple teams have the same amount of victories, the finalists are determined by the best overall performance. A final fight takes place in the format of 3 rounds - up to two victories. Victory in a round can be achieved in two ways: Eliminating the enemy team, or if the victory condition is not met in the main round time, the overtime timer starts and activates an objective which needs to be held for a certain time. If the objective is not taken before the overtime ends, the round is a draw. Temporarily removed for rework.
  • Overrun - Cooperate or die: PvE missions for 5 players. The goal of the team is to clear the location from waves of enemies, complete the given objective and evacuate to a safe zone.
  • Duel

Arena Locations[]

Makeshift gladiator-style arenas in various parts of Tarkov where the remaining locals face each other, created by a mysterious group of arena masters. The various arenas have medical items and grenades scattered around to pick up. In the teamfight gamemode, Air Pit and Sawmill also have randomized weapon pickups in the form of SV-98, M700 and SVDS.

Each location has an EXP modifier to balance match time and reward:

Air Pit[]

An abandoned terminal hangar, borrowed by locals to become one of the death arenas.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Last Hero

Overhead view Weapon Pickups

Bay 5[]

A former TerraGroup Labs guarded cargo storage section in the harbor area.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Blast Gang, Last Hero

Overhead view


A courtyard in one of residential neighborhoods, equipped by the Host for Arena fights.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Last Hero

Overhead view A Overhead view B


A bowl of the old sports arena with stands, converted for death-fighting.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Blast Gang, Last Hero

Overhead view

Chop Shop[]

A car chop shop on the outskirts of Tarkov. It used to be a place where stolen cars were dismantled for parts, but now it's used to host firefights.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Last Hero


A makeshift Arena for gladiator fights, redesigned by remaining locals out of Equator-2 shopping mall.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Last Hero

Overhead view


An old private sawmill between the city and the suburbs. It was rumored to be a TerraGroup Labs reserve cover command center with an autonomous control system.

Gamemodes: Teamfight 5v5, Last Hero

Overhead view Weapon Pickups


A railway station which connected Tarkov with the rest of the cities of Norvinsk region. It was opened after reconstruction just before the conflict. Now used as a death arena.

Gamemodes: Blast Gang, Last Hero

Overhead view

Upcoming locations[]

  • The box
  • Resort


Players are rated by their ARP (Arena Reputation Points) rating. ARP are gained and lost through playing ranked game modes and used to match with players of equal skill, as well as to unlock new ranks. The ARP reward and loss after a match depends on the difference between the player's ARP and the average ARP of the opponent's team. The greater the difference, the more the player with a lower average ARP will receive in case of victory and the less he will lose in case of defeat, and vice versa.


Gear presets[]

Assault Assault
Scout Scout
Marksman Marksman
Assault is the most versatile class. Presets of this class have balanced equipment suitable for most combat situations.

Assault Presets Overview

CQB is the most heavily armored class in the Arena. CQBs are characterized by their face shields and increased ammunition for their main weapons. Presets of this class are excellent in defending positions and prolonged firefights.

CQB Presets Overview

Scout is a class for players who prefer high-risk, high-reward. Presets of this class are armed mainly with short-barreled SMGs with armor-piercing ammunition, but weak protection doesn't give you any room for a single mistake.

Scout Presets Overview

Marksman is a class for long-range combat. Presets of this class often have powerful secondary weapons and reasonable armor protection. This highly specialized class is indispensable in outdoor Arenas.

Marksman Presets Overview


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