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Quest data
LocationCustoms or Shoreline
Given BySkier or Peacekeeper
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Trade Embargo
Trade Embargo - Last Chance
Leads to:
Requirement for:
Other choices:

Atonement was a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Skier questline exclusive[]

Hey, man. Looks like we've managed to catch the eye of some major figures. It's a fucking setup now! I thought we had a fucking democracy here at last, but no, there's always someone who'll take over everything. All right, enough moaning. We need to fix this situation before we get whacked. We'll return that phone to the base or whatever. Go to the workers' dorms and clean the place up, then find a good spot for my dogs to stash the phone. And from there, the right people will get in touch with you. We're atoning for our mistakes, I guess.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

Hello. I have news, and it's not pleasant. How's that in Russian... А! Some powerful people are pressuring me because of what we arranged. Threatening me. I can't lose my position, understand? The only option is to get the laptop back. Eliminate the unnecessary prying eyes at the Health Resort, and prepare a place to deliver the laptop to the right people. They said they'd contact you on their own. Good luck, soldier.


Skier questline exclusive[]

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]


Skier questline exclusive[]

I hope they fuck off now.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

Good job. Hopefully there won't be any more problems. I think we really did go too far.


Skier questline[]

In this quest you have to kill 5 Scavs and go on the roof of the 3-story dorms on Customs.

  • Peacekeeper questline[]

    In this quest you have to kill 5 Scavs and go on the roof of the health resort east wing on Shoreline.

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