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Back door
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Back door is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hey there, what do you think of complex technology? I, for example, was always fascinated by this stuff, when one part depends on another, and even works without human participation, well, almost without it. So, I've been told that somewhere on Reserve there is some underground exit, which is activated from somewhere else, but from where exactly - hell knows. Anyhow, It would be great if you sniffed that place out. The base is quite a hell hole as you know, and I am willing to pay generously for any information on how to get out of there safely. I want to send people there to gather military equipment, but I'm afraid they'll just get killed if they don't find that secret exit.


  • Find the unpowered secret exit on Reserve
  • Extract through that exit


So the exit works? Excellent. I'm still preparing your reward, so tell me more about the opening mechanism for that bunker door.


  • This quest requires you to extract with the D-2 Extract on Reserve.

D2 Extract.png D2 Switch.png
Activate lever in the underground bunker below King/Airspace Control Center. Then press the button on the wall at the D-2 Extract.
Activating the lever has the chance to make some Scav Raiders spawn in the underground tunnel system.

  • Note: You need to exit the raid with Survived status to get the quest complete. Run through status will not complete the quest.