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Big Pipe
General data
Full nameUnknown
LocationCustoms, Woods, Shoreline, Lighthouse
Additional data
Spawn chanceCustoms: 12%
Woods: 15%
Shoreline: 15%
Lighthouse: 19%

Big Pipe is a Rogue Boss in Escape from Tarkov. He is part of the Rogue squad "The Goons". The other members are Birdeye and Knight.


  • Big Pipe has different health values to PMCs and other Scavs.
Big Pipe's Health Stats
Health Big Pipe.png Head: 70

Thorax: 220

Stomach: 200

Arms: 110 each

Legs: 100 each

Total: 910

  • Instead of the typical 4x single slot pockets, he has 5x double slot pockets bringing their total space to 10 slots.
  • Big Pipe needs to be killed for the quest Stray Dogs.


Contrary to popular belief, the Goons do not "roam" between locations. They can be encountered at all the below locations at all times.


At the water treatment plant and at the chalet.

  • Customs

    At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction) building with the numerous mounted weapons.

  • Woods

    At the Scav bunker with the antenna.

  • Shoreline

    At the weather station.

  • Behavior

    When a player is spotted by any one of the goons, Big Pipe and Knight both rush the player.


    When Big Pipe rushes a player, he stops for a second to get ready to shoot. This can be abused by shooting and killing him before he gets any shots off.

    Preferably you want to be using a high damage round such as 7.62x51mm M80, that can one-shot headshot Big Pipe.

    Customs Fortress

    The best way to deal with The goons on customs is to gain their attention while you are at crackhouse (medical building west of fortress) . This can easily done by just waking around near the second story windows.

    After gaining the attention of the goons your best choice to kill them would be to sit in a room such as dining room in the first floor and close the door, as this will create a small time period of them opening the door allowing you to shoot them with no repercussions.

    Keep in mind that Birdeye will stay behind and wait till the action is over to show himself. In order to get Birdeye to show himself you either can wait for him to push you after you kill Knight and Big Pipe, or you could throw

    grenades in his direction in order to pinpoint his location.

    Shoreline Weather Station

    You first want to want to get the attention of The Goons. This can be easily done by playing a game of "Chicken" with them by quickly running up and down the hill until you hear voice lines or you start getting shot at.

    Once you gain their attention you want to run down the hill a little bit and wait for them to push you. Make sure not to hold an angle where only your head is exposed, such as leaning behind a tree.

    Both knight and Big Pipe will rush towards you, giving you a chance to shoot them. After Big Pipe and Knight are dealt with Birdeye will reposition to find an angle on you, or he will rush you.

    Birdeye is an extremely easy kill if he's out in the open and in close range. If he decides to reposition your best options are to throw grenades to find him or try to get him to rush you by continuously re-peeking him until he pushes you.

    Woods Bridge Overlook

    Due to The Goons extremely long spotting distance it is a hard task in order to fight them at this location. This means that trying to fight them at this location is a very high risk decision. It is advised to not engage them if they are present.

    Lighthouse Chalet

    Try to push into the chalet and wait in the first floor sauna room for them to push you. Use the rocks on the east side in order to safely enter the building.

    Lighthouse Rogue Camp



    Icon Face cover
    Big Pipe's smoking pipe icon.png Big Pipe's smoking pipe

    Icon Headwear
    Big Pipe's bandana icon.png Big Pipe's bandana

    Bosses can hold any key or keycard in their pockets.

    Icon Item
    EFT Morphine Icon.png Morphine injector
    EFT Salewa-First-Aid-Kit Icon 2.png Salewa first aid kit
    EFT Vaseline Icon.png Vaseline balm
    Tar Cola icon.png Can of TarCola soda


    • Big Pipe and Knight both wear combat pants in NWU Type 3 (AOR2) camouflage, which is a pattern exclusively used by US Navy and notably their special operation members such as Navy SEALs.
    • His upper wear appears to be a Patagonia Level 9 Combat Shirt in MultiCam with sleeves cut off, which can be identified by the unique shapes of shoulder pockets and attached velcro panels.


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