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Capturing Outposts
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Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
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The Punisher - Part 6
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Capturing Outposts is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hey there, warrior. Listen, I have a mission for you. The other day I was informed that PMCs have captured several Scav bases in the region, and they say there are tons of goods there. Can you help the old soldier? Kill those PMCs so that my dogs could grab the loot without any issues. There are three bases in total: the big fortified building on the construction site on Customs, the former EMERCOM medical unit on Woods, and the river pier on Shoreline. Clear the places out and let me know when it's done.


  • Must be level 45 to start this quest.


  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the Scav base on Customs
  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the Scav base on Woods
  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the pier on Shoreline



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