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For the Arena, see Arena Changelog.

This page contains a collection of official patch notes for Escape from Tarkov. It's not complete, and it has to be noted that the developer Battlestate Games intentionally doesn't announce every change to keep surprises for the players.

The game entered the Closed Beta state on July 27, 2017 and the current game version is (16 July 2024)

  • Technical update (11 July 2024)

  • Technical update (10 July 2024)

List of changes

  • Added a new quest line for obtaining 2A2-(b-TG) stimulant, allowing owners of any edition to obtain this item
  • Added a new option "Hideout zone upgrade items" to the Auto Wishlist setting, which does not include items from favorited crafting recipes, but does include everything needed to build and upgrade the Hideout
  • Changed the position of the Wishlist button in the interaction menu and the Survey button in the bottom menu

List of fixes

  • Fixed the ability to change the AI amount in PvE mode
  • Fixed an issue where extended PMC pockets as a reward for the task chain came with a time delay
  • Fixed the DSP radio transmitter not working correctly in PvE mode
  • Fixed the incorrect display of armor damage in the post-raid statistics
  • Fixed an issue with the TerraGroup Labs access keycard not disappearing after a raid in The Lab in PvE mode
  • Fixed the "Mild muscle pain" and "Severe muscle pain" debuffs not working correctly after using the Gym in the Hideout in PvE mode (4 July 2024)

List of Changes

PVE ZONE offline single player

  • For all players with access to PVE ZONE, raids for solo players will be run on the local PC.
  • The game experience, as well as the operation of in-game mechanics, is completely identical to online play.
  • For group raids, raids as a Scav, and raids on Streets of Tarkov, the game will utilize the servers.

Wishlist mechanics

  • Players can add an item to one of several pre-created Wishlist categories. Items added to Wishlist are displayed in a separate section of the Handbook.
  • Wishlist items have unique visual differences. When obtaining such items through various methods, the player will receive a corresponding notification. Players can customize the frequency of notifications in the game settings.
  • Added the ability to automatically add items needed for Hideout to Wishlist. The available options for this feature can be configured in the game settings.
  • The Wishlist persists after wipes. You can clear the list manually in the game settings.

In-game feedback surveys

  • Added a community feedback survey system within the game, available at the "Surveys" tab in the bottom menu.
  • Completing surveys helps improve the quality of the game based on community feedback.
  • Players can earn in-game rewards for completing surveys.

AI adjustments in PvE mode

  • AI PMCs now pick up items, loot crates and bodies, trying to choose more valuable loot.
  • They can also pick up weapons and equipment, and if they find better equipment, they replace theirs with it.
  • AI PMCs can travel all over the location. They build routes to points of possible loot concentration. Bots move in tactical formation. When they reach the destination point, they collect loot, and then can wait for enemies for some time, setting up ambushes.
  • AI PMCs now extract from the location if they have collected enough loot or enough time has passed since the start of the raid.
  • AI PMCs now sprint more often when moving in open terrain.
  • AI PMC level on beginner Ground Zero will be limited to level 20.
  • All AI will now react to the enemy if information about them came from any nearby bot. For example, if you are spotted by a bot and they yell, all bots regardless of faction will hear it and decide to move in your direction, take cover or perform other actions.
  • AI Scavs will now travel all over the location and search for valuable loot. Scavs are less picky about loot quality than AI PMCs. Scavs move between potential loot destinations in tactical formation if they are traveling in a group.
  • This is the first iteration of AI improvements within PvE mode. In future updates, we also plan to refine the tactical behavior of AI, as well as the interaction system between AI of different factions.
  • In future updates, the necessary mechanics will be moved to PvP mode.

New tasks

  • Added the Nostalgia quest line for the game's life path, available only to owners of the Edge of Darkness edition bonuses.
  • Added a new quest line for obtaining Mark of The Unheard, allowing owners of any edition to obtain this item in PvE mode.
  • Added a new quest line for obtaining extended PMC pockets, allowing owners of any edition to obtain this item.


  • Added new outfits for USEC and BEAR, available for purchase for "Lega" Medal. Purchasing these outfits requires high standing with Ref.

PvE profile wipe

  • Expanded the profile reset options in the profile page on the website. Now you can reset your PvE and PvP progress separately or together.

Compensation for reporting players who violated game rules

  • Players will receive in-game currency compensation after the report that led to the blocking of the violator.
  • Compensation comes with an in-game message informing of a successful report. Compensation for several successful reports will be combined.

Balancing adjustments

  • Increased the spawn chance of the following optics:
    • VOMZ Pilad 4x32 25.4mm riflescope
    • Burris FullField TAC30 1-4x24 30mm riflescope
    • EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 30mm riflescope
    • Leupold Mark 4 LR 6.5-20x50 30mm riflescope
    • March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP 30mm riflescope
    • Vortex Razor HD Gen.2 1-6x24 30mm riflescope
    • Schmidt & Bender PM II 1-8x24 30mm riflescope
    • SIG TANGO6T 1-6x24 30mm riflescope
    • Hensoldt FF 4-16x56 34mm riflescope
    • Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 34mm riflescope
    • Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-12x50 34mm riflescope
    • Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25x56 34mm riflescope
    • NcSTAR ADO P4 Sniper 3-9x42 riflescope
    • BelOMO PSO-1 4x24 scope
    • BelOMO PSO-1M2-1 4x24 scope
    • BelOMO PSO-1M2 4x24 scope
    • NPZ USP-1 "Tyulpan" 4x scope
  • Reduced the recoil for the following bolt-action rifles
    • Accuracy International AXMC .338 LM bolt-action sniper rifle
    • Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action rifle (Infantry)
    • Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action rifle (Sniper)
    • SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle
    • Lobaev Arms DVL-10 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle
    • Molot Arms VPO-215 "Gornostay" .366 TKM bolt-action rifle
    • ORSIS T-5000M 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle
    • Remington Model 700 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Increased the leveling speed of Hideout Management and Crafting skills.
  • Removed the hearing distance bonus from the Perception skill.

List of fixes

  • Fixed the incorrect physics of character bodies and loot objects in offline raids.
  • Fixed the EFT and EFT: Arena interaction UI when interacting with Ref.
  • Fixed the cause of incorrect behavior of character bodies after death.
  • Fixed several localization errors in interface and tasks. (27 June 2024)

  • Technical update (24 June 2024)

  • Technical update (13 June 2024)

  • Technical update (13 June 2024)

List of Changes

  • Added new loot crates with various useful items:
    • Equipment crate:
      • The crate can contain various chest rigs, armor, helmets, helmet attachments, ballistic plates, headsets, and masks.
    • Weapon crate:
      • The crate can contain various weapons including pistols and melee weapons, weapon attachments, grenades, and ammo.
    • Supply crate:
      • The crate can contain various barter items required for crafting and upgrading the Hideout, as well as medicine, stimulants, food, and water.
    • Valuables crate:
      • The crate can contain various valuables and expensive barter items, keys, keycards, and info items.
    • Loot crates are initially locked and are obtained for completing daily and weekly operational tasks in Escape from Tarkov: Arena.
    • The crates can be unlocked at the Workbench (Level 2) zone in the Hideout.
  • Adjusted the ballistic plate colliders:
    • All ballistic plate colliders in the same zone are now the same size: various ballistic plate formats (Granit, SAPI, Granit 4 or Korund) will protect the identical surface on the thorax.
  • Increased the ballistic plate protection area:
    • Front ballistic plate collider: increased width and height. Added collider covering the collarbone area. Added colliders covering the armpit area at chest level.
    • Back ballistic plate collider: increased width and height.
    • Side ballistic plate collider: increased width and height.
  • All effects of Mark of the Unheard now work only in PvE mode.

Edition bonuses

  • Reduced the insurance return time by 30% for Edge of Darkness Edition owners, as well as for those who upgraded from Edge of Darkness to The Unheard Edition.
  • Added a unique PMC upper clothing, the Cultist Jacket, for The Unheard Edition owners.
  • Added a unique PMC dogtag appearance for Edge of Darkness and The Unheard Edition owners. (7 June 2024)

  • Fixed an issue where DLSS was not available in the settings
  • Fixed an issue where progress after successfully completed raids in PvE ZONE was not saved
  • Increased the limits for transferring rubles from Escape from Tarkov to Escape from Tarkov: Arena
  • Increased the limits for transferring rubles from Escape from Tarkov: Arena to Escape from Tarkov
  • Reduced the commission for transferring rubles from Escape from Tarkov: Arena to Escape from Tarkov from 20% to 15% (6 June 2024)

New Content

  • New Trader:
    • Introduced a new trader, Ref, also known as the Host, to EFT.
  • To unlock Ref:
    • Complete Skier's task "Easy Money. Part 1"
    • The trader is not available or visible in PvE mode.
    • Ref's inventory includes:
      • Well-modified weapons
      • Rare weapon mods
      • Rare armor, plates, helmets, and backpacks
      • Packs of rare ammunition
      • Containers (keytool, medical case, grenade case, etc.)
      • Useful crafting and Hideout building items
      • Signal pistol and charges
      • Keys to rooms of fallen Arena gladiators.
      • Most items are sold for GP coins.
  • Rare items and barter:
    • Rare and valuable items can be bartered for "Lega" medals, obtained as rewards for difficult operational tasks in EFT: Arena.
  • Ref purchases:
    • Ammo, weapons, and weapon mods
    • Purchase price increases with trader reputation level.
  • Item Transfer Service:
    • Items that can be transferred from EFT to EFT: Arena:
    • Roubles
    • GP coins
    • "Lega" medals.
  • Daily transfer limits apply based on the EFT edition.
  • Transfer Fees:
    • Roubles: 10% of the transferred amount
    • Items: 5% of the item's value
    • Fees are reduced by the Charisma skill and loyalty level with the trader.
  • Transfer from EFT to EFT: Arena is unavailable until the trader is unlocked. Transfer from EFT: Arena to EFT is always available.
  • Transfers from EFT: Arena: Items transferred appear in EFT through the messaging system.

New Items

  • Special "Arena" armband – champion's mark
  • APOK Tactical Wasteland Gladius – melee weapon, once belonged to a famous Arena champion
  • "Theta" secure container – ultimate Arena champion reward, 10 slots (2x2 + 1x2 + 1x2 + 1x2 format).
  • New items are rewards or unlockable for purchase by completing Ref's quest chain.

List of Changes

  • GP coin now stacks up to 20 coins
  • GP coin value decreased to 7500 roubles
  • GP coins cannot be sold to Fence or other traders
  • GP coins cannot be listed on the Flea Market
  • GP coins cannot be dropped from inventory in raid
  • Items previously bartered for GP coins with other traders have been moved to Ref's inventory, including those locked behind quests
  • Increased personal trader item limits by 20% for Edge of Darkness and The Unheard edition owners who upgraded from Edge of Darkness
  • Added profile badge and nickname color customization in settings for relevant editions. (30 May 2024)

List of Changes

  • Added achievements for the players who completed “Collector” and “Gunsmith” questlines
  • The balancing adjustments have been made to the quest conditions that unlock access to the Lightkeeper

Bonuses for the Edge of Darkness owners

  • Bonuses for the Edge of Darkness edition owners, as well as for those who upgraded from Edge of Darkness to the The Unheard Edition:
    • Increased starting level of “Charisma” skill: the bonus will be added to already achieved skill level for those who have already created a character;
    • 2 daily quest changes free of charge;
    • Unique craft recipe for “Product 2A2-(b-TG)” stimulant in the hideout. (23 May 2024)

  • Reduced the density of fog and haze on all locations. Please note that fog as a weather condition remains in the game. (15 May 2024)

  • Technical update (12 May 2024)

List of Changes

  • Adjusted loot balancing on all locations except Streets of Tarkov
  • Adjusted loot balancing on locations: Increased the chance of rare loot spawning in locked rooms
  • Successfully executed Gym QTEs give more skill points
  • Increased the number of AI Scav spawns on Interchange
  • Adjusted the number of slots on the Flea Market for all reputation levels
  • Added 9x19mm PBP gzh for sale at Prapor LL4
  • Increased the selling value of PMC dogtags
  • Adjusted inertia strength, base stamina capacity, and overweight limit:
    • Reduced base inertia strength by 20%
    • Increased overweight limit by 15%
    • Increased base stamina capacity by 15%

Experimental Changes

  • Removed the "Found in Raid" requirement for placing offers on the Flea Market for PvP and PvE modes (7 May 2024)

  • Adjusted barters for the following items:
    • Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45x39 assault rifle — (Prapor, 4LL)
    • Cult Termite ballistic plate — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles — (Skier, 4LL)
    • Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier (A-TACS FG) — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • Tasmanian Tiger SK plate carrier (MultiCam Black) — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • Saiga-12K ver.10 12ga semi-automatic shotgun — (Mechanic, 4LL)
    • Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut helmet (Black) — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Mechanic, 4LL)
    • Desert Tech MDR 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL) (25 Apr 2024)

The Unheard Edition

  • The Unheard Edition is now available for purchase on the website, featuring:
    • Access to PvE co-op mode with persistent progression. Progression will not be reset with wipes
    • Enhanced stash size (10x72)
    • Increased starting level of character skills
    • Expanded PMC pockets
    • Additional equipment and resources in stash
    • Unique in-game ID
    • Unique radio-electronic item "Mark of The Unheard"
    • Unique in-game melee weapon
    • Unique in-game armband
    • Increased mail retention time
    • More slots on the Flea Market
    • Increased Fence standing
    • Additional main menu background
    • Access to the Early Test Server (ETS)

List of Changes

  • Switched the in-game season to late spring
  • Reduced the base inertia strength
  • Reduced the aim punch effect
  • Reduced the blur effect when taking damage
  • Reduced the camera shake effect while shooting

Body hitbox penetration rework

  • Changed the mechanics of body hitbox penetration. Now the body hitbox is always penetrated if the round's penetration power stat is higher than the hitbox penetration threshold
  • Head, Forearm, Shoulder, Calf and Thigh hitboxes now have a threshold value of 20
  • The damage and penetration power of the bullet degrades when it penetrates the body hitbox, meaning that the next body hitbox will receive reduced damage:
    • The extent of damage reduction depends primarily on the round's penetration power stat
    • Secondly, it depends on the caliber of the round and the body part’s hitbox penetration threshold
    • The greater the penetration power stat and caliber of the round, the smaller the damage reduction
    • Reduced the armpit hitbox size

Armor penetration rework

  • If the round's penetration power stat is 15 more than the armor's effective durability, this will result in a guaranteed penetration. The following must be taken into account:
  • Effective durability for intact armor is approximately equal to its armor class multiplied by 10
    • Effective durability for damaged armor decreases with the loss of its durability points
    • Many cartridges have a small starting variation in armor penetration
    • Ammo penetration degrades with loss of bullet velocity
    • Ammo penetration may degrade after colliding with armor, body hitboxes, or obstacles (22 Apr 2024)

  • Added new barters for the following items:
    • Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45x39 assault rifle — (Prapor, 4LL)
    • Cult Termite ballistic plate — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles — (Skier, 4LL)
    • Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier (A-TACS FG) — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • Tasmanian Tiger SK plate carrier (MultiCam Black) — (Ragman, 4LL)
    • Saiga-12K ver.10 12ga semi-automatic shotgun — (Mechanic, 4LL)
    • Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut helmet (Black) — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Mechanic, 4LL)
    • Desert Tech MDR 5.56x45 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL)
    • FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 assault rifle — (Peacekeeper, 4LL) (18 Apr 2024)

  • Reduced the hearing radius of sounds in a crouched position by 50% for other players
  • Reduced the difference of maximum hearing radius of footsteps and voice depending on the active headset used
  • Fixed an issue where a high-frequency sound artifact would be played in certain cases, such as various weapon impacts or when hitting bushes
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of some weapon operations would be audible through thick walls without the sound occlusion effect for other players
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of container searching would play incorrectly in first-person (16 Apr 2024)

  • Adjusted the loot spawns on Streets of Tarkov: increased the chance of rare loot spawning in locked rooms and decreased it in other areas
  • Added a chance to spawn TerraGroup "Blue Folders" materials at various facilities related to TerraGroup
  • Adjusted the loot on Interchange at the ULTRA medical storage, as well as Kiba Arms store: added a chance to spawn ballistic plates and relevant equipment
  • Adjusted the loot in the room opened with the Rusted bloody key on Streets of Tarkov
  • Improved the PMC spawns on Reserve to avoid spawning in exposed areas
  • Added new barters for the following items
    • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Direct Thread Mount adapter
    • SVDS Lynx Arms AK-series pistol grip adapter
    • Ferfrans CRD 5.56x45 Concussion Reduction Device
    • AR-15 Ferfrans CQB 5.56x45 muzzle brake
    • P226 Stainless Elite pistol slide
    • KRISS Vector Mk.5 modular rail
    • M1911A1 NcSTAR trigger guard mount
    • SVDS custom cut dust cover
    • M1A ProMag Archangel chassis
    • SLR-106/AK 5.56x45 Circle 10 30-round magazine
    • Trijicon REAP-IR scope eyecup
    • P226 Stainless Elite Wooden pistol grip
    • Magpul M-LOK 2.5 inch rail
    • Magpul M-LOK 4.1 inch rail
    • KRISS Vector non-folding stock adapter
    • Remington Model 700 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle MRS
    • KRISS Vector 9x19 6 inch barrel
    • HK 416A5 5.56x45 11 inch barrel
    • HK 416A5 Midwest Industries 9 inch M-LOK handguard
    • SVD SAG MK1 chassis (15 Apr 2024)

List of Changes

  • Optimized the algorithm of AI spawns at the start of online raids
  • Added new weapon switching sounds depending on its type and length
  • Balancing adjustments to the trader item limits system
  • Added an achievement for players who completed the quest chain in the Spring event
  • Added new PMC outfits available both for purchase on the website and as rewards for completing the new quests

List of fixes

  • Fixed the overlapping sound when breaking fluorescent lamps
  • Adjusted the volume of container searching, equipment, weapon switching, as well as crouched movement with minimum speed
  • Fixed the noise in the ambient sounds on Woods
  • Fixed the display of the sorting table button for different monitor aspect ratios (5 Apr 2024)

  • Fixed an issue with raid loading freeze during the "Creating loot pools" stage
  • Fixed incorrect operation of the report button on the profile screen of subsequent players, if the player has already sent these types of reports in the current game session (4 Apr 2024)

  • Technical client update (3 Apr 2024)

List of Changes

  • Started the first iteration of the seasons system:
    • The season change implies a change in the visual part of the locations, ambient sound, and weather effects
    • Early spring will be available in this update
    • Other seasons corresponding to the calendar seasons will be added in future updates
  • Added the BTR-82A to Woods, traveling between different stop points:
    • Scav Bunker, Sunken Village, Old Sawmill, Sawmill, USEC Checkpoint, Emercom Base, Junction
    • Added a detailed suspension system to the BTR for more realistic rough terrain movement
    • Opened the gates at the Northern and Southern UN Roadblock exits to allow the BTR to drive outside the location. These exits are under sniper fire beyond the gates
  • Updated the matching system for Ground Zero:
    • The system divides players into beginners (up to level 20 inclusive) and experienced players (level 21 and above), matchmaking for these groups will be separate:
    • Ground Zero will be available to all players without level restrictions
    • For experienced players, there will be a modified version of Ground Zero with:
    • Increased difficulty of Scavs
    • Chance to find rare loot
    • Possibility of an Airdrop plane appearing, as well as the option to call in an Airdrop with a red flare
    • Possibility of Scav Boss Kollontay appearing
    • If there is at least one player in the group with a level higher than 20, all players will receive a warning for selecting Ground Zero for experienced players
    • When playing as a Scav, the matching is independent of the player's level
    • In co-op practice mode, access to Ground Zero is also independent of the player's level
    • Quests "First in Line", "Shooting Cans", "Luxurious Life", "Burning Rubber" and "Saving the Mole" will no longer fail after the player reaches level 20
    • Added Ground Zero objectives for the following quests: "A Shooter Born in Heaven", "The Guide", "Peacekeeping Mission", "The Survivalist Path - Eagle-Owl", "Escort", "Slaughterhouse" and "Information Source"
    • Added daily and weekly tasks for Ground Zero
  • Adjusted the sound system:
    • Updated the ambient sound to match the current season in the game
    • Wind volume now depends on its strength in the raid
    • Updated the indoor rain ambient
    • Added smoother transitions between day and night ambient
    • Added smoother transitions between indoor and outdoor ambient
    • Improved the audibility through door and window openings
    • Added the external sound suppression while inside the BTR
  • UI improvements:
    • Added the damage and penetration stats to the ammo inspector screen. When hovering over the penetration sat, you can see the penetration chance against certain armor classes
    • Improved the Skills menu interface:
    • Added descriptions to skill leveling methods
    • Numerical values of bonuses are now displayed in tenths
    • Added a green skill progress bar, displaying how many skill points you have gained during the raid
    • Added the ability to view a player's profile via their dogtag and on the lobby screen
    • Added the ability to report a player on their profile page
    • Added a button for the dogtag bonuses information in the Hall of Fame zone
  • Other changes:
    • Optimized the algorithm of searching for cover for AI
    • Changed the lighting inside the ULTRA mall on Interchange
    • Added a sound signal before the BTR departs from its stop point
    • Improved the hit registration when the player tilts in quick succession

List of fixes

  • Fixed the geometry and settings for locations, aimed at more accurate operation of the vaulting and climbing mechanics, added the ability to vault from the previously unblocked positions, for example, the windows of the Health Resort
  • Fixed the AI behavior when using stationary weapons
  • Fixed the damage calculation algorithm for limb penetration
  • Fixed the inability to pick up loot at the Terrakot business center on Streets of Tarkov
  • Fixed the significant FPS drop in offline raids after changing the "Vaulting over medium obstacles" option in the settings to "Auto"
  • Fixed the lack of damage registration after ricochet in certain cases
  • Fixed the visual effect of painkillers when using NVGs
  • Fixed the inability to view a player's profile when using the Flea Market
  • Fixed the incorrect damage to the player when walking into a non-moving BTR
  • Returned the display of ricochet chance info for helmets
  • Fixed the incorrect camera tilt if the player was leaning while aimed shooting (28 Mar 2024)

  • Technical client update (27 Feb 2024)

  • Fixed incorrect visual display of fog and haze on all locations. (26 Feb 2024)

List of Changes

  • Reworked the damage through layers of armor: now when each layer is penetrated, the bullet loses some penetration power and damage depending on the characteristics of the penetrated armor
  • Fixed an issue with missing blunt damage when hitting a ballistic plate
  • Blunt damage now decreases when there is soft armor behind the unpenetrated component
  • Adjusted the head colliders (eyes, ears)
  • Removed the possibility for bullets to pierce through a character's thorax and stomach
  • Added the "fits existing" text to the ballistic plate inspector to display which armors the plate fits to
  • Added the ability to fit Granit Br4 and Br5 plates into WARTECH TV-110 and TV-115 plate carriers
  • Added side ballistic plate slots for the S&S Precision PlateFrame (Goons Edition) plate carrier
  • Added contact shadows for the BTR and updated visual effects of BTR machine gun fire
  • Adjusted the random container spawn settings to reduce the chance of spawning an empty container
  • Added the tenths of percentage display when viewing the total number of players who have completed an achievement
  • Adjusted the sound positioning system on Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov.

List of fixes:

  • Numerous fixes and adjustments to the visuals and geometry of Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov
  • Fixed the lack of camera shake when firing from stationary weapons
  • Fixed the incorrect shifting of the aiming line on iron and hybrid sights at high FOV settings
  • Fixed the weapon getting stuck sideways when switching from one sight to another while aiming in the left shoulder stance
  • Fixed the distance to the sight when shooting in the left shoulder stance at FOV=75
  • Fixed the lack of camera sway when aiming in the left shoulder stance
  • Fixed several bugs in vaulting mechanics that caused getting pushed out, stuck, falling into geometry
  • Fixed the possibility of taking damage from snipers while inside the BTR
  • Fixed the logic where the BTR would start firing at nearby players
  • Fixed the ability to transfer restricted items to other players using the BTR
  • Fixed the error pop-up when trying to view a player's profile in certain cases
  • Fixed the availability of Lightkeeper services for players who have not completed the starting quests or with insufficient reputation
  • Fixed the inability to activate Lightkeeper's services immediately after unlocking them, without restarting the game
  • Fixed several incorrect player animations when using stationary weapons
  • Fixed the hands getting frozen after using stationary weapons in certain cases
  • Fixed the error when loading a double-barrelled shotgun with ammo from the secure container
  • Fixed the reload through the context menu during magazine check that resulted in locking of the magazine's slots in the player’s inventory
  • Fixed the narrowed display in thermal scopes
  • Fixed the incorrect positioning of Magpul SL-K buttstock with some buffer tubes
  • Fixed the incorrect display of face shields for other players in certain cases
  • Fixed the error after replacing an equipped helmet with the same helmet but with a different flashlight installed
  • Fixed the ability to quickly return from left/right lean if using smooth lean (Alt+A/Alt+D) after using normal lean (Q/E)
  • Fixed the incorrect AI movement speed in certain cases
  • Fixed the incorrect cultists behavior after attacking with melee weapons
  • Fixed the possibility of AI falling through the ground in certain cases
  • Fixed the error after the post-raid Therapist healing screen for players with the elite Charisma skill
  • Fixed the incorrect logic of unlocking a new quest after failing the previous quest
  • Fixed the incorrect objective area for the Capturing Outposts quest
  • Fixed the disappearance of a secure container from the inventory when interacting with equipment presets in certain cases
  • Fixed the incorrect logic of inviting a player to The Lab raid if they don't have a keycard
  • Fixed the incorrect display of fog in optics after using thermal sights
  • Fixed the display of light from IR flashlights in optical sights
  • Fixed the display of insurance and "Found in Raid" icons
  • Fixed the blinking of certain achievement icons when pressing the "Collection date" filter
  • Fixed the text overlay on white background on the language selection screen
  • Fixed the error when inverting the mouse on the X-axis
  • Fixed the infinite loading when trying to load into a finished raid after a reconnect
  • Fixed the ability to open a locked door without a key using the "Breach" option
  • Adjusted the damage from fire and barbed wire
  • Fixed the possibility of generating a Player Scav with no equipment
  • Fixed the algorithm of fog generation and its density on the locations (15 Feb 2024)

  • Technical client update (12 Feb 2024)

This update was rolled back on 13 Feb 2024

List of Changes

  • Reworked the damage through layers of armor: now when each layer is penetrated, the bullet loses some penetration power and damage depending on the characteristics of the penetrated armor
  • Fixed an issue with missing blunt damage when hitting a ballistic plate
  • Blunt damage now decreases when there is soft armor behind the unpenetrated component
  • Adjusted the head colliders (eyes, ears)
  • Removed the possibility for bullets to pierce through a character's thorax and stomach
  • Added the "fits existing" text to the ballistic plate inspector to display which armors the plate fits to
  • Added the ability to fit Granit Br4 and Br5 plates into WARTECH TV-110 and TV-115 plate carriers
  • Adjusted the recoil parameters for pistols, shotguns, and the SKS carbine
  • Added contact shadows for the BTR and updated visual effects of BTR machine gun fire
  • Adjusted the random container spawn settings to reduce the chance of spawning an empty container
  • Added the tenths of percentage display when viewing the total number of players who have completed an achievement
  • Adjusted the sound positioning system on Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov
  • The following plate carrier and body armor integrated components have been upgraded to class 3:
    • HighCom Trooper TFO body armor
    • Ars Arma CPC MOD.1 plate carrier
    • Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)
    • NPP KlASS Bagariy plate carrier
    • ANA Tactical M2 plate carrier
    • Crye Precision AVS plate carrier
    • Crye Precision AVS plate carrier (Tagilla Edition)
    • 5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier
  • In the near future, the in-game stash expansion and access to the practice co-op mode will become available for purchase in the profile page on the official Escape from Tarkov website
  • Purchase of additional stash lines will be available regardless of the game edition
  • Purchasing access to the practice co-op mode will be available for all editions. For Edge of Darkness owners, the ability to play in practice co-op mode is available by default

List of fixes:

  • Numerous fixes and adjustments to the visuals and geometry of Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov
  • Fixed the lack of camera shake when firing from stationary weapons
  • Fixed the incorrect shifting of the aiming line on iron and hybrid sights at high FOV settings
  • Fixed the weapon getting stuck sideways when switching from one sight to another while aiming in the left shoulder stance
  • Fixed the distance to the sight when shooting in the left shoulder stance at FOV=75
  • Fixed the lack of camera sway when aiming in the left shoulder stance
  • Fixed several bugs in vaulting mechanics that caused getting pushed out, stuck, falling into geometry
  • Fixed the possibility of taking damage from snipers while inside the BTR
  • Fixed the logic where the BTR would start firing at nearby players
  • Fixed the ability to transfer restricted items to other players using the BTR
  • Fixed the error pop-up when trying to view a player's profile in certain cases
  • Fixed the availability of Lightkeeper services for players who have not completed the starting quests or with insufficient reputation
  • Fixed the inability to activate Lightkeeper's services immediately after unlocking them, without restarting the game
  • Fixed several incorrect player animations when using stationary weapons
  • Fixed the hands getting frozen after using stationary weapons in certain cases
  • Fixed the error when loading a double-barrelled shotgun with ammo from the secure container
  • Fixed the reload through the context menu during magazine check that resulted in locking of the magazine's slots in the player’s inventory
  • Fixed the narrowed display in thermal scopes
  • Fixed the incorrect positioning of Magpul SL-K buttstock with some buffer tubes
  • Fixed the incorrect display of face shields for other players in certain cases
  • Fixed the error after replacing an equipped helmet with the same helmet but with a different flashlight installed
  • Fixed the ability to quickly return from left/right lean if using smooth lean (Alt+A/Alt+D) after using normal lean (Q/E)
  • Fixed the incorrect AI movement speed in certain cases
  • Fixed the incorrect cultists behavior after attacking with melee weapons
  • Fixed the possibility of AI falling through the ground in certain cases
  • Fixed the error after the post-raid Therapist healing screen for players with the elite Charisma skill
  • Fixed the incorrect logic of unlocking a new quest after failing the previous quest
  • Fixed the incorrect objective area for the Capturing Outposts quest
  • Fixed the disappearance of a secure container from the inventory when interacting with equipment presets in certain cases
  • Fixed the incorrect logic of inviting a player to The Lab raid if they don't have a keycard
  • Fixed the incorrect display of fog in optics after using thermal sights
  • Fixed the display of light from IR flashlights in optical sights
  • Fixed the display of insurance and "Found in Raid" icons
  • Fixed the blinking of certain achievement icons when pressing the "Collection date" filter
  • Fixed the text overlay on white background on the language selection screen
  • Fixed the error when inverting the mouse on the X-axis
  • Fixed the infinite loading when trying to load into a finished raid after a reconnect
  • Fixed the ability to open a locked door without a key using the "Breach" option
  • Adjusted the damage from fire and barbed wire
  • Fixed the possibility of generating a Player Scav with no equipment (24 Jan 2024)

  • Fixed incorrect ammo penetration and damage calculations in some situations
  • Fixed the ability to inspect and modify unexamined armor lying on the ground
  • Removed the display of integrated armor component prices on the trading screen
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of Rogues when defending the water treatment plant buildings on Lighthouse
  • Reduced the loudness of footsteps on snow
  • Fixed the inability to complete some quest conditions
  • Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading into a raid when playing as Scav in some situations
  • Fixed visual effects of bloom and sun glare on all locations
  • Interchange color correction is now closer to other locations
  • Fixed the lack of fog in optical sights in some situations
  • Fixed the inability to pick up some items, including quest items
  • Fixed the ability to pass through solid obstacles in some situations
  • Fixed the ability to transfer items displayed in the Hall of Fame for quests
  • Fixed the Airdrop loot appearing as not Found in Raid
  • Increased spawn points for Scavs on the Ground Zero location (28 Dec 2023)

  • Fixed the incorrect model behavior of players who lost connection to the server while riding the BTR.
  • Fixed the incorrect rounding of armor plate and integrated armor durability points in the item inspector.
  • Fixed the incorrect camera behavior while aiming in a leaning position.
  • Fixed the incorrect animation of shoulder transition while aiming.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases caused the player to be teleported back while vaulting.
  • Fixed the inability to close the in-raid armor modding window in some cases.
  • Fixed the inability to complete subtasks for some quests. (27 Dec 2023)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

New content

New Location: Ground Zero

    The Ground Zero location, situated in the city center of Tarkov, has been added to the game. Location features a large number of infrastructure facilities of the modern city: banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and so on. All this is towered by the skyscrapers of Tarkov. In the very center of the location is the main Russian branch office of TerraGroup, where the original conflict began. The most violent clashes between USEC PMC operatives and OMON took place on the facility's premises.
  • The location is intended for beginner players from level 1 to 20;
  • PMCs of higher levels (20+) will not be able to access the location;
  • Scavs will have access to the location at any player level;
  • New starter quests have been added to the location;
  • Visual cues for new players have been added to the location;

New Boss - Kollontay

    A new boss Kollontay has been added to Streets of Tarkov. He is a former officer of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs), during his service in law enforcement he had a reputation as a vile man, whose behavior was sometimes feared by his coworkers. During his work, he often resorted to his favorite method of interrogation - a rubber baton, as well as other non-statutory pressure on someone who was not to his liking. Thanks to his physical strength and bold temperament, after the events of the TerraGroup scandal, he formed a gang and began to do what he himself was recently supposed to combat - looting and banditry. However, even before the conflict, he often provided protection to local "businessmen". For example, his good relations with Kaban are well-known. Kollontay has a small number of guards, prefers to stay in one position and occasionally patrols his territory. If he feels he has the upper hand, he may switch to his police baton. He lives in the area around Klimov Shopping Mall and the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Kaban’s new guards

    Boss Kaban is joined by his closest associates, Basmach and Gus. Since the time of Kaban's active involvement in business, they have served as his loyal associates, solving many delicate issues for him. Their loyal service and their exuberant character made them his most trusted confidants. In their spare time, these two "dandies" liked to dress up at Ragman's place and organize illegal street races through the streets of Tarkov in tuned cars from Kaban's dealership. Basmach and Gus always stay close to Kaban and charge into battle for him. They prefer their unique clothes to their battle gear, though there are occasional exceptions. Basmach has a special fondness for machetes, and Gus for crowbars.

Shoreline rework

  • Visually reworked most of the landscape, keeping the main points of interest intact;
  • Added a new area - a small cattle farm which is home to smugglers and Scavs;
  • Updated the light sources;
  • Optimized most of the location, completely redesigned the culling system;
  • Reworked location borders: concrete fence replaced by minefields and snipers in most areas.
    • The location is also slightly expanded in some areas;
  • Reworked some points of interest, including the addition of new quests and activities in several previously empty zones;
  • Some areas have been reworked to improve gameplay: added a river crossing, reworked almost all elevations and sniper positions, as well as Scav areas of interest, etc.;
  • Added more than 30 new containers and Jaeger stashes;
  • Fixed over 1200 visual and minor bugs.

New weapons, equipment, loot

Added a number of new items, weapon modifications, equipment, and customization.

New weapons:

  • KBP 9A-91 9x39 compact assault rifle;
  • KBP VSK-94 9x39 rifle;
  • SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8x51 (.277 FURY) assault rifle ;
  • Degtyarev RPD 7.62x39 machine gun;
  • Degtyarev RPDN 7.62x39 machine gun;
  • Updated the models and animations for Simonov SKS 7.62x39 carbine.

Changes and new mechanics:


An achievement system has been added to the game:

  • Players will receive achievements upon completing various objectives;
  • Earned achievements will not be lost with wipes;
  • You can view the earned achievements on the "Achievements" tab on the character screen.

Hall of Fame

A new Hideout zone, Hall of Fame, has been added to the game.

  • The zone serves as a place where you can display mementos:
  • For displaying the dogtags of players of the opposite faction killed by your PMC, you get a bonus to combat skills leveling;
  • The higher the level of the eliminated player, the greater the skill bonus.
  • You can add items to your favorites. Such items will be displayed in your profile.

New hitbox and armor system


  • The head is divided into separate simple hit zones, which coincide with the protection zones of helmets and masks;
  • Three hit zones have been added to the head area: front neck - Throat, back neck - Neck, and a Face collider;
  • Thorax and stomach hit zones are divided into front, back, and sides;
  • The pelvic hit zone is divided into front - Groin, and back - Buttocks. Hits to these zones cause damage to the Stomach zone;
  • Forearm hit zones have been reduced in diameter;
  • The death screen now shows more detailed information about the area that was fatally wounded. For example, "Thorax, Upper back".


  • 37 ballistic plates have been added to the game:
    • 7 for the chest section
    • 6 for the rear section
    • 20 universal plates (for the chest and rear sections)
    • 4 for the side sections.
  • Ballistic plates have their own parameters specific to armor: strength, material, armor damage absorption, ricochet parameters, armor type, etc;
  • Ballistic plates are divided into different "formats" depending on the size and format of the armor section;
  • Ballistic plates cannot be inserted or removed while wearing the body armor. It must be removed first;.
  • The visual appearance of a ballistic plate depends on its durability;
  • Ballistic plates can spawn in appropriate areas and containers on locations;
  • Ballistic plates are affected by the "Light Armor" and "Heavy Armor" skills depending on the type of the ballistic plate (Light and Heavy).
  • Added separate ballistic plate zones on the character, visually matching the location in the body armor:
  • The hit registration zones of ballistic plates of the same format have the same position in all body armor and plate carriers with slots for this plate format;
  • The dimensions of the ballistic plate zones are the same as the average dimensions of real ballistic plates of that format.
  • Ballistic plate slots and integrated armor slots have been added to body armor vests and plate carriers:
  • All ballistic plates of the corresponding format can be installed in the armor plate slots. *The slots of some armor plates can be fitted with plates of several formats. For example, the chest section of the ANA Tactical M2 plate carrier can be fitted with SAPI and Granit format plates;
  • Body armor protection is no longer uniform. It now depends on what areas the body armor visually protects. For example, no body armor protects the armpit area;
  • The durability of body armor has been converted to the durability of installed armor;
  • An armored collar that protects the neck hitbox has been added for a large number of body armors;
  • Body armor vest cost, weight, and penalties have been adjusted - some of the cost, weight, and penalties have been "moved" to ballistic plates.
  • Integrated armor slots have been added to a large number of helmets:
  • Helmet durability has been converted to the durability of the integrated armor.

Integrated armor in body armor and helmets:

  • The protection of armor and helmets is divided into separate zones, depending on which section this zone protects (sometimes several zones). These are the slots with integrated armor;
  • Integrated armor zones have their own separate durability. For example, you can now reduce your opponent's chest zone armor durability and not damage the durability of other armor zones if you shoot them in the chest;
  • In the inspection window, you can see exactly which areas of the vest or helmet are protected and what their durability rating is;
  • Integrated armor cannot be removed or replaced;
  • Each integrated armor has its own armor-specific settings: durability, material, armor damage absorption, ricochet parameters, armor type, and others;
  • Integrated armor is affected by the "Light Armor" and "Heavy Armor" skills depending on the type of the armor (Light and Heavy).


The damage parameter on various armor materials has been adjusted to reflect the new durability values.


  • When repairing body armor, durability is distributed according to the following priorities:
    • ballistic plates (chest, back, sides) and then integrated armor (chest, collar, back, pelvis, sides, other);
  • You can also repair ballistic plates as separate items;
  • When repairing helmets, durability is distributed according to the following priorities: **integrated armor (face, top, eyes, jaws, back of head, ears, other);
    • Integrated armor can receive an enhancement when it is repaired;
  • Chances for armor to receive common and rare enhancements while being repaired have been increased.


  • You can now see the durability of different armor zones and ballistic plates by hovering over the durability digit of a vest or helmet. This also works for Flea Market offers;
  • You can see brief information about the presence and quantity of ballistic plates in the posted Flea Market offers;
  • Slots for ballistic plates and integrated armor (if the vest has them) have been added to the vest and helmet inspector screens. The order of the slots is always the same;
  • Armor class is now displayed with a Roman numeral icon on the ballistic plate icon and in the Armor Class list.

Flea Market and trading

  • The Flea Market ban has been removed from a large number of body armors;
  • Ballistic plates of protection classes 5 and 6 cannot be sold on the Flea Market;
  • Ballistic plates have been added to the inventory of various traders.

Vaulting and obstacle interaction

  • Obstacle vaulting has been added to the game;
    • There are two types of vaulting:
      • Climbing the obstacle and remaining on it. For example, climbing a crate to fire at the enemy from top of it;
      • Vaulting over an obstacle. For example, jumping over a small fence to take a shortcut.

Each of these types has different animations for different heights, different parameters of stamina and arm stamina consumption, and different action speeds, depending on the negative effects;

    During a sprint, you can jump over obstacles without the goal of climbing them (Vaulting); If vaulting is performed while walking, the loudness of such actions will be noticeably lower than jumping and sprinting; For the convenience of overcoming obstacles an option has been added to the game settings: "Vaulting over medium obstacles", where you can choose "Auto" or "Hotkey". If you select "Auto", your character will climb over medium and low height obstacles by himself. If you select "Hotkey" you will need to press the "Jump" key to initiate vaulting, but this way you can control the character's actions more precisely; The character now stops if he hits a wall while walking or sprinting.

Shoulder transition

  • The ability to move firearms from the right shoulder to the left shoulder and back has been added to the game. This can be useful when you want to fire from the left side while behind cover;
  • Shoulder transition is available during walking, crouching, leaning, and other actions;
  • Shoulder transition is not available while prone and overhead and side blind firing;
  • Positioning the weapon on the left shoulder imposes a penalty - the weapon has additional sway when moving.

Controls settings

Warning: All controls settings have been reset to default.

  • Added "Shoulder transition" action, default key is "Mouse4";
  • Added "Vaulting" action, default key is "Space", press type is "Continuous";
  • The "Jump" action has been reassigned to "Spacebar" key with "Release" press type. Try these controls settings in-game before changing them.

Preset ammo loading

  • You can now save settings (presets) for loading ammunition into magazines sequentially, as well as quickly loading magazines using these presets;
  • Players can name each preset, select the appropriate loading preset, view its contents, and compare it to other loading presets;
  • The magazine loading preset is divided into three blocks:
    • "Top" - How many and which cartridges will be at the top of the magazine/belt, i.e. which cartridges will be first;
    • "Loop" - How many and which cartridges will be cycled in the magazine/belt;
    • "Bottom" - How many and which cartridges will be at the bottom of the magazine/belt, i.e. which cartridges will be last.
  • You can create up to 30 unique magazine loading presets, with a limit of 5 presets per caliber.

New recoil mechanics

  • The recoil mechanic has been improved to make it more realistic and comfortable for players. *A special emphasis has been placed on improving the feel of semi-auto and short burst shooting;
  • New recoil mechanic now includes a variety of flexible settings, allowing for balance adjustments based on analytical data and player feedback;
  • All weapon recoil parameters have been rebalanced.

Lightkeeper services

After completing certain Lightkeeper quests, you will be able to unlock access to the following services:

  • "Sacred Amulet" service - Lightkeeper gives the character the item "Sacred Amulet". While the character is wearing the amulet - all cultists on all locations do not attack you unless provoked;
  • "Rogue Support" service - When a player purchases this service, in that raid, Rogues will not attack the player who ordered the service, regardless of their faction. In addition, Rogues will provide fire support by attacking targets that the player who purchased this service has directed their attention to;
  • "Zryachiy Support" service - When a player buys this service, in that raid, Zryachiy will support the player by firing at the targets the player is attacking.

Weapon Rack

Now you can add the displayed weapon to your favorites. These weapons will be displayed in your profile.

Viewable profiles

  • Added the ability to view another player's profile page;
  • In a player's profile, you can view:
    • Gear equipped by the player;
    • Brief statistics;
    • Rare achievements earned;
    • Favorite weapons displayed at the Weapon Rack;
    • Favorite items displayed in the Hall of Fame.
    • Player profiles can be viewed on any screen of the game (including the raid exit screen after dying to another player).


Adjusted peaceful and combat behavior of AI when moving from one area to another within one location.

Balancing changes to trading

  • Changed the trader prices and availability of ammunition in the following calibers:
    • 12.7x55 mm;
    • .338 Lapua Magnum;
    • .366 ТКМ;
    • 5.45x39 mm;
    • 5.56x45 mm;
    • .300 Blackout;
    • 9x39 mm;
    • 7.62x39 mm;
    • 7.62x51 mm;
    • 7.62x54 mm R;
    • 9x18 mm;
    • 9x19 mm;
    • .357 Magnum;
    • .45 ACP;
    • 4.6x30 mm;
    • 5.7x28 mm;
    • 9x21 mm;
    • 12/70;
    • 23x75 mm;
    • 7.62x25 mm TT
  • Changed the trader prices and availability of armor on all loyalty levels;
  • Adjusted various trade offers and barters of weapon attachments and other items.

Balancing changes to quests

  • Expanded quest rewards: you will now be rewarded more often with unlocking previously unavailable trade offers, barters, ammo and armor crafting recipes;
  • Changed the order of Skier quests between "Friend from the West - Part 2" and "Setup":

New order: "Friend from the West - Part 2" - > "Setup" -> "Informed Means Armed" - > "Chumming" -> "Bullshit" - > "Silent Caliber"

  • Changed the quest objectives for:
    • The Punisher - Part 2;
    • The Punisher - Part 4;
    • The Tarkov Shooter - Part 4.
  • Quests "Debut", "Checking" (renamed to "Background Check"), "Shortage", "Supplier", "Gunsmith - Part 1" received updated text descriptions.

Balancing changes to crafting

  • Adjusted armor crafts: now to make an armor vest you need to find a set of fabrics and a ballistic plate that fits the form factor;
  • Adjusted ammo crafts. Reduced the production time and cost of cheap ammunition.

Balancing changes to ammo

The damage and armor penetration parameters of different caliber ammunition have been revised and adjusted.

Balancing changes to muzzle devices

The muzzle devices have been rebalanced: suppressors, muzzle adapters, flash hiders and compensators.


  • A BTR-82A has been added to Streets of Tarkov, traveling between different stop points in the city;
  • The BTR driver offers various services to his passengers:
    • "Taxi" service:
      • The player can travel to any available point in the city in total safety.
    • "Move items to stash" service:
      • The player can send items to the stash with the status "Found in raid";
      • This service is available only for PMCs.
    • "Covering fire" service:
      • The player can order covering fire with the help of BTR weaponry, which provides the safest possible drop-off at the stopping point;
      • The service is available only after purchasing the "Taxi" service;
      • The service is available only for PMCs.
    • List of stop points on Streets of Tarkov:
      • Pinewood Hotel;
      • Rodina Cinema;
      • Collapsed Crane;
      • Cardinal Apartment Complex;
      • Tram;
      • City Center.
  • The BTR is neutral to all players, unless a player starts attacking it first:
  • If someone purchases the "Covering Fire" service, the BTR becomes hostile. When the service ends, the BTR becomes neutral to all players again.
  • The cost of the service depends on the faction (BEAR, USEC, Scav), Scav karma, Charisma skill level and travel distance.


  • The visual effect of the painkillers has been changed;
  • The door to the expanded part of the Hideout is now always open after construction;
  • Changed the camera system in the Hideout from railed to free camera:
  • To move in space: WASD;
  • To rotate the camera: Hold MMB + Mouse Movement;
  • To zoom the camera: Scroll Wheel.

List of changes:

  • Fixed several visual bugs and artifacts on Streets of Tarkov and Shoreline.
  • Fixed incorrect spawn points of random containers on all locations.
  • Fixed a problem that led to the lack of damage registration from melee weapons in some cases.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of Rogues when attacking the hangar buildings on Lighthouse.
  • Fixed an issue where killed bots would remain standing.
  • Fixed the lack of muzzle flash when looking at a shooting player.
  • Fixed AI behavior when interacting with stationary weapons.
  • Fixed incorrect values of some parameters in character statistics.
  • Fixed incorrect camera behavior in the Hideout when scrolling in UI elements.
  • Fixed several compatibility issues with weapon attachments.
  • Fixed the ability to hear outdoor sounds while inside the bunker on Reserve. (15 Dec 2023)

  • Technical client update (1 Dec 2023)

  • Technical client update (9 Nov 2023)

  • Technical client update (6 Nov 2023)

  • Technical client update (26 Oct 2023)

  • Technical improvements and fixes for AI Scavs;
  • Fixed several geometry, collider, foliage, and lighting issues on different locations;
  • Fixed an error that could sometimes cause hit registration issues on crouch-walking players;
  • Fixed several errors that caused inventory freezes and locked weapon operations, such as:
    • When multiple players used an item from one container at the same time;
    • When unloading an SKS carbine with a detachable magazine;
    • When trying to fix a misfire on an SVDS or MP9 by reloading;
  • NcSTAR MPR45 Backup mount can now be installed on Daniel Defense RIS II FSP 9.5 handguard;
  • Fixed an error that caused a player to be unable to leave the Scav item transfer screen if they had previously transferred any item from the stash to the sorting table;
  • Fixed a stretched BEAR patch on the BEAR Zaslon jacket. (10 Oct 2023)

  • An experimental option "Streets of Tarkov Lower Texture Resolution Mode" has been added to the graphics settings to reduce RAM consumption on Streets of Tarkov. This setting is recommended for use on PCs with less than 32GB RAM;
  • Fixed a number of visual bugs in geometry, colliders, foliage, and lighting on all locations;
  • Fixed the ability to jump on trees on all locations;
  • Fixed a bug that caused a decrease in hit registration accuracy;
  • Fixed visual duplication of quest objectives when partially handing over required items;
  • Removed the ability to display weapons without critical attachments on the Weapon Stand;
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the possibility to use paid vehicle exfils multiple times in the same raid;
  • Fixed the insurance bug when placing weapons on the Weapon Stand;
  • Fixed the animation of opening the inventory when a player is holding a pistol. (18 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented reconnection after a disconnect in some cases;
  • Fixed the incorrect work of extractions on Streets of Tarkov; (Klimov Street re-enabled)
  • Fixed the incorrect landmine behavior on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the incorrect timer display for V-Ex exits for players in a group;
  • Fixed the incorrect stash display in the Hideout;
  • Fixed an issue that caused a delay in switching the footstep sound depending on the surface when observed by another player;
  • Fixed the loudness of looting and equipment sounds for other players;
  • Fixed the missing sounds of taking damage from barbed wire;
  • Fixed the missing sounds of aiming for other players;
  • Fixed the static noises in active headsets during certain actions (using consumable items, opening doors);
  • Fixed the missing sounds of broken limb pain for other players;
  • Fixed the ability to sort quests by location;
  • Fixed the display of container borders in the stash;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of customization unlock conditions;
  • Fixed an error causing the "object reference not set to an instance of an object" message;
  • Fixed the clipping of the USEC Predator shirt;
  • Fixed the cause of some bots not reacting to gunshots and other player actions;
  • Fixed the cause of FPS drops when loading to the same location with NVidia Reflex enabled;
  • Fixed the display of post-match kills for Co-Op raids. (13 Sep 2023) (13 Sep 2023)

  • Fixed known issues causing disconnects while loading into raid and while already in a raid;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of in-raid inventory operations leading to stutters in raids. (10 Sep 2023)

  • Partial rollback of changes to networking and inventory operations. These changes resulted in stutters, as well as problems with work of inventory operations. (7 Sep 2023)

List of improvements

  • Added new quests and expanded existing quest lines;
  • Weapon preset list tab will now display presets available for the selected weapon;
  • Added the option to hide the intermediate trader list screen;
  • Added the option to configure the use of consumable items on double-click.

List of fixes

  • Fixed the known issues with loading into raids as PMCs and Scavs which were especially noticeable on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various visual fixes on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Various fixes for sound and environment on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the bug where the fog on Streets of Tarkov was not rendered in optics;
  • Fixed the incorrect number of landmine explosions on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the scrollbar display in the list of items for barter when switching to another item;
  • Fixed PMC and Scav hands freezing in lowered position after using consumable items;
  • Fixed Error 228 when trying to re-mop the floor at the Defective Wall in the Hideout after a raid;
  • Fixed the known causes of memory leaks;
  • Fixed the radio transmitter reflashing craft that was showing as failed after a raid;
  • Fixed quests "Knock-Knock" and "Getting Acquainted";
  • Fixed the bug where the effect of medication ended before the timer did;
  • Fixed the bug where energy was restored when canceling the use of a painkiller;
  • Fixed the bug where players were getting less money than indicated in the pop-up message for selling items to Fence after a Scav raid;
  • Fixed the sorting table getting frozen after a raid as a Scav;
  • Fixed the missing warning message that a player has items left on Scav after a raid;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of red "Out of Stock" offers that remained on the Flea Market even after they were purchased;
  • Fixed the container search sound looping if a player or bot was killed during the search process;
  • Fixed the display of flashlight light in third person if you move the working flashlight from the helmet to the weapon in hands;
  • Laser beam no longer changes its direction depending on the observer's angle when the FOV is over 50;
  • Kiba Arms 25mm mount installed on the helmet no longer obstructs vision in first person;
  • Fixed Error 500 when the player is trying to repeatedly sell Scav equipment to Fence with the “Sell all” option;
  • Adjusted the recoil behavior for SVT-40/AVT-40;
  • Fixed the "Equipment" and "Pouches" tab icons in equipment kits;
  • Fixed the overlapping images while loading into raid;
  • Fixed the ability to check stash while in raid;
  • Fixed the Lavatory level 2 zone visuals that obstructed the screen when switching to Weapon Stand;
  • Fixed an issue with part of the inventory panels missing if a container search was previously interrupted by another player;
  • Fixed the deletion of a preset if in the preset overwrite window you first refuse to overwrite the preset and then enter a new name;
  • Fixed the first-person stock folding animation;
  • Fixed the DSP radio transmitter reflashing for the Getting Acquainted task;
  • Fixed the player death at the end of the 10 minute timer after visiting Lightkeeper;
  • Fixed the clipping of ECHO1 thermal sight with specific weapon attachments;
  • Fixed the magnification of ECHO1 and Zeus-Pro 640 thermal sights;
  • Added the compatibility of specific scopes with CSS Rail Mount for Saiga-12K;
  • Fixed the possibility of earning Flea Market rating for repeatedly selling an item to the same player;
  • Fixed the issues with adding notes to maps;
  • Scav Groups can no longer move one at a time during patrol;
  • Fixed the accrual of hydration, energy and health values in stash after building Nutrition Unit level 3;
  • SP-81 signal pistol animations and reload sounds no longer disappear in third person after the first shot;
  • Improved Scavs’ reaction to grenades;
  • Factory banner is no longer displayed while loading to Streets of Tarkov. (18 Aug 2023)

  • Fixed incorrect models of some AR-15 barrels
  • Adjusted the reaction of Kaban's guards to grenades
  • Fixed a bug where the "Quiet" command would not work correctly (13 Aug 2023)

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when purchasing items with a full stash
  • Fixed the synchronization of consumable items usage interruption when observed from third-person perspective
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using the ROP-30 reactive flare cartridge (White) in raid (12 Aug 2023)

  • Technical update aimed at improving the performance of the Streets of Tarkov location (11 Aug 2023)

  • Fixed the lack of distant shadows on some locations.
  • Fixed an issue with some items locking the quest progression.
  • Fixed the lack of chromatic aberrations when using painkillers.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when selling all items to Fence after a Scav raid.
  • Fixed the incorrect bot pathing on Reserve.
  • Fixed an issue where in response to an aggression Zryachiy would heal first and only then shoot back.
  • Fixed an issue where bots would not attack players in specific conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where bot groups would become aggressive to everyone after the "leader" bot dies.
  • Fixed an issue where bot groups would not assist Kaban. (10 Aug 2023)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

New content

Streets of Tarkov expansion

New boss Kaban

    He once had a small legal business in Tarkov, but was not afraid to use criminal methods of money acquisition. After the general evacuation he remained in the city, and his gang has grown. His size allows him to fire various heavy machine guns without resting the gun, but at the same time Kaban cannot afford to be mobile and therefore either stays in position or moves slowly from point to point during combat. He has a large number of well-armed guards, some of whom are former military men who have organized a strong defense for him. The boss dwells in the area of the car repair shop on "Streets of Tarkov". The area is heavily defended, entrances are fortified with stationary machine guns and AGS, the paths are mined, and there are snipers on the roof of the car service center. Kaban uses a custom rig to store machine gun boxes, wears body armor under his clothes, and has unquestionable authority among his guards. Scavs nearby help the boss with defense and will engage in combat for Kaban.

Kit presets

    Added the ability to save a gear preset and quickly equip it. The player can name the preset, select the one he wants to equip, see its contents, weight, and compare it with other equipment sets; The screen of the selected equipment set is divided into two tabs: "Equipment" which will display all available gear slots; "Pouches" which displays the contents of the rigs, pockets, backpack and secured container; The selected equipment set is assembled from matching items in the player's stash. If the player does not have enough items in the stash to assemble the kit, the missing items can be purchased from merchants/the flea market; After character creation, 15 basic sets of equipment are available to the player; The player can create up to 50 custom gear sets.

Random container spawn

    Containers will now spawn at random points. The number of spawn points for containers has been increased on all locations. Large wooden crates, some TerraGroup crates, large cash registers and file cabinets will now always spawn at their respective locations.

Sidearm quick swap

    When the holstered weapon hotkey is pressed twice (key 1 by default), the character will swap weapons quicker. This action consumes arm stamina, and if it is insufficient, the weapon equipped in the hands will tremble. Upon training weapon mastering and corresponding with the weapon type skill the amount of arm stamina consumed on quick swapping will decrease, and the speed of action will increase.

Improvements to peaceful behavior of bots

  • Added routes for looting containers by Scavs on the "Streets of Tarkov" location;
  • The barrel of the bots' weapons oscillates up and down slightly during peaceful walking. Peaceful routes of bots now have slight deviations from a straight line between points, mimicking the player's movement. During combat or in case of danger, bots return to "ready" mode;
  • Reduced reloading speed of low difficulty bots;
  • Bots can no longer rotate instantly. Now, to rotate by a significant angle while prone, the bot assumes a sitting position and continues firing;
  • Bots now search corpses and take weapons, rigs, backpacks, whatever contents they like from them. If a bot has a backpack and a rig, it will drop the backpack and rig next to the corpse. Contents taken by bots are not refundable by insurance;
  • Bots can share an item with a player playing as a scav by calling out to them;
  • Improved visibility of bots at dusk. Now it corresponds more correctly to the change of light level. Flashlight still gives better visibility at this time of day;
  • Corrected spawn time when playing as a scav on all maps.

Bot groups

    The AI scav groups system has been improved. Now a group of scavs that will operate as a team will spawn at a certain chance. They are going to be better organized in combat and are essentially small gangs.

Commands to bots

    When playing as scav, new commands to bots are available to the player. The chance that a bot will execute a command depends on its reputation with the Fence. All commands have a cooldown. "Help". When this command is used, all bots with a certain chance and in a significant radius will go to the player and engage in combat with the enemy on; "Spread out". With a certain chance the bots in the reasonable radius will take cover and spread out over the area; "Take cover". With a certain chance, the bot next to the player will take the nearest cover; "Quiet." With a certain chance, the bots in the reasonable radius will stop talking and start listening; "Stop". With a certain chance, the bot next to the player will stop for a short time, look at the player, and then continue moving; Now the command "Follow" when playing as scav can be given not only with a gesture, but also with the phrase "Follow me".


  • The user interface of the trade, quests, and Ragman services screens has been redesigned;
  • The player can now quickly equip or replace an item with any of the available items in the stash via a drop-down menu by clicking on character slot;
  • The FPS meter no longer overlaps the raid timer;
  • Double-clicking on consumables automatically uses the item. In terms of functionality, double-clicking is similar to the "Use" option in the context menu of the item;
  • You can turn on the tactical device or helmet-mounted lights by pressing the H key. You can switch the modes of tactical devices by pressing the CTRL + H key combination;
  • The list of available mods for OpsCore helmet rails as well as 6B47 helmet has been expanded;
  • When holding the 4-0 hotkeys when using the first aid kit and other medical supplies, a drop-down list of body parts to treat will now appear. When using the first aid kit, the list shows all of the character's wounds. When using other medical items, only those body parts that can be healed with the item are shown. To activate it, you need to set the hotkey mode to "release";
  • Added new images to the loading screens.

Gun Stand

    A new module "Weapon Stand" has been added to the Hideout. The stand has 3 levels of pumping. Each level can hold a certain number of weapons (Level 1 - 108 cells, Level 2 - 132 cells, Level 3 - 182 cells.) Only weapons with all critical components can be placed on the shelves of the Weapon Stand.

Quick sale of scav's gear

    A "Sell Equipment" button has been added to scav's gear transfer screen. The player can sell all the equipment he has after extracting as a scav, including currency that Fence doesn't normally buy.

Improved display of the crafting process

  • Added animation and a color indication to the icon of the module where the crafting is in progress;
  • Finished craft is now displayed first in the module list;
  • Clicking on the complete craft counter takes you to the module that has a ready for pickup item.

Graphics and performance

  • The visual effect of anesthetic has been changed;
  • New technology of fog rendering has been implemented on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Added a new culling system to the Lighthouse location;
  • Improved the culling system on Streets of Tarkov, increased the accuracy and performance of the system;
  • Optimization of resource consumption by the sound system.

Weapons and equipment

    • SVT-40 and AVT-40 rifles;
    • AK-12 assault rifle;
    • PKM and PKP light machine guns;
    • Ryzhy’s sawed off;
    • PM and PB pistols have been updated.

New ammo

  • .300 Blackout CBJ;
  • 12/70 Piranha;
  • 4.6x30mm JSP SX;
  • 7.62x39mm FMJ;
  • 7.62x39mm SP;
  • 7.62x39mm PP gzh;
  • 7.62x54mm R FMJ;
  • 7.62x54mm R HP BT;
  • 7.62x54mm R SP BT;
  • 9x19mm FMJ M882.

Added a number of new weapon modifications, equipment models.

Balance changes

  • Various balancing changes to the characteristics of the ammo;
  • Various balancing of trade changes;
  • Various balancing changes to crafts.

Adjusted resizing for the following mods

  • JP Enterprises Flat-Top 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Recknagel Era-Tac 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Recknagel Era-Tac 34mm ring scope mount;
  • Nightforce Magmount 34mm ring scope mount with Ruggedized Accessory Platform;
  • Burris AR-P.E.P.R. 30mm ring scope mount;
  • Steyr AUG 5.56x45 42-round magazine;
  • STANAG magazine receiver for HK G36;
  • HK G36 STANAG magwell;
  • VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter" stock;
  • VPO-101 "Vepr-Hunter" SVD-style stock.

Balancing changes to quests

Adjusted quests

  • The Huntsman Path - Trophy;
  • The Huntsman Path - Sellout;
  • The Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper;
  • Hunting Trip;
  • Tourists;
  • Psycho Sniper;
  • A Shooter Born in Heaven;
  • The Tarkov Shooter - Part 8;
  • Capturing Outposts;
  • The Stylish One;
  • Farming - Part 4;
  • Grenadier;
  • Crisis;
  • Insomnia;
  • Sew it Good - Part 3;
  • Test Drive - Part 1.

Shooting range

    Reduced requirements for building a level one module, new requirements:
      Lighting: 1 level;
      Rubles: 20,000;
      Nuts: 1 pcs;
      Bolts: 1 pcs;
      Metal spare parts: 1 pc.

Defective Wall

    New conditions for the module construction:
      Medblock: Level 1;
      Water collector: 1 level.


    Added new conditions for module construction:
      Lighting: level 2;
      Ventilation: level 2.


  • Fixed the problem of the client hanging after pressing the "back" button upon reconnect;
  • Fixed incorrect display of player's hands when using stationary weapons;
  • Fixed bugs causing soft-locks when using underbarrel grenade launchers;
  • Fixed missing sounds of grenade explosion thrown by bot in some cases;
  • Fixed incorrect positions of Zryachiy and his guards at the raid start;
  • Fixed a number of visual artifacts on Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed a number of visual artifacts in Hideout;
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of target visibility through bushes and trees for bots;
  • Fixed visual artifacts in optics on Interchange;
  • Fixed unnatural viewing angle when going in/out of aiming with the "Berserk" perk (with the elite skill "Stress Resistance");
  • Fixed errors when using flashlights, IR flashlights, NV and thermal imagers;
  • Fixed bugs that in some cases caused locations to take longer to load;
  • Fixed the lack of sound when firing the RSP-30;
  • Fixed lack of container looting sound in third-person. (28 July 2023)

  • Technical client update (20 July 2023)

  • Fixed incorrect group spawn points in co-op mode
  • Fixed incorrect sound positioning between floors on Interchange and The Lab
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not have a walking animation after opening a door
  • Several technical server fixes. (11 July 2023)

  • Technical client update (11 July 2023)

  • Technical client update (6 July 2023)

The key goal of the update was to fundamentally change the architecture of player display and synchronization on the client and their connection to the server. The goals that were achieved are:


  • Increased the number of network entities in the raid on Streets of Tarkov. In the future, changes are possible on other locations as well
  • Improved the hit registration accuracy
  • Increased the accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and the client
  • Reduced the chance of desync with the server
  • Network traffic optimization
  • Memory consumption optimization
  • Reworked the bot spawn system in practice mode. Now the number of bots is more accurate in relation to the selected settings
  • Major update to Oculus Spatializer - fixed positioning issues that could occur with a large number of audio sources playing at the same time
  • Weapon sound adjustments - now the sounds of gunshots sound more volumetric, but with sound positioning retained
    • Fixed sharp jumps from mono to stereo
  • Adjusted the interior reverb sounds when the character is wearing active headsets

Balancing changes

  • Reduced damage to blacked-out limbs by 30%
  • Slightly increased blunt damage


  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of culling in some places on Streets of Tarkov
  • Fixed practice mode settings getting reset when reopening the settings window
  • Fixed bots not spawning in practice mode if the raid settings menu was not opened prior to starting the raid
  • Fixed the display signature of thermal sights showing through the weapon
  • Fixed the incorrect distance at which weapon flashlights stop being visible
  • Fixed the visual artifacts when changing the field of view while in raid
  • Fixed and optimized the rendering of glass and transparent objects on Streets of Tarkov
  • Fixed the cause of stutters in some specific areas on locations, which could occur during the calculations of sound occlusion
  • Fixed a bug where opened doors could muffle sounds, or vice versa - be fully hear-through and have no effect on sound in a closed state
  • Player Scavs with high reputation no longer lose Fence reputation if they kill the Rogue bosses
  • Fixed a rare bug where bosses or their guards would freeze after throwing a grenade
  • Road decals are no longer superimposed on dropped items, equipment, and weapons (26 May 2023)

  • The first iteration of the sound positioning settings on all locations has been completed:
    • Configured the sound system for Lighthouse
    • Configured the sound system for Interchange
    • Fixed the main sound issue areas on Reserve and The Lab
    • Reworked the sound engine for voice lines: the sound is now more realistic, adjusted curves for the volume drop, muffling/transparency of the sound at a distance. Voice lines are balanced in accordance with the loudness of the phrase
    • Improved active headsets system: lowered the volume level for all headsets, amplified high frequencies for more realistic sound, added functionality that gives some headsets an advantage by increasing the hearing radius of footsteps and voices
    • Adjusted audio tracks that had sound artifacts (background voices, noise)
    • Fixed the sound effect of concussion which appeared when using Golden Star balm or when stunned by a grenade: the effect is now smoother, the sound of tinnitus is played in stereo mode, without the positioning effect when turning your head
    • Balanced sound volume for M18 grenade to match other grenades of this type
    • Fixed an issue with short-term muting of the sound when the sound source transitions between rooms
    • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a door where the sound source behind it could sound muffled
    • Fixed an issue where leaning against a wall would allow you to hear everything in the room behind the wall
  • Fixed visual bugs when using flashlights:
    • Flashlights no longer shine through walls and other obstacles
    • Fixed flickering of disabled flashlights on weapons on your back
    • Fixed brightness and beam range of some flashlights
  • Bots can no longer instantly rotate while prone
  • Disabled experience gain for killing and looting players in the same group. Dogtags of such players will be sold to traders for 1 rouble and will not be considered as found in raid
  • Reduced frequency of bot voice lines and shouting during combat (18 May 2023)

  • Technical backend update aimed at optimizing and expanding internal functionality

List of fixes

  • Fixed the inability to sell some items to traders that could be sold before.
  • Fixed the inability to create in-game group chats.
  • Fixed not levelling of Health skill upon successful training in the Gym, in the hideout. (15 May 2023)

  • Technical client update (7 Apr 2023)

  • Fixed a problem with the lack of bonuses from elite perks, after the use of consumables that increase this skill.
  • The problem of glare from lasers and infrared flashlights in NVGs was fixed.
  • Fixed the display of the result parameters of the weapon after the installation of the selected module on the assembly screen.
  • Fixed the sky rendering change, which worked incorrectly in terms of brightness after the last patch. (5 Apr 2023)

  • Technical client update (4 Apr 2023)


  • Updated Nvidia DLSS to version 2.5.1 and AMD FSR to version 2.2;
  • Configured sound positioning settings on Reserve and Shoreline;
  • Adjusted sound positioning settings on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Increased the cloud size and spread speed of smoke grenades by 30%;
  • Added an in-game mail notification system for banned players based on player's report;
  • Adjusted the user interface for placing an offer on the Flea Market, taking into account the disabling of barter offers;
  • Expanded the quest area for Assessment - Part 1.


  • Fixed one of the causes of disconnects while loading into a raid. The remaining possible causes are being researched and eliminated;
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with scopes when using the DLSS/FSR of older versions (such as blurriness and artifacts during movement, lack of clarity, etc.);
  • Fixed the indoor fog glow on Interchange and Reserve;
  • Fixed the excessive vegetation sway that occurred during long raids;
  • Fixed the effect of street lighting glow which flickered when overlapping obstacles. The issue was mostly present on Streets of Tarkov at night time;
  • Fixed some texture memory leaks that caused excessive RAM consumption when the game was running for extended periods of time;
  • Various optimizations in lighting system components;
  • Fixed some object culling issues on various locations;
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of some buildings in the background of Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed incorrect audio system behavior at the first indoor gunshot or explosion;
  • Fixed the possibility of incorrect character visuals when trying to operate a stationary weapon by two players at the same time;
  • Fixed the ability to install conflicting attachments on some weapons;
  • Fixed incorrect matchmaking behavior after pressing "Ready" while the co-op mode settings interface is open;
  • Fixed Error 228 when failing all QTE stages in the Hideout gym;
  • Fixed an issue with loading into The Lab in co-op mode;
  • Fixed the ability to look through some walls on Reserve, Interchange, Factory, The Lab, and Shoreline;
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn points on Lighthouse and Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed an issue when loading into online raid after a co-op mode raid;
  • Fixed an issue with insurance for an item with an enhancement that was previously returned by insurance. (30 Mar 2023)

  • Technical client update (7 Mar 2023)

  • Technical client update


  • Most items will be examined by default
  • Removed the ability to place barter offers on the Flea Market
  • Active barter offers will be available until the offer timer expires
  • Offers that require weapons as barter will not be available for trade and will be returned to players after the offer timer expires
  • Adjusted base prices of some items
  • Reduced offer fee on the Flea Market (23 Feb 2023)

  • Technical client update (23 Feb 2023)

  • Reworked the player group system. The new system allows to gather your friends in a group in main menu, being able to use your stash or Hideout while the group leader sets up the raid:
    • Group members no longer need to select the raid location, game mode, and time of day. All settings are handled by the Group Leader;
    • After the group leader sets up the raid, all group members receive a raid invite;
    • You can cancel the invite if you aren’t ready yet.
  • In Co-op practice mode you can gather up to 20 people in the group, depending on the location.
    • After a raid, the group will stay with the same participants that were in it. Only exception is the Co-op mode with more than 5 participants, in this case only the first 5 members stay
  • Changed the quest reward skill calculation. Players will always receive skill levels in the amount specified in the quest.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused invisible players and bots in raids;
  • Fixed the incorrect operation of some Oculus Audio components that led to incorrect sound positioning, memory leaks, and reduced performance. This is not the final version of the fixes.
  • Work on improving the sound system and adjusting the positioning of sounds on locations will continue in future updates;
  • Adjusted the geometrical sound positioning system on The Lab location;
  • Fixed an issue that caused the character's hands to freeze when using medicine and other consumable items;
  • Adjusted and optimized the visuals of light sources on Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed the AI behavior issue of Zryachiy and his guards that led to them not attacking hostile players at short distances;
  • Fixed the visual clipping of specific chest rigs while using Glock pistols;
  • Fixed the incorrect icons for specific weapon attachments and ammo;
  • Fixed the incorrect animation of wrist watches on BEAR character models;
  • Fixed the possibility of group members spawning in different spawn points in an online mode after playing in Co-op mode;
  • Fixed the possibility of Zryachiy still attacking players even with an activated transmitter in some cases;
  • Fixed the issue that led to Fence reputation loss for killing Zryachiy and his guards as a Scav;
  • Fixed the possibility of killing bots without them returning fire while leaning and shooting from narrow openings or hard to see covers;
  • Fixed interface elements overlapping when repeatedly switching between the character selection and lobby screens;
  • Fixed the issue that led to Error 228 while using the gym in the Hideout;
  • Fixed the incorrect airdrop positions on specific locations;
  • Fixed the issues that led to hand freezes while using underbarrel grenade launchers;
  • Adjusted the Shooting Range gunshot sounds to match the indoor firing sounds;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the currency selection UI in the Flea Market when switching to other screens;
  • Fixed the visual artifacts while using NVGs with FSR 2.1 enabled;
  • Fixed the order of chambers in the RSh-12 revolver drum;
  • Fixed an issue that led to hammer cocking animation playing on dry fire after switching from single action to double action on RSh-12 and Chiappa Rhino revolvers;
  • Re-added penalties to backpacks (1 Feb 2023)

  • Fixed the main cause of invisible players in raids.
  • Fixed the volume of some in-raid sounds:

Sounds that are controlled by the Interface volume setting are now divided into two categories:
1.Sounds that are adjusted by the Interface volume setting out of raids, and are identical for all players in raids:
-Loading/unloading magazines, interacting with weapon attachments and armor
-Moving items in the inventory

2.Sounds that are adjusted by the Interface volume setting in and out of raids:
-Opening/closing inventory
-Clicking on any functional UI elements (27 Jan 2023)

  • Fixed the interface volume in raid, and the possibility to adjust volume in the settings;
  • Fixed the visual bug on Streets of Tarkov (27 Jan 2023)

  • Adjusted the server system to reduce the rubberbanding and desync on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Numerous geometry and lighting fixes on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed issues that led to duplication, stuttering, and lack of some sounds with binaural audio enabled
  • Fixed missing sounds of airplanes and airdrops in some cases
  • Fixed missing sounds of weapon interactions when the volume of interface sounds is set to 0
  • Fixed missing bush and container search sounds with binaural audio enabled
  • Fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement
  • Fixed incorrect gym behavior in the Hideout with third-party overlays enabled
  • Fixed incorrect duration of the muscle pain status
  • Fixed incorrect weapon sounds for Chiappa Rhino, RSh-12, Benelli M3, AI AXMC, SR-2M, M203 underbarrel grenade launcher, GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher
  • Fixed incorrect weight for several items
  • Fixed incorrect durability of weapons on Rogue bosses
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for the unlocking of customization options from Ragman
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of skills in quest rewards
  • Fixed the ability to apply the effects of some consumables without losing them
  • Fixed the inability to level up skills above level 50
  • Fixed several visual artifacts on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn positions on the Streets of Tarkov location
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for Jaeger to buy weapons from players
  • Fixed the incorrect tooltip of unsellable items when switching between screens
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of NVGs and thermals when changing screen resolution and switching to full-screen mode
  • Fixed the lack of durability loss when repairing some weapons with repair kits
  • Fixed the incorrectly working D2 exit on the Reserve location
  • Fixed the softlock that appeared while interacting with some weapons
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of the physical skills level bonus from the Air Filtering Unit zone in the Hideout
  • Fixed incorrect skill point calculation when using the gym in the Hideout
  • Fixed several bugs in the dialogue system when interacting with Lightkeeper
  • Fixed incorrect spawns for Rogues
  • Fixed the incorrect display of objectives for Lightkeeper quests while in a raid
  • Fixed incorrect positions of Zryachiy's guards
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the co-op mode settings interface when switching between screens
  • Fixed the missing localization of some interface elements while in a raid
  • Added a new 5.56x45 muzzle brake
  • Fixed incorrect camera behavior while aiming with Chiappa Rhino 200DS (1 Jan 2023)

  • Technical client update (31 Dec 2022)


  • Fixed the incorrect animation when interacting with stationary weapons;
  • Fixed an issue that led to a softlock when interacting with underbarrel grenade launchers in certain cases;
  • Fixed the incorrect lamp lighting on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed an incorrect player spawn point on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of landmines on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the ability to access the character, builds, Flea Market, and other tabs in a raid;
  • Fixed bots still spawning if they were disabled in co-op mode in certain cases;
  • Fixed the incorrect visuals of sun glare on glass surfaces;
  • Fixed the incorrect localization of some exits;
  • Fixed a number of bugs when interacting with the Hideout;
  • Fixed the effects player gets from eating the “Salty dog” sausage;
  • Several technical fixes and optimizations. (28 Dec 2022)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

New content

    Streets of Tarkov
      Since the establishment of the special economic zone in Norvinsk region, the city of Tarkov has become the center of its development and a key location on the map, lavishly fueled by international investment. In a short time, the city grew into a large metropolis with all the respective infrastructure. One of the main investors was TerraGroup, officially a biotechnology R&D company with offices in 18 countries around the world. However, its list of interests extends much wider than claimed, and its appetite keeps growing. Most of the major enterprises in Tarkov and Norvinsk Region were in one way or another connected to this organization. The city is home to its main office, laboratories, workshops of industrial enterprises and a branch of the USEC private military company (hired by TerraGroup for security).
      The city of Tarkov is located in northwest Russia and is part of the Norvinsk Region. It is located on the right bank of the Gulf of Finland, in the south of the Karelian Isthmus. The population of once an actively developing city was nearly one million people. In the mid-sixties of the 20th century, there were large instrumentation and electronic defense companies built before the city, which served as the basis for the development of ZATO (closed administrative-territorial formation). The ZATO status was lifted in 1994.
      After a huge corruption scandal associated with TerraGroup, when it became clear that the situation would not settle down, the company's management gave an order to USEC operators to not allow even the government and law enforcement officials to access the facilities. PMC operatives fulfilled the task, while virtually the entire senior and middle management of TerraGroup left the city. After this, a mass evacuation of all company resources began. Chaos erupted in the city. To counter the USEC PMCs who were still defending the property of TerraGroup, a newly created PMC BEAR, officially unrelated to the government, but rumored to have a direct protectorate of the Russian authorities, was sent to the city.
      Active fighting broke out between the two PMCs, using all kinds of weaponry. All this time, the population was actively evacuated by the city’s own resources, as well as with the help of the Russian Armed Forces and the UN peacekeeping contingent. In a short time, the chaos that was happening made the city remain frozen in the state in which its inhabitants had left it. The entire official contingent was withdrawn.Only the marginalized and criminal elements that wanted to make a profit and pillage the city decided to stay. Tarkov was cordoned off, and entering and leaving the city became impossible. A significant number of BEAR and USEC operatives have lost contact with their command, and now they have to find their own way out of Tarkov.
      This update adds a part of the city of Tarkov, located at the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. This part of the location contains an abandoned factory, Pinewood Hotel, news agency building, Concordia residential complex, car dealership, Terracot Business Center, cinema, Sparzha supermarket, and other objects of urban infrastructure. This is the first part of the work on the city and later the location will be expanded.

    Repair kits and enhancements

    • Weapons, body armor, and plate carriers can now receive a standard or rare improvement when repaired via repair kits;
    • The ability to enhance items opens at level 10 of the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor;
    • Rare enhancements can only be applied at the elite level of the corresponding skill;
    • The chance and strength of a normal standard enhancement depends on the level of the corresponding skill;
    • For body armor and plate carriers, the enhancement reduces the damage a character receives;
    • Weapons can have two kinds of enhancements at the same time. The first is a decrease in malfunction chance, and the second is an accuracy increase;
    • The enhancement is effective within a certain range of the item's technical condition (or armor points) and will be removed in case of another repair;
    • The enhancement and its value affect the value of the item - the selling price, insurance, Flea Market fee;
    • The Intelligence skill now affects the amount of repair points that will be spent on repairs;
    • Now the value of the removed max durability of an item when repairing via repair kits depends on the corresponding skill. For weapons it is Weapon Maintenance, for armor it is Light Armor and Heavy Armor. For other items with durability points it is Intelligence.


    • Added new skill - Light Armor
        The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, wear of armor when repairing, and damage from melee weapons when struck in the armor.
    • Added new skill - Heavy Armor
        The skill progression reduces the penalty to mobility, blunt damage to parts covered by the armor, and wear of armor when repairing.
    • Reworked the Charisma skill
        This skill's progression affects the price of insurance, paid extracts, replacement of operational tasks, price of the Scav Box, and Therapist's healing services.

    Weapons and equipment

    • Added GP-25 "Kostyor" 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AK family automatic rifles with a compatible barrel mount;
    • Added M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher for all AR-15 rifle family with appropriate barrel length and compatible handguards;
    • Added SR-2M "Veresk" 9x21 submachine gun, with an SR-2MP upgrade kit, standard-issue KP-SR2 sight, 20- and 30-round magazines;
    • Added Steyr AUG A1 and A3 5.56x45 assault rifles, with modifications and magazines for 10, 30 and 42 rounds;
    • Added Glock 19X 9x19 with 19, 24 and 31-round magazines;
    • Added RSH-12 12.7x55 assault revolver;
    • Added new equipment.

    Co-Op PvE expansion

      Added new settings to the cooperative game mode
      • No energy and water drain
          By checking "Disable water and energy consumption", the player will not lose energy and hydration over time, except from consuming items. With zero energy and hydration, there will be no exhaustion or dehydration negative effects.
      • Bot configuration
          Option to adjust the amount (including full absence) and difficulty of bots from the solo offline mode is now available in co-op.
      • Spawn point selection options
          Players now have three options for selecting a spawn point
          • All in one place - all players in a group will appear together in the center of the map
          • As online - all players in the group will spawn at the edges of the map, each at their own position
          • 2 teams - players in the group will be divided into two teams (according to the order in which they enter the group) and spawned as different teams in two different parts of the map
      • Weather condition options
          It is now possible to fine-tune the weather. Adjustment options include:
          • Clouds
          • Fog
          • Rain
          • Wind
      • Time configuration
          Added the ability to set a specific time of day for the raid. When selecting the desired value, the time flow will be stopped and will always correspond to the selected hour. It is also possible to leave the time as in an online raid.

      This is the first stage of improving the cooperative mode features. Later, the functionality will be refined, some of the planned improvements can already be seen in the interface, such as Time flow, Health configuration, Disabled overload, and others.


      Added two new upgrade levels for the shooting range. The new levels allow you to set up a variety of shooting targets, including moving targets, and use the training program to improve your shooting accuracy.

    Added 5 new stimulants

    • Obdolbos 2
        A syringe with a homemade drug, developed by Sanitar. A new version of the old classic. Looks like TerraGroup Labs' experiments did not end with the closure of TerraGroup Labs itself.
    • SJ12 TGLabs
        Developed for the operatives of special units. Slows down some functions of the body and they temporarily start working with energy regeneration. The drug forces the release of vasopressin in the hypothalamus, which leads to a change in the work of the adrenal glands, lowers body temperature and increases perception. After the end of the action, there is usually a jump in temperature to 40-42 degrees as a compensation for the incorrect functioning of the body systems.
    • Perfotoran (Blue Blood)
        A blood substitute with the function of oxygen transfer, used as a powerful antidote capable of relieving toxins, poisons, and radiation damage. It was developed by Soviet scientists in the 1980s. It is a submicron emulsion based on PFO compounds. Once in the blood, it temporarily speeds up the metabolism and regenerates tissues. Negatively affects health in case of overdose or rejection.
    • Trimadol
        An opioid synthetic analgesic developed for special forces operatives. It has a central and spinal cord action (promotes opening of K+ and Ca2+ channels, causes hyperpolarization of membranes and inhibits conduction of pain impulses). In addition to the analgesic effect, it increases combat characteristics. Overdose leads to exhaustion of the body after the effects wear off.
    • PNB (Product 16)
        A combat stimulant. Developed by TerraGroup Labs, labeled PNB. Allows a short-term activation of the inner muscles, bringing them into a state of hypertonicity, which in turn reduces the received damage. At the same time there is an active synthesis of proteins for accelerated tissue regeneration. Used for the expansion of the organism abilities at the key moment of the combat. Allowed for use by Special Forces. Has some side effects.


      Added new voices for Bosses:
      • Killa
      • Tagilla
      • Knight
      • Birdeye
      • Big Pipe

List of changes

    • Rebalanced weapon mastering progression;
    • Rebalanced trading and prices, added new barter items;
    • Rebalanced conditions and rewards in the old quests, as well as added new ones;
    • Some quests in chains can now become available after a period of time after the completion of the previous one;
    • Various improvements and changes in the Hideout;
    • The spawn points of some quest items have been changed, the item will be in one of the random places located near each other;
    • Some recipes for crafting in the Hideout will become available as a reward for completing specific quests;
    • A new type of extraction is available on Streets of Tarkov, to activate it you will need to fire a green flare cartridge in the area before the exit, otherwise you will be shot by snipers when approaching the exit;
    • Added the ability to add a craft to your favorites, as well as a search by name in the craft list;
    • Added weapon malfunctions for bots;
    • Improved the behavior of Rogue Bosses.
    • Added complete up-to-date localization for Chinese, Czech, Italian, and Polish languages

Graphics and sound

    FSR 2.1
      Added support for FSR 2.1 - a picture scaling technology developed by AMD that upscales lower image resolution to higher resolutions in real time for display on higher quality monitors.


    • Optimized the draw distance of various types of glass
    • Optimized the rendering of decals
    • Optimized the rendering of trees at long distances

    Reworked the sound mechanics

    • Steam Audio has been completely removed from the project and replaced with Oculus Audio. The sound positioning system changes will be noticeable regardless of the binaural sound setting, but we recommend enabling binaural audio for the best experience.
    • In the current implementation, the sound positioning system handles a much larger number of conditions to form the final sound in relation to the player's position.
    • The final adjustment of the positioning is available on Factory, Customs, Woods, Streets of Tarkov. Other locations will have the quality of sound positioning gradually improved in the upcoming updates.

List of fixes

    • Fixed several memory leaks;
    • Fixed an issue where already looted containers were left open to other players;
    • Fixed a softlock issue that occurred when players picked up weapons from bots in some instances;
    • Fixed error 228 caused by healing outside the raid in some instances;
    • Fixed some places where bots could fall through the geometry on Customs;
    • Fixed the spawn of bots right next to players;
    • Fixed the reaction of bots to players loading into raids without any equipment;
    • Fixed the reaction of Raiders to players behind transparent objects or glass;
    • Fixed an issue with vehicle extractions during the heal animation;
    • Fixed a visual bug in the Flea Market when selecting items;
    • Fixed a visual bug with the visuals of water with SSR enabled;
    • Fixed incorrect head rotation while aiming;
    • Fixed graphical artifacts when changing antialiasing mode in raid;
    • Fixed some weapon mods glowing in the dark;
    • Fixed sight position on Saiga-12;
    • Fixed freezing when jumping over certain objects;
    • Fixed the ability to complete multiple quests with a single quest item;
    • Fixed bots' reactions to smoke grenades;
    • Fixed the wounded sound in the lobby;
    • Fixed a flashlight issue in optics after using a thermal sight;
    • Fixed camera position when shooting with KRISS Vector with a folded buttstock;
    • Added the sounds of attachments on T-5000M;
    • Fixed the effects of AKMP sights on 7.62 AK recoil;
    • Fixed the incorrect description for Leupold Mark 4 LR 6.5-20x50 30mm riflescope;
    • Fixed the sound of bushes on the loading screen when the spawn point is near a bush;
    • Fixed the delay when changing scope magnification on MP-18;
    • Fixed incorrect behavior of interface when selling disassembled items to traders, also added a notification about the parts blocking the ability to sell;
    • Fixed the scaling of the MP-133 shotgun's shell model during reloading;
    • Fixed the incorrect SIG MCX muzzle flash when installing a muzzle device in a raid;
    • Fixed the eating and drinking animations from 3rd person;
    • Fixed the change of FOV while aiming with a weapon with a folded buttstock;
    • Fixed bots not reacting to death of other bots (voicelines);
    • Fixed bots' behavior when they see a player who peeks out from behind an obstacle;
    • Many other technical fixes and improvements (24 Dec 2022)

  • Technical client update (4 Dec 2022)

  • Technical client update (28 Nov 2022)

  • Data centers got migrated to virtual regions. Players can no longer choose a specific data center (server) in the launcher. Instead, they can choose a region that corresponds to their geographical location. The initial region selection will be done automatically based on the data centers selected before the update. (11 Nov 2022) (8 Nov 2022)

  • Technical client update (3 Nov 2022)

  • Technical client update
  • End of the Halloween event (27 Oct 2022)

  • Technical client update
  • Start of the Halloween event (14 Oct 2022)

  • Technical client update (12 Oct 2022)

  • Reduced network packet processing latency between client and server
  • Improved network stability during close quarters gunfights
  • Fixed the instances where some shots may've not registered when burst firing at close ranges
  • Fixed a situation where a player with a poor network connection could suddenly appear from around the corner
  • Fixed the incorrect Scav behavior when engaging USEC PMCs (23 Aug 2022)

  • Technical client update (11 Aug 2022)


  • Mip Streaming has been reworked and can now be enabled in the Graphics settings. 2 new options were added in the Graphic settings:
    • Mip Streaming disk request limit: The lower the value, the slower the speed of loading textures to a given quality. If the value is increased, textures will load faster, while also increasing the load on the hard drive. On slow drives, this can lead to a large queue of drive operations and the opposite effect — textures will start loading slower.
    • Buffer size: The amount of RAM that is reserved for textures loading to a given quality. The larger the amount is, the higher the peak disk load and the faster the loading of all the necessary textures will be.
  • Optimized the network buffer to reduce network latency for other players
  • Adjusted the Player Scav spawn system to prevent spawns in incorrect positions
  • Changed the “task item” icon display. Now it will appear only when the item is still required for the task. If the subtask is already completed and all items are transferred, the icon will not appear
  • Added new sounds of movement on plastic surfaces
  • Adjusted sounds of movement on thin wood surfaces
  • Added sounds of falling ammo casings on plastic surfaces


  • Players can now see each other in The Lab lobby screen if before that they went into raids at different time settings (daytime and nighttime);
  • Fixed VOIP button locations for the 2560x1080 resolution;
  • Fixed incorrect bot behavior when receiving damage from barbed wire;
  • Fixed the ability to get inside fire trucks on Shoreline and Lighthouse;
  • Fixed the missing sounds of Player Scav heavy breathing at low stamina;
  • Fixed the glowing foliage during rain with SSR enabled;
  • Fixed the dropping points of airdrops in places where they could collide with other objects;
  • Fixed the interaction radius of the WARTECH TV-109 + TV-106 chest rig laying on the ground;
  • Fixed the phrase settings resetting after changing other settings;
  • Fixed the ability to transfer items to the Scav inventory in the after raid screen;
  • Fixed the localization of the “item is not found in stash” error when trying to use it for a barter on the Flea Market;
  • Fixed incorrect display of the special slots icon at low resolutions;
  • Fixed the ability to stand up under trailers, wagons, trucks when there is no space for it;
  • Fixed the incorrect 3rd person stationary jump animation when the character is overweight;
  • Fixed camera stutters when moving in a zigzag;
  • Fixed the speed of going prone after getting rid of the overweight status;
  • Fixed the incorrect jump animation during sprint;
  • Fixed forced launch of the game on the secondary monitor;
  • Fixed the ability to insure RSP flares;
  • Fixed the ability to change the Benelli M3 fire mode when the weapon is on bolt catch;
  • Fixed incorrect player movement speed while crouching;
  • Fixed player movement animations while doing side-steps and moving in opposite directions while crouching;
  • Fixed an issue that led to inability to interact with airdrops in some cases;
  • Fixed the display of the task item icon on the Player Scav item transfer screen;
  • Removed the incorrect voice lines for English BEAR PMC voices;
  • Fixed an issue that led to signal pistol cartridges and RSP flares teleporting in some cases;
  • Fixed the speed of leaning animation while using Q/E leans during slow Alt+A/Alt+D leans;
  • Fixed the Rogue bosses' behavior for finding cover in buildings on Customs;
  • Fixed the display of item names in the inspector in Japanese and Korean localizations;
  • Fixed an issue that led to significantly reduced FPS on nighttime Factory;
  • Fixed an incorrect animation that led to the ability to go prone while jumping. (19 Jul 2022)

  • Fix for not working weapon presets menu (15 Jul 2022)

  • Fixed possible freezes while shooting if players have a large number of active quests
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect calculation of armor picked up from a killed player
  • Fixed an issue leading to player teleportation while moving up and down the stairs in some cases
  • Improved the behavior of Rogue bosses when fighting near and inside buildings (7 Jul 2022)

  • F13 key is no longer set when changing control settings with GeForce Experience enabled
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of bots during sprinting
  • Fixed the usage of ultra quality textures regardless of those set in the; graphics settings for players who used Mip Streaming before patch
  • Fixed possible bugs and incorrect interface behavior when using Nvidia Reflex
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to loot Airdrops
  • Fixed incorrect display of NVG effects when using resampling
  • Fixed incorrect display of VOIP icons when using 2560x1080 resolution (1 Jul 2022)

  • Removed the ability to see through walls when leaning left after changing stance
  • Fixed the incorrect fire mode change animation for several SMGs during sprinting
  • Airdrop call-ins are disabled in co-op practice mode
  • Fixed an error that caused the interface to freeze when changing to 1st person mode in the Hideout
  • Fixed the paid extracts on locations
  • Fixed the dogtag handover mechanic for the "Friend from the West - Part 1" task
  • Added the missing landing sounds when jumping onto various surfaces
  • Adjusted the Scav operational task replacement cost (29 Jun 2022)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

New additions

Expanded the Lighthouse location - added the ability to visit the island where the lighthouse is located, and also added new interiors inside the water treatment plant facility complex. Added three new bosses - the commanders of the ex-USEC PMC group known as Rogues. The leader of the gang is Knight, who coordinates the actions of the entire group and specializes in assault operations. Birdeye maintains distance between him and the enemy, setting up ambushes and choosing positions with a clear line of sight to the area. Big Pipe prefers the grenade launcher and serves the role of massive firepower in battle and always rushes towards the enemy to reach combat distance. Bosses maintain contact with each other and with the other Rogues, however they don’t stick together and instead keep their positioning distances. When an enemy is detected by any of the bosses or Rogues, information on enemy location is transmitted to everyone by radio, and the bosses prepare for battle, taking up tactical positions for engagement.

Bosses help each other, use all available weapons, and are hostile to everyone: players of any faction, Scavs, and Raiders. They don't communicate with the rest of the bosses and Fence, so they attack any enemy immediately. Killing them does not affect the player's reputation.

The bosses' habitats are Lighthouse, Shoreline, Woods, and Customs. They do not stay in one place and instead wander through these locations all the time. If the bosses have moved to one of the maps, they will be absent on the others. There is no timetable for their movement and no one knows what the bosses are guided by when changing their location.

  • Added offline cooperative game mode. This game mode is only available to players who purchased the Edge of Darkness pre-order edition.
  • Added the “Co-op mode” checkbox on the game mode selection screen. In co-op mode, all settings for bots, bosses, time and weather are identical to online raids. Progress in co-op raids is not saved, and the gear taken into such raids won’t be lost upon death;
  • The “Start as group” checkbox allows for all players in the group to spawn together in the center of the location. With the checkbox unticked, all players will spawn like in the online mode.
  • The number of players in a group for the co-op mode has been increased and depends on the maximum number of players in the selected location.
  • The number of co-op servers may be limited under heavy loads. In this case, on the group gathering screen, you will see a message saying “Attention! High load on practice mode servers”. This message means that finding a server for a co-op raid may take longer than usual.
  • Reworked the movement animations:
  • Updated the animations for character movement, jumps and stances, added new breathing animations, melee attack animations, weapon drawing/holstering.
  • Added sprint animations that change depending on weapon type (rifle, pistol, melee, grenade) and its length.
  • Added rotations and tilts of the body when moving and sprinting. The lower the speed/position of the player, the lower the tilt of the body during turns, and vice versa.
  • Implemented weapon operations during the sprint, in particular the ability to switch to another weapon, switch fire modes, check the magazine/chamber, folding and unfolding, inspection, and reloading.
  • Fixed third-person weapon twisting while prone when lying on the side.
  • Added daily tasks for Player Scavs. The tasks will be given out by Fence once a day, and will be available after building the Intelligence Center in the Hideout, regardless of the PMC character level.
  • Added a new type of daily tasks – searching for items from a category such as food, medicine, weapons, etc. All items will need to be found in one raid.
  • Added slots for special items in the PMC inventory, in which you can put a compass and a rangefinder, a wi-fi camera, a marker, and other special items. Items in special slots are not lost upon death. They also cannot be looted from bodies. To activate an item from a special slot, you need to assign a key on the quick access panel (1-9).
  • Added a flare gun and single-shot reactive flare rounds with lighting and flare ammo. Shooting red signal flares will call in a plane with an airdrop to fly to the nearest possible location.
  • Updated the Airdrop mechanics - added 4 types of containers with unique contents (weapons, medicine, supplies, general purpose). Added countermeasure flares when flying in and dropping the container. Updated the plane flying trajectories and decreased the engine sound volume.
  • Added tasks for the new Lighthouse territories
  • Updated the base clothing models for USEC and BEAR PMCs
  • Added new head models for USEC and BEAR PMCs

Added new weapons and customization for them:

  • Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun
  • Accuracy International AXMC sniper rifle
  • MP-18 single-shot rifle
  • RD-704 assault rifle
  • SAG AK carbine
  • HK G36 assault rifle
  • MGL M32A1 revolver grenade launcher
  • Reworked the animations for MP-133 and MP9
  • Added a new model, animations, and modifications for SV-98
  • Added new equipment and items
  • Changed the bonuses for the Perception skill - now, the hearing radius increases by 0.3% per level, up until 15% for the max level. Before this change, the hearing radius increased by 0.7% and up to 35%.
  • Changed the inertia speed and force when leaning
  • Added new outfits for both PMC factions
  • Added new crafting recipes in the Hideout
  • Reworked the Elite Metabolism skill effect - now, with 0 hydration and energy, you will not receive any thirst and hunger damage, but still receive other negative effects. Before this change, there were no negative *effects at all.
  • Reworked the Elite Strength skill effect - now, weapons equipped on sling, on back, and in the holster become weightless. All other equipment and item weight in chest rigs, backpacks, pouches, and secured containers is *counted normally. Before this change, all equipment and weapons were weightless.

Graphical improvements

AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) - an image scaling technology in modern 3D games that allows you to increase performance with minimal loss in the quality of the final image. FSR is an analogue of the DLSS technology and is supported by all AMD graphics cards from the RX400 series and newer, as well as NVIDIA 1000 series cards and newer. The FSR option is only available for Full HD resolutions (1920x1080) and higher. The Performance mode is only available for 4K Ultra HD resolutions (3840x2160) and higher.

Temporarily disabled the ability to enable Mip Streaming in the graphics settings. We are currently reworking this function and will re-enable it in the nearest updates. Updated the NVidia Reflex version. Reworked laser sights for all tactical devices: with IR mode enabled, the lasers and flashlights will not be visible since they are designed for use with NVGs. Also, the intensity and brightness of standard non-IR lasers has been increased. Sounds:

  • Added new voices for BEAR and USEC;
  • Added new sounds of movement on top of various surface types;
  • Added sounds for weapons dropping on various surfaces;
  • Added sounds of bodies collapsing after death and sounds of transition to prone.

List of fixes

  • The sound effect of active headsets no longer persists between offline raids;
  • Added a perk icon for hand stamina to the Endurance skill;
  • Cultist Knife charge value no longer resets to max if the knife is picked up from a killed player;
  • Fixed display of prices with 5 or more characters for items that take 1-2 space cells;
  • Added sorting table button to mail and task reward screens;
  • The trajectory of the AGS projectile no longer changes when the scope is moved;
  • The metal bars on The Lab location no longer reduce the damage when shooting through them;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of bodies after death in some specific places on the Lighthouse location;
  • The Next button no longer disappears if you return to the faction selection screen from the head model and voice selection screen, and the nickname screen;
  • MS2000 Marker no longer floats in the air after placing it;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the settings interface when switching from fullscreen mode to borderless mode;
  • Fixed the incorrect window size for the 1920x1080 resolution in windowed mode;
  • Helmet-mounted flashlight no longer blocks vision when using stationary weapons;
  • Picking up an item while prone no longer causes incorrect camera movement;
  • Adjusted the aiming accuracy for the TOZ KS-23M carbine;
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rogues to visually appear incorrectly behind stationary weapons;
  • The sort direction indicator no longer changes its position if the player re-enters the Flea Market screen;
  • FN SCAR-H 7.62x51 20-round magazine now increases the weapon size by 1 slot down;
  • When changing the menu background while in the Hideout, the hideout image is no longer overlapped by the menu background;
  • Fixed the HighCom Trooper TFO icon for low graphics settings;
  • Fixed incorrect icon anti-aliasing for big items in the stash;
  • Fixed a bug that caused character textures to become distorted when loading into a raid;
  • Fixed incorrect patrol route for Tagilla on night time Factory;
  • Fixed the lack of wet asphalt effect with SSR enabled in some places on the Lighthouse location;
  • Added inertia when quickly tapping the A/D keys;
  • Fixed bot behavior when shooting with revolvers;
  • Weapon stat penalties from ammo are now displayed correctly for revolvers;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of Tagilla when changing positions during combat;
  • Killa is no longer hostile to Player Scavs with a reputation above 6.0;
  • Fixed display of weapons in the folded and unfolded state in the stash;
  • Fixed the possibility of bot hands getting frozen;
  • Rogues are now aggressive again towards USEC players who killed them in past raids;
  • Fixed a number of issues related to the calculation of inertia, allowing players to bypass or reduce it;
  • Fixed an error that caused the disappearance of ammo loaded into magazines during a raid after finishing the raid;
  • Fixed blocking of inventory operations that could occur after selecting a weapon picked up from a killed Scav;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the container from the airdrop froze in the air or ended up in places inaccessible to players;
  • Fixed an overly bright lighting of characters when loading into a location. (27 Jun 2022)

  • Technical client update (23 Jun 2022)

  • Technical client update (2 Jun 2022)

  • Technical client update containing a redesigned network buffering and anti-aliasing algorithm. The main goal of these changes is to increase the visualization accuracy of the position of other players in the raid as much as possible, while maintaining the smoothness of their movement (24 May 2022)

  • Technical client update (17 May 2022)

  • Technical client update (1 May 2022)

  • Scavs, Raiders and Rogues are no longer aggressive to Player Scavs if they kill a PMC
  • Fixed possible breach of rain animations inside buildings on Customs, Reserve, Shoreline and Lighthouse
  • Fixed one of the possible reasons of missing of visual and sound effects of grenades explosions
  • Fixed the behavior of Raiders when one of them is killed by a Player
  • Fixed the Reshala’s logic of medicine usage
  • Fixed the reaction of bots to smoke grenades
  • Fixed the incorrect display of adjustable magnification while using Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-12x50
  • Fixed unnatural hand position during the animation of reloading of MP-443 Grach
  • Scavs, Raiders and Rogues will no longer take positions close to players when engaging them
  • Fixed animations freezes of Character in loading into the raid screen, on the Character page, in the Ragman’s Service tab and the statistics page after the raid when Chiappa Rhino is equipped
  • Fixed the significant damage reduction when shooting through Terragroup tarps (20 Apr 2022)

  • Technical client update (15 Apr 2022)

  • Fixed image blur in scopes. In some cases the blur might still occur; the issue will be completely resolved in the nearest updates;
  • Fixed a variety of visual artifacts of flashlights in third-person view;
  • Containers close correctly again when switching between screens in the main menu;
  • Removed the option to select the type of connection in the settings;
  • Corrected the layout of the context menu of the complaint on the post-raid screen. (13 Apr 2022)


  • Added several optimizations for the game server and network component;
  • Optimized memory consumption of 3D models;
  • Added optimizations for physics and CPU time for processing light source visibility;
  • Optimized shadow and cloud shaders;
  • Improved game stability during issues with backend connection;
  • Improved the speed of loading into a raid;


  • Nvidia DLSS
    • Nvidia DLSS 2.3.1 has been added to the game.
    • DLSS is developed to increase frame rate during high GPU usage. If the game already runs on your PC at a high frame rate, then your graphics card's frame rendering time may be faster than the DLSS execution time. In this case, DLSS is not needed because it will not increase the frame rate. However, if the game is heavy on the graphics card (FPS is below 60fps), then DLSS will provide an optimal performance boost. In this case, you can increase your graphics settings to get the most out of DLSS.
    • DLSS works only with Nvidia graphics cards with the RTX technology
    • DLSS will give an FPS boost only if your graphics card worked under 97-100% usage before DLSS;
    • If the GPU doesn’t work with high usage, you can increase it by selecting higher graphics settings, and then enabling DLSS;
    • DLSS works best at high resolutions, we recommend using it with monitors with a 2560x1440 resolution and higher.
  • Auxiliary tools used in some crafting recipes will return back to stash after production completion;


  • Weapon and armor repair kits. These kits can be found in raid, but can only be used while not in a raid. The effectiveness of repair kits is affected by the Weapon Maintenance and Intelligence skills;
  • Chiappa Rhino 200DS revolver chambered in 9x19
  • Chiappa Rhino 50DS revolver chambered in .357
    • In the near future, we will also add two more versions of Chiappa Rhino chambered in .40 SW and 9x21 ITA.
  • .357 Magnum ammo
    • .357 Magnum Soft Point
    • .357 Magnum JHP
    • .357 Magnum Hollow Point
    • .357 Magnum FMJ
  • Added leveling for revolver mastering
  • Improved Rogue AI to enhance their teamwork interactions;
  • Reworked the spawn mechanics for Scavs in order to exclude spawns near players and inside objects. Additionally, it’s aimed to remove the ability to spawn at Scav or Rogue sniper positions as player scavs;
  • Added the ability to click the NEXT button on the PMC USEC/BEAR faction selection screen before the models are fully loaded;
  • Updated the sounds of pouch interaction for several weapon and magazine types;
  • Reworked the stats of the Endurance elite level skill
    • Increases breath recovery speed by 50% (was 100%)
    • Increases stamina by 20% (was 25%)
  • Added the ability to sort tasks by location in the quest menu;
  • Reworked the Scav behavior mechanics on Factory while players are fighting Tagilla;
  • Added inertia for bots when accelerating and decelerating, added speed settings for bots during stationary turning and running;
  • Bots will no longer shoot while switching stance (for example, when trying to go prone or stand up);
  • Added the ability to replace an operational task in the trader quest menu. The replaced task will be considered failed. The cost of each subsequent replacement will increase until the task’s completion timer runs out;
  • Disabled environmental sounds (like wind or rain) while loading into raid;
  • Added a new type of operational task - elimination while using a specific weapon class, like sniper or assault rifles;
  • Added overheating ability for several weapon attachments;
  • The death screen now shows a player’s nickname if you were killed by a Player Scav;
  • Added the Connection Type tab to the game settings section, select HTTP in case of issues with access to the functional sections of the lobby. The setting does not affect the game performance during raids;


  • Bots are now aggressive to Player Scavs again if they shoot at another Player Scav;
  • The cultist knife toxin durability now remains correct after it’s picked up by another PMC
  • Added the NVG enable/disable sounds for other players;
  • Control settings in the Live client no longer reset to default if the player has the ETS client installed with different control settings;
  • Fixed possible interface freezes when interacting with inventory and closing it by pressing the Tab key;
  • Glukhar’s guards no longer stop shooting at players when switching weapons after Glukhar’s death;
  • Fixed visual water artifacts at the reservoirs on Lighthouse;
  • Objects are now correctly displayed in thermal vision goggles with high values of resampling enabled;
  • The weapon mastering is now leveling correctly while using MTs-255-12;
  • Bots now correctly decide to use prone positions when engaging a player;
  • Bots no longer appear right in front of players on Customs;
  • Postman Pat task can now be finished correctly after completing all objectives;
  • Ammo no longer disappears from the inactive weapon while unloading chamber with a hotkey immediately after swapping weapons;
  • Fixed some places on locations where the airdrop supply crate could get stuck;
  • The NEXT button no longer disappears if the players returns to the faction selection screen from the character appearance/voice or nickname screens;
  • Active Headset sound effect no longer persists between offline raids;
  • Low graphics settings no longer distort object textures while using night vision devices;
  • Switching between tabs on the character screen now remains possible after deleting a plan map by hotkey and buying a new one;
  • The killer’s name now displays correctly on the killed player’s dogtag if they were operating a stationary weapon;
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to place multiple MS2000 Markers in one raid if the player performed other hand actions while placing the marker;
  • Shooting and environmental sounds no longer change after reloading in an offline raid;
  • Informational loading screen banners now auto-switch again;
  • Bullet impacts on water now display correctly on Customs;
  • Fixed the aiming zoom for MTs-255-12 and MP-43-1C shotguns. (11 Mar 2022)

  • Fixed incorrect display of cells of unloading vests and backpacks. (10 Mar 2022)

  • Fixed the display of UI element borders
  • Returned the height of jumps to the state prior to patch (22 Feb 2022)


  • Decreased possible performance drops on the Flea Market, presets, handbook, stash, skills, and tasks screens;
  • Various client optimizations.

List of changes

  • Now, when transferring a container needed to complete a task/craft/zone construction in the Hideout, you can only hand over an empty container. When trying to transfer a non-empty container, you will receive a notification saying “You can't hand over a container with items inside”;
  • Changed the conditions under which Scav bots took a prone position when engaging a player;
  • Added new sounds for SCAR-L, different from SCAR-H.

List of fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which shotguns were not dealing damage;
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite loading into a raid as a Scav;
  • Bots can phrase about other Scavs’ dead bodies again;
  • Fixed the possibility of rain appearing indoors;
  • Added missing sounds in third person for characters falling from a height/ledge;
  • Scavs no longer slide in place when changing position;
  • Bots no longer walk through the train on the Lighthouse location;
  • Bots now equip found weapons on their back instead of putting them in the backpack;
  • Keys listed on Flea Market now display durability again;
  • Spamming the Caps Lock key while moving no longer lets you move almost silently without a significant slowdown;
  • Player uphill movement now looks smooth again in third person;
  • Fixed the ability to become invisible while using an AGS grenade launcher as a Scav;
  • Fixed the ability to look through the bunker walls on the Reserve location;
  • SJ6 TGLabs stimulant now correctly increases maximum stamina again. (11 Feb 2022)

  • Technical client update (10 Feb 2022)

  • Technical client update (10 Feb 2022)


  • Various client optimizations.

List of changes

  • Added new voice lines for playable Scavs, similar to the “Help”, “Command”, “Health Status”, “Reaction”, “Contact”, “Enemy”, and “Team Status” lines for PMCs;
  • VOIP is now enabled by default for all new players.

List of fixes

  • Fixed some cases of grass glowing during rain;
  • Quick-pressing the sprint key will no longer increase player’s walking speed;
  • Temporary bans at the Flea Market now correctly reset over time, without the need to restart the game;
  • Fixed the incorrect bitcoin farming time display with the generator turned off after restarting the game;
  • Fixed several issues leading to bots getting stuck;
  • Fixed incorrect ergonomics indication of the M1A rifle while in the inspect menu;
  • Fixed the supply crate flare sound issue with disabled sounds;
  • Fixed an issue with Raiders not spawning after activating specific extracts on Reserve. (31 Jan 2022)


  • Various client optimizations.

List of fixes

  • Fixed incorrect grenade explosion sound when throwing it from indoors to outdoors;
  • Tactical fleece beanie no longer cancels the deafening effect from Tagilla’s welding masks;
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to cancel loading into an offline raid when loading a map;
  • Fixed incorrect display of Shturman’s wound traces;
  • Fixed incorrect weapon shadows with an equipped flashlight;
  • Fixed an issue causing flashlights to go through obstacles;
  • Fixed an ability to check the chamber of stationary weapons;
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect character description localization on the character selection screen after changing language;
  • Fixed an issue with presets used on weapons that can't be listed for sale on the Flea Market;
  • Raiders will no longer inspect their weapons while on patrol;
  • Player name now hides correctly on the Scav item turn-in screen with Streamer Mode enabled;
  • The reload of a weapon with an internal magazine now cancels correctly after exiting the Shooting Range in the Hideout;
  • The Wish-List tab on Flea Market now collapses correctly after using the filter by item search;
  • Fixed an issue of the cursor not disappearing when switching into first-person mode in the Hideout.

Fixed several animations while interacting with weapons

  • Colt M1911, Colt M45A1 * fixed incorrect trigger behavior while fixing malfunctions;
  • TT-33, Golden TT-33 * fixed incorrect trigger behavior while trying to shoot during malfunction fixing animation;
  • HK MP7A2 * fixed incorrect visuals of the left hand during malfunctions with an equipped vertical foregrip;
  • Saiga-12k * fixed clipping of the right hand while fixing malfunctions and during the jammed bolt animation;
  • Kel-Tec RFB * fixed floating cartridge during the failure to feed malfunction while having two rounds in the magazine. (9 Jan 2022)

  • End of new year's in-game event (3 Jan 2022)

  • Technical client update (30 Dec 2021)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (30 Dec 2021)

  • Technical client update (27 Dec 2021)


  • Santa will no longer attack players, who attack other Scavs;
  • PMCs will no longer gain Fence reputation for killing players who killed bosses;
  • PMCs will no longer lose Fence reputation for killing Player Scavs;
  • Player Scavs will no longer gain Fence reputation for killing PMCs who attacked Raiders. (25 Dec 2021)


  • Corrected the animation of transition to a jammed state for MP133, KS-23, M870 and M590;
  • The barrel of the USP pistol now heats up correctly;
  • Fixed a bug which didn't allow Scav bots use first aid kits picked up during a raid;
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a Scav instead of a PMC on the stats screen after the end of an offline raid.


  • New Year's events;
  • New gear and barter items;
  • A peaceful Santa Claus bot who gives out presents may spawn on every location, except for the Laboratory. He will not interfere with firefights, but will attack in response if you injure him. For killing Santa Claus with either PMC or Scav, the player will get a significant reputation penalty with Fence. (22 Dec 2021)

List of fixes

  • Fixed an issue of disappearing footstep sounds on several locations;
  • Fixed sound artifacts when playing music at the end of the raid;
  • Fixed an issue where bots would shoot at walls on Customs;
  • Fixed Sanitar's behavior, he will no longer go too far away from his guards;
  • Fixed Rogues' behavior, they will no longer go prone and stand up when entering a close-quarters fight;
  • Fixed an issue of possible freezing of the MK17 magazine in chest rigs;
  • Fixed graphical artifacts with SSR and TAA enabled;
  • Fixed an issue when Player Scavs could spawn on closed-off roofs on Lighthouse;
  • Fixed an incorrect player animation when firing from a double-barrel shotgun with a double-tap mode;
  • Added a restriction of freelook while aiming;
  • Adjusted AI settings for Rogues and Scavs;
  • Added clothes sorting by availability level in Ragman's services menu;
  • Added various server and client optimizations. (17 Dec 2021)

List of fixes

  • Fixed an issue due to which players could lose reputation with traders after completing the quest "Chemical - Part 4". The lost reputation will be compensated soon;
  • Fixed and revised sniper fire zones near the lighthouse on the location of the same name;
  • Fixed geometry of the river and ponds at the Shoreline location;
  • Removed incorrect water geometry at the Reserve location;
  • Fixed a graphic artifact (flare) in the Hideout when the Resampling 2x, 4x option is on;
  • Improved splash effect when shooting at the water;
  • Fixed lighting on the grass during rain when the SSR option is on;
  • Fixed an issue due to which the USEC safe was opened with a different key;
  • Fixed an issue due to which Shturman could take unreliable cover;
  • Fixed an incorrect value when displaying the gained experience after a Run-Through;
  • Fixed an error that could occur while inspecting a barter item;
  • Rogues will now react to Scav-player presence at a larger distance;
  • Rogues will now give players less time to retreat after warning them;
  • Rogues will attack without warning any player who gets too close to a stationary weapon. (14 Dec 2021)

List of changes

  • Various adjustments to improve performance (especially at the Lighthouse location);
  • Fixed an issue causing bots to appear inside objects or move inside objects;
  • Fixed sound "stuttering" when working with the inventory;
  • Other fixes. (12 Dec 2021)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

Key changes

  1. Added the Lighthouse location. The lighthouse at Cape Dalniy was an important strategic object on the way to Tarkov. During Contract Wars, it was the main entry point for USEC units and served as their base of operations. After the conflict, Scavs took a fancy to this place, until the old owners returned, who decided to stay in Tarkov and establish their own order.
    This is the first iteration of this location. In the future, the territory will be expanded and will include new Bosses.

  2. The Lighthouse location will feature a new AI type - ex-USEC operatives, also called Rogues. They are a gang of former PMCs who previously operated together. They are well-armed, well trained, and use coordinated combat tactics. They have similar interests to the Raiders’ ones, but have united around a shared military past.
    Rogue USECs have taken over the water treatment plant, and entrenched there. Stationary machine guns and grenade launchers are set up along the perimeter, with several fighters patrolling around the clock. When an enemy is detected in a sector of fire or there is a suspicion of enemy presence, the guards open suppressive fire, trying to prevent the enemy from approaching their territory.
    These new bots are lenient towards the USEC PMC faction. They will not open fire upon a USEC player unless the player tries to enter their territory. If the player gets too close, he will receive an order to leave immediately and will be shot if not compliant. Also, if a USEC player is in a group with a BEAR PMC, both of them will be considered hostile and attacked on sight without a warning.
    If a USEC player engages in a fight with the Rogues, he will be considered a traitor and will be treated as a hostile for the next several raids.

  3. Inertia has been added to the game for more realistic movement and actions. Inertia manifests itself in the following situations:
    • walking and strafing
    • sprinting
    • sharp turns during sprinting
    • landing after jumping or falling from a height
    • leaning and sidestepping
    The inertial force depends on the weight of equipment and the Strength skill level. The more your equipment weighs and the lower the Strength skill level is:
    • the longer it takes to accelerate at the start of movement (walk, strafe, sprint);
    • the longer it takes to slow down after stopping movement (walk, strafe, sprint);
    • the longer it takes to slow down and accelerate when changing movement direction to the opposite one;
    • the more movement speed decreases during sharp turns while sprinting;
    • the stronger and longer movement speed decreases when landing after jumping or falling from a height;
    • the slower it takes to lean, return to normal position from leaning, and sidestep.
    The inertial force increases starting from 0 kg of equipment weight for characters with Strength level 0, and from 10 kg for characters with the Elite Strength level. The inertial force reaches maximum with 70 kg of equipment weight for characters with Strength level 0, and with 80 kg for characters with the Elite Strength level.

  4. Expanded crouching and getting up mechanics. Now the duration of these actions depends on the degree of weight overload. Getting up drains stamina, the amount of spent stamina depends on the degree of overload and the number of changed stance bars (how high the character stood up).

  5. Expanded the weapon malfunctions mechanics. Along with misfires, weapons can now suffer the following malfunctions:
    • Failure to eject - after firing, the cartridge is jammed by the bolt and is partially visible in the ejection port. The source of this problem is, first of all, the technical condition of the weapon, and less often - the overheating of the weapon and the cartridge characteristics.
    • Failure to feed - after firing, there are issues with the new cartridge feed (round gets stuck in the mechanisms of the weapon, cartridge case, etc.). The main source of this problem is the weapon magazine, especially the high capacity and drum magazines. Other sources: cartridge characteristics, weapon overheating, and technical condition of the weapon.
    • Jammed bolt - after firing, the bolt gets jammed. Jamming can be of two types: normal and hard. The only difference is the duration of the troubleshooting. The cause of the jammed bolt can only be overheating of the weapon or its technical condition. Hard jamming occurs only at low values of the technical condition of the weapon (5% and below).
    Malfunctions cannot occur in new weapons (with durability more than 93%), except malfunctions caused by overheating.
    Some types of weapons cannot have certain malfunctions due to their design or mechanism of operation.
    Now, in order to fix the malfunction, you need to determine its type first. To do this, you need to inspect the malfunctioning weapon via the weapon inspection hotkey.
    Characters with the Elite level of the Troubleshooting skill will automatically detect the type of malfunction as soon as it occurs, without having to inspect the weapon.
    Now, after events and actions related to malfunctions (malfunction occurrence, determining the type of a malfunction, fixing a malfunction), a colored notification occurs and a sound signal is played. These notifications and sounds can be disabled in the game settings by unchecking the “Malfunction notifications” box.

  6. Weapon overheating and related effects have been added to the game.
    Weapons heat up after each shot. The heating rate for each shot depends on the cartridge, barrel and other heating-related elements of the weapon (receivers, muzzle devices, handguards, etc.).
    In contrast to heating, the weapon is constantly cooling down. The cooling rate also depends on the barrel and other cooling-related elements of the weapon (receivers, muzzle devices, handguards, etc.).
    The degree of overheating can be monitored by the visual state of the barrel and muzzle devices. You can distinguish four stages of overheating in ascending order. Each stage of overheating adds new negative effects.
    • slight overheating - the weapon is heated, but there is no reddening of the barrel and muzzle devices. Effects: heating of the barrel, muzzle devices, and handguard is visible in thermal scopes, possible mirage (heat haze) from the barrel and muzzle devices.
    • medium overheating - the weapon is heated, reddening of the barrel and muzzle devices is visible. Effects: weapon’s accuracy decreases, malfunction chance increases, wear increases, and the weapon’s maximum durability is reduced during firing.
    • severe overheating - the weapon is very hot, the barrel and muzzle devices are sizzling hot. Effects: weapon’s rate of fire changes, possible cooking-off chance.
    • maximum overheating - when this level is reached, a malfunction occurs - the bolt gets jammed.

  7. Improved the mechanics of external ammo ballistics. Now, when calculating the flight trajectory and energy, the initial speed, bullet weight, bullet diameter, its shape and ballistic coefficient are taken into account. Previously, only the initial velocity and bullet weight were taken into account.

    With this, it became possible to achieve maximum correspondence with the real life data. Also, the loss of all types of damage, depending on the energy of the bullet at a distance, and the increase in damage and penetration of the bullet from the change in bullet velocity have been corrected. For example, for 5.45x39 at a distance of 150 meters, the drop in damage was about 20%, but when changing the barrel for a longer one, thus increasing the velocity, the damage and penetrative abilities also increase. However, it’s worth understanding that for some ammunition there is no data in open sources, or they are incomplete. Such ammunition will be adjusted as the necessary data is found.

  8. Adjusted the recoil mechanics when shooting:
    • reduced the automatic recoil compensation when firing long bursts
    • decreased the recoil reduction bonuses from skills
    • general refinements and improvements in the weapon recoil system

  9. VOIP - added voice communication functionality. To enable it, you need to go to the sound settings and check the "Enable VOIP" box.
    This functionality is designed for coordination and the ability to negotiate.
    Remember that using VOIP inappropriately can ruin the experience for you and other players.
    Insults, playing music, clogging the air, and other improper behavior when using VOIP can lead to both the blocking of its functionality and the banning of the game account.
    • VOIP works only in-raid and only in the Push-to-talk mode.
    • Players cannot talk for more than 15 seconds consecutively. This means that every 20 seconds in a raid, you can only talk for 15 seconds, regardless of whether it’s consecutive or not.
    • Pressing the Push-to-talk button too often will trigger a short-term auto-block.
    • You can send reports on inappropriate VOIP usage. To do this, go to the gesture menu and press the report button while the other player is talking or was talking 2 seconds ago. You cannot report the members of your group.
    • The audibility of the voice depends on the distance of the speaker, as well as on all other sound modifiers: room partitions, floors, walls, active headphones, lowered visor, etc.
    • Scavs can pay attention to players talking.
    • VOIP can be quickly disabled from the gesture menu or via the hotkey.
    • The Push-to-talk hotkey can be reassigned in control settings.

  10. Expanded the Operational Tasks
    • Added the description variety to all types of operational tasks.
    • Added the completed operational tasks statistics to the player stats screen.
    • Added the “exit through the specific extract” condition for the “exit the location” type tasks.

  11. Added the ability to partially use different types of food and drinks.
    • Only the duration of the effect changes from the amount consumed. The strength and delay before the start of the buff does not change.
    • All buffs stack only up to the original buff’s value.
    • Negative buffs also stack only up to their original value.
    • Negative buffs take skills into account (in particular, the Metabolism skill, which cuts the duration of negative effects up to 50%).
    • Negative buffs take immunity at the maximum Metabolism skill level into account.

  12. Added new items:
    • New weapons
    • New weapon parts
    • 4 new hand grenades (including impact grenades)
    • New equipment
    • New barter items
    • New keys
    • New storage cases (Injector case and Keycard holder)
    • Rangefinders (handheld range finder and tactical rangefinder module)
    • 5 new cartridges
    • New clothing sets for USEC and BEAR
    • New unique armbands
    • New face types for both factions at the start of the game

  13. Added new quests on the Lighthouse location

Graphics changes and optimizations

  • Screen Space Reflection - a reflection effect from wet or glossy surfaces, water surface. The technology has been completely redesigned - now the reflections look more realistic, while the load on the system is noticeably reduced.
  • Added optimization for vegetation rendering at long distances. This allowed us to significantly reduce the CPU load in locations with a large number of trees and other vegetation.
  • Added optimization of physical collision objects.
  • Added various server optimizations.
  • SSR is now enabled by default in High and Ultra graphics presets.
  • Reduced the desaturation effect during rain, the picture is now more vivid.

List of fixes

  • Fixed an issue where trader restock times were not updated until the client was restarted.
  • Fixed an issue when moving the flashlight on the weapon to another slot, an endless charge of the cartridge into the chamber could occur.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Error 500 when interacting with the in-game location map item after it was insured.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in insufficient lighting in the Hideout.
  • Fixed an issue where bots could shoot through walls on the Factory location.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon inspect animation of Saiga-12 and SVDS.
  • Fixed an issue of overlapping sounds on the stairs of the 3-story dorm on the Customs location.
  • Fixed an issue where bots could instantly move to a crouched position.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to create a stack of currency or cartridges from 10 pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where the player can open a locked door without a key using the Breach option from around the corner.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could move from a prone position to a standing position in inaccessible places, if they change their stance during weapon chamber-loading.
  • Fixed an issue where the water filter resource could continue decreasing after the end of the purified water production.
  • Fixed an issue where an expiring offer at Flea Market disappeared from the "My offers" section when it was extended at 00:00.
  • Fixed an issue where the eye protection effect from the "Gorilla" welding mask was not counted.
  • Fixed an issue where the stationary running animation played when leaning in a prone position.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flea Market search showed only one part when buying parts for assembly with two or more of the same modifications.
  • Fixed an issue where a trader's restock timer could disappear after the timer ended.
  • Fixed an issue where the introductory message did not appear when entering the Hideout for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where more bots spawned in offline mode than needed.
  • Fixed an issue where the BEAR Oldschool pants could disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where a stretched polygon could appear in the Hideout’s shooting range.
  • Fixed an issue where Glukhar’s guard bot would not shoot at a player even when still having ammo remaining.
  • Fixed an issue where the first examined weapon on the enemy’s body was displayed as completely broken.
  • Fixed a visual discrepancy of the progress indicator of loading/unloading cartridges in the magazine.
  • Fixed an issue where a click sound could be played after a series of shots from a silenced rifle.
  • Fixed an issue where the level of operational tasks was saved after a profile reset.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of opening a door with a key in the Health Resort could be heard on any floor.
  • Fixed an issue where the consumption of hand stamina did not increase when the level of hydration decreased.
  • Fixed various audio issues related to sound overlapping.
  • Fixed various issues causing error 228.
  • Fixed various issues causing game crashes.

Various fixes:

  • Adjusted (and also improved) the characteristics of some weapons.
  • Removed the ability to quick-throw grenades. Now, when you press the hotkey, your character will take a random grenade into his hands from your chest rig or pockets.
  • Adjusted and added new crafting recipes for the Hideout.
  • Changed the conditions for unlocking Hideout zones.
  • All keys now have durability (100 units, except for the keys that already had durability).
  • Changed the starting gear for bots and Player Scavs.
  • Various balancing changes to rarity and spawn locations for items.
  • Changes and fixes to logic and parameters of various weapon attachments.
  • Various changes in the traders’ range of items.
  • Many localization fixes and improvements.
  • Balancing changes to task rewards.
  • Specific items can no longer be put up and purchased on the Flea Market:
    • "Rys-T" bulletproof helmet
    • Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet (Black)
    • Vulkan-5 (LShZ-5) bulletproof helmet
    • "Altyn" bulletproof helmet
    • 6B43 6A Zabralo-Sh body armor (0/85)
    • NFM THOR Integrated Carrier body armor
    • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier
    • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier (Tan)
    • LBT-6094A Slick Plate Carrier (Olive)
    • 5.11 Tactical Hexgrid plate carrier
    • FORT Redut-T5 body armor
    • BNTI Zhuk body armor (Digital Flora)
    • IOTV Gen4 body armor (full protection kit)
    • FORT Defender-2 body armor
    • NPP KlASS Korund-VM body armor
    • IOTV Gen4 body armor (assault kit)
    • FORT Redut-M body armor
    • IOTV Gen4 body armor (high mobility kit)
    • BNTI Gzhel-K armor
    • Ars Arma CPC MOD.2 plate carrier rig
    • 5.11 Tactical TacTec plate carrier rig
    • CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier rig (Protection, MTP)
    • WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier rig
    • Ars Arma A18 Skanda plate carrier rig
    • CQC Osprey MK4A plate carrier rig (Assault, MTP)
    • 6Sh118 raid backpack
    • Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (Multicam)
    • SSO Attack 2 raid backpack
    • Eberlestock F4 Terminator load bearing backpack (Tiger Stripe)
    • .45 ACP AP
    • 7.62x51mm M61
    • 7.62x51mm M993
    • 7.62x51mm M62 Tracer
    • 7.62x54mm R BS gs
    • 7.62x54mm R BT gzh
    • 4.6x30mm AP SX
    • 4.6x30mm Subsonic SX
    • 5.56x45mm SSA AP
    • 5.56x45mm M995
    • 5.56x45mm M855A1
    • 5.56x45mm M856A1
    • 7.62x39mm BP gzh
    • 7.62x39mm MAI AP
    • 5.45x39mm BS gs
    • 5.45x39mm PPBS gs "Igolnik"
    • 5.45x39mm 7N40
    • 9x19mm AP 6.3
    • 9x19mm PBP gzh
    • 5.7x28mm SS190
    • 5.7x28mm SB193
    • 12/70 AP-20 slug
    • 12/70 Copper Sabot Premier HP slug
    • 12/70 SuperFormance HP slug
    • 9x39mm BP gs
    • 9x39mm SPP gs
    • 40x46mm M441 (HE) grenade
    • 40x46mm M433 (HEDP) grenade
    • 23x75mm "Zvezda" flashbang round
    • .300 Blackout AP
    • .338 Lapua Magnum AP
    • FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz thermal rifle scope
    • Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope
    • GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles
    • SWORD International Mk-18 .338 LM marksman rifle
    • FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher
    • 5.56x45 Magpul PMAG D-60 STANAG 60-round magazine
    • 5.56x45 SureFire MAG5-100 STANAG 100-round magazine
    • AK 7.62x39 X Products X-47 50-round drum magazine
    • AK 7.62x39 ProMag AK-A-16 73-round drum magazine
    • TerraGroup Labs access keycard (29 Nov 2021)

  • Technical client update (22 Nov 2021)

  • Technical client update (16 Nov 2021)

  • Technical client update (11 Nov 2021)

  • Technical client update (10 Nov 2021)

  • Upgraded the game engine from Unity 2018 to Unity 2019 (2 Nov 2021)

  • Added weekly operational tasks (29 Oct 2021)

  • Technical client update (29 Oct 2021)

  • Technical client update (25 Oct 2021)


  • Some types of weapons were not losing durability.
  • Raider spawn issue at the locations Reserve and Laboratory. (22 Oct 2021)

  • Added operational tasks (21 Oct 2021)


  • Shadows within a 500-meter radius were displayed incorrectly after restarting the game.
  • Ability to throw a grenade through the wall at The Lab location.
  • Items from the "Mail" tab would not mouse-drag into a container with free space.
  • Ability to put money into secured containers above the established limit.
  • Missing error message when trying to install a mod on to a weapon with no free surrounding slots.
  • Ammo would freeze if player tried to put it into magazines at the Scav item transfer screen.
  • Missing "slot is not empty" contextual hint when trying to install a weapon mod on to an equipped weapon. (18 Oct 2021)


  • Reduced in-raid frame rate after a player breaks a lamp.
  • The crafting item autofill would not work in the hideout.
  • Skipping shots when shooting in single fire mode. (14 Oct 2021)


  • Sniper Scavs in the Shoreline location were ignoring players.
  • Ergonomics stats did not change when adding weapon parts and mods while in a raid.
  • The TOZ KS-23M shotgun was hitting below the aiming point.
  • Cartridges that had the "Found in raid" status were automatically stacking with cartridges without that status.
  • Bots could shoot while changing body positions.
  • Bots did not respond to commands after receiving the "Follow me" command. (13 Oct 2021)


  • Fixed the double animation issue while drawing weapons.
  • Corrected damage from grenades in the dormitory area at the Customs location.
  • Brought back missing textures on the Interchange location. (11 Oct 2021)

  • Fixed the infinite raid loading issue while playing as a Scav. (11 Oct 2021)

Optimization and Performance

  • Made adjustments that allowed to reduce the amount of consumed RAM after finishing a raid.
  • Changed the logic of in-game fonts that allowed to reduce memory consumption.
  • Enabled Reflex no longer affects performance in the Hideout.
  • Optimized the logic of loading character voices in raid, which reduced the time to load into raids.
  • Optimized the sound batch loading, which reduced memory consumption and time to load into raids.
  • Optimized the location loading time by rationalizing the logic of storing game resources.
  • Optimized the memory consumption of the client by unloading all unused scenes from the memory.
  • Optimized trader offer search time while using context search and filters.
  • Added the “Enable Hideout pre-load” option in the game settings. If the option is enabled, it pre-loads the Hideout; if the option is disabled, the Hideout will load only when accessed. Disabling this option will reduce the main menu loading time when starting the game and after finishing raids. The option is disabled by default.

Visual and Graphical Changes

  • Shadow render distance is increased to 500 m regardless of shadow quality settings to ensure correct shading on locations. The resampling system has also been reworked to optimize performance.
  • Fixed the work of the camera that led to weapon distortion on screen edges on some FOV settings.

Gameplay and QOL Сhanges

  • Reworked the game logic of the inventory, item moving and context menus to minimize the number of errors that occurred in the stash.
  • Added the ability to change weapon fire modes “by rotation” by double-pressing the fire mode key.
  • Added a “to menu” button to the first post-raid screen to skip all next screens.
  • Added a check mark that lets you know if a weapon matches the Mechanic’s task requirements when inspecting it in the preset menu.
  • Added the maximum single fire rate parameter for all weapons.
  • All broken and damaged window glass is now synchronized between all players even if loading into an already ongoing raid.
  • The AI of all Scavs, Raiders, and Bosses has been moved to a new technology platform that will allow us to expand and increase the complexity of AI-driven unit behaviour, and also increase the number of Scavs in a single raid in the future.
  • Completely redesigned the quest system engine. This will decrease the number of errors in the quest system and will facilitate the creation of more diverse and engaging quest mechanics in the future.
  • Optimized the formula of calculating Fence reputation penalty when killing Scavs while having a high reputation.
  • Changing the quality settings of shadows and textures, choosing graphics presets and changing the Mip Streaming option is no longer possible during a raid.
  • Redesigned the system of game settings that allowed to avoid several existing problems when changing parameters.
  • Now, when trying to create an offer with missing items for sale, a “No available items” message will appear.
  • The raid session id in the bottom left corner is now unique for every player. It will no longer be possible to tell on which server a streamer is currently playing.

Fixed Bugs

  • Various object penetration fixes on locations.
  • Players would not speed up when holding the sprint key while moving prone.
  • Scav faction was displayed as “SAVAGE” instead of “SCAV” on the lobby screen.
  • Game freezes when starting/handing items for a craft.
  • TOZ KS-23M Carbine was shooting well below the aiming point.
  • Players were not receiving mail with aid while in distress condition.
  • Leaning position was not resetting after moving and pressing the lean key again if the lean key was set to “Press”.
  • Weapon loading through the chamber was leveling the “Mag Drills” skill slower than the supposed value.
  • Hideout areas could remain inaccessible at the end of the build timer until the game was restarted.
  • Players could freeze on the stationary weapon after using gestures or quick-releasing their backpack.
  • Chambered cartridge would get pulled out of the chamber if the player used the "Top-Up" on this type of cartridge in the stash.
  • The “Memory” skill would not grow by 5% from the current level when the player levels another skill by 1 level.
  • Tagilla would go through the cistern collision and get stuck inside it.
  • The breathing sounds would not play when loading into a raid with Tagilla’s “UBEY” or “Gorilla” welding masks equipped.
  • Cultist knife poison amount would not get counted correctly.
  • Flashlight light would go through obstacles.
  • If the player spammed the compass key while dropping a backpack, the compass would not appear in the hand, but the azimuth would appear on the HUD.
  • Players could move without animation if they quickly pressed the movement keys.
  • Truck windows were visible through the fog on the “Customs” location.
  • Fixed various issues causing “error 500”. (16 Sep 2021)

  • Several minor technical fixes. (31 Aug 2021)

  • Several minor technical fixes. (10 Aug 2021)


  • Raindrops are now correctly displayed on all hand models.
  • Fixed the loot spawn in the lockers on Interchange.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases the after raid healing menu was missing.
  • Ammo box names now correctly display their contents.
  • The actual crafting time in the Scav case now changes correctly based on reputation with Fence.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank screen when examining modules on the weapon preset screen.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let open an offer if clicking on the offer ID in any window beside the Flea Market screen.
  • Fixed a camera shake that appeared when trying to crawl up on an inclined surface.
  • Players no longer fall into geometry when reaching the junction of two inclined surfaces.
  • Raiders can no longer sprint with blacked-out legs.
  • Fence reputation will no longer increase when you kill a Player Scav that killed another Player Scav who was killing Scavs.
  • Players can no longer slide off ledges while prone.
  • Fixed a bug when players couldn’t turn while prone on elevated surfaces.
  • Added the missing wall in the underground area on the “Factory” location.
  • Removed the ability to look through the wall near the door next to the cars on the “Factory” location.
  • Removed the ability to look through the wall in the underground areas on the “Reserve” location.
  • Backpack and chest rig straps are now correctly displayed on the PMC head selection screen.
  • Fixed the flickering lights from lamps in the underground tunnels in the extended areas of the “Factory” location.
  • Fixed the flickering lights from lamps from specific distances on the “Customs” location.
  • Player head model “Hudson” is now correctly displayed with balaclavas and masks.
  • Fixed several issues with lighting on the “The Lab” location.
  • Fixed the Scav spawn in the open area next to repair and maintenance building on the “Reserve” location.
  • Fixed the air filter working time in the Hideout.
  • Fixed the probability of Scavs spawning next to players on all locations.
  • Fixed the possibility of stashing a quest item on the location while the item was moved into the quest items stash.
  • Fixed the probability of Scavs spawning inside the geometry.
  • Insurance icon (the orange rectangle) will no longer disappear after a reconnect.
  • Sounds are now correctly overlapped in some of the rooms on the “Shoreline” location.
  • Fixed the double animation while equipping Mk47 Mutant.
  • The gas station fire on the “Shoreline” location now deals damage again.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the Daypack backpack straps.
  • Fixed the possibility of players spawning outside the map on the “The Lab” location.
  • Cultists can now melee players while moving.
  • Adjusted the ability of equipping the SIG ROMEO8T sight on some rails.
  • Fixed the freezes while moving through tabs and filters on Trader screens.
  • Fixed the logic of the notification about exceeding the number of items before loading into the raid.
  • Fixed the issue with typing cyrillic symbols in the “player name” screen.
  • Quick melee hits can no longer be performed with no stamina.
  • Fixed the displacement of the aiming reticle in the collimator on the PL-15 pistol after firing all rounds.
  • Dead bodies will no longer fall through the ground on the “Interchange” location.
  • The progression value of the "Endurance" skill in the raid will no longer change after players reconnect to the raid.


  • Added a Fence reputation increase when successfully exiting any location as a Player Scav.
  • PMC-Scav cooperation extracts are now permanently available on all locations.
  • Adjusted Tagilla’s melee sounds.
  • Added Sorting Table on the Scav item turn-in screen.
  • Added new quests for high-level players.
  • Added the ability to change PMC voices in the Sound settings tab. You can change the voice at any time while out of raid.
  • Various AI fixes.
  • Added the ability to use the Flea Market to search and buy items from Traders for players below level 20.
  • Dogtags will now be sorted by their levels.
  • Added a 30% discount on all items bought from Fence on maximum loyalty level.
  • Added the “Very Low” graphics preset.

  • Fixed "Error 228" on the healing screen after a raid;
  • Reputation is no longer lost for all members of a player-Scav team if they kill a Player-Scav who attacked one of them;
  • Fixed a number of cases where players couldn't hear Tagilla's sledgehammer hits;
  • Fixed a number of minor technical errors.

  • Fixed the bug with a small amount of available Scav extracts.
  • Fence's reputation now doesn't decrease when killing Raiders as a Scav.
  • Adjusted the prone movement in bushes.

  • Fence's reputation now won't decrease if the player killed a Scav who attacked first.
  • Tagilla won't get stuck in object collision on Factory.
  • Various minor fixes. (30 Jun 2021)

This update wiped player levels and stashes


  • “Factory” expansion.
  • New scav boss Tagilla. Killa’s brother. He’s chosen “Factory” as a place of his own and actively exercises his past sports and combat experience. When in close combat he may switch to his favorite weapon - a sledgehammer. When someone gets hit by it, the best case scenario would be disorientation and broken bones, but usually it will cause inevitable death. The boss can set ambushes, open suppressive fire, and breach if needed.
  • First iteration of weapon malfunctions and technical deteriorating
  • You can now have a misfire on almost every gun in the game
  • Misfire can be resolved in different ways. Not only via the “Resolve” hotkey (Shift+T by default), but also by any bolt related manipulations
  • We reworked the technical condition of the guns and their deterioration from firing. Certain ammunition and weapon mods will affect the deterioration speed. We added a new stat in the inspector menu called “Durability burn” which will show that.
  • Different ammo now has increased or decreased chances of misfires.
  • Technical condition of weapon influences on base accuracy, offset of the center point of impact and general misfire chance.
  • We also added NVIDIA Reflex support. And decreased ingame input lag.
  • Fence reputation. Being the representation of Scav karma. Now players can lose reputation by killing non-hostile scavs and gain it by helping scavs and scav bosses to kill their enemy. You can also gain Fence reputation by using “a friendly scav” exfil or by using car exfil.
  • What Fence reputation level will affect:
    • Player-scav cooldown, scavbox “craft” time, amount of exfils for the player-scav, car extract fee, player-scav kit, and the prices when selling items to Fence.
    • The higher Fence reputation is - the more often AI-scavs will agree to help player-scav and respond to his commands (Follow, hold position). With very low reputation AI scavs will attack player-scav. With very high levels of reputation AI-scavs will help by attacking player-scavs’ enemies, and bosses will be considered allies.
    • Players will be able to purchase uninsured items lost by other players by reaching Fence’s max loyalty level.
  • Sorting table - additional expandable space, which will be of a great help when organizing the stash.
  • Sorting table is not supposed to be used for storage, but only as a temporary buffer zone. It will be available only when out of raid and it has no size limitations.
    • You will be able to open the sorting table by clicking the icon in the bottom of the stash.
    • You can quickly put items on the sorting table by pressing Shift + left mouse click hotkey combination. This hotkey will work only when the sorting table is opened.
  • Full rework of in-game ballistics parameters for objects on all locations (penetration chances, bullet deviation and fragmentation).
  • New equipment, several body armor vests, chest rigs, backpacks and other items.
  • New weapons.
  • New quests.
  • New barter items.
  • New PMC face customization options.
  • New weapon mods.
  • Ability to report a suspicious player in the flea market.
  • Special player status “Streamer”. It will hide various user information from the game client. You can activate this status on the main page of the game settings. This setting will be available only by personal requests. More details on how you can submit a request will be given later.
  • Out of raid voice commands settings.
  • “Top-up” option of the context menu. This option will allow you to fill the stack of items by items of the same kind.This option will not mix items with FIR(Found in raid) status with non FIR items.
  • New main menu background.
  • New skill "Weapon maintenance".
  • New skill "Troubleshooting".
  • TAA anti-aliasing at weapon presets menu.
  • First iteration of the EN localization rework.
  • Maximum level of character changed to 79.


  • Optics rework.
  • The aiming camera will now always be at an equal distance from the weapon. The distance does not depend on the sight installed and the way it is mounted on the gun: on the receiver, on the handguard, etc. The change affects mechanical and collimator sights. Including those used in hybrid sights.
  • Added a limit on the number of items put on the flea market in one lot. Now the size of the pack of items in the lot can not exceed the size of the stash.
  • The flea market is now accessible on level 20.
  • The Kappa quest is now more difficult to complete.
  • Several quest rewards have changed (some have been improved).
  • Changed and rebalanced spawn chances for most of the items.
  • Rebalanced weapon mods in terms of fighting the “meta” presets.
  • Rebalanced the availability of top-tier ammunition and gear.
  • Reduced the “Strength” skill bonuses for movement speed.
  • Increased the levelling speed of “Mag drills” skill.
  • Redone the lightning of the game interface objects.
  • Updated the ingame map for “Woods”.


  • In some cases players wouldn’t spawn even after successful matching and would get back to the main menu.
  • Totally silent movement of Shturman and his guards.
  • The player hung on a blank screen after pressing the "Back" button on the treatment screen after a raid.
  • The progress of the "Crafting" skill diverged between the client and the backend after production was completed.
  • Inventory and animation of the player’s hands hung when the player tried to move a cartridge from the chamber of the weapon in his hands to a full stack of ammunition.
  • The difference in the actions of the character when switching between pressing and holding the keys. Strong and weak grenade throws now work the same way: held down by the key, thrown by releasing the key, and this does not depend on the aiming key settings.
  • Mods locked behind a quest did not unlock on the purchase screen for presets even after completing the quest.
  • The consumption rate of the air filter was higher than supposed to.
  • At the moment of the weapon assembly in the presets menu - the separate weapon mod would be applied to the gun even if the gun already had such mod on it.
  • The production timer in the hideout, which has been cropped visually.
  • The library did not speed up the "Crafting" and "Hideout management" skills.
  • Bolt-catch animations used to be replaced with charging handle loading ones.
  • Hits on the aventail worsened the condition of the helmet itself, not the condition of the aventail.
  • Saiga 12 and PP-9 Klin stocks would get folded together with a quick drop of the backpack.
  • Inventory and animation of the player’s hands hung if the player simultaneously opened the door with a key and threw a grenade.
  • The transfer screen from scav layered onto the main menu screen after restarting the game on the transfer screen.
  • The player could not go sideways through the doorway.
  • Filters for food and medicine that did not work in the player’s stash.
  • Quest "The Punisher. Part 4." which could be done without the scav vest.
  • “Strength”, “Endurance”, and “Covert movement” progress was not properly counted during the raid.
  • Weapon mastering progress was not properly counted during the raid.
  • Character's empty hand animation at a distance.
  • The player with empty hands could not drop the backpack.
  • Incorrect sensitivity on the mechanical sight on the ACOG.
  • The remaining generator runtime counter was not synchronized between the fuel canisters and the generator itself.
  • The observer was not able to see the grenade in the dropped backpack if the player put it in the backpack right out of his hands.
  • The observer did not see the grenade that the player put on the ground right out of his hands.
  • The sorting of lots by time of removal on the flea market did not work.
  • The reticle on the MRS sight was placed below the alignment on the Vector and UMP.
  • Breath sounds were not played if the player used up stamina with the Kiver visor down.
  • Player would go to crouch position when trying to hide quest items from prone position.
  • Changing the "Shadow visibility" setting was not applied during the raid.
  • Hanging animation of the players’ hands after reconnecting to the server at the moment of throwing a grenade.
  • The "Apply" button on the treatment screen after a raid was active even when no treatment type was selected.
  • Player wouldn’t get out of ADS mode when chamber-loading the gun.
  • Medkits that removed the negative effect from a non-priority limb and left the priority limb untreated.
  • Hands freeze when reloading some weapons via the context menu.
  • Fee for putting a cultist knife with an incomplete poison supply to the flea market.
  • Discrete shadow movement from distant objects on high settings.
  • Ability to load weapons with unexamined ammunition.
  • The edit pocket map marker window did not close after loading into the raid.
  • Lamps did not break for other players if you break it with a melee weapon.
  • Unable to fill items by drag and drop when purchasing from a trader.
  • Game freeze when equipping an item from the letter during the transfer of items through the "get everything" button.
  • The aiming magnification is not switched when re-installing the optical sight with the additional reflex sight.
  • Change of the character position icon when you open the inventory while prone.
  • Correcting the effects of light sources (flicker, glare).
  • Abrupt change of the weapon model in the hands of a character when switching to another weapon.
  • Inaccessibility of loot on the shelf, in the red room.
  • Various audio fixes.
  • Fixes for various problems related to the use of weapons and equipment.
  • Fixes for various errors in trade and merchant services.
  • Minor fixes to character stats.
  • Fixes for various issues and exploits on locations.
  • Fixes for some audio issues.
  • Some graphics fixes and improvements.
  • Some server bug fixes.
  • Fixes for some backend issues.
  • Fixes for some game interface elements.
  • Some bug fixes in localization.
  • Fixes for some bugs in offline raids.


  • Physics optimization.
  • Various graphics optimizations.
  • Various server optimizations. (17 Jun 2021)

  • Several minor technical fixes. (4 Jun 2021)

  • Fixed some causes of the hands lock after reloading a gun. (27 May 2021)

  • Fixed some causes of the hands lock after reloading a gun. (19 May 2021)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues. (12 May 2021)

  • Fixed some causes of the hands lock after reloading a gun. (5 May 2021)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues. (15 Apr 2021)


  • Phantom sounds in the game with the Binaural audio (Steam audio) feature enabled.
  • Improper antialiasing when the TAA option is disabled.
  • Flickering shadows at sunrise or sunset.
  • Locking of the exit from the hideout if you open the inventory during the transition to the first-person view.
  • Throwing grenades through windows, grenade could not break windows on the server.
  • Minor network issue affecting player movement smoothness.
  • Weapon presets: when searching for parts, merchant offers were always displayed, regardless of the settings.
  • An exploit that allowed players to climb the roof of the mall at the Interchange.
  • A few minor issues. (2 Apr 2021)


  • Grenade explosions without effects or sounds
  • Hangs on loading into a raid at the "awaiting session start" stage
  • Inability to switch the scope mode on the hybrid optics NcSTAR ADO P4 Sniper
  • Incorrect operation of reflex sights shader
  • Various fixes to thermal imagers
  • Various fixes to the UI (30 Mar 2021)


  • New voices for scav bosses (Reshala, Sanitar and Gluhar)
  • New actions and conditions of Scavs and sounds for them
  • New clothing for USEC, BEAR and Scavs
  • New Menu song "Rules of Engagement"

New equipment

  • Chest rig Azimuth SS Zhuk (SURPAT)
  • Chest rig Azimuth SS Zhuk (Black)
  • Tactical sling Hazard4 Takedown (multicam)
  • Tactical sling Hazard4 Takedown
  • Hunting vest Umka М33-SET1
  • Chest rig CSA
  • LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (olive)
  • LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (tan)
  • Backpack Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II (dry earth)
  • Ballistic glasses NPP Condor (with additional armor protection for eyes)
  • Active headset Opsmen Earmor M32
  • GP-7 gas mask
  • Army cap in several variations of colors and camouflage

New items

  • Emergency water ration
  • Hemostatic tourniquet CAT
  • AFAK personal tactical first aid kit
  • 7.62x39 mm MAI AP
  • 5.56x45 mm SSA AP
  • 5.56x45 mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST)
  • STM-9 pistol caliber carbine
  • PL-15 pistol
  • New gun parts
  • UVSR Taiga-1 Special melee/tool
  • TP-200 TNT brick
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Can of thermite
  • New filter for the stash "items found in raid"
  • Sorting of quests by current location
  • The message "Item already purchased" has been moved to notification
  • When you double-tap the "voiceline" key, aggressive phrases will be played (as in combat)
  • When placing a new offer, the item selection window appears to the left
  • Experience category icons on the post-raid screen


  • The Steam Audio option is back after fixes
  • Thermal imaging rendering system
    • The loot is no longer highlighted
    • The new system will allow further dynamic temperature changes (heating, cooling)
    • Optimizations for improved performance when using a thermal imager or thermal imaging sights
  • The Fence's offers are no longer displayed in the flea market
  • Rain sound is now 30% quieter
  • Reduced Strength and Endurance bonuses
  • Adjusted player spawns on Customs
  • Increased "Hideout Management" levelling speed if "Solar Batteries" block is built
  • Simplified the Attention skill progression
  • Simplified the Mag drills skill progression
  • Missing items from the Scav after the end of a raid, if at this point there was a game update or the backend was unavailable for other reasons


  • High volume breathing of some BEAR and USEС voices
  • One of the bugs with grenades explosion without sound and explosion effect
  • The lightning issue when spawning on Interchange
  • Empty quick healing screen
  • Error 228, if filter end while crafting purified water
  • Resetting the progress of the "Mag drills" skill after leaving a raid
  • Inability to load into the game if you take in a raid a lot of maps with tags
  • Reset the selected character customization lower to the standard
  • Car extract sometimes failed to trigger at the end of the exfil timer
  • Difference in the time flow of the Hideout generator
  • Playing the sound of a distant gunshot while the shooter is in close proximity to the player
  • Bots not spawning in the Factory offline in Horde mode
  • Various places on locations where it rained indoors
  • Ability to save the preset if there are critical parts missing on it
  • The player received an outdated invitation to the group after restarting the client
  • Missing shadows on Factory after the reconnect
  • Currency conversion error in the client (when exchanging currencies on the client, the resulting amount was shown slightly less than necessary)
  • Availability of container sorting on screens where it should not be
  • Examining an item on the Scav's item transfer screen did not work if the item is on the Scav
  • Sounds of falling casings and ricochets of bullets were audible for players in the bunker from outside the area on the Reserve location
  • Inability to insure a Cultist knife
  • Lack of localization of firing mode in a raid
  • Looking for notes in a player's profile
  • Various minor adjustments to the locations
  • Various minor bugs
  • Various network errors
  • Other errors (spamming errors, critical errors that cause crashes and disconnects, errors 228, etc.)

AI changes

  • Bots on the move now shoot even less accurately than bots that are stationary.
  • Changed the parameters of the effect of bushes on the visibility of bots (bots now see worse)
  • Slowed down the reaction of normal bots when detecting the player
  • Changed parameters of player tracking at the last point (bots follow the point less)
  • The maximum enemy detection radius of bots has been reduced
  • Bots now do not fire while changing position to prone
  • Fixed bosses spawn when they could appear without guards
  • Fixed behavior when the boss did not attack an enemy in offline mode
  • Fixed sniper bots spawn
  • Various server bugs related to bots


  • Changes to the shader system
    • Eliminates some of the freezes and micro freezes that were caused by shaders, at the beginning of a raid, during combat contact, and during visual effects
    • Memory optimization
  • Improved and corrected option in the Mip Streaming setting
    • Significantly optimizes the consumption of video memory (for graphics cards with a large amount of VRAM) and RAM (for systems with a small amount of VRAM) in the game, which provides smoother rendering and reduces the number of micro freezes associated with loading textures
    • Option is now available at any texture quality, not just for high settings
    • Option is disabled by default.
    • On low texture settings in raids, some item icons may be unclear when the mip-streaming option is enabled
    • For an efficient texture streaming system, it is highly desirable to place the Windows swap file on an SSD (21 Mar 2021)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues. (15 Feb 2021)


  • The "Next" button, which wouldn't let players get to the main menu after a raid.
  • Freeze on the unloading screen in the main menu after a raid.
  • Some of the problems with spawning bots and players.
  • Taking damage by players or bots who are using a stationary weapon.
  • Bots flying in the air.
  • Errors that made it impossible for players to exit the location with the car extract.
  • An animation of checking the chamber, which was played for the observer if the player checked the mode of fire.
  • Checking the chamber and firing mode, which did not work if the gun did not have a magazine.
  • Drop in performance in areas with multiple crafts in the hideout.
  • Possibility of spamming with notifications about friend requests.
  • Incorrect voice lines for the "Scav Killed" in BEAR 2 and BEAR 3 voices.
  • Different volumes of breathing sound during a sprint for different characters.
  • Some characters had no breath sounds after the entire stamina scale had been used up.
  • The "Get items" button, which was blocked until the game was restarted if the player had previously tried to collect a weapon with no space around it.
  • Increased speed of movement in the crouch position in some conditions.
  • Crafting skill progress points, which were not gained until the restart of the game.
  • No sound of footsteps on metal stairs while moving sideways.
  • The progress of the skill "Mag Drills", was reset after leaving the raid.
  • Incorrect calculation of the selling price and commission for the cultist knife.
  • Some of the problems with clipping gear.
  • Highlighting the option to report a player on mouseover.
  • A contusion timer that showed the wrong time if a player was contused by multiple hits.
  • Ability to delete the system chat with messages.
  • Shooting, which did not work by pressing the LMB, if the key was previously reassigned.
  • The ability to reload weapons in hands with magazines from a backpack and safe container through the context menu during a raid.
  • Elite skill level bonuses that did not apply if the elite level was obtained while the player was in the hideout.
  • The rain that came through some objects on "Woods" location.
  • Simultaneous play of multiple lines in the voice selection screen.
  • Various bugs with collisions on locations.
  • Various problems with culling on locations.
  • Fixes to various bugs in the game interface.
  • Various errors in the game client.
  • Various localization edits.
  • Various errors in the server performance.


  • Server optimization [iteration #2].
  • Various client optimizations. (13 Feb 2021)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues. (9 Jan 2021)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues. (30 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed the bug that allowed you to put two stocks via presets menu. (29 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of the recoil of weapons with the buttstock folded and mounted on the buttstock butt pad. (29 Dec 2020)


  • Raiders behaving incorrectly in different conditions
  • Searches of system units on location did not happen right away
  • Application of buffs / debuffs from food, water, and stimulants if the character already has a debuff
  • Errors that caused the game server to crash
  • Visual duplication of item characteristics in the flea market
  • Various bugs in the game client (24 Dec 2020)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

  • Updated some quests: changed execution conditions, starting conditions, rewards.
  • Reduced bonus of recoil reduction from the recoil control skill and weapon mastering.
  • Now character overweight starts at 35 kg. Used to be 40.
  • Increased purchase limits for some ammo from dealers.

New weapons and ammunition

  • KRISS Vector SMG in both 9х19 and .45.
  • SIG MCX Assault rifle in .300 Blackout.
  • UMP SMG in .45.
  • Mk-18 mod 1 Mjölnir DMR in .338 LM.
  • .300 blk, .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition.

Various new weapon mods


  • Fixed bots hanging behind stationary weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Killa could not hear the enemies approaching from behind.
  • Other various bot fixes and optimizations.


  • Animation optimizations for interfaces.
  • Optimizations of sounds in RAM.
  • Server optimizations.

Added and changed

  • “Woods” expansion.
  • Reworked PMC initial gear sets.
  • Added customization of head and voice when creating character: for now it’s only two new heads for each faction added. You can’t change head and voice after the character is created. You will be able to do it only after profile reset or wipe.
  • Added skill “Immunity”.
  • Reworked “Metabolism”.
  • Reduced the volume of steps and interaction with vegetation.
  • Added chance to cause bleedings to the ammunition. Now some ammo can cause heavy or light bleeding more often than other rounds.
  • Now some face shields and glasses will reduce the time of blindness effect from flashbang rounds and grenades.
  • Players will be receiving letters with a supply package for the first 7 days of playing.
  • Added “All” button in the purchasing menu when buying from dealers via Flea market. Now you can select all available items with a single click.
  • Filters in the W-List tab are now modified separately and do not affect other Flea market tabs.
  • “Enter” button now confirms the action in most dialogue windows.
  • Slot highlighting when dragging items in your inventory can now be turned off.
  • Equipped armbands are now unlootable and can’t be lost upon death.
  • The letter with the reward for the exit in cooperation with the scav will now come with a slight delay.
  • Containers will apply restriction filters to mods installed on the transported object. I.e., putting a mount with a thermal sight installed on it into a secured container is no longer allowed.
  • New equipment and clothing is added: PMC tops and bottoms, body armor, rigs, Smoke balaclava, and tops for the Scavs.
  • Changed the characteristics of a large number of weapon mods.
  • Simplified the Jaeger quests.


  • Aiming a GL40 with Reflex sights.
  • The position of the character's body when blind firing was not reset after opening the inventory.
  • Blinding was imposed even if the player used a thermal imager.
  • The stationary machine gun was removed from its mount if the player used it while in the blindfiring position.
  • It was possible to use the tops and bottoms of the opposite faction.
  • The nickname could not be changed if the new nickname was 15 characters long.
  • The range value of the sight did not change immediately after alignment if the weapon had two sights on it.
  • A duplicate weapon could hang behind the player's back for a few seconds after changing weapons.
  • Some pants had the equipped gun hanging outside the holster during the fitting on the Ragman service screen.
  • The observer did not see the player checking the fire mode on his weapon.
  • When reactivating the exit with the hermetic door at the location Reserve, the siren stopped working earlier than it should have.
  • The sensitivity while aiming down sights changed when putting and removing sights from the weapon.
  • A character was performing a light grenade throw only by double-pressing the RMB.
  • Uninformative message about the lack of space in the stash when transferring items from the letter on "Receive all".
  • The “Found in raid” status for the weapon would not update if you would put non-found in raid weapon mod on the gun.
  • Incorrect information about the level of mastering in the weapon inspector.
  • The price of 1 item decreased by 1 ruble if a player bought several of the same items from a dealer.
  • The azimuth was missing if the player opened the pause menu with a compass in his hands.
  • The camera could go through the body of another player.
  • Missing messages in group chat.
  • Various server errors.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Various location fixes.

Weapon presets

  • It was impossible to delete the overwritten preset. Wrong mods were installed on the weapon if the build was initiated during a save process.
  • Failed to redeem all available items in the lot if the player attempted to purchase items over the limit.
  • Failed to interact with the inventory in a raid if the player had previously disassembled the weapon via the context menu. (21 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed (increased) height of the jumps (17 Dec 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (15 Dec 2020)

  • Various minor fixes for technical issues (3 Dec 2020)

  • Roll back last update due to binaural sound option (steam Audio) issues (3 Dec 2020)

  • Steam Audio option was re-enabled (1 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed a number of problems associated with late loading into the raid, as well as the display of the lot on the flea market with the option web socket, and other technical fixes. (27 Nov 2020)

  • Added a new setting, that potentially fixes the problem with group gathering in the lobby and group entry into the raid. (23 Nov 2020)

  • Fixed various technical issues (20 Nov 2020)


  • Optics magnification is now displayed both when changing the mode and in the inspector
  • Items of the context menu "Search by item", "Related search" and "Required search" returned to their original positions
  • Heavy bleedings are now treated primarily with medkits which have this option


  • Optimization of the game server work
  • Fixed various server errors


  • Fixed an error that caused the bots to run on the same spot without moving
  • Fixed an error that caused bots to enter the room with their backs forward
  • Bots are no longer throwing grenades while prone
  • Guards will now spawn at the same time as the boss


  • Hang on one hundred percent of the location loading
  • No penalty for endurance in case of hitting the character arms
  • Hanging treatment animation during the removal of bleeding
  • Throwing a grenade without third party view animation
  • Disappearance of the quest beacon on reconnect
  • Double triggering of container sorting
  • A number of technical bugs related to quick backpack drop
  • Overwriting standard weapon presets
  • Spawn of groups under ground (off level)
  • Speed of strafe movement
  • Change of the player's voice, which was not applied in the Hideout
  • Blocking of inventory operations when the backpack is dropped through the inventory screen
  • The backpack cannot be searched or picked up if it was dropped during client shutdown.
  • Desynchronization of the backpack condition if it was picked up while firing.
  • Reloading with mag selection
  • Different bugs causing the error 228
  • Discharging cartridge from MP5 and Kedr
  • Different localization fixes
  • Various small bug fixes (17 Nov 2020)

  • Fixed various technical issues (13 Nov 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability, reducing freezes, and fps drops (11 Nov 2020)

  • Fixed an issue with infinite matching (7 Nov 2020)

  • Fixed various technical issues (31 Oct 2020)

  • Fixed various technical issues (30 Oct 2020)

  • Fixed various technical issues (27 Oct 2020)

  • Fixed various issues in the lobby, group gathering and group matching. (24 Oct 2020)


  • The package from the ammo box will be destroyed automatically after unpacking
  • Sound of backpack quick drop reduced by 30%


  • Custom settings for each HUD element. Option to display health in old and new styles


  • Weapon presets
  • Mods of current preset would reset after entering the flea market
  • Color indication for parameters when comparing the current and selected modification. Now the blue color always indicates a change for the better and red for the worse
  • When switching to the preset via the context menu, the specified weapon was not selected as the basis


  • After exiting the shooting range with ESC button, player couldn’t enter it back
  • The progress of Bitcoin farm production was reset when you picked up part of the coins that were ready
  • Cartridges discarded during operations with the chamber remained on the floor of the shooting range after leaving


  • Animation and the sound of backpack quick drop used to play twice
  • The "Vitality" skill did not reduce the chance of bleeding
  • The "Invite to group" button was the second in the lobby context menu
  • At the Reserve location, the siren did not always sound when the lever was activated
  • Blacked out limbs were not able to be penetrated by bullets
  • Player wouldn’t put the compass away in some situations
  • Other bug fixes
  • Various bug fixes on locations (21 Oct 2020)


  • Problems with sorting the stash.
  • Shooting with bolt rifles without reloading the cartridge.
  • Synchronization of the flashlight state on the weapon, when it was on for the player and off for the observer.
  • Display of "Use" popup for usable items with opened container (19 Oct 2020)


  • New skill "Сrafting"
  • New skill "Hideout management"
  • New special item Compass
  • The new item which will allow player to easily identify directions (azimuth) by pressing U key. This item will be equipped in the new unlootable slot (which means no one will be able to take your compass)
  • New type of bleeding - heavy bleeding
    • may open with a lower chance than a normal bleeding. Heavy bleeding requires special treatment items to stop (also some medical kits have the property of stopping heavy bleeding). The character with heavy bleeding leaves traces of blood on the surfaces.
  • New consumable items - Esmarch tourniquet, hemostatic syringe, kvass beverage
  • Fast backpack dump
    • the ability to quickly drop the backpack by double tapping the Z key
  • New third version of voice for BEAR
  • New faces and clothing for scavs
  • Voices of bosses (Glukhar, Sanitar and Reshala)
  • New character animations in the menu (on loading screen, in inventory, etc.).

New equipment

  • New clothes for USEC and BEAR (tops and lowers)
  • New equipment (armored vest, chest rig, backpacks, headphones, helmets and berets)

New weapons and weapons parts

  • М45А1 Pistol
  • KS-23 Shotgun
  • RFB Rifle
  • New mods for various weapons

Quality of Life changes

  • Redesigned the group gathering screen in the lobby. Now you can see the character models of the group members with nicknames.
  • Added display of the object resource on the quick use panel
  • For mods, weapons, items moved by the mouse (drag'n'drop), added highlight of weapons, slots and mods where they fit (green - can be placed inside, yellow - can be combined / installed)
  • Option in the game settings - selection of the body parts color in the upper left UI element (a variant corresponding to the colors from the inventory on the "Health" tab and the old variant - red monochrome)
  • Options in the game settings to select the principle of displaying the combat interface elements (automatically hide or always show - quick access zone, endurance zone and the current stance and the current health state of body parts, all can be configured separately)
  • Added an ammo loading menu in the context menu of magazines in the stash
  • At the flea market, when buying more items than are left on sale, the remaining available quantity is bought
  • Automatic sorting of character's stash, any containers, backpacks, etc. by "sort" button
  • On the preset or customization screen, the characteristics of the weapon in the characteristics window now change when pointing to the mod to be installed
  • In the kill list after the raid the field "distance" (showing the distance of the fatal shot) was added.
  • When you exit the game, we added a warning that the generator is on.
  • Added a counter for ready items after crafting in the hideout in the lower menu
  • At a flea market, current flea market filters are no longer applied to your list of offers and your wish list.
  • Sorting goods by category is now reset when moving between merchants
  • Width of scrollbar in the stash, merchants' assortment increased
  • Added a hot key to unload the chamber CTRL+R.
  • Added a hot key to re-chamber ALT+R
  • Sent friend requests can now be cancelled
  • Added "accept all invitations" button
  • After death on the post-raid statistics screen, your character is now displayed in the equipment in which he was killed.
  • If the weapon has no magazine and there is no cartridge in the chamber, then by pressing the reload, the cartridge is now charged into the chamber (if there is a bunch of rounds in the pockets or vest).
  • Outside the raid, the stash can now be opened and closed by pressing the TAB hotkey.
  • Added display of "found in raid" status icon for canisters in the hideout generator area (if the canister is "found in raid")
  • Now the "Empty" button is displayed as the last item in the drop-down menu of the canister selection for the Generator
  • Now the treatment at the therapist will be free of charge first 5 levels of character


  • Optimizing the work of AI on the server
  • High Quality Color option (enabled by default, disabling can give a small performance gain at the expense of image quality)
  • Different shader optimizations

AI improvements

  • Added weapon swaying in bots movements
  • Improved phrases for the attack by scav bots players
  • The bots now respond to the player scav "Follow me" gesture
  • Fixed bot behavior in combat when its target is outside the door
  • Fixed bug when Killa boss reacted incorrectly to smoke
  • Improved automatic cover search system
  • Fixed one of the bugs, from which a player scav could not become an enemy for raiders in reserve bunkers.
  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused bots to pass through closed doors
  • Bots now respond to the sound of approaching behind their backs
  • Fixed bug when bot ignored player after blinding.
  • Fixed a bug when a bot did not react to shooting at it through a masking net
  • Raiders now attack the regular scavs
  • Bots now respond to BEAR, USEC fractions with appropriate phrases
  • Bots can now react to the sound of a knocked down door
  • Fixed a bug when killing guards did not change the role of left alive bots


  • Bug, when the items of the killed PMC character had the "found in the raid" status for the scav character of the same PMC player, in the same session
  • A series of bugs with the ability of the character to look through the walls
  • A series of bugs with invisible characters after spawning
  • Bug with missing display of the list of weapon presets
  • Setting and removing mods now resets sight mode (to correct a bug with aiming without image in lens)
  • Bug of no animation for picking objects from a third person view
  • Error 228, when special characters were used to name a preset
  • A bug with the blocking of further use of context voice lines, if you open the inventory during the sounding phrase
  • Bug, when on the items selection window for weapon crafting in the hideout, offered parts were already installed on the weapon
  • Bug, when the effect of "painkillers" or "stimulants" was removed earlier than the shown time
  • Bug, when the inventory broke down and caused an error, if in raid you removed weapons through Del key
  • Bug, when the explosion of frag grenades did not impose a contusion effect
  • Bug, when the gun stopped firing in automatic mode, if you start to quickly press the fire button before holding it
  • A bug, when the state of the stock fold was desynchronised , if an operation with the stock was performed during the operation with the object
  • Different bugs leading to a close enemy spawn
  • Bug, when the message counter increased by the number of unread messages when a new message was received after a raid
  • Tooltips and UI objects hanging in the interface
  • Bug when the image froze in the optics after using a thermal imaging device
  • Different bugs related to the ability to move items from not fully searched vests, backpacks, etc.
  • Desync of the price of quick health treatment
  • Bug with duplicate of Prapors' portrait in merchant menu
  • Fixed the duplicate image effect with heat haze effect
  • Bugs related to switching views to the hideout when the NVG on character is on
  • Error related to quick treatment when entering the Hideout
  • Bug, when the body took a static ragdoll position before touching the ground (problem with bodies hanging in the air)
  • Bug when the player would not receive the group status in the lobby
  • Bug when the resolution of the screen would not change after changing the screen mode
  • Bug, when you could open context menu in the window of item transfer
  • Error spam after suicide with a grenade, related to decal rendering
  • Bug, when jump action was in actions queue, if player tried to initiate jump, while laying down
  • Bug, when standing level didn’t decrease after quest fail
  • Bug of cycled animation, when installing weapon modifications while reloading
  • Bug, when healing wasn’t interrupted during load / unload of a magazine
  • Bug of healing animation getting stuck, while installing weapon modifications via DragNDrop
  • Bug of inability to unload a magazine, which was in the magazine case
  • Disabling buttons of installing and uninstalling video cards to a bitcoin farm, during sending of query related to interaction with them
  • Various fixes and visual improvements of interfaces
  • Bug, when changes to marker on a map were not saved
  • Bug, when game client was unable to close after 601 backend error for online and offline raids
  • Many different fixes on locations
  • Various fixes related to rain and soaking of surfaces
  • Various fixes for backend, related to increase the backend and overall game stability
  • Bug, when armor didn’t receive any damage from explosions of AGS and FN GL40 grenades
  • Delay before pulling the trigger of SV-98
  • Fixes related to delayed actions on the lobby screen when gathering a group
  • Bugs with the elite level of Vitality and Attention skills - NEW!
  • Various fixes of minor bugs and errors


  • Stims and medical items now can remove contusion effect
  • Skills that require body hit to progress are not going to be progressed with your party members
  • When character is blind by flashbang, he will always reload with mag drop
  • Decreased damage radius of FN-GL40 grenades
  • Increased armor piercing of 7.62x25mm TT ammo
  • PC blocks now spawn SSD and SAS drives, various big containers - various equipment - vests, backpacks etc. (in addition to existing loot)
  • Big plastic containers now spawn more items in general
  • Minor changes to AI scav loadouts
  • Increased fall damage
  • In the quest line The Tarkov shooter player now can use any bolt action rifle
  • Quest to unlock trader "Jaeger" is now available after accepting of "Gunsmith 1" quest. Requirements for quest “Gunsmith 1” lowered to level 2
  • Reworked player spawn points at Reserve base location
  • Scav players spawn at the Reserve location is made later in time
  • Reduced the traders restock timer to about 2 hours (it was once every 3 hours) (23 Sep 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (22 Sep 2020)

  • Client update containing minor technical improvements. (17 Sep 2020)

  • Client update containing minor technical improvements. (16 Sep 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (15 Sep 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (14 Sep 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (11 Sep 2020)

  • Client Patch aimed at reducing the unloading time after leaving a raid. (8 Sep 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (7 Sep 2020)


  • The position of the "Invite to group" button is now below the "Report offensive nickname" button in the lobby
  • Error that may have occurred when entering the Lab location
  • Various minor bug fixes (31 Aug 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (27 Aug 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (26 Aug 2020)


  • Fixed several glitches
  • Fixed a bug in online mode which caused AI to be running in place
  • Fixed minor errors
  • Added ability to report offensive nicknames in the lobby (20 Aug 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (18 Aug 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (13 Aug 2020)


  • Optimizations of memory consumption.
  • A bug with the grenade launcher's load status.
  • A bug with the glass shader (face shields).
  • Error when purchasing items in exchange for dogtags.
  • A bug when the character did not leave the location, after the reconnect at the "train” exfil.
  • Various fixes for bot behavior.
  • Various bugs and problems on locations.
  • Various minor bugs and problems.
  • A bug when the bitcoin price generation was not related to IRL price (3 Aug 2020)


  • A bug when scavs could attack through vehicles
  • A bug when skill levelling by continuously repeated actions, fatigue was not multiplying as intended
  • A bug with damage caused by grenade explosions through walls and ceilings
  • Displaying the price “999 999 999” when the product ran out of stock at the flea market
  • A bug with the sprint and overweight would level “strength” skill slower than it should
  • A bug when AI couldn’t hit leaning player
  • A bug when all AI in the area would rush and storm player’s position
  • A bug when AI would stop reloading his gun using ammo in his inventory
  • Error “Can't enable ArmsAnimatorCommon. ArmsUpdateMode:Manual “
  • Error “NullReferenceException EFT.UI.DragAndDrop.TradingItemView.SetPrepareBorder”
  • Various issues in Sanitar boss and his guards behaviour
  • Other various errors and issues (31 Jul 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (20 Jul 2020)


  • Customs expansion (expansion of industrial area, construction site, added many new explorable buildings, stationary weapons, new location for Reshala spawn etc.)
  • Added new scav boss - Sanitar.

A former doctor, he worked in the health resort "Lazurny bereg", and before that in the TerraGroup laboratory. After the events that happened in Tarkov, he gathered a gang with former colleagues and operates on the "Shoreline". Actively uses professional skills in combat, quickly healing himself and the gang members. He uses various stimulants and medications, including those of his own production. He can quickly perform surgery by pulling out a bullet or applying a tourniquet on the field. Sometimes he is loyal to the Scavs and can leave a couple of first-aid kits or other medical supplies for his own group members on location

  • New quests on Shoreline
  • System for reporting suspicious players, unacceptable nicknames and game bugs abusers (on the post-match screen)

Improved AI behavior

  • Bots can pick up items now
  • Improved AI behavior when they see bodies
  • Bots now can pick up a second firearm from bodies
  • AI now can greet each other or player scavs, showing their peaceful intentions
  • Bots will eat\drink while in peaceful mode
  • AI will perform a mag check when in peaceful mode
  • Bots can check someone for friend or foe by aiming at him for some time, if they’re not sure of one’s intentions
  • Bots will sprint while patrolling if they consider the spot being dangerous
  • AI will be able to storm the player as a group, if he’s holding position and attacking them
  • AI will try to avoid dangerous places

New weapons

  • FN GL40 Grenade launcher
  • Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun

New ammo

  • .366 AP-M
  • .45 ACP Hydr-Shock
  • 9x19 mm QuakeMaker
  • 9x19 mm 7N31
  • .45 ACP Lasermatch FMJ
  • .45 ACP AP
  • 7.62x51 mm M993
  • 40x46 mm M381 HE
  • 40x46 mm M386 HE
  • 40x46 mm M406 HE
  • 40x46 mm M433 HEDP
  • 40x46 mm M441 HE
  • 40x46 mm M576 buckshot

Added new stimulants

  • 3-(b-TG)
  • L1 (Noradrenaline)
  • P22 (Specimen 22)
  • AHF1-M
  • Meldonin
  • "Obdolbos" cocktail
  • M.U.L.E
  • Added an additional icon for the network connection status in case of high packet loss
  • In the container slots window, the container tag is now displayed in the header

Iteration of improving and reworking the skill system

  • New skill "Surgery"
    • Reduces HP penalty for surgery
    • Improved surgery speed
    • (Elite) No HP penalty for the restored body part
    • (Elite) Maximum increase in the speed of surgery
  • New skill "Aim drills"
    • Increase of the aiming speed
    • Decrease the volume of aiming
    • (Elite) No hand shaking at any stamina value, first 2 seconds after aiming
    • (Elite) Reduced hands shaking during tremor and fracture, the first 2 seconds after aiming
  • Rework of the “Strength” skill
    • Increase all weight limits
    • Increase the speed of the sprint
    • Increase the jump height
    • Increase the strength of the grenade throw
    • Increase the strength of a melee attack
    • (Elite) The weight does not take into account the weapons on the sling and on the back
    • (Elite) Melee attack can be stronger than usual
  • Rework of the "Endurance" skill
    • Increased feet stamina
    • Reduced stamina consumption for jumping
    • Increased holding breath time when ads
    • Increased the speed of breath recovery
    • (Elite) Maximum increase in breathing recovery rate
    • (Elite) Breathing is no longer dependent on energy
    • (Elite) Increased stamina reserve
  • Various fixes in old skills
  • Added 5 HP to the health of “Chest” zone (from 80 to 85)


  • Optimized the rendering of decals
  • Fixed freezes that happened when the sound of thunder or the sound of grenades exploding was played
  • Optimized the performance of the game server
  • Fixed an issue with killing the boss of a group of raiders who appeared on the scene after interacting with the trigger was leading to errors on the server
  • Minor optimizations on the first shot or hit
  • Optimization of hideout sounds
  • Fixes of errors that could potentially lead to different freezes


  • Iteration of fixes and corrections in UI
  • Bug with the PostFX menu that remains on the screen after closing the settings
  • Bug playing the sound of contusion if the sound is turned off in the settings
  • Bug of jerky animation of shooting weapons in the Hideout shooting range
  • The passage of raiders on the laboratory through the doors
  • A bug that allowed you to quickly move when constantly tapping the "Run" button when overweight
  • AS VAL with the handle adapter "Rotor 43" is now impossible to fold
  • Inability to exit the location via the paid exit “Car”, if you reconnect at the start of the exfil timer
  • Bug with throwing away the magazine when reloading the weapon via the context menu
  • Error 228 when receiving items from an expired email
  • Formulas for calculating prices for items with its resource and its commissions
  • After the reconnect, the equipment that was not searched become searched
  • The sound of the visor on/off remained at one point, and does not follow the character
  • Bug that wouldn't block buttons on the bottom panel after reconnecting as a Scav
  • Interface block if you go to the “Map” screen without a map
  • Bug when the "Receive all" button opened only the first and last message with items
  • Various bugs with switching the sound from “outdoor " to "indoor", and back, when reconnecting
  • Bug of not blocking an item after it was added to the merchant's sales table
  • Cartridges from packs of cartridges found in raid now have the status " found in the raid”
  • Error when studying items from the scav box

Fixes in the flea Market

  • The search will be updated if you delete and add an item to the wish list
  • Loss of a player's nickname and rating from the offer line after applying filters
  • The “search by item" option now resets the selected filters
  • Bug displaying the loading spinner on top of the list of offers
  • The mount without the “Found in raid" label ceased to be semitransparent (blocked) in the selection of the item for the offer, if you put and remove the mod on it
  • Bug when the merchant's avatar was flattened
  • Incorrect tag behavior on marked items for a flea market offer if you select multiple items from the container, closing and opening the container
  • Horizontal scrollbar on the product sales screen
  • Bug when the player couldn't put 2 identical weapons on the flea market if one of them was included in the starter kit for pre-order
  • Error 1508 - You send bad items- when putting an empty pack of cartridges on a flea Market
  • Bug, when for buying through a flea market goods from npc merchants needed items found in raid

Fixed in weapon presets

  • Displaying the indicator “you have mods to build” when there are no mods for the build in the stash
  • Bug when the build could have been built with the wrong mod that was not in the preset
  • Weapon disassembly bug if you build the same preset twice with the same weapon
  • Ability to select items that are blocked for purchase, via the presets by clicking the button “Select all”
  • Packs of items are no longer displayed in the purchase lists of preset mods
  • The purchase lists of presets no longer display items the player's own offers
  • Added an error about lack of space when purchasing preset mods
  • Bug when opening presets through the lower panel that caused the game client to freeze

Fixed in the hideout

  • Various fixes in the bitcoin farm
  • White authorization screen if you improve the pre-order version while in the hideout
  • Bug when it was possible to install a filter with zero resource in the “Water collector” and it could not be uninstalled
  • Calculation of fuel consumption time in the “Generator " zone
  • Bug duplicating the canister icon, when selecting a canister, in the “Generator" zone

Other fixes

  • Various bugs in group chat
  • Bugs with the discharge of weapons in the stash
  • Incorrect position of the fire mod pin and the turn of the barrel of the PPSH
  • Visual bug for displaying a zero bonus in the base level zones in the Hideout
  • Visual bug with the availability of time selection before the raid on the Laboratory screen
  • A bug where the player could spawn outside the location
  • Spamming error NullReferenceException: MuzzleManager
  • An error that occurs every time after treatment or getting a fracture
  • "Failed to create device file" error that occurs during client downtime
  • Errors when assigning voice commands
  • Spamming error when a large number of bots are active in the offline mode
  • Various errors while loading in raid
  • Various bugs and issues with Customs location
  • Various bugs and improvements related to AI
  • Fixed a bug when bots didn't follow a grenade throw with a voiceline
  • Fixed a handful of bugs related to bots getting stuck
  • Fixed a bug where a Gluhar would not react to a killed in the head ally
  • Fixed a bug when bots tried to heal a blacked out body part
  • Bots are now able to treat debuffs on blacked out body parts again
  • Fixed a handful of bugs with bots knocking out doors
  • Other AI related bug fixes and improvements
  • Various localization fixes and improvements
  • Other minor bugs and issues


  • Now it is possible to examine items from the construction requirements screen in the Hideout
  • Added displaying the time before the bleeding effect disappears in the stash
  • Now if you are not matched to the raid within 45 minutes, the search will be canceled
  • Updated SV-98 animation, hold, new animations when entering and exiting a sprint, new hold in the menu and on the loading screen
  • Updated PPSH animation, hold, and new animations when entering and exiting a sprint (20 Jul 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (14 Jul 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (1 Jul 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (30 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (29 Jun 2020)

  • Added 2 new quests for Prapor (available after lvl 10, right after “BP depot” quest)


  • Double damage by a gunshot wound in the thorax
  • The outdoor sound was played indoors after reconnect
  • Killa didn’t shoot back for different reasons
  • Weapon icon won’t get blocked in the window “Add offer”, after adding a weapon mod without “found in raid” status.


  • Various improvements, optimizations and freeze fixes
  • Technical fixes (26 Jun 2020)

  • Roll back last update due to ping spikes issue. (26 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (22 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (19 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability
  • From now on you can sell guns on the flea market only if it was found in raid.
  • Barter on the flea market is only possible with found in raid items.
  • Various technical improvements of anti-cheat system. (13 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (11 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (10 Jun 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (10 Jun 2020)


  • Dogtags taken from PMCs should now have “found in raid status”. This status can be lost the same way as it is for other items.
  • Added prioritization of items for crafting and building in the hideout. Items without the “found in raid” status are used first, while items with the "found in raid" status will be used later.


  • One of the bugs causing FPS drop on interface screens
  • Sharpness change of shadow cascades, now the transition between different shadow rendering quality is smoother
  • One of the spawn bugs, when some AIs on the location could be invisible to the player
  • One of the bugs causing grenades explosion without sound and effects
  • Flea market interface bug when an infinite loading indicator appeared on top of the menu
  • Bug displaying blood drops effect on the screen if there is a character nearby that takes damage from barbed wire
  • Bug of taking damage from a barrel with fire if it is hit by another player
  • Bug with saving the scroll bar position when switching between merchants
  • Bug when the last outdated item wouldn’t disappear after error
  • Spamming error when extracting through car after grenade explosion
  • Error 1508 when adding an offer to the flea market with items added in 12.6 patch
  • Error.Collider.ContainsPoint.GetVolumeByPosition (or .isolatedVolumes)
  • Error during creation of character EXCEPTION: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element
  • Some errors while loading after raid end
  • Various minor errors and issues

Fixes related to binaural audio

  • Kicking door out sound is now less muffled
  • Sound of movement while crouched and on minimal speed is now more quiet
  • Contusion sounds are now working properly with binaural audio
  • Various minor bug fixes (28 May 2020)

This update wiped player levels and stashes. Only weapon presets and examined items in the handbook were kept.


  • "Captcha" was added to the flea market.
  • If there are suspicious actions at the flea market and in the trade, a captcha may appear.
  • If you enter the captcha incorrectly three times, the account will be blocked from accessing the flea market for 5 minutes, after which you will need to enter the captcha again to buy the item.
  • Each subsequent three times incorrect entry will increase the time of the ban.
  • Access to trading will not be banned, but it will require entering a captcha.
  • All stashes, for all editions, increased by 2 rows (+20 cells)
  • Improved the display of objects via thermal imaging devices. Through thermal imagers, now, as in real life, it is impossible to spot through the glass.
  • Ability to lean while prone
  • Added the first iteration of Steam Audio, aimed at improving the positioning of sound in game, it can be turned on with the option “Steam Audio: Binaural audio” in the game settings. This option is disabled by default.
  • Now you can't sell items that were not found in raid on the flea market . This rule will not apply to weapons.
  • When combining stacks of items found in raid with items not found in raid, all items will receive not found in raid status.
  • Items that are placed in a secured container get the status " found in raid” only when you exfil the location with the status “Survived” (“Ran through” is not counted).
  • When you exit with the status "run through” or death, all items in your inventory that you brought out lose the "found in the raid” status
  • If you enter a raid with items that have the "found in raid” status, the items lose this status.
  • When buying an offer from the flea market, the item also loses the "found in raid” status
  • The quest reward obtained by completing a quest, crafted in the hideout, the Drops, and items obtained through the scav box will have “found in raid” status
  • All the Fence's goods will not have "found in raid” status
  • A large number of UI layout edits and UI bug fixes
  • The resource of items (fuel, medicine, etc.) is now displayed in the flea market interface
  • Now the currency icons at the flea market are colored differently
  • 5 new parts for the AR-15/M4, not available from merchants (you will have to search for them on locations and in the inventory of bots)
  • New character tops and bottoms
    • BEAR - top " Tigr”
    • BEAR - pants from " Zaslon” equipment kit
    • USEC - Urban Responder
    • USEC - Deep Recon pants
    • Scavs - Motocross Jacket
  • New gear


  • Various CPU optimizations
  • Sound optimizations
  • Optimization of casing, muzzleflashes
  • Optimizing the creation of decals

AI improvements

  • Improved behavior of ordinary scavs, now they can cooperate
  • Fixed a bug that when a player falls into the bot's legs, the bot can’t hit him
  • Fixed a bug where the Gluhar and his guards did not react to the enemy
  • Fixed a bug where the Gluhar did not react to shots and the death of his guards
  • Fixed a bug where the Shturman's guards did not take their positions
  • The Sturman's guards will no longer rush between points while in peaceful behavior
  • Bots no longer attack a player scav who has killed another player scav (the aggressor)
  • Increased variety of bot patrol routes on locations


  • A bug where the border of the interface elements were twitching
  • The mastering counter is now updated during the raid
  • One of the bugs where player did not hear the fall of the grenade
  • Ripples in the FLIR thermal imager
  • Bug that would cause inability to open the inspector of items on quest items
  • One of the bugs of incorrect calculation of the amount of money when purchasing an item
  • Bug when a grenade would not fly through the window if you throw it too close to the window
  • A bug where the character could pass through obstacles if player would switch to melee weapons while checking the weapon's fire mode
  • Bug when the image in the inactive optics was frozen if several sights were installed
  • Bug of inability to complete the quest if the player lost the connection to the server at the time of selecting the quest item
  • Bug when the sight image was frozen after reconnect
  • Visor audibility sounds, prone movement, third-person character shortness of breath
  • Bug when a character could move to a prone position while jumping
  • Blocking the examining of items if the player has started examining an item in the handbook
  • Movement bug, when a character could increase their speed as a result of running and jumping
  • A bug where the reconnect while indoors led to the fact that all sounds were not switched as indoor sounds
  • Bug when there was no animation for a melee attack while prone
  • Bug when a broken visor was visible against the background of the preset or modification screens in the Hideout
  • Spamming AI error on the server, related to searching the bot's path
  • Spamming error on the client “Graphics.CopyTexture called with null destination texture” when opening inventory
  • Lack of sound when switching magnification on some scopes
  • Error when the storage time of items in the email displayed a negative value when opening the window or receiving the mail
  • Bug that didn't display the list of friends for invite to the group dialog
  • Bug that caused deleted messages to appear in the dialog after sending new messages
  • Fixed incorrect position of the “Old school" bottom clothing icon
  • Various other bug fixes
  • A large number of fixes on locations (culling fixes, physical colliders, visual bugs, etc.)
  • Various localization edits
  • Various fixes in the animation system
  • Various network fixes
  • A large number of various technical fixes aimed at increasing the stability of the game

Fixed at the flea market

  • Layering of the offer description in fleamarket UI
  • Bug of deducting twice the number of items from the merchant, when buying two items
  • Bug of overlapping the drop-down list of filters with elements of the offer list interface
  • Improved display of the purchase limit
  • Displaying the maximum number of items when purchasing a single offer with multiple items
  • Bug of inability to buy several items for barter

Fixed in presets

  • Bug for selecting blocked offers, if you put a checkbox when purchasing items for a preset “Select all”
  • Flea market interface block, when purchasing preset items, as a result of an error
  • Various other fixes


  • Removed the audio notification about the completion of crafting during the raid
  • Now you can't throw grenades while sprinting
  • Changed the conditions for the status “Survived”. Now you need to stay in the raid for at least 10 minutes or gain at least 600 XP before leaving the location.
  • Increased the amount of experience required for the first 20 character levels
  • Simplified Jaeger's quests
  • Changed various old quests, new rewards have been added
  • A large number of rarity edits and chances of items spawn
  • Increased the variety of items spawned in loot containers
  • Improved the quality of loot issued for a successful extraction with a friendly Scav
  • Various changes in the characteristics of items
  • Various changes in the equipment of bots and the player scavs
  • Various changes in loot spawn points locations (15 May 2020)

  • Limitations of view in the thermal imaging scopes
  • Various bugs that could affect the performance of the game and freezes (14 May 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (8 May 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (1 May 2020)


  • Game crash and freezes when opening the message system
  • One of the reasons why players freeze on the synchronizing with other players screen
  • Error 228 when using the quick treatment system
  • Artifact in the scope of the AGS grenade launcher
  • In Post FX settings, the brightness effect range is reduced by half (29 Apr 2020)


  • Bug that caused parts of the location to disappear in some places in the optics.
  • Minor icon display issues on the quick treatment screen. (27 Apr 2020)


  • Redesigned part of the optics functionality, which reduces the occurrence of errors and on some PC configurations gives an increase in performance while aiming.
  • Fixed some subsystems that could cause short-term freezes.
  • Various minor performance improvements


  • New Therapist service - quick treatment, available at the end of a raid. Allows you to heal the character immediately after the raid, as well as shows the sources of damage in untreated parts of the body in the raid
  • "Hideout" and "main menu" are added to the panel at the bottom of the screen for quick access
  • In-game color correction settings (post-fx)
  • Various improvements to the UI layout
  • Added dependence of mouse sensitivity on the multiplicity of optics


  • Fixed one of the bugs where the grenade and its explosion were not visible
  • Fixed a bug with the missing image in optics after reconnect
  • Fixed a bug displaying the movement of the bots in the third person
  • Fixed a bug where money could be spent on insurance from the character's inventory, and not from the stash
  • Fixed a bug that blocked the entire interface when calling the context menu
  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused the player to see the "Leaving the game" error before the end of the raid
  • Bolt-action sniper rifles have a shot sound delay removed
  • Fixed a bug where the sharpness setting was reset
  • Fixed an exploit with a door pushing the player out at an Interchange that allowed you to get into a locked pharmacy
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the map if you zoom in and out
  • Fixed incorrect display of a third-person grenade throw
  • Adjusted the position of the weapon behind the character's back
  • Fixed a minor bug that turned on the flashlight when getting into the Hideout
  • Fixed cursor position offset when dragging windows (inspector menu\looting interfaces) for 2K resolution
  • Fixed a bug that left the inspector window open if you close it via ESC
  • Fixed a bug where aspect ratio changed every time the game was launched
  • Fixed a bug where the stock of weapons in the inventory does not fold if the player is holding a melee weapon
  • Fixed a bug where the context menu on the map screen disappeared
  • Various bug fixes on locations
  • Many different fixes in the interfaces
  • Various bug fixes for AI behavior
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Location map moved from the matching screen to a separate button
  • Now, when using items, the use of the new item is blocked until the use of the previous one is completed (12 Apr 2020)

  • Technical update aimed at potential improvement of the game performance (9 Apr 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (8 Apr 2020)

  • Reduced crashes caused by changes made in the previous patch (8 Apr 2020)

  • Fixed some causes for the main freezes during combat
  • Various bugs causing minor freezes and stuttering have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where ammo was visually being spent in the hideout's shooting range (and related bugs)
  • Fixed a bug of the ability to get to the Lab during nighttime
  • Partial interface layout fixes for 4:3 screens. The screen layout for selecting the location and group lobby got affected
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to buy mods for a weapon preset
  • Various technical changes (5 Apr 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (26 Mar 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (25 Mar 2020)

  • Fix for the issue with sounds of sidestep and inability to use items from containers in crafting. (25 Mar 2020)

Strength and Endurance skills of those players who were able to level it up to high levels or to max level have been reset


  • Fixed various exploits for leveling skills
  • Fixed invisible obstacles on Shoreline
  • Fixed a bug when a message about the unavailability of goods would be shown above the list of offers on the flea market
  • Fixed elevator extraction on Lab
  • Fixed a bug which allowed to use parts of an equipped weapon for production in the hideout
  • Fixed a bug which wouldn’t let the character run even though there is available stamina for it
  • Fixed a bug which caused Error 228 when folding stock on the message screen
  • Fixed sound overlapping and changed siren sounds on Interchange
  • Weapon modding interface now has no limits on 21;9 screen format
  • Some pop-ups now appear in the middle of the screen
  • Strength skill now gives an additional bonus for sprint
  • Fixed a bug which wouldn’t allow a player to fold a stock of a gun when he had melee weapon in his hands
  • Fixed a bug which caused the main menu to not open because of an error
  • Fixed a bug with quest progress not being shown properly in following raids
  • Fixed an error which could occur while completing “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and "Mentor" quests
  • Fixed texture of CAA RS47 handguard
  • Fixed a bug which caused an inability to crouch when having max overweight
  • Fixed a bug with inability to pick up items when wearing Slim Field Med Pack backpack
  • Fixed a bug with missing items when upgrading the pre-order package
  • Fixed a bug which caused a player to get stuck on a loading screen when canceling matching
  • Fixed Error 228 which occurred when you would try to put an item in the cells which were occupied by items recently used in crafting
  • Fixed a bug when weapon preset wouldn’t get saved when returning to preset screen
  • Various minor bugfixes


  • Lowered the weight needed for leveling strength skill. Strength starts to level from 48.75 kg, until this level - the endurance skill will be leveled.
  • Added heavy breathing when the character is out of stamina (sounds of heavy breathing and shaking hands) (14 Mar 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (12 Mar 2020)


  • Interchange location has been reworked
  • Interchange location lighting has been updated
  • New interactive objects, new location exfils
  • Various problems with culling, physical colliders have been fixed
  • New mechanics, overweight. The character receives various debuffs while carrying a certain amount of weight (increased equipment noise, movement speed limits, increased stamina consumption, etc.)
  • Fatigue effect debuff has been added, which appears if the character keeps the stamina at a low level for a long time. Energy consumption increases with this effect.
  • Now The character's stamina indicator is divided into arms and legs. The arm's stamina is consumed when aiming, throwing grenades and fighting with melee weapons. The legs stamina is consumed during sprinting, jumping, changing body positions, etc. Also, the legs stamina starts to drain when the hand's stamina drops to zero.
  • The "trading "flea market", "inventory" buttons have been added to the bottom panel of the interface for quick access.
  • New hand grenades based on the VOG-17 and VOG-25 prototypes.
  • The resolution of your screen is automatically determined and applied as standard settings, at the first start of the game.
  • New weapon mods
  • New sets of character customization and equipment
    • New BEAR top called “Telnik”
    • New BEAR pants called “Tiger”
    • New USEC top called “TIER2”
    • New USEC pants called “Commando”
    • New SCAV top “Olimpic shirt Russia”
    • New body armor, tactical vests, backpack, helmet, active headset
  • Grenade case
  • New barter loot and new trading schemas requiring this loot
  • New hideout crafting schemas
  • New quests with new outfits as a reward


  • Minor lightning optimizations
  • Minor decals optimizations
  • Various server stability optimizations


  • Fixed a bug in which saving the weapons preset, all inventory, and trading operations could freeze
  • Fixed part of inventory display bugs at 2k (or 1440p) screen resolution
  • Fixed a bug where AI corpses could disappear during reconnect
  • Displaying of notifications while receiving weapons from a SCAV box has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug when the production timer might not be updated when the generator ran out of fuel
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to enter the hideout after transferring graphics cards from the Bitcoin farm
  • Fixed a bug when the context menu did not appear on items brought by SCAV
  • Fixed a bug when the item could remain unexamined after production
  • Fixed a bug when you, with a pistol or melee weapon, press the sprint button twice, the character runs in place
  • Now you won’t be kicked to the main menu, after receiving a “the stash is full” error
  • Fixed hideout bug which allowed to appear a window for transferring items from the first-person view
  • Fixed pop-ups which can appear not in the center of the screen
  • A bug while the pop-up with a list of missing items appears beyond the screen
  • Fixed a bug which caused errors at the flea market while there are barter offers
  • Another various bug fixes and corrections


  • Stimulants parameters have been adjusted, debuffs became weaker
  • The weight of various items has been adjusted
  • The flea market is now available from the 10th PMC lvl (was lvl 5)
  • Small reflex sights marks were downscaled (aimpoint, romeo, trijicon)
  • Accuracy values in weapon characteristics are now displayed in Minutes Of Angle
  • We added a weapon name to the standard weapon presets, which they relate to (4 Mar 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (29 Feb 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (26 Feb 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (20 Feb 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (19 Feb 2020)

  • Minor optimization of the game client
  • Fixed a bug which allowed to disassemble weapon in character’s hands through the preset screen
  • Minor visual fixes
  • Various bug fixes (11 Feb 2020)

  • Fixed a critical bug where the character's hands were twisting when entering the hideout in the first-person view
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select items for production when there were several items in the production scheme
  • Fixed a bug in the production of SP-6 rounds, when the requirements specified a lot more items than actually needed
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to quickly transfer items to a secured container by transferring items on its icon
  • Various small bug fixes (5 Feb 2020)


  • Added the context menu “Equip” for the receiving letters screen
  • Now you can choose which items you want to use in crafting


  • Minor game server and game client optimization, fixes


  • Now they take into account the distance to PMCs when firing a grenade launcher
  • Fixed a bug in which bots did not go out from under the fire and started healing
  • Various minor behavior fixes


  • Fixed a bug where at the end of the raid, statistics from the previous raid was displayed
  • Fixed a bug in which the sound filter of active headset and the faceshield effect were applied in the hideout after reloading weapons in shooting range
  • The bug with ammo check was fixed, when it was possible to find out the amount of rounds in magazine, by moving it from cell to cell. This is the functionality of the elite skill level.
  • The weather system has been reworked, now it will work more correctly and will switch smoothly
  • Fixed a bug where one product was bought when pressing the Y button on a flea market
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to transfer the item to inventory by CTRL + Click and interaction with weapons was blocked
  • Fixed a bug where voice settings would not change
  • Fixed a bug in which there were empty fields on PMC dogtag, it happened in case of suicide. Now there will be dashes instead
  • Fixed a bug where the character did not raise-lower the visor of the helmet in the first person
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow in some cases to unload ammo from the magazine
  • Fixed a bug in which the stash screen was available during raid
  • Fixed a bug in which the weapon modification was not equipped with the use of context menu
  • Hideout, fixed incorrect display of the production timer
  • Flea market, fixed a bug in which an incorrect tax was calculated and could withdraw more money when setting an offer
  • Flea market, now you can put up an offer, in exchange for the main part of the weapon
  • Flea market, fixed a bug when the current search was not updated when the filter was reset
  • Flea market, the order of displaying categories and items displayed in the item search has been fixed
  • Flea market, now items inside a category are in alphabetical order
  • Flea market, fixed a bug where a message appeared about putting up a pack of goods when only one item was displayed
  • Flea market, fixed a bug, when sorting armor by its condition, broken armor used to be displayed
  • Fixed display of drop-down menu of items when receiving insurance or letters from a flea market
  • Fixed a bug when the automatic transfer of items from mail was interrupted, the “take all” button became unavailable
  • Weapon presets, fixed a bug when the characteristics of the weapon were displayed, in the absence of the gun itself
  • Weapon presets, now the popup for entering the preset name is not showing up every time, when you click on the “save” button
  • Weapon presets, a bug was fixed where the message that there are all the mods necessary for assembling did not appear
  • Weapon presets, now the filter is reset, after searching for items, through presets system
  • Weapon presets, fixed sorting of items on the flea market, according to weapon filters
  • Ergonomics parameter display bug is fixed
  • Fixed bug with displaying quest progress during the raid
  • Quests, fixed the display of reward for the quest “An apple a day - keeps the doctor away”, now it is issued according to the description
  • Fixed a bug that prevented stacks of money from merging, giving a warning about exceeding the money limit in the inventory
  • Fixed one of the layering errors of the main menu on the settings screen
  • Fixed one of the bugs of layering menu screens on each other
  • Corrected display of text input when editing container tag
  • Various minor bug fixes and game error fixes


  • Flea market, the “remove barter items” filter setting is now enabled by default
  • Now you will not receive experience for the picking up of items produced in the hideout (28 Jan 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (23 Jan 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (23 Jan 2020)

  • Technical update aimed to to fix some minor technical bugs (31 Dec 2019)


  • Fixed a bug where a player could see another player's camera (in the scope) during a raid
  • Fixed a localization error of lack of space for weapon preset
  • Fixed a bug with the flashlight
  • Other minor fixes (28 Dec 2019)

  • Fix the PvE mode impossibility and increase of the performance on the Lab map (27 Dec 2019)

List of changes

  • Now in weapon preset mode, after purchasing the necessary mods, player will be returned to the preset screen
  • Added the ability to disable icons in the hideout (i key)
  • New sounds for SKS, DVL shots
  • Redesigned Kiver-M helmet model
  • Increased rate of fire of P226


  • New weapons: DT MDR 7.62x51, VPO 215, SR-25, ORSIS T-5000, MP-9, MP-9N
  • New types of rifle rounds: 7.62x54r, 7.62x51
  • New weapons mods
  • New clothes for USEC and BEAR (including Abibas tracksuit)


  • Various location optimizations


  • For single-use medicines, the “Use” item was not displayed in the context menu
  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the handbook
  • The inability to go to the weapon presets menu through the trade screen and flea market
  • A bug in which after building the zone in the hideout for a second appeared a screen with the conditions for the next level of this zone
  • Bug with the display of hideout zone icons after switching from another screen
  • A bug in which, when changing weapons, an optics lens appeared in the air
  • A bug in which the player could move the hideout camera while on the weapon presets screen
  • A bug on the Reserve in which an outdoor sound was played while in bunker
  • A bug in which the flashlight on the weapon illuminated the background of the weapon presets menu
  • A bug when abruptly leaving the hideout after clicking on the “Build” button made it impossible to build this improvement in the future
  • The display of the ping value out of the raid has been removed
  • Display of fuel cells in the generator window
  • Display of raindrops on weapons indoors
  • Setting the frame rate limit in the game no longer affects the frame rate in the main menu
  • Location of the Jaeger's cache at the exit from the highway at the Interchange
  • Display requirements in the zone window after construction/improvement of the zone
  • Shoreline exfil access availability display
  • Various bugs leading to error 228
  • A bug in which items thrown away in the raid could move on the ground
  • Various localization fixes
  • Offline game impossibility fixes
  • Improved grenades sync (26 Dec 2019)

  • Technical update aimed at stabilizing the game (24 Dec 2019)

List of changes

  • While leveling skills, the character will now have "exhaustion” of skill per raid, this means that skill will be leveled more slowly during the raid after every repeat. If you do not level a certain skill for a while (a few minutes), the character will recover and will be able to level this skill with normal speed again. This change is directed against skills abuse (targeted and consecutive leveling of the same skill)
  • Skills now have a maximum level that can not be overcome even with stimulants-60
  • Secured containers can no longer be discarded during a raid
  • Secured containers can no longer be put inside other containers, it can only be put in the slot of the secured container of the character. If you’ve had your secured container inside another container, it will return through in-game message system after the update
  • Special optical devices, helmets and helmet mounts can no longer be placed in secured containers. If you’ve had your devices inside a secured container, it will return through in-game message system after the update
  • Added a limit on the amount of money that you can carry in the inventory of the character (no such limits in stash) - 150,000 rubles, 1000 dollars, 1000 euros (limits can be changed for balancing purposes)
  • If your character died without an equipped firearm (any kind of), then after the raid he will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
  • If you left the raid prematurely (through disconnect), then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
  • If you entered the raid in a group and you were killed by a member of your group, then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%
  • If you kill yourself in a raid, then in the main menu you will recover only 1% of health, not 30%


  • Various game optimizations (locations, rendering)


  • Added options in traders menu for the flea market search
  • Added hideout menu options for flea market search
  • Added a new music track to the main menu


  • Fixed one of the bugs causing endless treatment animation that can not be canceled
  • Fixed a bug which caused FPS to drop if optics and canted sight were equipped
  • Fixed a bug with no sound of falling ammo casing
  • Fixed a bug with refilling empty fuel tanks by joining a raid
  • Fixed a bug with the inability of the scav to extract the raid after reconnect
  • Fixed bug with displaying stationary weapons (AGS), if you reconnect while loading it
  • Fixed a bug where when saving a weapon preset "PM", the name of this preset is assigned to all disassembled weapons
  • Fixed a bug where flea market filters were not reset after searching for weapon parts
  • Fixed a bug where required parts for weapon preset were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the image in optics disappeared after reconnect
  • Fixed a bug where some settings were not saved
  • Fixed a weapon preset bug where it was impossible to buy parts of a weapon build if one item from build was not available
  • Fixed a flea market bug, where the search for related items was not reset
  • Now the transition to windowed mode and back via Alt + Enter works correctly
  • Fixed a bug in weapon presets that prevented you from removing the checkmark from missing part
  • Fixed a bug where a third-person character would be stuck in the same position if not throwing a grenade after pulling the pin
  • Fixed a bug in the weapon presets interface, where the inscription "you have all the necessary parts for this preset." appeared in an empty window
  • Fixed some issues that would cause the grass to turn blue in optics
  • Various minor fixes
  • Various minor visual fixes
  • Fixed various in-game bugs
  • Increased stability of game servers


  • Now grenades (Hand grenades and AGS rounds) do not cause damage through walls or through the ground
  • Now you can fold the stock of the weapon by clicking the middle mouse button on it
  • Now the dot of the laser sight has become brighter
  • Now when buying items on the merchant screen the list of items is not scrolled to the top after the deal
  • Now, if you don't have the weapons you need for preset, you'll be shown a pop-up, with the missing preset parts
  • The maximum value of the “Sharpness" effect in the graphics settings has been increased to 3.0. (27 Nov 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (21 Nov 2019)

  • Fixed a bug where the player could not buy parts for weapon preset if the filter "Traders only" was reset
  • Fixed a bug in which the current filters disappeared on the purchase screen if the player added a new filter
  • Now the filter "Traders only" can be turned on in the pop-up "Filters"
  • Fixed a bug when the filter "Filter by item" was not displayed above the list of flea market offers
  • Fixed items menu options "Linked search" and "Required search"
  • Fixed a bug when filters on items were not deleted, when searching for an item while making an offer on the flea market (20 Nov 2019)


  • Various minor optimizations


  • A bug in which the game crashed when putting dollars and euros to a flea market
  • The counting bug, in post-match statistics, for fatal hit in part of the body (affects quests with the requirement to kill in a certain body part)
  • Error buying barter items at a flea market
  • A bug in which, after using the shooting range, the ability of interacting with the first-person hideout disappeared
  • A bug that visually displays the availability to improve the hideout, while there was a lack of resources for improvement
  • A bug in which it was impossible to use graphics cards that were inserted and pulled out of the bitcoin farm
  • Bunker door activation bug at military base
  • A bug in which interaction with the item was blocked after it is repaired
  • A bug in which, when a gamepad is attached, the keyboard bindings were reassigned incorrectly
  • A bug in which a weapon could bounce back to the corpse from which it was taken
  • A bug in which the number of items was not updated when they were purchased at a flea market
  • A bug in which the Fence's range of goods was not updated after pressing the “refresh” button
  • A bug in which the pain effect was not saved if the character broke his legs from falling
  • You will no longer get empty ammo boxes as quest rewards
  • A bug in which the loading time of the game was increased when setting low FPS limit in the settings
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to walk around the hideout with weapon in hands
  • A bug in which the sight was not installed correctly in weapon presets
  • A visual bug in which the display of bitcoins production time was incorrect if you remove one graphics card from the farm
  • Bug with displaying the hideout scene in the main menu, after error 228
  • Bug with time display in the generator
  • Fixed a bug where, after error 228 Move Error, electricity remained in the hideout, with zero fuel
  • Fixed a bug where the PMC character without weapons began to twist hands from a third person view
  • Fixed display of health regeneration and parameters in the stash
  • Visual bug displaying the name of objects on the flea market, when part of the name was hidden regardless of the scrollbar position
  • Fixed reset display of flea market filters when entering the game
  • Visual adjustments of objects in the thermal imager
  • A bug in which the nickname of the scav could be painted in the same color as the nickname of the PMC character
  • A bug in which filters were not reset on first launch
  • Fixed display of active weapons in the shooting range
  • A bug where bots could ignore players
  • Now you can’t remove the base of the weapon on the presets screen
  • Fixed visual bug with not displaying of active quests after reconnect
  • Shoreline - fixed cottage door
  • Customs - fixed construction site culling
  • Customs - fixed culling of car and stairs of a 2-story dormitory when looking through the windows
  • Customs - fixed the cars and red container culling next to a new gas station
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the visor position on helmet icon
  • Fixed a bug in the order in which the chat delete confirmation window is displayed
  • Fixed experience gain for the use of medicines in the stash, now you do not need to restart the game
  • Fixed spamming error "Screen position out of view frustum"
  • Fixed a bug when examining new items from the Fence's menu “EFT.UI.DragAndDrop.TradingItemView.OnPointerClick”
  • Fixed spamming error after reconnect “Look rotation viewing vector is zero”
  • Various technical fixes for the game settings system
  • Fixed various errors during the raid and in the main menu
  • Fixed various server bugs and errors
  • Fixed various localization bugs
  • Various minor bugfixes


  • Added option to adjust the sound volume in the hideout
  • Presets now get overwritten if there is a preset with the same name
  • Now after working with weapon presets, the preset filter gets reset at the flea market
  • Display of windows with information about hideout modules has changed
  • Adjusted fire damage on locations
  • Weapon presets: When searching for presets, the filter "Show only from traders" is automatically enabled
  • Removed confirmation when leaving the hideout
  • Now you do not have to save preset before searching for parts at the flea market (15 Nov 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (14 Nov 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (11 Nov 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (1 Nov 2019)

  • Fixes regarding full-screen modes
  • Icons of folded weapons are now displayed correctly
  • Firing ags is now audible indoors (31 Oct 2019)

  • Added 3 options for on-screen game modes: Exclusive full screen, Border less, and Window
  • Minor optimization of game physics processing
  • Grass Rendering optimization
  • Minor shader optimizations
  • Performance optimization for AGS shooting
  • Fixed a bug where the game client got stuck on the Awaiting session start status
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to accelerate while running
  • Fixed sound at the Rosrezerv Base when one could hear characters in bunkers as if nearby
  • Fixed a number of errors occurring on the client (30 Oct 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (29 Oct 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (28 Oct 2019)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability (27 Oct 2019)

  • General maintanance (27 Oct 2019)

  • Technical changes (27 Oct 2019)

This update wiped player levels and stashes.


  • The project is transferred to the Unity engine version 2018.4
  • Redesigned, optimized and added new third-person animations.

New game feature - Hideout

  • Building and upgrading of various zones in the hideout, each with its bonuses
  • Ability to produce different items
  • Improving the basic stats of the character (off-raid treatment rate, acceleration of skills leveling, etc.)
  • Ability to increase the size of your stash (if you do not have the EoD version of the game with the maximum stash size)

New functionality - off-raid treatment

  • Now the character retains health status after raid
  • Health, energy, and hydration now regenerate when out of raid
  • You can use food, water, and first aid kits to instantly restore the character's condition when out of raid
  • After death, character's health is restored to 30% and begins to regenerate at a rate determined by the various improvements in the hideout

New functionality - Weapon presets

  • Ability to create weapon presets from any parts that are known to your character
  • Ability to quickly find and purchase missing parts for assembly of the custom preset

New location - Reserve Military base (Rezerv)

  • The largest map in terms of indoor area and exploration potential
  • New exfiltration mechanics
  • Stationary 12.7 mm heavy machine gun NSV " Utes"
  • Stationary 30 mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-30 with PAG-17 sight
  • New constraints on the locations: snipers and minefields
  • Unique loot
  • Scav boss Glukhar with his special tactics

Trader service "Tactical clothing"

  • Available from the Ragman
  • 5 unique sets of lower and upper clothes for USEC and BEAR
  • It will be available under different conditions (the level of the character, loyalty level with the Ragman, and money price)

New trader Jaeger

  • He will be locked at the start of the game, and you will have to complete a quest to unlock him. He will have his own branch of quests
  • His range of products will have a large number of unique items
  • He will also have a minimum margin on the goods price

New boss Glukhar

  • His area of action is located on Military base
  • He believes this territory is his property and he will protect it by taking defensive positions in one of many fortified locations
  • He has 6-men team, each member has his own role. Guards are always close to the boss, stormtroopers can move forward to attack the enemy at another point, the head watch are the first to notice the enemy and impose a fight on them
  • Boss and his team strive not to leave protected positions, they will attack from windows and other fortified places, they use advanced tactics of fighting indoors and have a special model of behavior on more open terrain
  • They can use stationary weapons, they may attack or retreat to protect the boss and hold their ground. As the train approaches, the boss and his team will try to occupy the landing platform
  • They use all available weapons, often wear heavy body armor and helmets

New boss Shturman

  • He operates in the area of a sawmill on Woods
  • He has a “common funded stash” with the valuables. He usually keeps the key to himself
  • He prefers covert tactics, tries to attack from a distance, from cover, outplays the opponents by taking a better environment, lets players get closer into the distance of effective fire
  • He has a team of two guards
  • Boss and his guards use long range weapons

Added over 160 weapon parts and modules

  • An assortment of new 12 and 20 caliber shotgun cartridges
  • Assortment of new cartridges 4.6x30 and 5.7x28
  • New equipment
  • New mechanics of treatment of blacked body parts with surgical kits
  • Thermal imaging device T-7
  • New barter items
  • New consumable items type - alcohol
  • New fracture sound effects
  • New weapons: AsH-12, FN P90, M9A3, FN Five-Seven, TX-15, MP5 Kurz

New quests for old traders (+reworked some old ones)

New Graphics Additions/Fixes and Animations

  • New TAA (temporal anti-aliasing) full-screen antialiasing post effect
  • New HBAO shading post effect
  • Terrain now casts shadows and has self-shadowing
  • Texture streaming to reduce RAM consumption
  • New grass with a long-distance rendering + grass shadows option
  • New explosion effects
  • Added variable animations of first aid kit treatment
  • Added auto sorting of goods by groups in merchants menu
  • Added "transfer all" button for items transfer screen
  • Added context menu for first aid kits "cure all" when out of raid
  • Added the context menu for weapons “disassemble”
  • Added "Presets" button to bottom panel for quick transition to presets mode
  • Added auto-fill items checkbox when selecting merchants offers
  • Added stimulant properties to some of the food and beverages
  • Added display of health status before raid on the character selection screen
  • Added new sounds for different surfaces when crawling


  • Optimization of rendering and display of grass
  • Optimization of animation system
  • Optimized spawn of loot items on location
  • Optimized icon generation
  • Optimized the Ambient Occlusion effect
  • Optimization of Volumetric Light
  • Added “use only physical CPU cores" option (it is recommended for everyone to enable this option)
  • Various optimizations of the load on the CPU
  • Added optimized contact SSAO effect algorithm
  • Some optimizations of optical sights
  • Additional optimization of the locations
  • Optimized physics in offline mode
  • Optimized ragdoll
  • Optimized physics of thrown loot and grenades
  • Fixed a large number of causes of freezes and stuttering related to rendering, physics, animations, inventory, combat logic, etc.

Bot improvements and fixes

  • Improvement of the AI behaviour when out of combat:
  • Bots rotate their heads to increase the field of view
  • Bots can greet each other, show gestures and transmit information
  • At the request of the player-scav, AI in case of negative reaction will respond to him negatively or show a gesture
  • Bots can come close to loot containers
  • At the points of " idle " bots look around, crouch

Improvement of the AI combat behavior

  • Improved grenade throwing algorithm
  • Improved algorithm for calculating the rotation to the target at different distances
  • AI fixes
  • Fixed a number of bugs when bots did not react to taking shots from a long distance or when using a silencer
  • Fixed some bugs in shooting through some fences, bushes and trees
  • Fixed a bug of selecting an incorrect target when the bot ignored the nearest threat
  • Fixed a number of bugs with bots getting stuck
  • Fixed a bug where the bot could not aim if you crouch close to him
  • Fixed a bug where bots shouted threatening voice lines phrases to player-scavs
  • Fixed a number of bugs on interaction with doors


  • Bug in which it was possible to install the PSO and thermal sight and the PSO lens worked as a thermal sight
  • The bug with disappearing weapons when you move the object in the stash after folding stock (bugged cells)
  • The items didn't disappear from the stash if you click "put the goods on the flea market" during the sending of the previous queue commands
  • Error 228 after transferring items and completing the quest
  • Error 228 when placing weapons on the flea market, if the flashlight was installed in different slots of the weapon
  • The interface allowed you to put the same product on the flea market several times. As a consequence of error 228
  • Error 228 when trying to make split into one cell twice
  • Error 228 when selling two samples of weapons on the flea market
  • Error 228 when moving money and then using it to repair weapons
  • Error 228 when deleting item from sender in incoming messages
  • Fixed disappearing of messages after re-login
  • Fixed a bug on the flea Market when the durability filter did not take into account the total wear of the item
  • Fixed a bug where a party member saw a "bad backend matching" error while loading into a raid
  • Fixed a bug where a new loyalty level was not opened, although all conditions were met
  • Fixed a bug where the "pick up all" button displayed not all items that were returned by insurance
  • Fixed a bug where some bots could not spawn on location
  • Fixed bug showing killer in the session end screen if the death was from a barbed wire or fire
  • Fixed UI shaking at non-standard resolution
  • Fixed a bug that stacked up the effects of painkillers
  • Bug in which the time of the effect of painkillers increased when reopening the inventory
  • Bug, in which the sound of heavy breathing of the character from the third person did not stop
  • A bug when, upon killing your own character, you could see PMC kill in kill list
  • Bug in which the character in the menu twisted the left hand
  • Bugs related to incorrect processing of picking up items
  • Bug when broken lamps would light up again if you step away and approach them again
  • Bug in which the interruption of the application of the item occurred without animations
  • Bug when interaction didn't work after throwing out equipped melee weapons
  • Bug in which the pain and tremor did not disappear after removing the fracture
  • Fixed delay in applying negative effects
  • Fixed a bug which happened when you turn your head and hits in the head could be counted incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug with the sound of a shot cutting off when changing weapons
  • Fixed a bug not displaying a cartridge in the chamber at the start of the raid
  • Fixed a visual bug displaying glasses lenses visible through fog, smoke, etc.
  • Fixed too bright reflections in the lenses of sights, or lack of reflections on them in general
  • Fixed cropping of merchants assortment if there are too many goods
  • Fixed error spamming bug when throwing smoke grenades
  • Fixed various bugs with matchmaking
  • Fixed bugs related to old quests
  • Fixed various bugs and glitches that lead to crashes of the game
  • Fixed various bugs on locations and culling issues (over 300 different fixes)
  • Fixed background sounds of locations when loading on it
  • Fixed various interface issues and bugs
  • Fixed some bugs leading to incorrect post-raid statistics
  • Various network fixes and improvements related to the transition to Unity 2018.4
  • Various localization fixes in the texts
  • Fixed various issues with clipping equipment
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Now all body armor cannot be worn with plate carriers
  • You can no longer put certain containers, weapons, rigs and backpacks in secured containers
  • Now some keys have a number of uses. As soon as the key resource ends, it is removed from the inventory
  • In traders menu, when redeeming items, they are marked as "out of stock"
  • For locations Customs and Shoreline fixed position and trajectory of the sun
  • Now you can completely delete the conversations in the chat
  • Added the option to fold the stock when transferring items from the Scav to your inventory
  • Rebalanced 9x18 cartridges
  • Rebalanced some of the stocks, magazines and other weapon parts
  • Updated equipment pool that bots and player-scav can have
  • Changed cell configuration for Blackrock and AVS vests (now AVS has armor plates)
  • Added dropdown with filters "All offers", "only from traders", "only from players" for flea Market
  • When you receive an item by mail same items are now combined into stacks
  • Weapons on locations now spawn with small number of ammo in magazine
  • Modified occlusion system for the sound on locations
  • Improved the recoil system and the impact of skills on the recoil
  • Reduced bonus to the speed of running from the strength skill
  • The sound of movement while prone is now more quiet
  • Reworked and changed loot tables of containers
  • Redesigned and added new loot points on locations
  • The variety of goods of all traders was reworked
  • Changed lighting in item inspector window
  • Improved font readability in interfaces
  • Overall quality changes were made to the spawn system
  • Removed the option to set the priority lot at the flea Market
  • Increased chance of fracture and damage when falling from a big height
  • Other minor QoL changes

v0.11.7.4711 (23 Sep 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov servers and client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.4174 (13 Sep 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov servers and client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3954 (26 Aug 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3898 (16 Aug 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3867 (14 Aug 2019)

  • Addition of BattleEye anticheat

v0.11.7.3854 (12 Aug 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3833 (8 Aug 2019)

  • Technical update for the game client, which will fix issues with access to the game

v0.11.7.3333 (11 Jun 2019)

v0.11.7.3287 (4 Jun 2019)

  • Minor changes
  • Correction of AI behavior and its shooting

v0.11.7.3233 (23 May 2019)

  • Fixed bug which caused reticles of reflex sights could disappear
  • Fixed bug with the brightness of loading screen when loading Factory
  • Various minor fixes on locations
  • Minor fixes of icons

v0.11.7.3195 (16 May 2019)

  • Minor update, fixing items' icons

v0.11.7.3192 (16 May 2019)

  • Next iteration of freezes and stuttering fixes.

Additional changes

  • Changes in AI aiming methods
  • The Lab, fixed medical block and tents collision
  • Shoreline, fixed rooms culling on the first floor of the resort
  • Correction of some item icons

v0.11.7.3147 (8 May 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3128 (6 May 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3111 (2 May 2019)

  • Technical update for Escape from Tarkov client aimed to increase stability of the game.

v0.11.7.3098 (30 Apr 2019)


  • Fixed bug causing error 228 when receiving items from mails (e.g. insurance mails)
  • Fixed a bug where players of the same group could be in different locations lobby
  • New iteration of fixes to reduce freezes (freezes related to GUI and volumetric lighting, looting)
  • Minor server optimizations
  • Minor adjustments in the AI behavior
  • Adjusted the AI behavior in panic mode
  • Decreased sniper AI accuracy
  • Minor chat fixes
  • The number of unread messages in the chat was not displayed
  • Adjustments to the mechanics of spawn, in order to prevent spawn situations when members of the group could spawn near enemies
  • Fixed a bug that could cause PMC player to join the same session he has just extracted from
  • Fixed a bug in which the model of an object from the inspector menu could be superimposed on the screen if you quickly switch the inventory and the item inspector in raid
  • Fixed a glare on the scopes of the PSO series on the Lab and Interchange
  • A bug where the animation of the chamber check of PP Kedr didn't work if it had no round in it.
  • Fixed reset of active selected sight when throwing grenades/using medkits/objects
  • Bug that occurs when changing weapons in the aiming mode, which blocked the hands of the character
  • Bug that caused visual artifact on tactical lights, in the modifications menu on ultra graphics settings

Fixed on locations

  • Shoreline, fixed the place where the player could get stuck in the village, in one of the roofs
  • Shoreline, fixed culling (hiding objects) from the windows of one of the houses in the village
  • Shoreline, beach culling fix
  • Shoreline, fixed the display of shadows inside the shop in the village
  • Interchange, fixed the place where player could get stuck in the parking lot
  • Interchange, correction of the culling of the shopping center building from outside
  • Customs, garage cooperative culling fix
  • Customs, correction of objects culling on the “new” gas station

v0.11.7.3087 (25 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update for the servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game

v0.11.7.3058 (19 Apr 2019)


  • Collision bug at outdoor locations

v0.11.7.3056 (19 Apr 2019)


  • Next iteration of fixes for bugs that caused freezes and stuttering. We've fixed some issues related to characters spawn, first hit on the enemy, physics processing of the small loot items at distance.
  • Bug that caused game crash while loading large locations.
  • Bug which would reset FOV each raid.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to search multiple containers on the body simultaneously.
  • Fixed sound bug when the character spawned inside the mall on Interchange and it sounded like outside raining.
  • Text in the inspector menu of the flea market now displays correctly.
  • Third person view of weapon recoil now displays correctly.
  • Fixed visual bug that would cause grey sphere in the smoke of the smoke grenade.
  • Fixed a bug that would block interaction with weapon after spamming gestures.
  • From now on, after shooting the automatic weapons without a magazine the bolt catch wouldn't stop the bolt.
  • The chat menu will no longer flicker while scrolling.
  • Fixed error that occurred when character would stand up after laying prone.


  • While doing quests with the “Find in raid” task, items found in raids will now be marked.
  • Items needed for “Find in raid” tasks now can be collected beforehand.
  • Changed some quests tasks.

v0.11.7.3007 (16 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update for the servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game

v0.11.7.3006 (15 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update for the servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game

v0.11.7.3001 (12 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update for the servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game and to fix some minor problems

v0.11.7.2994 (11 Apr 2019)


  • Memory leak related to the inspector issue, leading to a decrease in performance
  • Freezes on spawn related to animation system
  • "On back" weapon duplication after spawn
  • A bug related to the calculation of blunt damage
  • Problems with objects collision on the Shoreline
  • Doors on Customs
  • Text issues in the inspector menu
  • Various AI fixes
  • Various fixes of culling on the locations
  • Increased volume of USEC 3 voice lines
  • Error after quest completion
  • Other minor bugfixes

AI balancing

  • Increased AI aiming speed
  • Reduced the AI aiming recovery time after it got hit
  • Reduced the distance of quick search for shelters
  • Increased chance of firing on the move
  • Increased chance of shooting on the spot
  • Reduced chance of panic for sniper scavs
  • Reduced chance of searching for a new cover for sniper scavs
  • Increased the distance from which the bot will hide from the player if it does not have long-range weapons
  • Balance changes of the effect of distance on accuracy
  • Other minor balance changes

Work in progress for the following hotfixes

  • The fixes of the freezes and stuttering when spawning in
  • Correction of other freezes and stuttering seen for the first time after the 11.7 patch
  • Upgrading of the quest condition “find in raid”
  • Fix for the game crash with error "Out of memory"
  • Fixes of various bugs related to AI
  • Correction of various server errors related to the new patch
  • Correction of various client errors related to the new patch

v0.11.7.2979 (9 Apr 2019)

This update wiped player levels and stashes


  • The SVDS rifle
  • VPO-101 Vepr hunter carbine
  • DT MDR assault rifle
  • More detailed information about medical items in the inspection menu
  • Improvements for old quests with some new mechanics
  • Added a new condition "find in the raid" for some quests. It means that it will count only found on the location (spawned on location or in bots) items that you pick up and extract with (or save them in a secured container)
  • Third USEC voice
  • New and redesigned sounds when interacting with interface elements
  • Access to the Lab with keycard
  • New weapon parts and modifications (over 100 items in total)
  • New equipment (two body armors, rig, helmet with visor and backpack)
  • New 9x19 AP 6.3 cartridge
  • round by round SKS loading


  • Fixed many issues causing freezes and stuttering
  • Fixed many issues causing desync
  • Optimization of the Customs
  • Optimization of the Interchange
  • Optimization of rain
  • Optimization of AI behavior algorithms

AI Improving

  • Fixed: Retreating bot, closed the door before entering the room.
  • Fixed: Opening doors, repel bot and prevent it from going inside, in the end, the bot stands and opens/closes the door.
  • Fixed: Bot gets stuck and keeps walking on the spot near closed Dorm door
  • Fixed: Scav boss: Dealmaker gets stuck and walks on the spot near the Dorm exit
  • Fixed: Bot does not move away from the player if you try to take his position
  • Fixed: Bot starts twitching if a player comes close to it in an online raid


  • Bug with grenades causing damage through the walls
  • Bug with client hanging with a chat window open, if one of the chats has more than 50 messages
  • Bug in which the flash-bang grenade did not blind through the metal fence and glass
  • A bug in the flea market when there was a drop-down menu with currencies when closing the filter window
  • Bug where the character could run the camera into the walls
  • Bug where you could not hear the explosion of a flash-bang grenade if the player was below or above the explosion place
  • Bug where cracks were displayed on the visor of the perfect condition of it
  • Bug, when removing mods from weapons hanging on the corpse, they visually remained on the weapon
  • The bug with the problematic displaying of icons for items
  • Bug related to the simultaneous search of several areas on the body
  • A bug with the cash register in the shopping center at the Interchange, in which the opening of the cashier caused twisted hands
  • Error "Notification manager has been [dropped] by server error with code: 504" during an online raid
  • Bug with the opening of the door at the security point (exit from the Parking lot, Laboratory location)
  • Glitch - when emulating the pressing of the "walk" button, the player moved without animation of the foot movement. In addition, stamina did not spend.
  • A regular drop-down error at the time of bot spawning in the Lab
  • FoV related bug which occurred when loading on a map with march Tactical 3-24x42 FFP scope along with other scopes, the FoV while ADS was severely shortened.
  • Errors while loading the Lab location.
  • Spamming error in offline raid "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object BetterAudio.ReleaseQueue (.BetterAudioQueue queue)"
  • Bug with no damage from broken/black legs while running under painkillers effect
  • Bug where the weapon icon went beyond the possible limits of the weapon slot
  • A bug when a player dropped a weapon picked up from the dead bot.
  • Visual bug where the text in the item properties was overlapped if the user quickly reduced the width of the inspector window
  • Bug with multiple nesting of the effect of pain on the limbs
  • Place on the Interchange, where it would teleport player when walking up the escalator
  • Bug with the loss of preview items in the inspector window, if the player opened several windows in a row
  • The bug that didn't update the count of messages and attachments in the chat after viewing messages and attachments
  • Bug where the player stopped receiving messages after the loss and restoration of the Internet connection
  • Bug with an invitation to friends at the Flea Market, which led to an error and incorrect display of the invite in the "Friends" tab
  • Fixed functionality of "Install" and “Remove " context menu items
  • Error after accepting the quest “Misinformation”
  • Error "Can't get inventory to confirm callbackId:0|" if the player shoots at visor of other players
  • Graphics Error.CopyTexture could not find destination D3D11 texture object.
  • The troubled Collider of the rock on the location in the Woods
  • Bug, when a prone player was pushed out of the water into the boat in the Woods
  • Woods, the ability to get under the railway warehouse
  • Problem with colliders on the Shoreline
  • Fix problems with culling (hiding invisible items) at the Lab
  • Visual bugs with shadows on some objects in different locations
  • Visual bug with stretched edges of the screen, with the effect of contusion
  • A bug with the quest Gunsmith pt.9 - the new Zenit stock was not taken into account
  • Various localization fixes
  • Fixed sorting of new dialogs that were placed up, instead of bottom
  • Various fixes of problems associated with the positioning of the sound coming from above and below
  • A bug when you could wear two headsets
  • Bug with displaying previews of items in the flea market
  • Bug when the flea market does not display a list of weapons to which the mod fits
  • A bug on the modding screen when there was no weapon lighting (at 4k resolution).
  • Error related to inspection of the item in the raid
  • Bug where melee weapons did not cause damage offline
  • Bug where a quick melee attack with a melee weapon did not cause damage in a multiplayer game
  • A bug where the iron sights were un-flipped on the screen modding
  • Bugs related to late spawn
  • Various bugs associated with doors desync
  • Additional bug-fixes and minor improvements


  • Increased recoil of all weapons (average of 30%)
  • Added to the lower left corner of the dogtags icon dogtags' level number
  • Added the ability to get up when reloading prone
  • Updated Mechanic quests (Gunsmith) according to new mods and changes in the parameters of the old
  • Increased the items spawn in safes
  • Changed the accuracy display in the info window (now it is not in abstract numbers)
  • The image enhancement of the NVG
  • The speed of the movement is now set to the maximum after the sprint if you previously moved slowly
  • Corrections on the statistics screen
  • Now, the repair money is spent from a stash and not from the container on the character
  • Balancing changes in quest experience awards
  • Increased chance of fractures from bullets
  • Increased damage to armor and helmets
  • Changed ammo stacks
  • Changed the internal size of the ammo case (was 6x6, became 7x7)
  • Various bug fixes and balance changes of items
  • Fixes and changes to some of the merchants offers
  • Replaced the mechanical keys with the key-cards for the Lab (added card-readers)
  • Added new loot points on the Customs
  • Improved quality of loot in the Kiba store on the Interchange
  • Corrected the amount of ammo rounds bots have

v0.11.5.2928 (3 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update aimed at fixing availability of some locations in the offline game

v0.11.5.2914 (3 Apr 2019)

  • Technical update

v0.11.5.2821 (25 Mar 2019)

  • Optimization of game servers, stabilizing their work
  • Fixed display of warning about the high ping
  • Broken scavs and players who used to walk by moonwalk, at an angle, with only their arms aimed normally
  • Server and client door synchronization bug that could lead to the inability to kill the enemy through an invisible door
  • Bug with the spawn of abnormal pink objects and pieces of equipment on the location
  • Error 1514 which would not allow to buy an offer at the Flea Market
  • Interface correction of time display, when selecting the time on the location "Factory" and switching to the "Laboratory", the other bug which allowed to choose the raid-time at the Lab has been fixed in the previous hotfix
  • A bug which leads to the inability to see the dialog if the last message was sent by you
  • Various minor bugs
  • Various typos edits in the Russian localization of items

v0.11.5.2821 (15 Mar 2019)

Graphics improvements

  • Improved quality and stability of the sun shadows
  • Shadow presets settings are balanced by quality
  • Adjusted the ranges of the shadow distance in the settings
  • All shadow improvements are made with performance in mind, but in some cases the minimum change in fps is possible


  • Fixed a bug with the desync of the doors position on both client and server
  • Fixed the information display of body part that your character was killed through in postmatch statistics.
  • Fixed the problem of bots spawn on locations, the AI used to spawn in much smaller numbers than they should have
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to throw grenades through walls
  • Fixed the area of the Resort on the Shoreline, swimming pools, which would hide most of the objects and characters
  • Fixed a bug with items filtering at the flea market, incorrect items were displayed when bartering filter was turned off
  • Fixed a rare bug of settings saving at the flea market
  • Fixed a bug with the dogtags exchange at the flea market
  • Fixed screen overlay bug when searching items through the flea market
  • Fixed a bug where bots in the Lab always had shotguns
  • Fixed a bug with the ability to select an alternative time in the Laboratory
  • Fixed one of the rare issues related to inventory freeze
  • Fixed freeze of the game client, when interacting with the item in the inspector preview, which hasn't loaded yet
  • At the sewer extraction, the character can not climb into the pipes on the wall anymore
  • Fixed a visual glow of the flashlights glass lens in the distance
  • Fixed position of insurance confirmation window for high resolution settings
  • Minor fixes for objects cooling at Customs
  • A bug with the behavior of the bots in offline when you changed the game settings
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of the character's voice was cut off when he was taking permanent damage
  • Visual correction of tracer rounds
  • Server corrections and changes to localize de-sync cases
  • Other various bug fixes and corrections

v0.11.5.2791 (12 Mar 2019)

  • Minor fixes

v0.11.5.2780 (8 Mar 2019)

  • Minor fixes

v0.11.5.2775 (8 Mar 2019)


  • Fixed a bug when character could get stuck standing on location after death
  • Fixed inability to unlock cash registers with the key
  • Fixed chance to be stunned by flashbang grenade through the ground
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the wish*list menu was opened at the Flea market
  • Fixed the visual black stripe on a screen which appeared after a raid with HHS sights
  • Fixed column collision at the Labs extraction
  • Fixed construction shields collision in one of the shops at the Interchange
  • Fixed a bug which led to inability to sell non full durability items
  • Fixed bug that caused saving the “Remove bartering offers” Flea market filter after raids
  • Fixed missing background terrain on Shoreline
  • Adjusted elite pliers icon
  • Fixed incorrect door unlocking animation at the Lab
  • Fixed collision of railings on the Shoreline location, in the Health resort
  • Fixed dialogs sorting in messages
  • Other error fixes


  • Adjusted leveling up stress resistance skill when running on broken/blacked legs
  • Added ability to turn off the post-raid music
  • Information provided by console commands (fps 1, fps 2) now it doesn't cover the interface

v0.11.5.2753 (5 Mar 2019)


  • Optimized rendering optics on first use
  • Fixed freeze on first magazine change
  • Fixed freeze which occurs before opening/switching traders, the character tab
  • Fixed freeze when grenades explode next to the glass and other freezes related to glass breaking
  • Fixed freeze on the first bullet hit / damage
  • Other ongoing fixes of noticeable freezes
  • Various bug fixes leading to small freezes
  • Shader optimization (warming up)
  • Optimization of interfaces with a large number of displayed items
  • Small optimization of the sunlight
  • Physics optimization of small objects
  • Optimization of volumetric light
  • Locations optimization
  • Fixed freezes caused by bundles loading
  • Reduced freezes caused by AI spawn

AI improvements

  • Fixed AI behavior on peeking via ALT+Q/E player
  • Improved AI interaction with doors
  • Balanced AI difficulty
  • Improved AI behavior when reloading a weapon
  • Fixed bug with AI choosing weapons
  • Modified AI spawn system in "Horde" mode
  • Fixed lack of AI reaction to getting shot
  • Added a new scav taunts
  • Modified raiders spawn on the Lab
  • Improved the AI “search for cover” system
  • Improved priority system for scav taunts
  • Improved AI behavior when taking damage
  • AI no longer see through elevators
  • AI no longer fall through the floor after death
  • Fixed a bug with damage to the bot, which is being treated
  • AI will no longer attack if you kill the player-scav who attacked you while playing a scav character
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI to be inactive offline
  • Fixed various places where AI could get stuck
  • Fixed delay of the activity of the AI during combat
  • Fixed other bugs in AI behavior when changing body positions


  • Fixed a bug where the player could drop an object through the floor
  • Fixed a bug with the de-synchronization of ammo type, which, in some cases could lead to 0 damage to the scav
  • Fixed a bug of treatment animation loop without effect
  • Fixed a bug in which the player who re-joined the raid could throw unlimited grenades
  • Fixed a bug where the same animations were played on all types of gestures
  • Fixed a bug where bots could run through doors
  • Fixed a bug where the Scav spawned with conflicting items
  • Fixed a bug where the helmet remained in perfect condition after killing the player in the head
  • Fixed glitch allowing to dupe melee weapons through insurance
  • Fixed bug when spawned scavs were invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused tracer round pass through impenetrable obstacles
  • Fixed a bug with no contusion when the helmet got hit by another player
  • Fixed bug in ammo unloading from SKS mags
  • Fixed a visual distortion that caused the sight to shift when the visor was lowered
  • Fixed artifacts at the edges of the screen when the visor is lowered
  • Reduced the impact of post-processes on the glass visor, the view became clearer and better
  • Fixed bug with infinite looting sound when killing a looting player
  • Fixed weapon filter in merchants menu
  • Fixed the bug that didn't allow to reset the range of the prices search in the pop-up filter when you change the currency to any other in the Flea market
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to drag a weapon from a killed bot
  • Fixed a bug when the character was being pulled aside
  • Fixed a bug where you could sprint a little on broken, blacked legs and not take any damage
  • Fixed the Pilad P1X reticle zeroing
  • Fixed a bug that causes the inability to switch to voice 2 USEC
  • Fixed wrong exit timer value for certain extraction types
  • Fixed a bug when confirming the purchase of an offer without the necessary items for exchange
  • Fixed penetration of metal fence and glasses in different locations
  • Fixed an error when other players were interacting with doors
  • Fixed an error that occurs when opening boxes (loot containers)
  • Various fixes in the logic of the quests
  • Fixed overlapping of interfaces
  • Fixed categories display without offers in the wish-list
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to walk through the busts in the lab
  • Fixed bug with calculating the cost of the item after repair
  • Fixed display of quests text in Tasks while in the raid
  • Fixed time of active buffs when using stimulants
  • Fixed bug causing error 228 at the flea market, when studying the object placed in the container
  • Fixed "flicker" when scrolling offers at a flea market
  • Other fixes for client and server errors leading to de-syncs
  • Fixes of various errors and problems that lead to the game crash
  • Various localization bug fixes
  • Various fixes of the LOD (culling) at the locations
  • Fixed several problematic loot spawn locations
  • Various minor interface fixes
  • Fixed post-match statistics not appearing in offline-mode
  • Fixed glitch which allowed to use items from a chest-rig which was put in a secured container
  • Fixed bug with insurance reset which occurred in some cases after matching cancel
  • Fixed volume and sound distance of glass breaking
  • Fixed bug with periodic non return of insured items
  • Centered item icons when dragging
  • Fixed the “sticking” of the selected state of item/weapon in quick access bar
  • Fixed a bug which caused melee attacks without stamina burn
  • Fixed inability to change screen resolution during raid
  • Fixed incorrect display of the approximate difficulty of the location
  • Corrected display and fixed visual bugs in night vision sights
  • Fixed 3d object preview in the handbook
  • Fixed a visual bug causing black stripes in the optics
  • Fixed glowing of the ballistic glasses
  • Fixed a bug related to the meds binding and the inability to use them in the raid
  • Various fixes in post-match statistics
  • Fixed bug which caused “bulletsponge” kills related to bloodlosses
  • Fixed bug related to outdoor sound setting when you spawned inside buildings
  • Fixed several bugs related to smoke grenade
  • Fixed bad loot spawns (fallen through items etc)


  • New PMC spawns in the Laboratory
  • Ability to delete messages in chat
  • Added icons for all missing context menu items
  • Added new item filtration system in merchants menu
  • Added the ability to examine items in interfaces with middle mouse button
  • Added “save selected filters” checkbox in flea market filter settings
  • Added new loot spawns on locations


  • Added the ability to quickly cancel the offer after placing it
  • Shifted pop-up menu when opening the door in ADS mode
  • The rain sound is now quieter
  • Corrections in the head damage system when there is an equipped helmet with various components
  • Reduced the amount of health loss from exhaustion and dehydration
  • Completed alignment of mechanical sights
  • Gestures with equipped hand grenade now display correctly
  • Sprint with the ready-up grenade is now displayed correctly
  • Upgraded animations with RDG smoke grenade
  • Improved visibility of EOTech reticles
  • Improved vertical overlap and positioning of the sound (first iteration)
  • Fixed the container tag that could be shown behind the icon of the object
  • Added the ability to tag a pistol container
  • Added the ability to expand the item inspector window
  • Added loading of merchant's portraits indicator
  • Reduced accuracy of hipfire due to the weaker weapon grip
  • Fixed the display of interface elements in the trading menu in 4:3 image format
  • Now you can not require the same item as the offered one at the flea market (except for items with durability and HP)
  • The improvements of the in raid stamina system
  • The sound of a raid completion was moved from the music to the interface sounds
  • Increased LOD distance for armbands
  • Changes aimed at localization and reducing the problem with late spawns
  • Other minor changes
  • Reduced distance of looting and unlocking doors sounds


  • Antique axe added as a melee weapon (will be added in 11.7 patch)

v0.11.2.2680 (20 Feb 2019)

  • Technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game.

v0.11.2.2635 (13 Feb 2019)

  • Technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game.

v0.11.2.2628 (12 Feb 2019)

  • Technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game.

v0.11.2.2609 (11 Feb 2019)

  • Technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game.

v0.11.1.2578 (5 Feb 2019)

  • Technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov aimed at improving the stability of the game

v0.11.1.2565 (4 Feb 2019)

  • Fixed a minor bug of the influence of FoV on the sights
  • Minor fix of ballistics settings of some doors
  • Fixed glass elevators on the location "Laboratory", now AI can not see through them.

v0.11.1.2553 (30 Jan 2019)

  • Small update of the client and the servers of Escape from Tarkov, which will fix the problem with the stamina and the Lab

v0.11.1.2552 (30 Jan 2019)


  • Notification when placing the overpriced offer at the flea market
  • Notification when placing the low price offer at the flea market
  • Notification when placing the offer as a pack


  • Several freezes fixes related to shooting
  • Various bug fixes, which led to some of the freezes


  • The Lab optimization fixes, related to problems with objects culling
  • Fixed elevators on the lab, now bots can't shoot through it
  • The penetration of the breakable glass and fences
  • Fixed tracer visually flying through impenetrable surfaces
  • Fixed bug with displaying all weapons on the Mechanic's trade screen
  • Quest "Bullshit", now you do not need to place the items in a special order
  • Animation bug with gestures, which played the same animation for all the gestures
  • Bug with resetting the price range, if it is set to "any" currency
  • Various visual and gameplay fixes in the Laboratory
  • Fixed the Bug with display the time when you exit through the toll exfil at Customs
  • RPK16 is now correctly placed in the category of mastering “LMGs”
  • Fixed an issue with displaying weapons in flea market when bartering
  • Quest "Supply Plans", fixed the text display in the quest title
  • Fixed the problem with updating the number of available offers on the flea market
  • Fixed the problem with selling a container with a tag on a Flea Market
  • Various minor fixes in a Flea Market
  • Fixed various server errors, resulting in some of the network problems/performance

v0.11.1.2519 (24 Jan 2019)

  • Technical update on the website and in the Escape from Tarkov launcher

v0.11.1.2474 (12 Jan 2019)

  • Technical update that is aimed at stabilizing Escape from Tarkov servers

v0.11.1.2466 (29 Dec 2018)

  • Fixed bug that caused layering of screens one on another when player pressed the receive all button
  • Fixed "Zarya" icon Various fixes on the game server part - Localization fixes
  • The Lab, various optimization fixes
  • The Lab, fixed collision of bust and it's pedestals in hall
  • The Lab, the door in the basement leading to the first level is now open
  • Fixed bug that made you search the backpacks and containers in the Scav transfering interface
  • Factory, fixed that Scavs were getting locked extraction points
  • Raiders at the Lab now should not get stuck in the doors while trying to get through
  • PACA body armor now has a correct image in examine menu

v0.11.0.2452 (26 Dec 2018)

  • Optimized some places at the location "The Lab"
  • Fixed missing doors on in some places of the Lab (server room, toilets)
  • Fixed images in PNV 10T and PVS14
  • Various minor fixes

v0.11.0.2451 (25 Dec 2018)

  • Fixed a bug that is caused by armband
  • Fixed one of the bugs causing error 228

v0.11.0.2448 (25 Dec 2018)


  • New location: Laboratory

The underground laboratory complex Terragroup Labs is a secret facility beneath the center of Tarkov. Officially, this research center does not appear on any lists and, according to fragmentary data, it is engaged in the studying, testing, and modeling in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and high technology.

As this location is considered to be closed, it has special types of extractions. New mechanics imply the need to meet certain conditions for the activation of the extraction. It is possible to activate extractions more covertly, discreetly, thereby reducing the chances of detection by raiders; or loud, what will lead to activation of laboratory announcement systems and will attract raiders to the source of the noise. Raiders are a special kind of PvE Scavs. It will be impossible to play as Raider

  • New offline mode interface with more flexible settings for bot's difficulty, number, the ability to activate bosses, or arrange a war between the Scavs, and with an additional mode "Tagged and cursed", when all Scavs want to kill you, etc.
  • New Scav Boss: Killa at Interchange
  • Expansion of Customs
  • New quests for all traders (21 in total)
  • New skill “Search”, which increases the speed of searching bodies
  • A new type of consumable items “Stimulators", which temporarily improve the level of skills of the character, its characteristics and also can have negative effects.
  • Additionally, some medications now have a usage resource, e.g. blister of Analgin tablets can be used 4 times.
  • Added the ability to pick up all insurance refunds in one mail, this also works for multiple mails from the flea market.
  • A new feature of melees. Now it will be impossible to pick up a melee weapon from dead PMC's
  • Now, the magazine check animation shows you the type of top cartridge
  • Now, when greeting, (if you get close to another character and press Y) the player whom you greet, sees your nickname in the notifications area
  • The letters from the flea market now show the name of the sold goods
  • Added new bar that shows the total cost of all gear in Stash

Weapons and attachments

Melee weapons

Night vision goggles

  • Night vision goggles NVG-10T
  • Night vision goggles Armasight N-15
  • Night vision goggles GPNVG-18

Headwear and helmets


  • Safety glasses Pyra Pyramex
  • Safety glasses SI M Frame


  • Active headphones Peltor Tactical Sport
  • Modified Headset Peltor ComTac 2

Body armors

Tactical Vests

  • Vest with armor plates 6B5-15
  • Vest with armor plates 6B5-16
  • Harness Belt-A + Belt-B
  • Plate carrier Wartech TV-110
  • Plate carrier ANA Tactical M1


  • Paratus 3 Day Operator's Tactical Backpack
  • Blackjack 50 backpack

Other items

  • Magazine's case
  • Kappa secure container
  • Items case T H I C C
  • A case for dog tags
  • Mr. Holodilnick bag
  • New ammo boxes

New ammo

  • 12x70 RIP
  • 5.45x39 mm 7N39 "Igolnik"
  • 5.56x45 mm Warmage
  • 9x19 mm RIP
  • 9x39 mm 7Н12 BP
  • 9x39 mm 7Н9 SPP

New consumables

  • Bottle of "Aquamari" water with integrated filter
  • Mayonaise jar “DevilDog”
  • Can of Sprats
  • Stimulators


  • Rain script optimizations
  • Fixed freeze during magazine change in inventory
  • Fixed freeze during a magazine change
  • Various optimization fixes call in each frame
  • Different graphical optimizations (shadows, light)
  • Other bug and freeze fixes, which could cause stuttering

AI improvements

  • Added new behavior type and a new appearance for AI at Laboratory
  • Improved AI with long barrel weapons behavior, to take appropriate cover.
  • Improved AI behavior if the visual contact was broken, they will rely on hearing
  • Improved AI armed with shotguns behavior, changed their accuracy
  • Corrected difficulty, AI hearing, and some other parameters
  • Added new Scav taunts, now they can react to Broken hand, Broken leg, Friendly fire from behind, Superior force of the enemy, Low health


  • Fixed bug which allowed the player to move while crouch with running speed
  • Fixed invulnerability glitch with the bio-toilet doors
  • Fixed invulnerability glitch with the office door at Factory
  • Fixed bug of shell asynchronous with AI, armed with pump-action shotguns
  • Fixed bug with out-of-sync inventory when throwing the grenades
  • Fixed a bug in which the character could not use weapons in the raid, at the beginning of the raid or picking up weapons from another character
  • Fixed a bug that played the animation of any action several times when multiple buttons were pressed to activate the action
  • Fixed one of the bugs, that blocked the extraction through ZB-012 at Customs
  • Fixed a bug with the position of AI corpses, who threw a smoke grenade
  • A bug that allowed you to find out the number of rounds in the magazine (if it's not full and not empty), by moving cartridges over the magazine in the inventory
  • Fixed bug with prices displayed on the trading screen, on resolutions 21:9
  • Added blocking of interaction with weapons in inventory while reloading
  • A bug that blocked items in the container when you double tapped search button
  • Bug, putting a backpack in a backpack, leading to the impossibility of interaction with backpacks
  • Minor localization fixes (spelling errors, missing items, menu and weapons names)
  • Fixed too short breathing sounds while wounded in USEC voice acting
  • Fixed Holosun HS401G5 laser designator display
  • Fixed stats bug that caused kill counter to count Scav kills as “Player 0-10 level kills”
  • Melee kills are now counted in quest progress
  • Various visual fixes in interfaces

Fixed errors

  • Error with repair menu, that appears when you try to close the menu with the ESC button
  • Error, that appears when you push the “Place lot” button in the flea market
  • An error occurs when you add a user from friends to the ignore list and re-enter the game


  • Extended scrollbar on some screens
  • Deleted traders who cannot repair items from repairing menu
  • Balancing changes of body armor, plate carriers
  • Changed the base price on some products


  • We have added a widget that allows changing avatars on our website.


  • Fixed problem with displaying server list on some computers

v0.10.8.2341 (21 Dec 2018)

  • Technical update for the client and the servers, which is aimed to improve stability of the game.

v0.10.8.2341 (12 Dec 2018)

  • Technical update for the client and the servers of Escape from Tarkov, which will make various fixes and technical changes to the fleamarket.

v0.10.8.2235 (29 Nov 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.10.8.2205 (24 Nov 2018)

  • Technical update that is aimed at fixing the bug related to negative damage at the end of match statistics.

v0.10.8.2196 (23 Nov 2018)


  • A bug, which caused a huge ricochet chance when hitting helmets and visors.
  • A bug that incorrectly displayed insured items.
  • A bug that caused 228 error during the raid.
  • Partial fix to a bug that caused the game to hang whilst using foods and meds (animation)
  • A bug whereby the FoV impacts the effective range of a weapon.
  • A bug that allowed the player to silently sprint by constantly pressing the sprint key. (SHIFT by default)
  • A bug which did not allow the player to finish the “Delivery from the past” quest on night-time factory.
  • Glitch linked to chest rigs, MP7 and a secured container.
  • A bug relating to dialog sorting, in which new messages came as last.
  • An error that appears in the item inspection menu at the flea market.
  • A bug with name display on 1x1 containers.
  • A bug with the maximum possible penalty for one offer at the flea market.
  • The sound when passing through bushes (first and third person) is now dependent on the character movement speed.
  • Fixed several display issues with 21:9 monitors
  • Several invisible players issues
  • Several freeze issues

Possibly fixed (still testing)

  • A bug, which caused an incorrect exit to work.
  • A bug that allowed selling different level dog-tags in one offer.
  • A bug, which caused a desync in the main menu and in raid.
  • Issues displaying user tags of containers, which were created at the insurance or flea market screen.
  • An error occurring when making an offer on a container that has a user tag.


  • After match summary has been adjusted. Now you can see the damage dealt to the body and armor separately.
  • AI difficulty has been adjusted.


  • A limit to amount of some items that the player can buy. Now you can buy only limited amounts of some items within one restock.

v0.10.7.2137 (13 Nov 2018)

  • Fixed a bug of the "Throw away" button, when you could throw away more items than needed.
  • One of the "invisible players" bugs has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect search by an offer ID at the flea market.
  • Fixed a bug in which an item that was exchanged at the flea market, visually remained in the stash.
  • Fixed a bug of the flea market interface in which the item sorting remained after being reset.
  • Fixed a bug of the flea market interface in which the “item sorting” page, remained after being reset.
  • Various fixes of the flea market interfaces has been added.
  • The speed of AI response, when bullet hits AI or near it, has been adjusted.

v0.10.6.2131 (10 Nov 2018)

  • Technical update aimed to fix bugs causing issues with creating groups and group matching

v0.10.6.2129 (9 Nov 2018)


  • Reduced the chance of a fracture from bullet hits
  • Added the ability to mark all examined items as viewed by clicking on the notification of the number of new examined items
  • In the flea market added a checkbox "Require for all items in offer". This allows you to specify the price not for one piece of item, but for the entire pack of items.
  • "Remove offers from game traders" and "Only functional" filters are set by default in flea market


  • Fixed a bug with group matching
  • Fixed bug when dragging items from quick access bar to inventory
  • Fixed bug with placing items from trading interface to quick access bar
  • Fixed a bug about examining items in flea market, when an error 228 appeared
  • Fixed a bug when the items used in the trade exchange, which were not in the stash, were not visually removed
  • Fixed display of offers with barter more than 3 positions.
  • Fixed long time of response while trading at flea market
  • Fixed several bugs, that were locking game, appearing after single raid
  • Global chats are now available again

v0.10.5.2124 (8 Nov 2018)

This update wiped player levels and stashes, only weapon mastering was kept


  • Flea market. An advanced economy addition to EFT, adding the opportunity of free trading between players.
    • Now you can offer any pre-examined items for sale, and purchase any goods from other players.
    • By leveling up your own standing, you can offer more items and get more additional benefits.
    • The Flea market system includes an advanced search engine, a wish list and other convenient features for easy use with the new system
    • A new encyclopedia - handbook is available now, it shows already examined items. In future, the functionality of this feature will expand.
  • First iteration of player's rankings
  • Animated food and meds consumption (not a final iteration, animations will be refined as well as adding new ones.)
  • Bullet hits will drain stamina by different algorithm (a quantity of stamina taken depends on bullets' damage, a bulletproof vest presence and so on).
  • Ability to place players' tags in containers in the stash
  • New Mechanics' quests, “Tarkov Marksman” series (new quest mechanics also).
  • MP7A1 SMG.
  • 21x9 monitor support.
  • Blunt damage now depends on a armor class and bullet penetration ratio.
  • Ergonomics is now calculated in a different way, mods values are added to the characteristics of the weapon that they are placed on. The skills and armor penalties are still added as a percentage. The final weight of the weapon influences the characteristics of the ergonomics. Aiming speed, weapon sway, alignment of the line of sight, loudness of equipment noise when aiming depends on the characteristic of ergonomics.

New mods for Mosin rifle

  • DELTAC Mosin Nagant Mini-Mag Muzzle Brake
  • TacFire Mosin Nagant 91/30 Bolt-On Tanker Style Muzzle
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Clamp On Muzzle Break
  • Mosin Nagant 91-30 Muzzle Brake
  • DELTAC Mosin Nagant Receiver Scope Mount With Bolt Handle
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scope Mount MNG
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant Tri-rail MNGTM
  • 14.TacFire Mosin Nagant M44 And 91/30 Pistol Grip Black PGMN-B
  • ATI Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock Black
  • ProMag Archangel OPFOR Magazine 7.62x54R 10 Rounds Polymer Black AA762R 02
  • AIM Sports Mosin Nagant Buttpad Extension PJNG05
  • AA9130-DT - Archangel Opfor Precision Rifle Stock for Mosin-Nagant M1891 and Variants- Desert Tan

AI improvements

An iteration of AI behavior and shooting improvements. Now AI behavior should become more realistic and eliminate most of the cases where the AI behaved strangely. This should lead to an increase in the effectiveness of their behavior as well as making it more predictable. The AI behavior will be refined based on statistics and your feedback.

  • Improved decision-making system for taking cover, shooting from a place, going backwards, bend shooting and reloading.
  • AI will try to take cover if he sees the enemy or if someone opens fire at him.
  • Improved security check cover system.
  • Improved cover sniping behavior.
  • Improved AI hearing system.
  • Improved AI behavior, while using different types of weapons. Shots with shotguns and pistols will be attempted at a close range.
  • Added an attempt to hide from a player in a dangerous situation.
  • AI frag and stun grenades throwing system has been improved.
  • Now bots will aim longer and less accurately while moving.
  • Shooting, adjustment fire, visibility, hearing, reaction and a number of other parameters are changed.
  • Fixed various bugs when the AI is running at the player.
  • Fixed. Shooting in the player at the point-blank range, while standing in a player
  • Other various bugs fixed.

Fixes to locations

  • Interchange, AI can now see through the revolving doors of the main entrances.
  • Woods, the place where the character can get stuck is fixed (at the Sawmill, near the bench)
  • Woods, place where the character could lay under the water is fixed (near the scav resting place)
  • Woods, bunker gap is closed
  • Interchange, billboard that did not display bullet holes is fixed (IDEA market)

Visual fixes

  • Fixed SSAO strobing effect
  • The optics image is now drawing while aiming only
  • Black line glitch for flashlight on Factory is fixed


  • A rare bug when a hit on a character could not be counted is fixed
  • One of the game crashes while map loading is fixed
  • Now the player cannot shoot, while the animated action was started from the inventory (for example, discharging, loading weapons)
  • The statistics display corrections.
  • Errors occurring while playing on the Woods map
  • Looped jump bug fixed from the third person view, whilst geometry is blocking the players' jump above.
  • Corrected description of B-10M handguards
  • A bug with optics mode changing while shooting blind
  • The weapon icon hanging when transferring it while removing a weapon from the main weapon slot.
  • The sound of searching in various containers on the locations (it was only playing in one earpiece before)
  • A Bug that blocked interaction with weapons while changing weapons at the time of a grenade throw
  • A bug that didn't display the pain effect, while running with broken legs with painkillers effect.
  • A bug when the status “Killed in action” was transmitted if a player deserted a raid (Exit the raid using the menu button)
  • A bug with a character stuck in the pose of “inventory opened”, from a third person view, if you discharge a weapon and start to reload it while opening the inventory


  • Quest experience amount is increased.
  • Rebalancing of weapon mods (ergonomics, recoil).
  • The prices of some items, the cost of repair is changed.
  • First person helmet ricochet sounds are fixed
  • First person dying sounds are fixed
  • The first iteration of players' nicknames censoring; we plan to improve it in future.
  • “READY” button on the screen, after location selection was added.
  • Now the action “Run” and “Hold your breath” are divided into different keys.
  • You can now change the “dispose” key assignment (DELETE by default).
  • Now it's possible to rebolt bolt rifles later (after sending the bullet to the chamber, after firing with a sliding bolt rifles) while releasing the left mouse button or any button to which shooting is assigned: pressing - a shot, releasing the button - rebolting.
  • Now it is possible to activate several actions set to “hold”.
  • Breath holding is now appointed on the Left Alt button by a default.
  • Added a second column for key settings; now you can assign one action to several keys.
  • Added “Lazy Load” of dialogue s list for a large amount of dialogues. Increases interface performance
  • Now when a pre-order pack is upgraded, the difference in equipment will be sent via game mail, if the player already has an account.
  • In the weapons inspector, recoil info is now divided into horizontal and vertical.
  • Press packs are now equal to EoD packs
  • Fixed a lot of controls conflicts while aiming by “holding” a button. (For example, you can now use “step aside” feature while aiming down the sights by holding a button.)
  • Added an ability to assign items to the hotkeys quickly. You must hover the cursor on the item that placed in your pockets or tactical vest and press the button from 4 to 0 on the keyboard.

v0.10.2.2053 (26 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update of the client and the server

v0.10.2.2046 (25 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update of the game servers

v0.10.2.2015 (22 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update of the client

v0.10.2.2003 (18 Oct 2018)


  • Fixed physics bug that allowed players to push each other through the level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug that allowed player to get into level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug with airwalk
  • Fixed bug with scope zeroing depending on the settings of the FoV
  • Fixed the invisible players bug
  • Fixed bug of players spawning too close to each other
  • Fixed bug that prevented Scav players from having a designated exit
  • Fixed errors that occurred when players with Mosin rifle were killed
  • Now, if the weapon muzzle has entered object collision boundaries (e.g. of an oil drum), the bullets won't pass through from inside the object
  • An error that occurred if the player was killed while discarding a weapon
  • The sight reticles now behave correctly on the weapon tilt
  • Fixed bugs with door synchronization
  • Fixed icons for MPX magazine and glass lenses
  • Bug that made it impossible to select another quest at the end of the current one
  • Removed flaring on the Eotech Vudu sight
  • Fixed bug that displayed negative exit counter for the Scav players
  • Fixed the high penetration ammo damage detection bug

Fixes to locations

  • Fixed the collisions of the staircase railing at the health resort
  • Fixed bridge at the Customs, now dead bodies do not fall through it
  • Adjusted culling (hiding objects outside FOV) at the Customs in the area of the customs terminal
  • Closed collision hole at the Interchange
  • Closed collision hole in the rocks at the Woods
  • Adjusted Customs to eliminate the potential spots of bug-using Scav boss kills
  • Fixed the invisible wall in the health resort at the Shoreline
  • Adjusted the Interchange collision geometry.


  • Now you do not immediately connect to global chat on login, it's optional
  • Now the lobby screen only displays players looking for a group. If you want to find a group, you will need to click "look for a group"
  • The muzzle devices are now recognized when touching the walls and obstacles
  • Adjustments of the Sniper Rifles skill leveling

Known issues

  • Some players can spawn without weapon in hands when viewed from 3rd person perspective, it can be solved by changing the weapon

v0.10.1.1951 (12 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability

v0.10.1.1918 (9 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update to fix minor technical problems

v0.10.1.1898 (4 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update to fix minor technical problems

v0.10.1.1887 (1 Oct 2018)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability

v0.10.1.1879 (20 Sept 2018)


  • Fixed one more Nvidia Inspector exploit
  • Fixed weapon recoil in different FOV
  • Fix for re-binding the mouse0 button
  • Leveling of the Sniper Rifles skill through chambering bullets is now slower
  • Fix of the empty ammo casings falling through the level geometry
  • Fix of negative timer value when playing as Scav
  • Fixed the potential game crash bug that occurred if the player was killed while loading a cartridge into chamber of the Mosin rifle

v0.10.0.1870 (18 Sept 2018)


  • Improved network synchronization of doors
  • Synchronization of the corpses positions
  • Adjusted grenade synchronization
  • Improved synchronization of loot that gets dropped on location
  • Redesigned control settings system
  • New redesigned system of network interpolation (improving precision of movement, reducing delays)
  • Weapon parts and mods for SA-58
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • New Covert Movement skill
  • New graphics settings to limit the FPS in the game and the menu

AI Improvements

  • Adjustments of unalerted boss behavior
  • Fixed the bug that caused multiple bots to stand in one point one point while on patrol
  • Fixed the bug that caused boss and his detail to get stuck in the grenade throwing posture
  • Adjusted grenade throw, adjusted the angle of throw
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from checking their surroundings when stopping
  • The common bots are no longer aiming at the head
  • Bots who have heard the sound of a firefight, no longer look towards a potential target
  • Fixed the bug that caused the bot to search for a position on suppression request
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from reloading while providing suppression
  • Adjustments were made to bots' hearing, now they don't completely ignore the players behind their backs
  • Bots no longer shoot above them when they are prone


  • Looting items handling optimization
  • Shadow performance optimization
  • Procedural animations performance optimization
  • Optimization of network traffic consumption
  • Optimization of weapon modifications and weapons' models and LOD groups
  • Optimized character spawning in the raid, reduced frequency and severity of freezes on spawn
  • Fixed various bugs that were causing other cases of freezes


Fixes to locations

  • The curbstone near the new gas station that used to disappear prematurely
  • Fixed the problem of players getting behind the gate at the paid exit with an SUV at the Customs
  • Scav exit from the Factory now doesn't overlap with the safe
  • Fixed shadow geometry in one of the wall gaps in the Resort
  • Fixed the catch between the crates at the Factory that could get you stuck
  • Fixed loot, quest zones, and bugs in the nighttime Factory
  • Customs gas station culling correction
  • Culling correction of geometry behind the two-storeyed dorm at the Customs
  • Fixed sticking catch in the Resort, on the second floor of the West Wing
  • The Shoreline tower door can now be opened in both directions
  • Adjusted the Woods spawn points to avoid excessive spawn proximity
  • Corrections made to the toppled grenade box in the Woods
  • Fixed the Factory door that was causing the invulnerability glitch
  • Adjusted spawn points at the Customs
  • Fixed spawning algorithm errors that sometimes caused late and close spawns
  • Added new loot points and containers on the Shoreline
  • Interchange - bots can now see-through glass at the IDEA entrance
  • Flashing light at the sawmill
  • Flashing chemlights at the Interchange

Interface fixes

  • Fixed screen overlapping that sometimes occurred on server connection loss
  • Now the revert button only resets the current tab of the settings
  • The pointer does not disappear on the weapon modding screen
  • Fixed tutorial soft-lock learning on clicking Back
  • Weapons Inspector now displays the correct weapon accuracy
  • Resolution change now requires a confirmation
  • Settings now allow clearing of what has been assigned
  • The quick equip action (ALT+LMB) now plays a sound appropriate to the equipped item
  • Combining two stacks of rounds now plays an ammunition movement sound
  • It is now possible to cancel the editing of controls
  • Cash from the rewards screen now goes to stash on CTRL+LMB
  • If there were changes made to the settings, a confirmation window is displayed
  • The depleted consumable items now disappear from the Quick Access bar
  • Death count now gets updated in the stats after the raid
  • Fixed bug that kept the binding of items even after they were moved to a corpse
  • Timers don't twitch now (changed to a monospaced font)
  • Centered item pivots
  • While searching containers and corpses you now get to see how much space is occupied by the items that are not yet discovered
  • Fixed bug where extraction countdown would become negative
  • Bug with the Traders resupply timer not refreshing, now it is updated in a couple of minutes
  • Scav players now see the correct PMC name in the kill list if the dog tag was taken

Visual fixes

  • Now the vegetation is not disabled regardless of Nvidia Inspector settings
  • If there is a flashlight attached to the weapon, the weapon base doesn't cast a shadow
  • Removed the white stripe from HAMR while aiming
  • Density (brightness) of searchlights' Volumetric Light is reduced by half
  • Improved shader for glass visors
  • Fixed a visual bug of grass strobing during the rain
  • Fixed bug that sometimes made the grenade explosion invisible
  • Removed sun flare effect from reflex sights and scopes
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that led to problems in displaying scopes and reflex sights sights
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that caused weapons to shot off the reflex sights' reticles
  • Corrected laser dazzle, it now occurs if the ray is directed straight into the character's eyes
  • Adjusted the reflection intensity on materials of objects during cloudy or rainy weather
  • Raindrops now don't disappear from hands if the character gets shot
  • Fixed black reticles of certain sights
  • Visor shader is now correctly displayed in the fog
  • Fixed Elcan optics bug that allowed to zoom in perpetually
  • Fixed bug that caused night scope illumination to disappear when aiming at the glass
  • Corrected some inaccuracies and visual problems with movement and animations of the characters in the third person
  • Fixed a noticeable disappearance of another players' lights, depending on the perspective and distance
  • Fixed the reticle orientation in the reflex sights mounted in alternative positions
  • Fixed the bug that made reflex sight reticles invisible on smoke
  • Improved display of equipment on the characters (especially Scav) - reduced clipping
  • Fixed white spots on some of the weapon icons
  • Adjusted lighting effects at the Interchange
  • Helmet visors no longer shine in the dark
  • Fixed the distance of culling for helmets and headgear

Fixed various errors

  • Fixed one of the reasons for Error 228 while separating a stack of rounds
  • Bug when throwing grenades from the Quick Access toolbar
  • The error that occurred while quickly moving ammo from stash to crammed inventory
  • Various server errors that were causing desync
  • Various client errors that caused FPS to drop
  • The error that appeared on binding and use of the console key
  • The error of moving an object to another container, when it linked
  • The error that disabled the door interaction doors in offline mode after a single instance

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed sync of armor durability when armor is looted from a dead body
  • Fixed logic error in armor penetration calculation for bots
  • Fixed various bugs causing problems with registering hits
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the character to stand up while under some object
  • Fixed bug with discarded objects falling through the floor
  • A bug that breaks the interaction with doors and containers if the player has a grenade in hand
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect penetration of helmets and visors
  • Leaving the raid is now counted in the stats
  • A bug that made character stuck in the level geometry after reconnect
  • Bug with repeated door interaction on breach attempt
  • Bug with part of the cells remaining unsearched
  • A bug that changed the current resource of the passed first aid kit
  • Damage registration bug
  • A bug that caused the hands to freeze with lock pin in them if the grenade with removed pin were switched for something else
  • Fixed bug that had all character skills to max out
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused arm hits not to register
  • Fixed bug that caused discarded weapons to bounce
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to remain on the matchmaking screen after clicking on the "back" button while loading location, even after restarting the session
  • Fixed the bug that made medkit unusable if a player was injured during treatment
  • Fixed geometry clipping of sights in the camera, if the weapons have a sight installed at 45 degrees angle
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the player to keep the belongings after hitting Back when deployment to location has already started
  • Fixed inability to pass through a door sideways
  • Fixed ability to jump through the ceiling or the dorm to the floor above with a regular jump and leveled strength
  • It is now possible to move things for sale to a trader by dragging them
  • Fixed the bug that prevented discarding items from the stash
  • Fixed the bug that made the bodies twitch for a while after death
  • Fixed the bug of character corpse disappearing after reconnect
  • Fixed MTU002 Short Top foregrip filters fro SOK-12
  • Blind fire no longer allows you to shoot through walls
  • Bug with repeated opening of the door, that could make it open the other way
  • A bug that prevented a player from producing the death sounds in the first person, and there were no audible hits either
  • Fixed third-person arm-twisting when the character is getting ready to throw a grenade
  • Fixed bug with twisted hands with folded stock or in contact with the wall or other players
  • Fixed a bug of the "Gardening" quest part 1, where “Survive and exit from location" condition was not observed
  • Bug with an empty-handed player being unable to change weapons and use the equipment after a quick melee blow during the grenade throw
  • Various skill fixes
  • Various minor balancing fixes
  • Fixed rate of fire linked to FPS problem
  • Fixed desync bug when reloading shotgun shells
  • Reduced the amount of network lag on the death of other characters
  • Fixed a glitch with vests and secure containers which would make players invulnerable
  • A bug that swapped indoor sounds for outdoor sounds and back
  • Fixed a bug that would keep a weapon lifted in the air without any obstacles nearby
  • Player Scavs will now have their starting equipment examined by default


  • Increased chance of fracture from bullets and hits
  • Trader filters now hide all items that are not included in the filter
  • The armor Fence could not sell now gets removed faster
  • Removed animation of character pulling up to the doors, hoods, loot containers - except for knocking doors down
  • Added settings entries for screenshots and console
  • Enhanced the brightness of some reflex sights reticles
  • If you walk up to the wall or to another character, weapon gets lifted later. First, it is pulled closer to the body
  • In death from 3rd-person, the weapon now doesn't stay in the hands but drops down as if on a sling
  • Now the falling bodies of the killed take into account the velocity of the bullet
  • Pressing ESC in the settings menu after making changes to the settings will prompt you to save or discard the changes
  • If a player leaves the raid (Leave game via the ESC menu, not through the exit), his character dies on the server (not the case with the connection loss)
  • Reduced the frequency of thunder sounds
  • Now glass doesn't break when you're just passing near it
  • Added more information to some of the error messages

v0.9.2.1791 (4 Sept 2018)

  • Technical update aimed to improve game stability

v0.9.2.1741 (27 Aug 2018)

  • Minor technical issue fixes

v0.9.2.1727 (23 Aug 2018)

  • Technical update for improved game performance

v0.9.2.1719 (22 Aug 2018)

  • Partially fixed prone glitching
  • Improved game stability

v0.9.2.1642 (2 Aug 2018)

  • Fixed hit registration bug, that was discovered after patch 0.9
  • Fixed one of issues causing game to crash
  • Fixed various new glitches
  • Nvidia Highlights is now turn off by default, you may turn it back on in the settings of the game
  • Fixed bug of not receiving blunt damage

v0.9.1.1610 (27 Jul 2018)

  • Technical update for improved game performance

v0.9.1.1590 (20 Jul 2018)

  • Bots do not go into a state of endless healing
  • The amount of traded money from traders is correctly displayed
  • The boss and guards became a little more accurate
  • Removed priority to aim in the head for standard bots
  • Partially fixed a bug when the bots got into each other
  • Fixed errors in the algorithm of bots - they stopped moving and respond to what is happening
  • Fixed item duping (violators accounts were wiped)
  • Prohibition on the sale of containers with included items to the Fence

v0.9.0.1582 (19 Jul 2018)

  • Aimed to increase stability

v0.9.0.1580 (19 Jul 2018)

This update wiped player's stash. Weapon mastering and reputation was kept.


  • Added the first of planned Scav bosses, the Dealmaker His favorite haunts are dorms and gas station at the Customs. His leadership skills allowed the Dealmaker to easily pull together a posse of former factory workers. Well armed, they continue to force their own rules in Tarkov. The Dealmaker prefers to avoid fair fights, quickly retreating to a safe place and leaving his guys to deal with the enemy. The boss does not make an appearance on location every time, but with a certain chance.
  • Added flashbang grenades*
  • Added smoke grenades
  • Added Nvidia Highlights, recording episodes of your firefights, if your graphics card supports this technology.
  • Added armbands of basic colors, players can now pick the color to make it easier to tell friend from foe in combat.

New weapon modifications

  • Vulcan MG scope eyecup
  • EOtech Vudu 1-6 x scope
  • Nightforce 30mm Mount for sights installation
  • Armasight Vulcan MG bravo 3.5x night scope
  • Armasight installation base for Vulcan MG 3.5x
  • Zenith 2U Klesch Tactical flashlight
  • Annihilator flash hider for 7.62x39, 5.56x45, and 9mm
  • Bridge type mount for P226
  • Rubberized pistol grip for P226
  • EMOD stock
  • Salvo 12 sound moderator adapter for carbines SOK, VPO, etc.
  • SilencerCo Salvo 12 Sound moderator
  • Sig Sauer Romeo 4 reflex sight
  • Sig Sauer mount for Romeo sights series
  • 10-inch Alexander Arms rail mount
  • 3-inch Alexander Arms rail mount
  • Holosun HS401G5 reflex sight
  • MOE pistol grip for AK
  • Rifle length MK 10 handguard for AR-15 and compatible
  • 30 mm mount Burris-produced AR-P.E.P.R. for sights installation
  • Burris FullField TAC 30 1-4x24 scope
  • Combo Kit - handguard and gas tube by TROY Industries.
  • Raptor charging handle for AR-15 and compatibles
  • Zenit PT-1 stock
  • PT stock lock for AKM and AK-74
  • Izhmash 7.62x39 aluminum magazine for AK and compatibles, 10-round capacity
  • Bakelite 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 40-round capacity
  • Glock 18C 9x19 slide
  • Glock 18 9x19 barrel with compensator
  • Zhukov-S stock for AK
  • DS Arms Holland Type rear sight for SA-58
  • Foldable stock adapter for SA-58
  • Extreme Duty receiver cover for SA-58
  • TAPCO SAW-Style black pistol grip for SA-58
  • DS Arms "3 prong trident" 7.62x51 flash hider for SA-58
  • FAL/SA-58 7.62x51 20-round magazine
  • Handguard with rail mounts for SA-58
  • 280 mm 7.62x51 barrel for SA-58
  • F93 Pro Stock
  • LAS/TAC 2 Steiner tactical flashlight
  • Lightweight pistol grip for AR-15-compatible weapons
  • SE-5 Express tactical grip
  • Fab Defense UAS stock for AK
  • TAPCO SAW-Style pistol grip for SKS
  • TAPCO stock tube
  • Tapco INTRAFUSE polymer stock for SKS
  • Troy QARS mounts

New equipment

  • Armored visor for Kiver helmet
  • BNTI Kirasa-N body armor
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (mobile)
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (assault variant)
  • IOTV Gen4 body armor (full protection)
  • 5.11 Tactec armor-plated vest
  • Blackhawk! Commando Chest Harness
  • Ana Tactical Beta 2 Combat pack
  • Momex balaclava
  • LShZ Helmet
  • GP-5 Gasmask
  • 6B34 ballistic glasses
  • GSSh-01 active headphones
  • Deadly Skull mask
  • Shattered lightweight reinforced mask
  • DEVTAC Ronin ballistic helmet
  • Pompon hat
  • Miltec boonie
  • Bandana
  • Neoprene face mask
  • Shemagh(v. 2)
  • USEC Cap black
  • BEAR Cap black
  • Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIA Helmet Olive
  • Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIA Helmet Black
  • Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA Helmet Coyote Tan
  • Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA Helmet Black
  • Armband (yellow)
  • Armband (green)
  • Armband (blue)
  • Armband (red)
  • Armband (white)

New weapons

  • GLOCK 18C 9x19 pistol
  • DS Arms SA-58 OSW Para 7.62x51

Added new quests

  • 5 Mechanic quests
  • 4 Ragman quests
  • 5 Skier quests

Added new containers and new loot on locations

  • Factory
  • Woods
  • Customs

Added new paid exits on the maps

  • Customs
  • Interchange


  • Adjusted loot spawn chances on all maps
  • Price rebalance for weapons, grenades, weapon mods
  • Increased price of powerful ammo
  • Vests and headsets can now be put into item case
  • Increased internal size of ammo case (now 6x6)
  • Reduced mouse sensitivity when aiming through high magnification scopes
  • Changed some quest rewards
  • Changed some quest requirements
  • Changed Alpha vest configuration
  • Increased penetration of SP-5 and SP-6 rounds
  • Various adjustments of weapon mods and armor parameters
  • Improved the behavior of individual AI enemies
  • Optimized geometry of level objects
  • Improved collection of crash dumps

Additional changes

  • Further freezes and stuttering fixes
  • Further improvement of anti-cheat, work on disconnects associated with anti-cheat
  • Further optimization of the graphical and functional component (preparation for the animation optimization phase)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Increased rate of leveling for weapon mastery, weapon skills, and MagDrills
  • Increased stash size for all players
  • Reputation with traders is retained on wipe
  • Weapon mastering is retained on wipe
  • Reduced tracer size and brightness
  • Reduced dirt and distortions on visors
  • Silencer parameters and price balancing adjustments

Fixed issues

  • Fixed various glitches
  • Lack of visibility and audibility of shots from SR-1MP for other players
  • Armor now stops the bullet flight correctly (if there was no penetration)
  • Fixed incorrect dimensions of certain items
  • Other visual fixes

v0.8.7.1479 (29 Jun 2018)

  • Minor update, aimed for increasing stability of the build

v0.8.7.1473 (29 Jun 2018)

  • Various fixes of colliders on maps
  • Fixes of server-side collision handling on locations
  • Shoreline optimization
  • Game client stability improvement, reducing crash cases

v0.8.7.1454 (27 Jun 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.7.1448 (27 Jun 2018)

  • Fixed visual issues at Customs and Shoreline locations
  • Additional map optimization for Customs and Shoreline
  • Fixed AI waypoints at Customs and Shoreline
  • One more update of the anticheat system
  • Increased client stability

v0.8.6.1442 (25 Jun 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.6.1424 (22 Jun 2018)

  • Shoreline location optimization
  • Customs location optimization
  • Fixes of Interchange issues
  • New properties: armor materials and their repairability
  • New armor property - blunt damage (damage without penetration)
  • Minor Scav head LOD fix
  • AI spawn with visor down
  • Minor freezes, effects culling

v0.8.5.1391 (14 Jun 2018)

  • Technical update of client, to fix the issues with game crashes

v0.8.5.1379 (13 Jun 2018)

  • Item binds reset, that was placed in pockets, after spawning in raid
  • Bug, which allowed to give all your money for a quest. Now, money won't be transferred if there is more then needed.

v0.8.5.1369 (8 Jun 2018)

  • Technical update

v0.8.5.1359 (8 Jun 2018)

  • Anticheat system update
  • Fixed pistol container glitches
  • Fixed secure container glitches
  • Fixed item transfer hotkeys
  • AI Scavs now don't snap shoot at players who took cover behind a wall
  • Selling non-empty containers is now prohibited (including barter)

Quest changes

  • In quests that required long item grinding, added ability to turn them in partially, not all at once (with few exceptions).
  • Removed all timed conditions, difficulty adjusted by increasing current task requirements.
  • Heavy armor Ragman quest conditions were toned down, now you need to bring one piece in mint condition and one under 50% durability.
  • Introduced the dogtag level limitations to some of the quests that previously allowed any dogtags.

v0.8.4.1285 (18 May 2018)

  • Minor fixes

v0.8.3.1274 (11 May 2018)


  • AI Scavs at Interchange
  • 5 Mechanic trader quests
  • 17 Ragman trader quests
  • New mods for M1A and other weapons
  • New barter items

New weapon mods

  • Colt M4 front sight
  • Colt M4 Length handguard for AR-15-compatible systems
  • LMT Sopmod stock
  • Handle/rear sight for AR-15-compatible systems
  • Stock body for MC20-01 and compatibles
  • 50-round 7.62x51 mm X-14 magazine for M14
  • 30-round 7.62x51 mm magazine for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) pistol grip for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock body for M14
  • CASV 14 mount for M14
  • M14 DCSB mount for M14
  • UTG 4 point locking deluxe mount for M14
  • Arms 18 mount for M14
  • Mini Scout mount for M14
  • Ultimak M8 mount for M14
  • Archangel mount for M1A
  • Phantom 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Vortex DC 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Good iron 7.62x51 muzzle break for M14
  • JP Enterprises tactical compensator 7.62x51 for M14
  • National Match 7.62x51 muzzle brake for M1A
  • 558mm barrel for M1A and compatible 7.62x51
  • SA National Match .062 blade front sight for M1A and compatibles
  • Troy S.A.S.S. Chassis for M14


  • VAL folding stock bug
  • other minor fixes


  • New loot containers at Factory
  • ammo balancing (armor damage factor)
  • Increased AP on some body armor and helmets (combined with ammo changes body armor becomes more effective, depending on ammo)
  • decreased prices for ammo and meds containers (100000 cheaper)
  • Changed prices and spawn chances for some of the items
  • Changes in some trading schemes

Known issues

  • If the player discards a container with medicine that was being used, the slot gets blocked, as well as ability to heal
  • Incorrect progress bar for splint
  • Rain drops disappear from character's hands if character gets hit with a bullet

v0.8.2.1235 (26 Apr 2018)

  • Fixes of the Interchange location
  • Fixed Object reference error
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill progress
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill bonus
  • Adjusted damage absorption of armor while using tactical vests with armor plates
  • Fixed ammo counter display upon check of remaining ammo
  • Fixed loyalty level display. Now correct level of loyalty is reflected for items that are unlocked during quests
  • EOTECH sights' reticles now have no “noise” effect
  • Correct fire lighting at the Interchange location
  • Jumps are not counted for Strength skill upgrade
  • Strength skill bonuses reduced 25%
  • Fixed visual hyper lighting at spawn at the Interchange location
  • The rain sound indoors at the Interchange is now more quiet
  • Shoreline swamp spawn is moved to a safer place
  • Customs spawn at the accommodation unit by the fuel storage is moved to a safer place
  • Spawn adjustments at the Interchange location
  • Face hit box corrected according to community feedback
  • Fixed bug that allowed to remove negative limp effect by reentering the raid
  • Now all open container windows are closed when switching between tabs
  • Fixed notification about amount of cash required at the paid exit zone of the evacuation was already paid for
  • Unrealistic scav behavior is fixed

v0.8.1.1213 (21 Apr 2018)


  • Fixed movement down stairs and inclined surfaces
  • Fixed bug with "back" button in settings
  • Visual fixes of helmet visors
  • Various visual fixes of Interchange
  • Contusion effect fixes

v0.8.0.1208 (19 Apr 2018)

This update wiped player levels and stashes


  • Basic tutorial
  • Loading and unloading ammo rounds now require time
  • Now, the character doesn't initially know the number of cartridges in the magazine. Check the magazine to see the ammo remaining. Check precision depends on the Mag Drills skill. A full description of the expected behavior can be found here
  • Time-consuming loading/unloading of ammo
  • Loading/unloading of ammo into the magazine does not happen instantly. The time required to load/unload one cartridge may vary depending on the magazine and the level of the new skill, Mag drills.
  • Time is spent on loading and unloading ammo in the raid only, in the menu the procedures stay the same as before.
  • Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading).
  • Only one magazine can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously.
  • The Info window displays the loading/unloading and mag check speed bonus if it is not 0.
  • If you've started loading an empty mag, or unloading a full one, the precise number of rounds is displayed.
  • Checking mags, hidden precise number of cartridges in the magazine
  • By default, it is unknown how many cartridges are in the mag, if it is not examined (hereinafter referred to as "Unknown/Checked"). Mag counter displays an unknown number of cartridges. For example: (?/30)
  • Check accuracy is determined by new "Mag Drills" skill.
  • The magazine can be checked either by animation - Alt+T or through the interface by Right-clicking and selecting Check magazine.
  • If you checked the number on the 0 skill level, then it returns "~empty" - "<1/2" - "~1/2" - ">1/2" - "~full". As skill level 1 an approximate number will be shown. On level 2 - the precise amount of ammo will be provided.
  • Full and empty mags are considered to be checked.
  • All the magazines you take into the raid are checked automatically.
  • Loading/unloading a checked mag doesn't change the state, it remains checked.
  • After firing, the number of cartridges in the magazine become unknown.
  • Ammo check precision now depends on the Mag Drills skill, not on Weapon Mastering.
  • Outside of the raid, the number of cartridges is always displayed precisely.
  • If you have dropped a checked mag and picked it back up, it remains checked. If someone picked it up and dropped it again, it becomes unknown to you.

Checking the chamber

  • The chamber also requires checking. Only by animation using the key binding Shift + T.
  • If you load the cartridge into an unknown chamber, it automatically becomes checked.
  • If the shot was fired from a checked mag (first shot), the chamber remains checked. Otherwise, it becomes unknown as well.
  • New skill Mag Drills:
  • Speeds up ammo loading
  • Speeds up ammo unloading
  • Speeds up magazine checks in inventory
  • Elite levels allow you to automatically check the mag when you move it in inventory, and make loading even faster.
  • Black version of the Ops-Core Fast helmet
  • Visor toggle mechanics with all audio and visual effects and protection
  • A new type of reward for quests completion - unlocking items for purchase
  • A new type of trade barter - for dog tags.
  • A new type of tactical vest, with armor plates
  • Antialiasing options (2x, 4x) in graphics settings. Attention! Recommended only for high-performance PC rigs.
  • Mechanic trader quests
  • New trader, Ragman

New location

  • Interchange


  • Ski hat with eye slits
  • Cold Fear Infrared Balaklava
  • Ghost Balaklava
  • UX PRO Hat
  • Fleece tactical hat
  • Cowboy hat
  • RayBench Hipster Reserve Glasses
  • Dundukk Sport sunglasses
  • Round glasses
  • Police cap
  • BEAR Cap
  • USEC Cap
  • Shemagh
  • Sordin MSA Supreme PRO-X/L Active headphones


  • Tactical shoulder bag 3x2
  • VKBO army duffel bag 4x2
  • SSO Attack 2 Raid Backpack 5x7

Tactical Vests

  • ANA Tactical M2 Armor plated vest
  • Wartech Chest Rig MK3 TV-104 Tactical chest rig

Body armor

  • BNTI Gzhel-K Body Armor
  • MF-UNTAR Body Armor


  • ZSH-1-2M helmet in plain and black cover
  • Armored visor for ZSH-1-2M helmet
  • Altyn helmet
  • Armored visor for Altyn helmet
  • SSSh-94 SPHERA-S helmet
  • Tarkov UN Force helmet
  • 6B47 Helmet in a camouflage cover

Weapon modifications

  • M1A Socom 16 Mount
  • Nightforce 34mm Mount for installation of sights with Multimount
  • Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Scope
  • Nightforce 34mm Mount for sights installation
  • B-3 twin mount
  • Rotor 43 5.56x45 Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 .366TKM Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 7.62x39 Muzzle brake
  • Rotor 43 9x19 Muzzle brake
  • Fab Defense GL Shock Stock
  • Spike tactical dynacomp 7.62x39 AK Muzzle brake
  • Strike industries TRAX 2 Foregrip
  • Strike industries Bride Rail
  • Strike industries keymod 6 inch Rail
  • Strike industries keymod 4 inch Rail
  • Strike industries TRAX 1 Foregrip
  • Glock 9x19 Moto Cut Slide
  • B&T rail for MP5
  • XRSU47SU Tactical Foregrip for AKS-74U
  • Aluminum foregrip for MP5 (TL-99)
  • 10-round PMAG GEN M3 10 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
  • 30-round PMAG GEN M3 30 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
  • 30-round Pmag 30 AK74 GEN M3 5.45x39 magazine for AK and compatibles
  • 30-round SR3M.130 9x39 magazine for SR3M
  • 10-shell SAI-02 12x76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatibles


  • Ammo case
  • Medicine case


  • Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51
  • Remington 870
  • APS
  • APB
  • AKS-74N
  • AK-74M
  • AK 100 Series

AI Improvements

  • Fixed bug when bots were trying to attack the player who exited location


  • Optimization of Shoreline location
  • Client and server optimizations for handling physics
  • Reduced network latency


  • The bug that allowed to quickly press sprint button thus moving faster without draining the character's stamina
  • Bug with getting damage when falling on a destroyed legs
  • Various fixes to the current skills
  • Generated set of scav exits at Factory that was always closed/required a key. Now there is at least one exit that doesn't require a key.
  • Correct display of the current armor state over the network
  • Twisted hands of killed characters
  • Various bugs related to sound audibility over great distances
  • The lower left corner of the weapon icon now shows its caliber
  • If you examine an item at trader or on the body, the equivalent item in the inventory will now get known automatically
  • Examining now goes in parallel on client and server (formerly required a response from the server)
  • The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the mag
  • The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the pile of the same ammo in your inventory
  • Kill List works offline now
  • Armor customization window now displays the resulting armor characteristics according to the installed armor mods.


  • All mod slots in Weapons inspector are now displayed on one screen without scrolling
  • Additional exceptions to the installation of mods on weapons and equipment
  • Rebalance of trader unlock conditions
  • Ammo rebalance (specifications, prices, levels of loyalty)
  • Rebalance of the items' value, their characteristics, the occupied cells (weapons, armor, mods, gear)
  • Adjusted chances of items' spawn on locations
  • Partially redesigned rewards for quests
  • Removed skill rollback
  • Added missing numeric values to weapons characteristics
  • Improved rendering of weapons in modification mode
  • Bitcoins can now be stored in money cases
  • The flashlight light ray (cookie) was replaced with a more convenient one
  • Fixed PMCs spawn points at Factory
  • Changed first Skier quest “Supplier”
  • The movement of weapons and hands when turning became more lifelike and more tied to weight and weapons' ergonomics
  • Helmet damage mechanics - modular hit zones (including face area)
  • Redesigned the sounds of movement on thin metal
  • Basic recoil increased by 20%
  • Different sound settings for active headphones (item)
  • Interface adjustments to improve the readability of texts
  • A chance to get a fracture when hit increased 10%
  • A chance to get fractured after fall increased 20%
  • Aimpunch is strongly reduced
  • Mods now have various micro-icons
  • Global time rate increased to x7 compared to real-time
  • Available traders' window redesign

Known issues

  • If the magazine of a pump-action shotgun is not examined, it can't be reloaded
  • Firing rate is dependent on FPS, this issue will be rectified soon, in one of the next upcoming patches
  • If there is no space in the backpack and you unwrap the ammo pack, it will lead to the blocking of inventory
  • Visual bugs of the new location caused by new optimization system will be getting fixed over extensive live testing
  • Game physics was redesigned, hence possible related bugs (obstructed movement in tight passages, other movement bugs)
  • "Back" button in the settings can block the interface, to correct this problem it is necessary go to settings, change the language to any other and click "Save".

v0.7.9.1073 (24 Mar 2018)

  • Small technical update of client

v0.7.8.1039 (14 Mar 2018)


  • Server optimizations


  • Vertical positioning of sound source
  • Improved grenade throw sync
  • Now players won't spawn close to other players
  • Bug that displayed spawning characters as flying in the air
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs related to weapon reload
  • Improved network synchronization of doors
  • Flare on first activation of flashlights/laser designators

v0.7.7.1027 (9 Mar 2018)

  • This Update was rolled back a few hours after its release due to technical issues
  • Small technical update

v0.7.6.993 (28 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed various server errors
  • Fixed various client errors
  • Improved game client stability
  • Fixed bug that prevented character from receiving kill experience
  • Fixed bug that didn't show killed characters in kill list
  • Fixed bug that caused hands lock on MP5 reload


  • Optimized light sources

v0.7.5.976 (23 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed localization of game, old messages from traders might still looking wrong
  • Fixed kill list of killed enemies at the end of match
  • Minor fix of one of the locations visuals

v0.7.4.972 (22 Feb 2018)


  • Increased weapon sway in the unaimed mode to reduce the hip-fire accuracy
  • New helmet 6B47
  • NSPU-M Night scope
  • The Rotor 43 tube adapter for AS Val
  • Surefire XC1 Tactical flashlight
  • Glock Tactical GL21 combined flashlight and laser designator block
  • Hera Arms CQR Tactical grip
  • Hera Arms CQR Pistol grip
  • Vendetta precision VP-09 Muzzle brake
  • Added mechanics for weapons mods exception and installation prevention. At the moment, for test purposes, it is only implemented on the new weapons and mods.
  • Added 5 new Therapist quests
  • Added maps of “Azure Coast” health resort and the Shoreline location
  • New trader, Mechanic
  • Glock 17 Gen3 9x19 in standard issue kit and over 30 mods for it, including:
  • Alpha Wolf threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Lone Wolf
  • Threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Double Diamond
  • Threaded barrel for Glock 9x19 manufactured by Salient Arms
  • Barrel with compensator for Glock 17 9x19
  • Glock 9x19 Viper Cut slide
  • Glock Alpha Wolf slide
  • Glock Alpha Wolf Custom slide
  • Glock Zev Tech Hex Gen3 slide
  • Glock Zev Tech Hex Spartan slide
  • PS9 polymer80 slide
  • Double Diamond 9x19 flash hider
  • Decelerator 3 Port 9x19 Compensator
  • Alpha Wolf bullnosed 9x19 Compensator
  • Carver Custom 4 Port 9x19 Compensator
  • Lone Wolf 9 9x19 Compensator
  • Strike Industries G4 slide compensator 9x19
  • Pmag GL9 9x19 magazine
  • SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9x19, 50 rounds capacity
  • "Big Stick" magazine for Glock 9x19
  • Glock ZEV Tech Front sight
  • Glock ZEV Tech Rear sight
  • Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock front sight
  • Dead Ringer Snake Eye Glock rear sight
  • Truglo TFX Glock front sight
  • Truglo TFX Glock rear sight
  • Aimtech Glock base mount
  • Aimtech Tiger Shark mount
  • UM Tactical UM3 mount
  • Fischer Development FD917 silencer
  • Pachmayr Tactical rubberized plate


  • Server performance optimization
  • The first iteration of the network code optimization is complete


  • Visual artifacts when switching magnification modes on certain optical sights
  • Insurance now displays the correct time remaining until return, if it exceeds the 24 hours
  • Fixed bugs with gaining trader loyalty levels and its correct display on screen
  • Quick access pane is now properly displayed in the raid with the option "always show UI elements"
  • The Complete and OK buttons are no longer duplicated
  • The stack separation window now shows the total number of stack items (previously capped at to 4 characters)
  • Location deployment time increased to 20 seconds
  • When moving from the letter, money is now moved to the stash via CTRL + CLICK
  • At the lobby screen, your friends now appear just below your nickname
  • At the item transfer screen, you can now open containers, vests, backpacks, etc.
  • The number of deaths and kills in the statistics is no longer duplicated
  • Now the kill counts correctly if the victim has died from subsequent bleeding
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed using a weapon from secure container
  • Fixed other glitches, allowing the use of a weapon that cannot be subsequently looted
  • Fixed various bugs that reduced the game performance
  • Adjusted the prone character physics (the ability to see through walls while prone)
  • Fixed unarmed character animation


  • Reduced value of dogtags by 30%
  • Reduced characteristics of some helmets and body armor
  • Increased the damage of 9x19mm cartridges
  • Changed the spawn chances for certain items
  • Increased image saturation
  • ALT + click now sets equipment into the free character slot
  • Changed priority of item moving
  • CTRL + CLICK now moves any magazine immediately into the vest/chest rig
  • Any item obtained through trade or modification of weapons will be moved to character's stash
  • Character can try to jump with broken legs or legs with 0 hp, takes damage when landing
  • You can no longer hold breath without aiming
  • Friends are displayed on top of the global chat
  • Changed the relation between stamina recovery and the amount of stamina remaining, depending on the amount of energy the character has. At 0 energy stamina recovers more slowly and being spent faster

v0.7.3.928 (6 Feb 2018)


  • Fixed several cases of game crashes
  • Increased client stability

v0.7.2.921 (2 Feb 2018)


  • Bug that caused parts of the weapon to move during gestures
  • Increased server stabilization
  • Quick-slashing with melee now drains stamina
  • Scav timer decreased to 20 minutes (was 30)

v0.7.1.910 (1 Feb 2018)

  • Fixed global chat

v0.7.0.905 (1 Feb 2018)


  • Redesigned door interaction, the doors open and close faster now


  • Physics processing optimization


  • Bug that changed the size of weapons according to changes in FOV
  • Fixed night vision device visuals with FOV 75
  • Bug that prevented the flare effect when character was facing direct laser sighting device ray
  • Correct experience gained upon quest completion
  • Correct display of cash remaining in stash while trading
  • Bug that made it impossible to leave something in the same spot where something was already left by somebody else
  • Various fixes of visuals on locations
  • Introduced several fixes to issues that were causing errors in the game client
  • Correct recalculation of the equivalent item price upon removing it from sale space


  • Trader menu can now be opened by clicking anywhere in the trader info frame
  • Open container windows (with contents of backpacks, vests etc) now can't be moved outside the screen
  • Tomahawk swinging depletes stamina now
  • Changed BEAR character T-shirt color
  • Changed the pistol position when you stand close to the wall

v0.6.8.891 (26 Jan 2018)


  • More stable version of the server

v0.6.7.883 (25 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed multiple query send on repair and insure
  • Fixed sprint sound muting after jumps
  • Fixed reconnect error
  • Decreased character air control
  • Fixed culling group error which could lead to game crash
  • Fixed errors linked to sounds in offline game mode
  • Other minor client and server fixes

v0.6.6.877 (23 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed reload exception on server
  • Fixed door IDs on maps
  • Fixed UI error while exiting location
  • Fixed door scripts which generated bot malfunctions
  • Improved server ballistics
  • Fixed Fence overcapacity errors

v0.6.5.876 (22 Jan 2018)


  • Load process halt before profile load
  • Errors after player's death
  • Null soundbank check
  • Errors while looting the lootcontainers
  • Increased Fence stash size by 30%
  • Chat malfunction error

v0.6.4.872 (22 Jan 2018)


  • Weapon initialization fail when reconnect
  • Game starting error when reconnect

v0.6.3.871 (21 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed bug preventing players from using offline mode
  • Updating of servers with various stabilization corrections

v0.6.2.869 (20 Jan 2018)


  • Disappearing corpses after reconnection
  • Bug that caused players hand to lock up when checking a 4-round magazine in the TOZ-106
  • Fixed Error 228 when loading ammo

v0.6.0.861 (19 Jan 2018)


  • Additional small passage area at the Customs
  • Extended spawn area in the outskirts of the Woods
  • New ammo 7.62x51 MM M61 (armor piercing) 7.62x51 MM M62 (tracer)

AI Improvements

  • Bots now correctly close the doors that hinder their passage
  • Fixed the bug that allowed bots to occupy the same position
  • Reduced accuracy of AI grenade throws


  • Server performance optimization
  • Skills tab loading optimization
  • Minor optimization of locations


  • Server errors potentially leading to disconnects and desync
  • Bug that changed the extraction points after reconnect
  • Bug that displayed “The price has been changed" error while trading
  • Perception skill progress is now counted properly for long in-raid times
  • Bug with SMG skill ergonomics bonus
  • Bug with Sniper Rifle skill recoil bonus
  • Correct item examining speed bonus
  • Bug with looting sound hangup
  • Bug related to profile processing on reconnect
  • Bug in helmet level-dependent earpiece functioning
  • Bug related to profile saving
  • Redesigned player spawn points at the Woods location
  • Visual and functional fixes of locations
  • Bug that prevented the second beacon installation attempt if the character was killed during the first one
  • Adjustments of the quest mechanics
  • Quest skill level requirement detection bug
  • Bug with insurance disappearing
  • A number of bugs related to the screens' overlapping
  • Part of the bugs associated with hands deadlocking while opening doors
  • Various effects fixes
  • Adjusted helper point of the Attention skill (not shown while aiming, works only with single loot items)
  • Various fixes associated with sounds
  • Minor interface fixes
  • Bug fixes that affect performance
  • Now, killing members of your own group during group raid won't affect the progress of quests with kills goal
  • Bug that caused a group of players to spawn on each other's heads


  • Perception skill now increases with objects that you have picked up, not just discovered
  • The game can now only be run through the launcher
  • Added window mode selection to the launcher settings (exclusive fullscreen, borderless) ( - In launcher settings)
  • Pressing O once now displays the session end timer, pressing it twice shows the list of extraction points
  • 10 minutes before the end of the raid, the timer will turn red
  • Added high ping notification (upper right corner). It will be displayed if the ping exceeds 100.

v0.5.4.823 (30 Dec 2017)


  • Fixed flooding error with dynamix decals;
  • Fixed bug with missing loaded ammo before the raid;
  • Fixed critical load error (cartridge error);
  • Altered key spawns chances.

v0.5.3.822 (29 Dec 2017)


  • Fixed errors that caused disconnects in particular conditions
  • Scope zeroing error with non-standard FOV
  • Scopes visuals fix
  • Fixed errors that occurred on destruction of hands holding melee or throwable weapons
  • Fixed display of composite items at traders'
  • Fixed errors on death/kill
  • Fixed errors with dynamic decals leading to FPS drops
  • Removed matching queue limitation that caused error 605
  • Fixed server crashes on reload
  • Visual improvements of thermal scope
  • Fixed critical backend error related to ammo loading

v0.5.2.817 (28 Dec 2017)


  • Ammunition info window now features a separate caliber field
  • Optimized insurance price request
  • Looting sound is now emitted from the center of a looted object
  • Looting sound volume decreased
  • Fixed problem with disappearing movement noise
  • Fixed the painkiller consumption error that occurred while armed with melee weapons

v0.5.1.815 (27 Dec 2017)


  • Fix of the server errors that caused hang-up at the Awaiting Session screen
  • Smuggler's Boat extraction point is now displayed on the map
  • For convenience of identification dogtags now have enemy nicknames as item name instead of just “Dogtag”
  • Correct chat display of “care package” sent to player if total worth of items in inventory is less than 20000 RUB
  • Fixed pivot points for some items
  • Correct display of timer for chance extraction points
  • Healing and looting notifications are now shown in online game
  • Fixed vegetation shader
  • Close option will no longer be displayed with dead body/jacket
  • Various fixes of the game server
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of flare on one of the Customs extraction points
  • Fixed incorrect season of the year in weather settings (the daytime was too short)
  • All sights and scopes are by default set to minimum zeroing distance
  • Potential fixes of noiseless steps problem
  • Fixes of visual distortion of lines in reflex sights
  • Balancing fixes of loot tables and AI equipment
  • Other fixes and optimizations.

v0.5.0.811 (26 Dec 2017)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

New weapons

  • SR-1MP
  • AKMS
  • AKMN
  • TOZ-106


  • Trijicon REAP-IR thermal imaging sight
  • Ops-Core Fast MT SUPER HIGH CUT Helmet
  • Helmet customization, at this stage including enhancement of Ops-Core Fast helmet capabilities through selection of its modular parts.
  • Ops-Core Fast GUNSIGHT Mandible - additional armor piece for the helmet (+20 pts)
  • Extra Ops-Core Fast Side Armor - additional armor piece for the helmet (+10 pts)
  • Ops-Core FAST RAC Helmet Headset - active headset for the helmet
  • Ops-Core FAST Visor for the helmet (acts like glasses)
  • Ops-Core FAST multi-hit ballistic face shield and visor (+1 armor class, acts as glasses as well)
  • Number of inventory slots taken up by weapon now depends on installed mods
  • Folding and unfolding stocks now reflects on number of storage slots taken up by weapon
  • New points of deployment and extraction on locations, they can only be chosen if the character has a location map in the inventory
  • New headwear slots, allowing to combine glasses, masks, helmets and headsets
  • Dogtags, a new slot of the dead character body, which holds the identification tags with nickname, level, and affiliation of the character.
  • A list of characters you killed during session. If you kill a character and gather his dogtag, the player information will appear in the end-session kill list.
  • Complete Shoreline location
  • Peacekeeper quests, new Skier quests

New Mental category skills

  • Perception
  • Attentiveness
  • Memory

New Combat category skills

  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • automatic and assault rifles
  • shotguns
  • DMRs
  • sniper rifles
  • light machine guns
  • recoil control


  • Redesigned weapon mastering
  • Adjusted scopes, added scope zeroing

AI Improvements

  • Bots can now go prone
  • While playing as Scav, you can use gestures to interact with the bots (gestures "follow me", "forward", "stop")
  • Adjusted sniper bots behavior
  • Improved ambush points search
  • Fixed part of bugs causing bots teleporting through the doors
  • Fixed part of bugs where bots got stuck on ladders


  • Server optimizations


  • Double grenades throw bug
  • Invisible grenade throw bug
  • Bug that kept playing outdoor sounds in Factory
  • Bug that allowed more than one player to buy an item sold to the trader
  • A bug which allowed loading one into chamber with loaded magazine
  • Bug with visuals of rain
  • Fixed container interaction colliders (bags, boxes, safes, etc.)
  • Bug with shots not going through chainlink fences
  • Bug with bullet ballistic trajectory calculation
  • Correct display of the required barter items number
  • Minor fixes to locations


  • When completing time-limited quests, when the conditions are met before the limit, the timer stops and the quest can be turned in at any time
  • Double click now opens container itself and not container inspector
  • Now, when you drag an object onto the backpack, vest or container - it gets put into it automatically
  • Visually adjusted melee weapon strikes

Pre-Patch Madness (20 Dec 2017)

  • Due to upcoming wipe, all items from traders were discounted 99%. (later changed to 50%)

v0.4.2.717 (29 Nov 2017)


  • Server optimization
  • Data loading process optimization


  • Most of the problems causing the so-called “immortality effect”, particularly those related to player getting stuck on serve
  • Fixed several server-side bugs
  • Various fixes of trading interfaces and backend

v0.4.1.706 (22 Nov 2017)


  • The night version of the Factory location (can be selected by switching the time of day before entering the raid)
  • New barter items
  • Izhmash 6L10 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Kiba Arms VDM CS Gas tube
  • Wooden Izhmash AKM pistol grip for AK
  • Izhmash 7.62x39 AKMS aluminium magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Black Magpul RVG tactical grip
  • Krebs Custom UFM Keymod System handguard for AKM
  • Zenit DTK-4M muzzle brake
  • Tromix Monster Claw 12ga muzzle brake
  • Palm 30 7.62x39 magazine for AK and compatibles, 30-round capacity
  • Saiga-9 9x19 carbine
  • Fortis Shift Vertical Grip tactical grip
  • New containers for weapons, items, money, keys


  • RAM consumption optimization
  • Optimization of traffic and connection stability


  • Bug that twisted Scavs' hands
  • Bug that caused the game to hang at black screen after character's death
  • Bug when player who has been killed by a headshot could not see who was the killer
  • Fire now deals damage on Shoreline location
  • Disappearing quest items upon reconnection
  • Bug that displayed voice command binding
  • Bug with quick voice command disappearing after you have cured only one negative effect out of several
  • Bug with visuals of rain and soaking
  • Fixed part of the bugs, which caused the spawning characters to “fly” from zero point to spawn points
  • Bug with mail messages loading
  • Bug with incorrect quest status
  • Fixes and optimizations for water visuals
  • Fixed double abdominal damage


  • The Runner status now gets added to the survivals in statistics
  • Changed conditions and reduced chances of getting bleeding and fractures

v0.4.0.580 (27 Oct 2017)

This update wiped player levels and stashes

Added over 70 new items, including

  • AK-systems now have spare gas tubes. Thanks to that, the customization potential of AK (including Vityaz SMG) has significantly increased
  • New 7.62x39 ammo
  • New 5.56x45 ammo
  • New 366 TKM ammo
  • New barter items
  • New headwear
  • Kolpak 1S shockproof helmet
  • Module 3M body armor
  • Pilgrim travel backpack (5x7)
  • Wartech load bearing equipment (TV-109, TV-106) (2x2, 1x2, 1x2, 1x1,1x1)
  • Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 HI flashlight
  • SKS-OP added for sale
  • Rail mounts for modding handguards of LVOA and other Key Mod
  • New Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 optical sight
  • added a blind-fire functionality (ALT+W up, ALT+D to the side)
  • Added function of folding/unfolding stock (ALT+L).
  • Added full system of gestures and commands. Commands now bound to controls keys. Dynamic commands
  • AKM
  • VPO-209
  • VPO-136
  • DVL 10 M1 "SABOTEUR" with silencer
  • Some of the new weapon body kits

AI improvements

  • Adjusted AI hearing
  • Bots now have the chance to see the grenade thrown at them and try to run away
  • Changed vegetation colliders for AI sight. Now bots will see through vegetation correctly.
  • Bots react to bullets that fly near them
  • Fixed bug of bots not throwing grenades
  • Added new spawn spots
  • Bots can start tracking you now
  • Expanded bot patrol zones
  • Changed the mechanics of bots aiming at particular body parts
  • Bots now use flashlights at night
  • If player uses a flashlight, the chance of being spotted by bots increases


  • Optimization of RAM
  • Optimization of Customs location
  • Fixed one of the problems causing memory leak
  • Optimization of traffic
  • Fixed part of the cases causing freezes


  • Bug where melee weapons caused no damage with fast hit (double hit of melee weapon button when equipped with other weapons)
  • Bug on quest fail during raid
  • Bug in which could use the quest item in raid even if it was placed in offline quest stash
  • Bug of remains of kicked-down doors preventing character movement
  • Quest "Stirrup" can no longer be completed by suicides
  • Problems associated with sounds, when they were either not played or not played correctly
  • Now, when switching from optics to reflex sight, mouse sensitivity changes
  • Bug that marked quest as failed in case of reentering the game
  • Visual bug that shown grenade still in hand during and after the throw
  • Bug that sometimes prevented character from moving up to interactive objects
  • Bug that lets you chamber more than one round
  • Bug allowing to install weapon mod within itself (in the Inspector through the context menu)
  • Bug that prevented the number of shotgun shells in store from updating on reload
  • Bug that allowed you to pick up items through the doors
  • Visual bug which does not play the animation of Saiga 12k mag checking
  • Visual bug displaying weight in the trade window
  • Removed the ability to modify weapon mods in the trade window
  • Bug that, upon changing the FOV in the game settings, but not applying it, changed the size of the moon in optics and aim down weapons
  • Bug, where environment sounds on Shoreline location, have not changed from the sound settings of the game
  • Bug that affected optics reticle texture quality when changing texture quality in settings
  • Partially fixed ability to loot through doors
  • When using the medication through quick access, the logic of the application is now as follows:

Applied to the most damaged part of the body except those with 0 health If some body parts are bleeding and a first aid kit removes it, the most damaged bleeding body part is selected Foot fractures are treated in the first place, hands in the last The rest of priorities depend on negative effects and whether the effects are present Other medicines: Applied to the most damaged part of the body, with a negative effect that is eliminated by this medicine

Other changes and additions

  • Now ammo can affect the parameters of weapon accuracy and recoil
  • Eliminating negative effect (such as bleeding, fracture) with a first-aid kit now also depletes its capacity
  • Changed characteristics of ammo. Now the difference is more evident
  • The number and height of grass at open locations
  • Fixed the amount of experience for different character actions in the raid
  • Balancing adjustments of traders, goods and their barter schemes
  • Adjusted prices for a number of items
  • Adjusted ammo prices, damage, penetration, etc.
  • Fixed and added new item spawn points, containers
  • New mechanics of damage to the missing parts of the body. Now destroyed limbs (hands, feet) do not kill the player with shock, but damage received by them is multiplied by 2 and distributed over other parts of the body. Chest and head are still considered lethal areas.
  • With abdomen destroyed, a character can no longer eat or drink.
  • Increased freedom of head rotation in free look
  • Increased recoil of M4A1
  • Reduced brightness of grenade explosion
  • Corrected some of the rain effects
  • Adjusted cost of insurance
  • Added new ricochet sounds
  • Lowered chance of secondary bleeding
  • Adjusted medkits HP capacities
  • Reduced density of volumetric fog from flashlights
  • Increased draw distance of surface hit effects
  • New setting of image sharpness (Sharpen) the Graphics settings
  • Fixed ballistic eyewear model
  • Added effects to destroyed hands (tremors, increased stamina consumption)
  • Shot clicks are now overlapped by obstacles
  • The sounds of outdoor gunfire now sound as shooting in an open space. And vice versa.
  • Increased volume of item usage sounds
  • Fixed and added back the Punisher part 6 quest
  • Added a new Scav head
  • Added splash screen on loading

v0.3.2.492 (2 Oct 2017)

  • Small technical update. Servers were uninterrupted.

v0.3.1.486 (30 Sep 2017)


  • Partially fixed hanging up on "Awaiting Server Response" screen, the problem is expected to be completely resolved in the major update
  • Minor RAM optimizations
  • Visual effects, brightness adjustments


  • Corrected silencer sounds (longer hearing distance now)
  • Changed M4 silenced fire sound

v0.3.0.475 (27 Sep 2017)


  • 3 new Prapor quests of the Punisher series
  • Trader reputation recovery quests


  • Display of quest unlock conditions
  • Technical server side bug
  • Quest notification localization in English
  • Global chat fixes
  • Correct quest failure in all cases, including in-raid
  • Multiple notifications of the same time are now united into one
  • Correct active headset operation
  • Visual effects optimization and enhanced draw distance
  • Daylight cycle optimization

v0.2.133.457 (21 Sep 2017)


  • New Prapor quest
  • Improved AI accuracy


  • Bug that allowed bots to spawn close to players
  • Several weapon exploits
  • Quest bug that, when performing two item search quests in one location, caused failure of either one or both items to appear
  • Bug that reduplicated quest items in the quest stash
  • Fixed bug that prevented quest from completion due to PC time settings change
  • Fixed absence of gestures with knife
  • Fixes on Factory location related to takedown of location part
  • Several minor optimizations of Customs
  • Fixed exploits at Customs
  • Fixed quest icons
  • Adjusted particular items spawn chances


  • Decreased experience gain for using medical supplies
  • Increased speed of day cycle change up to x4.5

v0.2.120.435 (18 Sep 2017)


  • Quests, first batch of story-based tasks available through Tasks tab in trader interface
  • Gesture and voice comes system (partially)
  • Now character tumbles down grass
  • Notification on the current firing mode on weapon when switching and/or checking firing mode
  • PP-19-01 Vityaz SN
  • Grenade fragments physics system
  • New armor damage calculation formulae
  • Redesigned PMC hands in first-person
  • PMC character voice selection in game settings. Two voice options for every PMC character.

AI Improvements

  • Added smooth turns
  • Improved cover-seeking algorithm
  • Fixed a part of staircase-stuck bugs
  • Fixed bug that caused excessive patrol point switching
  • Fixed bug that prevented bots from reaching the patrol point
  • Added aim shift on receiving damage
  • Added new R&R waypoints for bots and alternative patrol routes
  • Added shooting of legs in cases when bots only see legs
  • Enemy spotting speed now depends on alertness level
  • Sniper now provides covering fire for adjacent bots
  • Chance of hearing now depends on a distance
  • New bot zones at Shoreline


  • Data loading order
  • Shader optimization


  • About 20 exploits of using weapons and items that are not in inventory
  • Correct fall damage
  • Long-distance pushback bug
  • Part of the desync bugs
  • Part of the server join bugs
  • Part of raid completion bugs
  • Bug that allow Strength skill to get leveled by repeatedly left-clicking while throwing grenade
  • Fixed doubling of items through secure container
  • Сorrected bush movement noise
  • Incorrect raid results stats
  • Weapon modding screen blur bug when using non-native resolution
  • Fixed melted weapons hit effects
  • Fixed cash flow display in trading interface, traders list and standing levels
  • Fixed filtering out of items which are not in loot containers
  • Fixed bug caused by simultaneous door opening by two characters
  • Fixed bug that caused weapons to freeze while opening or closing doors or turning NVD on and off
  • Visual fixes of indoor lighting
  • Various minor fixes
  • Multiple fixes of collisions on locations that caused character to get stuck
  • Chest rig display using Open button now shows slots correctly.


  • To unlock loyalty levels it is now necessary to upgrade standing by performing quests
  • Amount of experience for healing
  • Adjusted ammunition damage
  • Now group player spawn close to each other
  • Loyalty levels now unlock separate tabs
  • Cash flow with the trader
  • Repair and insurance purchase now added to loyalty level
  • Character weapons now interacts with other characters as objects (character raises it)
  • If the weapon mod has slots for other mods, they can now be removed without weapon.

v0.2.101.424 (13 Sep 2017)

  • Preliminary version of Only released as patch notes.

v0.2.82.388 (9 Aug 2017)


  • Rare bug that made players invisible for a while
  • Chest rig exploit that allowed binding weapons and medication and using them out of secure container
  • Bug that kept the equipment of the character intact if the player refused to reconnect to the existing game
  • Fixed one of the AI characteristics that was handled incorrectly
  • Corrected AI vision at night
  • Bug that prevented players from using NVGs that were found on location if the character entered the game without one equipped.

v0.2.67.302 (27 Jul 2017)

  • Beta begins
  • First wave of beta testers are given access, in order of pre-order date.
  • All users received access by Aug 4th.
  • NDA lifted, users who violated NDA were unbanned soon after.


  • Major quality changes of weather system
  • Character sliding on steep slopes and angled surfaces
  • Shoreline location (half of location at the moment)


  • RAM consumption optimization
  • Animation system optimization
  • Balancing changes at Customs and Factory locations

AI optimizations

  • Bots won't be able to see perfectly through grass *
  • Added voice phrases for different situations
  • Changed sniper firing rate depending on distance to target (shots grow rare as distance grows)
  • Bots now react to sounds of opening doors and crates
  • Player becomes more noticeable to bots when firing
  • Added bot reactions to getting hit
  • Bots can now check the bodies
  • If the body belongs to PMC character, bot can fire a security round
  • If the body is that of a Scav from the same group, he could attempt search for the killer


  • Bug with ambient sounds that could cause their disappearance
  • "Moon effect" in scope at different FoV settings
  • Bug that prevented items attached to weapon from being insured
  • Bug that made character stuck in axe swing animation
  • Bug that set character movement speed to 0 after searching some of the crates
  • Visual fixes of global chat
  • Visual fixes related to bullet flight
  • Bug that disabled time of day selection in the Offline game
  • Various interface fixes
  • Most of the inventory sync problems related to weapons
  • Bug that removed visual display of negative health effects after reconnect
  • Bug that caused character only move head in aiming mode but not weapon
  • Bug that prevented 3rd-person procedural animation of recoil from playing
  • M67 grenade weight


  • Improvements of character movement control and physics

Closed Beta (27 Jul 2017)

Escape from Tarkov entered its official Closed Beta Testing stage in Jul 2017 with patch v0.2.67.302. The closed beta was available to owners of all pre-order editions, regardless of the purchase date.

Closed Beta Announcement

Extended Alpha (28 Dec 2016)

The Extended Alpha version extended access to owners of Prepare For Escape and Left Behind editions and contained following game features amongst other things:

  • A new raid location, the Woods - wide open spaces, dense forest vegetation, entirely new tactics and game experience
  • Weapon failure and repair system
  • Ability to create groups for going into raids together
  • Improved game physics
  • Ceaseless work on performance optimization and troubleshooting of existing issues;
  • Everything that has been done to this point in Alpha, including completely operational networking, trade, leveling, inventory management etc.
  • Absolute ABOLITION of the Alpha materials publication restrictions. Yes, from this point onwards you are free to stream, make videos and screenshots of the game and share them.

Extended Alpha Announcement

Closed Alpha (4 Aug 2016)

The Escape from Tarkov Closed Alpha was available to owners of the Edge of Darkness edition and some owners of the Left Behind and Prepare for Escape editions. A non-disclosure agreement was in place during most of the alpha testing.

Closed Alpha Announcement