Escape from Tarkov Wiki

Escape from Tarkov features five skill categories trained through active use. In short, the more you use a skill, the better you get at it.


  • A skills maximum level is 51 (Elite level). However, a skill can temporarily surpass this limit with status effects from certain Stimulants and Provisions.
    • Most skills provide unique perks at the Elite level
    • Temporary status effects can never bring a skill past level 60.
  • The number of skill points to reach level 1 is 10. Afterwards, it increases by 10 per level and is capped at 100 per skill level.
  • Some Quests award skill levels as a reward.
    • Sometimes it is worthwhile to avoid completing a quest until a skill is at least level 9 to ensure the quest rewards the maximum number of points possible.

Leveling speed[]

  • Each skill has a leveling speed modifier depending on how many full skill points have been earned recently in the raid:
    1. 129%: Before the first skill point, the leveling speed is at 129% (denoted by a blue arrow Blue arrow skill).
    2. 100%: After the first skill point, the leveling speed is normal or 100% (denoted by the lack of an arrow).
    3. < 100%: After the first 2 skill points, the leveling speed is calculated using the formula 0.6 ^ (Earned Points - 1) * 100, where earned points are rounded down to the nearest digit (e.g. 0.6 ^ (2 - 1) * 100 = 60%; denoted by a red arrow Red arrow skill).
  • After not earning any skill points for 200 seconds, the modifier is reset for that skill. Keep in mind that unlike at the start of the raid, the earned points counter is set to 1 in this case, which means you don't start with the 129% modifier but with the 100% modifier.

Hideout modifiers[]

  • Building the Hideout module "Air Filtering Unit" grants a 40% experience boost to the Physical skills group.
  • Building the Hideout module "Library" grants a 30% experience boost to the Practical skills group and an additional 15% boost to experience earned in raid.
  • Upgrading the Hideout module "Shooting Range" to level 3 grants a 10% experience boost to the Combat group.
  • If the Hideout module "Defective Wall" is between level 2 to 5, it gives a 3% experience penalty to the Physical skills group. It is possible to use a Fleece fabric to "mop the floor" to gain a temporary 2-6% experience boost, but in order to remove the penalty forever, this module must be upgraded to level 6.
    • After upgrading "Defective Wall" to level 6, it is possible to build the module "Gym" so that players can gain skill points of Strength and Endurance.
  • Building the Hideout module "Hall of Fame" grants a boost to the Physical and Combat skill groups. The boost value is scaled with the number and level of Dogtags of opposite faction members killed by your PMC and Scav characters.





Upcoming Skills[]


Special skills are unique abilities that only members of a specific faction can unlock.




Almost all actions in Escape from Tarkov grant the player experience. For example, killing, looting, or quest completions.

EXP Categories[]

These categories can be seen on your post-raid experience breakdown screen.

Action Experience
Survived Raid EXP * 1.3
MIA Raid EXP * 1
KIA Raid EXP * 1
Run-Through[1] Raid EXP * 0.5
Left the Action[2] Raid EXP * 0
Action Experience
Headshot PMC Kill * 1.2

Scav Kill * 1.1

Longshot 100
Kill Streak[3] 5x2 + 5x - 10
Inflicted Heavy Damage[4] 50 * Body part DMG / Body part max HP
Action Experience
Escape 300
Escape (Run-Through) 200
Exploration Bonus[5] 100
Action Experience
Fracture Fix 30
Light Bleed Fix 25
Healing 1 per HP Healed
Food Consumption 1 per Energy Restored
Drink Consumption 1 per Hydration Restored
Surgery 0
Action Experience
Breaching a Door[6] 20
Unlocking a Door 30
Search[7] 1 - 200
Items[8] 1 - 200
  1. Run-Through is obtained by completing a raid with less than 200 EXP from Combat and Looting. You can also avoid this status by being in a raid for 7 minutes or longer.
  2. Left the Action is obtained by disconnecting from the raid.
  3. x = Number of kills up to a maximum of 10 kills. After 10, any further kills are a flat additional +100 EXP to the streak, so instead of 11 kills being 650 EXP, it's 640. 12 kills is 740, 13 is 840, etc.
  4. Applies when dealing at least 60% damage of a body part's max HP and causing a bleed or fracture.
  5. Can only be obtained by walking through certain areas on some maps
  6. Only obtainable once per door. Only works on doors that must be breached to be opened.
  7. When searching a container, you gain "Search EXP" for every item as you discover what they are. When you search a body, you immediately gain all the Search EXP for what they have, instead of gaining it as you discover each item like when searching containers.
  8. When looting, you gain "Loot EXP" for moving an item from a container or the world onto your PMC. Any item type can only be looted once per raid for Loot EXP. For example, if you loot a Can of TarCola soda once in a raid, you will gain experience. If you loot a second Can of TarCola soda that same raid, you will not gain any additional Loot EXP.

Boss Kill EXP
Boss Experience
Big Pipe 2100
Birdeye 2100
Cultist Priest 2900
Glukhar 2650
Kaban 3000
Killa 2000
Knight 2300
Kollontay 3000
Reshala 2500
Sanitar 2700
Shturman 2100
Tagilla 2450
Zryachiy 0
Other Kills
Kill Experience
PMC 175
Raider 275
Rogue 225
Scav 80


The table below shows the EXP required to level up and a cumulative total.