Escape from Tarkov Wiki

Lobby screen

Combat groups allow players to join with either 5 PMCs or 4 Player Scavs to deploy at the same time of day on the same map. Besides the initial spawn location, no mechanic such as a lack of friendly fire or a spectate mode unites the group. Players can group with other players from their friends list or players who have selected the "Looking for Group" option from the "Prepare to Escape" screen. Currently this function is unable to be used in offline mode.

To enter a group complete the following steps:

  • Click "Escape from Tarkov in the Main Menu of the game
  • Select the desired map and time of day for your group raid and click next
  • Click next on the offline screen.
  • Insure your equipment as desired by clicking on the items you'd like to insure, then clicking insure. After you're done click next.
  • Pause on this screen. If you'd like to group with someone that is looking for group, find their name in the list shown in the center of the screen
  • Click on their name and select "Invite to Group"
  • Repeat as desired for the people you'd like to join your group.
  • When you're ready to start the raid, press "Ready" and it will put you into the matchmaking queue.