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Common fund stash
General data
TypeLoot container
Weight1 kg
Grid size5x5
Loot experience20
Examine experience10

Common fund stash is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


Common fund stash which belongs to Shturman


  • Shturman key is needed to open this container
  • Located on Woods in the Lumbermill area
  • Loot Table[]

    Name Type
    7.62x54R SNB 30 pcs. ammo pack Ammo Box
    5.45x39 PPBS gs 30 pcs. ammo pack Ammo Box
    5.56x45 Warmageddon 20 pcs. ammo pack Ammo Box
    9x19mm RIP 20-round ammo box Ammo Box
    9x39 BP gs 8 pcs. ammo pack Ammo Box
    9x39 SPP 8 pcs. ammo pack Ammo Box
    AS VAL Assault Carbine
    Colt M4A1 5.56x45 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
    ASh-12 12.7x55 assault rifle Assault Rifle
    DS Arms SA-58 7.62x51 Assault Rifle
    DT MDR 5.56x45 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
    Lone Star TX-15 DML Rifle Assault Rifle
    ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x Scope Scope
    ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x Scope FDE Scope
    Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya Drink
    Bottle of Dan Jackiel Whiskey Drink
    Morphine injector Drugs
    Ibuprofen painkillers Drugs
    Tetriz portable game Electronics
    Broken GPhone X Electronics
    Golden 1GPhone Electronics
    Broken GPhone Electronics
    Ops-Core Fast MT SUPER HIGH CUT Helmet Headwear
    Ops-Core Fast MT SUPER HIGH CUT Helmet Tan Headwear
    Crye Precision Airframe Tan Headwear
    BNTI LSHZ-2DTM Helmet Headwear
    Vulkan-5 (LShZ-5) heavy helmet Headwear
    Deadlyslob's beard oil Household Goods
    SSD drive Info
    Secure Flash drive Info
    Folder with intelligence Info
    Diary Info
    Slim diary Info
    Golden neck chain Jewelry
    Physical bitcoin Jewelry
    Cat figurine Jewelry
    Golden rooster Jewelry
    Silver Badge Jewelry
    GP coin Jewelry
    Bronze lion Jewelry
    Chain with Prokill medallion Jewelry
    Roler submariner gold wrist watch Jewelry
    Gold skull ring Jewelry
    Wooden clock Jewelry
    Antique teapot Jewelry
    Antique vase Jewelry
    RB-SMP key Key
    RB-MP11 key Key
    RB-ORB2 key Key
    RB-RS key Key
    RB-PSV2 key Key
    Red Rebel Ice pick Knife
    Antique axe Knife
    FireKlean gun lube Lubricant
    95-round 5.45x39 magazine for RPK-16 and compatibles Magazine
    ProMag AK-A-16 73-round 7.62x39 magazine for AKM and compatibles Magazine
    X-47 AK 7.62x39 50 rnd magazine Magazine
    X-FAL FAL/SA-58 7.62x51 50 rnd magazine Magazine
    SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9x19, 50 rounds capacity Magazine
    X-14 M14 50 round 7.62x51 magazine Magazine
    X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 9x19 magazine Magazine
    Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56x45 60-round magazine Magazine
    Remington R11 RSASS 7.62x51 Marksman Rifle
    Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51 Marksman Rifle
    Special Sniper Rifle VSS Vintorez Marksman Rifle
    Medical bloodset Medical Supplies
    Dollars Money
    Euros Money
    PNV-10T Night Vision Night Vision
    Armasight N-15 Night Vision Night Vision
    GPNVG-18 Night Vision Night Vision
    AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular Night Vision
    Burris FullField TAC 30 1-4x24 riflescope Scope
    EOtech Vudu 1-6 riflescope Scope
    Leupold Mark 4 LR 6.5-20x50 riflescope Scope
    Optical scope March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP Scope
    Hensoldt FF 4-16x56 scope Scope
    Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 riflescope Scope
    Battered antique Book Other
    Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans Other
    Gunpowder "Hawk" Other
    Beretta M9A3 9x19 pistol Pistol
    GLOCK 17 9x19 pistol Pistol
    Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM Pistol
    FN Five-seveN MK2 5.7x28 pistol Pistol
    GLOCK 18C 9x19 pistol Pistol
    Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM Pistol
    Sig SRD 9 9x19mm sound suppressor Silencer
    Gemtech SFN-57 5.7x28mm silencer Silencer
    AAC Illusion 9 9x19mm silencer Silencer
    Alpha Dog Alpha 9 9x19 sound suppressor Silencer
    SilencerCo Osprey 9 9x19mm sound suppressor Silencer
    AAC 762 SDN-6 7.62x51 Sound Suppressor Silencer
    Gemtech ONE 7.62x51 Sound Suppressor Silencer
    SilencerCo Salvo 12 sound suppressor Silencer
    Fischer Development FD917 suppressor Silencer
    B&T Rotex 2 4.6x30 silencer Silencer
    MPX-SD 9x19 Integrated silencer Silencer
    Empty Wallet Container
    Ammunition case Container
    Keytool Container
    Magazine case Container
    Documents case Container
    HK MP5K 9x19 submachine gun SMG
    SIG MPX 9x19 Submachine gun SMG
    HK MP7A1 4.6x30 submachinegun SMG
    DVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle Sniper Rifle
    Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle Sniper Rifle
    Armasight Vulcan MG 3.5x night vision scope Scope
    F-1 hand grenade Thrown Weapon
    M67 Hand grenade Thrown Weapon
    RGD-5 hand grenade Thrown Weapon