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Compensation for Damage - Collection
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Quest data
Given ByFence
Required for
Kappa container
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Compensation for Damage - Collection is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


What, came to bow again, tormented by guilt? you know, merc. I'm not your image-maker or a PR manager.. Alright, I can help you. One of my contacts is a big shot who collects US weaponry. Yes, he could just order fresh ones from the factory. But he needs and already used weapom, the one that still smells of gunpowder. That's why his whole collection is guns from conflict zones. Afganistan, Iraq.. Tarkov. I want to gift him some of the local M4s, but the guy is smart, so you'll need to find the guns yourself, not from some trader. Help me, and I'll help you in return. I'll make people forget the Scav blood on your hands.


The player must have a Reputation of -? or lower with Fence



That's it then, your request for a new dust filter for the ProVacuum model 60 has been approved, hehe. Your new life as a clean man begins, so don't mess it up again.