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Compensation for Damage - Wager
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Quest data
Given ByFence
Required for
Kappa container
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Compensation for Damage - Wager is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


So, you want to improve your crappy rep around these parts? Two influential people made a bet on you: can you repeat your success of shooting at everything that moves, but with a specific weapon you are told to use? Lucky for you, the tossed coin didn't fall on a knife, but on a kalashnikov rifle. A pity, honestly, I'd rather look at you running around with a knife and getting messed up every time. Would be a great redemption arc, wouldn't it? Well, since they've chosen an AK, I made a bet too: that you will handle it. Your targets are the unwanted mercs wandering around some places. So you better not screw up.


The player must have a Reputation of -1 or lower with Fence


  • Eliminate 7 PMC operatives while using any AK-series assault rifle


You've pleased my friends. Congratulations on your success.