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General data
TypeStory location
Duration40 minutes
Related maps
leads to:
PMC players10-12
EnemiesScavs, Reshala, Knight, Big Pipe, Birdeye, Cultists

Customs is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the second map that was added to the game.


A large area of industrial park land situated adjacent to the factory zone. The area houses a customs terminal, fuel storage facilities, offices, and dorms, as well as a variety of other infrastructure and buildings.


Stationary weapons in the form of AGS-30 30x29mm automatic grenade launchers and NSV "Utyos" 12.7x108 heavy machine guns.

Be aware of Border Snipers!

Usable Keys[]


Name Image Location Notable equipment Followers
Reshala Dealmaker Portrait At the dorms area
At the new gas station
At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction)
TT-33 7.62x25 TT pistol (Golden) 4 heavily armed and armored guards
Knight KnightPortrait At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction) Death Knight mask
Crye Precision CPC plate carrier (Goons Edition)
Big Pipe, Birdeye
Big Pipe BigPipePortrait At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction) Milkor M32A1 MSGL 40mm grenade launcher
Big Pipe's smoking pipe
Big Pipe's bandana
S&S Precision PlateFrame plate carrier (Goons Edition)
Knight, Birdeye
Birdeye BirdeyePortrait At the Scav base (ZB-013 extraction) Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system (Coyote)
LBT-1961A Load Bearing Chest Rig (Goons Edition)
Knight, Big Pipe
Cultist priest CultistCloseup In the area between warehouse 17 and the repair shop Cultist knife 4 Cultist Warriors


To locate the extractions use the maps below the table.


Interactive Map[]

Can be found on a separate page here.

Interactive Map Link Customs

3D Map Day[]

CustomsMapRealNorthBW Reemr

3D Map Night[]

CustomsMapRealNorthColour Reemr

2D Map[]


Isometric Map Dorms[]


Ingame Map - North bottom[]

Customs Map


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