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Quest data
LocationCustoms or Shoreline
Given ByLightkeeper
Required for
Kappa container
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Ding-Ding-Ding was a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Skier questline exclusive[]

You want to earn my trust? Did you figure out who's unhappy with Skier, or did you just point your finger at the sky? Doesn't matter. Sell weapons to Skier so he can understand that he's forgiven. And get me the cell phone that his men were stashing at the dorms. Let's find out what so many people died for.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

So you're here to earn my trust? You're beginning to understand Tarkov. That's commendable. Sell our foreign friend some weapons. That way he'll realize that the sanctions have been lifted and he's made amends. Then bring me the laptop that his men have left at the Health Resort, and I'll look into what he was after.


Skier questline exclusive[]

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]


Note: Even though this quest doesn't directly reward the Mr Kerman's cat hologram item, accepting it fails the quest Redemption, which gives the item as "failure reward".

Skier questline exclusive[]

The phone is fake. Someone really wanted Skier and his men focused on it. And it looks like I know who did this. He calls himself Mr.Kerman. His motives are unclear, but it's apparent that it's not his last move.

Peacekeeper questline exclusive[]

This laptop is a ruse created to distract Peacekeeper from the real target. But I'm not falling for this crap. I know who did this. And so do you. His name is Mr. Kerman. And something tells me it wasn't his last operation


Skier questline[]

The phone can be found on the roof of the 3-story dorms on Customs. There are multiple spawns.

  • Peacekeeper questline[]

    The laptop can be found on the roof of the health resort east wing on Shoreline. There are multiple spawns.

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