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Easy Job - Part 1
Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
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The Punisher - Part 2
Leads to:
Easy Job - Part 2
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Easy Job - Part 1 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Good afternoon, soldier. I've got a task for you, I advise you not to postpone it. You've heard about the water treatment plant at the coast? No, not the one at the health resort, that one is a power station. I'm talking about the one at Cape Dalniy. So, somewhere on the treatment plant's territory, there is a military MI-8, might even be working. If shit goes south in the city, you could try to start it and get the hell out of here. Anyway, I need it for different reasons: there's a gold mine of army supply crates next to it. I guess the owners didn't have time to load it all before leaving. I don't know who and why left that heli there, but my sources say that there's a craplot of valuable goods. Bring a signal marker and mark the bird, my people will deal with it after. The job is simple but important. Off you go then.


  • Locate the helicopter at the water treatment plant on Lighthouse
  • Mark the helicopter with an MS2000 Marker
  • Survive and extract from the location


So you're alive, I see? That's strange. Alright, here's your reward, soldier. Go outside for a couple minutes, breathe in some fresh air - I need to think about something.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
MS2000 Marker icon.png MS2000 Marker 1 Required N/A This item is placed on the helicopter. When placed, the item is removed from the players' inventory.

The helicopter is located in one of the basins at the water treatment plant in the north.

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