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Why are there unsuitable ads on the wiki?

Ads present on the wiki are not chosen by its editors. Our host, Fandom uses different technologies, such as Google AdSense in order to generate revenue. This helps keeping the wiki free, despite the big number of visitors which causes high server maintenance cost. This means that Fandom is not responsible for the ads appearing on the wiki since they are not hand-picked. Because you are on the Tarkov wiki, you probably have an interest in Tarkov. The algorithms behind Google AdSense easily conclude that you might be interested in Tarkov-related ads, such as cheat software or in-game currency ones.

We have absolutely zero interest in having such ads on the wiki, or support these shady websites. We are constantly fighting them, and also in need for your help. The content of this page is there to help you report those bad ads, making it easier for Fandom to remove them completely from the entire platform.

How can You help?

  • Create an image of the ad. If you're on Windows, use the "Snipping Tool" or a similar program to capture the ad and save it.
  • Save the address/ link of the wiki page you are on.
  • Save the ad target address/ link. Right click on the ad, and select Copy link address in order to get the ad's link. This will not cause you to "click" on the ad, and will not interfere with your browser at all. If you are using a different browser, such as "Firefox" or "Microsoft Edge", the text might be different, for example Copy Link Location
  • Find the ad IDs in the page source code. This is the tricky part:
    • Right click anywhere on the page, and select Inspect. Depending on your browser, it might be labeled as Inspect element or similar
    • Click on the Console tab. No worries, you won't actually have to write or understand code.
    • Paste the following snippet of code. It basically tells your browser to print some useful information regarding the ad when you hover over it with your mouse.
    .forEach(el => el.addEventListener('mouseover',
        () => console.log(" \
            googleQueryId: %s, \n \
            gptAdvertiserId: %s, \n \
            gptCreativeId: %s, \n \
            gptLineItemId: %s, \n \
            gptOrderId: %s, \n",

Once the code is pasted, the console should display Undefined. This is normal. Simply hover your mouse on the malicious ad and the necessary bits of information will get printed in the console.

  • Copy and save the information somewhere. You'll need to add it to the support ticket you'll create next.
  • Open a support ticket here. As category choose "I have an issue with an ad" and fill out the form, including the information you collected before and please don't forget to include what country, state/ province and city you live in (do not put your full address).
  • Make sure you included all necessary information and submit the ticket.

If you took the time to go through all the steps, the whole wiki team thanks you very much <3