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Eyewear can be equipped to reduce the duration of flashbang effects as well as the size and number of raindrops on the players' screen.



Icon Name Armor class Armor zones Armor segments Durability Ricochet chance Blindness Protection
127x64 NPP KLASS Condor glasses 1 Head Eyes 25 Medium 10%


Icon Name Blindness Protection
Tactical Glasses icon.png Tactical glasses 10%
Anti-fragmentation goggles icon.png Anti-fragmentation glasses 10%
6b34 glasses icon.png 6B34 anti-fragmentation glasses 10%
Dundukk sport sunglasses icon.png Dundukk sport sunglasses 15%
SIMcion.png Oakley SI M Frame safety glasses 15%
Pyramexicon.png Pyramex Proximity safety glasses 15%
Round frame sunglasses icon.png Round frame sunglasses 20%
RayBench Hipster Reserve Sunglasses icon.png RayBench Hipster Reserve sunglasses 25%
Aviator Sunglasses icon.png RayBench Aviator Glasses 25%
Crossbow tactical glasses icon.png Crossbow tactical glasses 30%
Gascan glasses icon.png Gascan glasses 15%
127x64 Twitch Rivals 2020 glasses 30%
127x64 Gas welder safety goggles 45%

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