F-1 Hand grenade

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F-1 Hand grenade
F-1 grenade icon.png
General data
TypeFragmentation grenade
Weight0.6 kg
Grid size1x1
Sold byPrapor LL3
Explosion delay3.5s
Throw strength80
Explosion radius3-7 meters
Contusion radius12 meters
Fragments count90x F1 Shrapnel
Loot experience20
Examine experience4

The F-1 Hand grenade (F-1) is a fragmentation grenade in Escape from Tarkov. GAU Index 57-G-721.

Description[edit | edit source]

The F-1 hand grenade (GRAU Index 57-G-721) is an anti-personnel fragmentation defensive grenade, designed for neutralizing enemy personnel in defensive combat. Due to a significantly effective fragmentation radius, it should only be thrown from behind hard cover, such as a concrete wall, APC, or tank.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Energy-Saving Lamp Icon.png x2
Energy-saving lamp
Prapor 1 icon.png
Prapor LL1
F-1 grenade icon.png

F-1 Hand grenade

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