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FORT Redut-M body armor
FORT Redut-M body armor.png
FORT Redut-M body armor icon.png
General data
TypeArmor vest
SlotBody armor
Weight13.5 kg
Grid size3x4
Sold byRagman LL3
MaterialCombined materials
Armor class5
Armor zonesThorax and stomach
Penalties-13% movement speed
-12% turn speed
-11 Ergonomics

FORT Redut-M body armor (Redut-M) is an armor vest in Escape from Tarkov.


"Redut M" is a modified version of the Redut well-proven body armor, which is in service of special units of the FSB. The vest is based on advanced technologies in the field of individual armor. Due to the optimized form of armor elements and the outer cover with a special damping-ventilation system, the Redut M armored vest has excellent functional qualities, which facilitates active actions, including those associated with the use of vehicles and in confined spaces.


  • Cannot be listed for sale on the flea market.