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Factory-Day Banner.png
General data
TypeStory location
DurationDay: 20 minutes
Night: 25 minutes
Related maps
leads to:
EnemiesDay: Scavs, Tagilla
Night: Scavs, Tagilla, Cultists

Factory is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the first location that was added to the game.


The industrial estate and facilities of Chemical Plant No. 16 were rented out illegally to the TerraGroup corporation. During the advent of the Contract Wars, the plant became the scene of numerous firefights between BEAR and USEC that ultimately determined control over the industrial district of Tarkov. Later on, in the wake of the chaos, the plant facilities became a shelter for the remaining civilians, Scavs, and military operatives, including the scattered remains of the BEAR and USEC contingents.


A small, fast-paced CQC map inside of a multi-story industrial factory, complete with tunnels and overhead walkways.

Usable Keys

Icon Key Name Loot Used in Quest
Factory key icon.png Factory emergency exit key

Jacket Loose Loot

Pumping station back door key Icon.png Pumping station back door key

Loose Loot

Pumping station front door key Icon.png Pumping station front door key

Loose Loot

Table Legend

Icon Meaning
Safe Safe
Medcase/Medbag Medcase/Medbag SMU06
PC Block PC block
Grenade box Grenade box
Drawer Drawer
Cash Register Cash register
Wooden ammo box Wooden ammo box
Wooden crate Wooden crate
Weapon box (4x4) Weapon box (4x4)
Weapon box (5x2) Weapon box (5x2)
Weapon box (5x5) Weapon box (5x5)
Weapon box (6x3) Weapon box (6x3)
Jacket Jacket
Sport bag Sport bag
Toolbox Toolbox
Loose Valuables Loose Valuables (Golden neck chain, Physical bitcoin, Figurines, etc)
Loose Currency Loose Currency
Loose Loot Loose Loot (Meds, Weapon mods, Provisions, etc)
Standing Weapons Rack Standing Weapons Rack


Name Image Location Unique Equipment Followers
Tagilla Tagilla Portrait.png Has to be expected everywhere Superfors DB 2020 Dead Blow Hammer
Tagilla's welding mask "UBEY"
Tagilla's welding mask "Gorilla"
Crye Precision AVS MBAV (Tagilla Edition)
Cultist priest CultistCloseup.png Only appearing at night Cultist knife 2-4 Cultist Warriors


To locate the extractions use the maps below the table.

Extraction Name Faction Always open Single-Use Items Required
Fac Camera Bunker Door.png Camera Bunker Door
Scav -
Fac Cellars.png Cellars
PMC Factory key icon.png
Fac Gate 0.png Gate 0 All Factory key icon.png
Fac Gate 3.png Gate 3 All -
Med tent gates.jpg Med Tent Gate PMC Factory key icon.png
Fac Office Window.png Office Window Scav -


3D Map With Extractions and Locks
Factory 3D b Johnny Tushonka.jpg

Isometric map
EFT Factory Map 12.11 stealtheh.jpg

Ingame Map
Factory Map


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