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Fishing Gear
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Quest data
Given ByPeacekeeper
Required for
Related quests
Friend from the West - Part 2
Leads to:
Tigr Safari
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Fishing Gear is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Good afternoon, mercenary. My name is Peacekeeper, and you were recommended by Skier, as a man who knows his value and the value of loyalty too. Let's not waste time and get straight to business. I need to deliver certain gear to certain people. I'll give you all the stuff I need to be moved, and your job will be to leave it all in a certain spot - on the Shoreline, next to one of the - what’s it called - breakwaters. There is a boat nearby, and that is where you drop the gear. Is the task clear?



  • Find the boat hidden next to the breakwater on Shoreline
  • Stash 1 sniper rifle in the boat
  • Stash 1 multitool in the boat
  • Survive and extract from the location


My contacts received everything they needed. Good job, will be glad to work with you more, mercenary.

Initial Equipment[]

Icon Item name Amount Notes
SV-98 icon.PNG SV-98 bolt-action sniper rifle 1 Needs to be placed at the secret spot
Multitoolicon.png Leatherman Multitool 1 Needs to be placed at the secret spot


  • After accepting the quest you will be sent an SV-98 bolt-action sniper rifle and a Leatherman Multitool.
  • It is recommended to remove all attachments from the SV-98 and insure it when attempting this quest. Only the base weapon itself is required, and the attachments can then be sold.
  • Place the multitool in your secure container so it is not lost if you die during this quest.

Take these two items with you to Shoreline and navigate to the small rowboat on the beach by the gas station (pictured below). Once there, go up to the rowboat and hold down your interact key. This will start a countdown of 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds are up, one of the two items will be removed from your inventory. Both items are not removed at the same time. Repeat this again to place the second item. Once you have placed the second item and extracted, the quest is complete. Extraction does not need to occur in the same raid you place the items in.

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