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The GRAU index is a system used by the Russian Armed Forces to catalog different weapons, equipment, and ammunition. This page will sort the items in game that use this designation, such as 6P1 0-1 (Izhmash АKM dust cover)

Old Designation System (GAU)[]

Original system used by the GAU from the 1930s to the 1950s, until it became GRAU in 1960.

Division 56 (Infantry Weapons)[]

56-A (Automatic and Self-Loading Small Arms)[]

Division 57 (Infantry Ammunition)[]

57-G (Hand Grenades)[]

57-N (Standard Ammunition)[]

57-T (Tracer)[]

Current Designation System (GRAU)[]

In 1960, GAU became GRAU and introduced a new system of indexing.

Division 1 (Optics)[]

1PN (Night sights)[]

Division 6 (Firearms, equipment)[]

6B (Armor)[]

6Ch (Firearm Equipment)[]

6G (Grenade launchers)[]

6L (Magazines)[]

6M (Headsets)[]

6P (Firearms)[]

6Sh (Firearm equipment)[]

6Ts (Sights)[]

6V (Sniper Rifles)[]

Division 7 (Ammunition)[]

7BT (Armor Piercing-Tracer)[]

7N (Standard Ammunition)[]

7P (Grenade Launcher Rounds)[]

7T (Tracer)[]

7U (Subsonic)[]


SP Group[]

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