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The GRAU index is a system used by the Russian Armed Forces to catalog different weapons, equipment, and ammunition. This page will sort the items in game that use this designation, such as 6P1 0-1 (Izhmash АKM dust cover)

Old Designation System (GAU)

Original system used by the GAU from the 1930s to the 1950s, until it became GRAU in 1960.

Division 56 (Infantry Weapons)

56-A (Automatic and Self-Loading Small Arms)

Division 57 (Infantry Ammunition)

57-G (Hand Grenades)

57-N (Standard Ammunition)

57-T (Tracer)

Current Designation System (GRAU)

In 1960, GAU became GRAU and introduced a new system of indexing.

Division 1 (Optics)

1PN (Night sights)

Division 6 (Firearms, equipment)

6B (Armor)

6Ch (Firearm Equipment)

6G (Grenade launchers)

6L (Magazines)

6M (Headsets)

6P (Firearms)

6Sh (Firearm equipment)

6Ts (Sights)

6V (Sniper Rifles)

Division 7 (Ammunition)

7BT (Armor Piercing-Tracer)

7N (Standard Ammunition)

7P (Grenade Launcher Rounds)

7T (Tracer)

7U (Subsonic)


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