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There are various Gear components in Escape from Tarkov.

This page lists components that can be attached to headwear, including mounts, night vision devices, headsets, visors and armor add-ons as well as armor plates which can be inserted into certain armor vests and chest rigs.

Armor plates[]

Night vision devices[]

Thermal vision devices[]



Besides their ballistic protection, visors also reduce the duration of flashbang effects.

Additional armor[]



Upcoming Gear Components[]

Name Image Status
1PN63M Night Vision Upcoming 1PN63M Confirmed with screenshot
ENVG-B Night Vision Upcoming ENVG-B Confirmed with screenshot
PN21K Night Vision PN21K Night Vision Upcoming Confirmed with screenshot
TILO-3Z Night Vision Upcoming TILO-3Z Confirmed with screenshot
Ops-Core SLAAP armor helmet plate

(Gray, Green & Multicam)

Ops-CoreSLAAParmorhelmetplate(GGMC) Confirmed with screenshot