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Given ByPrapor
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Shaking up teller
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Test drive - Part 1
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Grenadier is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello, warrior. How are things on the front line? People say you're a good shot, I've even tested you myself too. But what if you have to use a grenade? You will need intuition and brains to not get flogged accidently. So, I want to see how you handle grenades, go make some noise in Tarkov.


  • Must be level 30 to start this quest.



Good, limbs are still attached, and the needed noise was made. You'll be useful in these matters then, warrior. Here's the reward, you earned it.


First you must select what type of grenades you'd like to bring. There are five to choose from:

Related Quest Items
Icon Grenade Fuze Length (s) Explosion Distance (m) Fragments Released Notes
F-1 grenade icon.png F-1 hand grenade 3.5 3-7 90x F1 Shrapnel Has a large amount of shrapnel and extremely deadly in close quarters. Best used nearby.
RGD-5 grenade icon.png RGD-5 hand grenade 3.5 3-7 70x RGD-5 Shrapnel The cheapest grenade, but less deadly. This is your all-around use grenade. Best economically.
M67icon.png M67 Hand grenade 5 3-8 75x M67 Shrapnel Can be thrown the furthest and has the longest fuse to accommodate this fact and avoid premature detonation. Best used at range.
Vog-17 icon.png VOG-17 Khattabka grenade 3 2-6 100x RGD-5 Shrapnel Has a short fuse making it useful in close quarters.
Vog-25 icon.png VOG-25 Khattabka grenade 2 2-7 35x F1 Shrapnel Has the shortest fuse making it useful in close quarters.

Breaking someones leg or waiting until they're lying down before throwing a grenade reduces your opponents chance to get away from your grenade. If your opponent is in a small room throw a grenade inside and quickly close the door, locking them in with the explosion.