Gunsmith - Part 10

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Gunsmith - Part 10
Quest data
TypeParameter-oriented modding
Given ByMechanic
Required for
Related quests
Gunsmith - Part 9
Leads to:
Gunsmith - Part 11
Other choices:

Gunsmith - Part 10 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


I called her Lusya, the neural network, I mean. So, when I keep silent, it does well and even reminds me to get some sleep when necessary, but as soon as I start talking to myself, it attempts to distract me, putting on music or something like that. However, I trained it with the movies and phrases from them, apparently, such a reaction is presented to us in the movies as the most appropriate, but not for me. I'll have to think about what stimuli are the best to mimic real people, rather than society and its stereotypes. But I digress, assemble an AK-105 now, with silencer and 60-round mag. As for parameters: sighting range over 800, ergonomics above 48, recoil sum less than 550, weight 4.8kg or less. And compact, as always, 8 cells or so.


  • Must be level 20 to start this quest.


  • Modify AK-105 to comply with the required specification


Looks like I came up with how to train the network! Yes, AK, will do.


AK-105 specifications:


This is one example of many possible configurations.

NOTE: You must fold the stock without the recoil pad attached, then attach it. With the pad on the gun, the option is unavailable.