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Gunsmith - Part 12
Quest data
TypeParameter-oriented modding
Given ByMechanic
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Gunsmith - Part 11
Leads to:
Gunsmith - Part 13
Other choices:

Gunsmith - Part 12 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Quite long ago, I once met the owner of KIBA Arms, we even went to a sauna together then, though I’m not particularly into it. He even broke his leg trying to jump-dive from the pier that day. Jolly fellow dreamt of setting up an Airsoft field all the time. It seems his wish came true in Tarkov, the best and largest Airsoft field in the world, with an only minor difference: here, you die and lose everything from a single stray bullet. Put together an AK-102, with a Rotor 43 silencer, Magpul AFG OD tactical grip, and the Zenit Klesch-2U flashlight. Ergonomics should be over 40, recoil sum less than 480, sighting range 500 or more. Make sure it doesn’t take up more than 8 slots.


  • Must be level 23 to start this quest.


  • Modify an AK-102 to comply with the required specification


  • Just don't turn on the flashlight unless you want to get blinded for days! Anyway, well done, leave it on that crate.


    AK-102 specifications:

    The reward for the quest includes a Magpul MOE Carbine stock (Black). This item is required for Gunsmith - Part 14 and should be kept. If you don't already have this stock, you'll need to have completed Skier's task Missing Cargo as well as have him at LL3 to purchase it.