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Gunsmith - Part 15
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Kappa container
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Gunsmith - Part 15 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


While I was busy with the network, I started to wonder how are we different from it, and when we can replace our short-lived brains with those kinds of systems. What do you think, will this time come someday? I think it will, very soon. We already don't know what processes occur inside neural networks, there is only an entry signal and the result of its actions, and how it has learned with its own internal rules, wiring up its own neural links inside itself. How is it different from us? Would you love living in a world where your actions get limited only by your mind and imagination? The truth is, I think, living in such a world would be no better than in our own if there is no goal. And where can a goal come from if you're immortal and omnipotent... This time we need an AS VAL. GL-SHOCK buttstock, AN/PEQ-15 tactical device, NSPU-M night scope, and a 30-round magazine. Ergonomics above 33 and recoil sum less than 220.


  • Must be level 29 to start this quest.


  • Modify an AS VAL to comply with the given specifications


Finished with the rifle? Great, hand it to me. I've got an interesting key here, might come in handy to you. It opens the gun store in Ultra, the KIBA store. It's got some great weapon mods in there, could be useful for our future gunsmithing.


AS VAL specifications: