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Hand drill
Handdrill icon.png
General data
Weight2.3 kg
Grid size3x2
Loot experience10
Examine experience2

Hand drill (Hand drill) is an item in Escape from Tarkov.


Rare and old thing, almost was out of use before the conflict. However, especially useful right now.




  • On the Goshan back-stock shelves
  • On the Idea back-stock shelves
  • On top of barrel next to hole in the fence.
  • On top of barrel next to broken bridge hidden cache.
  • In the back of a heavy truck by Railway Exfil with the cement walkway behind it


  • In the gas station/grocery store near the svetily dead end extract
  • In the admin offices of health resort
  • In West Wing Room 301 on the floor
  • On a box at the back of a house in Svetliy Village
  • On the desk in the radar towers main room


  • On racks in the storage containers
  • At the electric pylon, sitting on the wooden spools
  • In repair shop, beside the green screen room
  • In one of the cabins near Trailer Park Worker's Shack


  • At the forklift between the silos


  • In the first room at Scav bunker.
  • Next to the campfire in Dead Man's Place.
  • On the floor of Building on road between Bus Station and UN Roadblock.
  • On the shelf underground in Scav Bunker.
  • On top of a crate in the northeast corner of EMERCOM Camp.