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Informed Means Armed
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Quest data
LocationInterchange, Woods, Customs
Given BySkier
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Friend from the West - Part 2
Leads to:
Other choices:

Informed Means Armed is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Oh, whassup! Let me tell you something. I settled in around here nicely, but something just doesn't feel right anyway. I mean, there's no confidence about what tomorrow may bring! Forget it, I just caught some sads ... Anyhow, I'd like to stay well-informed about what is happening in the neighborhood to feel more at peace. I'll give you a hint of some shady spot where I'd like to install some smart cams. I'm not good at this stuff, so may boys will explain the details. The cameras can be found at the Mechanic's, he used to sell them. Obviously, not a word to him about our business.


  • Must be level 24 to start this quest.



All this tech is clearly not for me, picture is hazed and the signal is shit, but I've already spotted some "fat rats". Thanks, huge help!


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
WIFI Camera Icon.png WI-FI Camera 3 Required No Can be purchased from Mechanic LL1.

Placing each camera requires you to be stationary for 20 seconds, so be sure to secure the area first.

The first camera needs to be placed on top of a box in the "Brutal" Store on Interchange.

Killa is able to spawn inside and around the Brutal store, so caution is necessary. In addition to Killa, players frequently rush this area. It is recommended to wait 5-10 minutes before entering the area.

  • The second camera needs to be placed near the pier on a pile of wood in Woods.

  • The third camera needs to be placed in a bush near the sniper roadblock exit on Customs.

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