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Intel items comprise of maps, keys, key cards and other usable items that will help you get ahead of the competition - or at least know where the hell you are in Tarkov. Most of the keys can be used an unlimited number of times. Keys with a limited number of uses have their durability (number of uses remaining) listed in the bottom-right of their icon and on their inspection screen.

Keys & Keycards

Icon Key Name Loot Used in Quest
Yotota car key


Key ZB-014

Box5x5.png LooseLoot.png

Shturman Key Icon.png
Shturman key

Icon Key Name Loot Used in Quest
VAZ key
Weapon safe key

Table Legend

Icon Meaning
Safe.png Safe
Medcase.png Medcase/Medbag SMU06
PCBlock.png PC block
Grenadebox.png Grenade box
Drawer.png Drawer
Cashregister.png Cash register
AmmoBox.png Wooden ammo box
Woodenbox.png Wooden crate
Box4x4.png Weapon box (4x4)
Box5x2.png Weapon box (5x2)
Box5x5.png Weapon box (5x5)
Box6x3.png Weapon box (6x3)
JacketNormal.png Jacket
SportBag.png Sport bag
Toolbox3.png Toolbox
Jewelry.png Loose Valuables (Golden neck chain, Physical bitcoin, Figurines, etc)
Money-Icon.png Loose Currency
LooseLoot.png Loose Loot (Meds, Weapon mods, Provisions, etc)
WeaponRack.png Standing Weapons Rack


For player-made maps check the pages for each location.

Keys & Keycards
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