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Lend-Lease - Part 2
Quest data
Given ByPeacekeeper
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Lend-Lease - Part 1
Leads to:
Peacekeeping Mission
Other choices:

Lend-Lease - Part 2 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello. As you know, there were different facilities, secret and not-so-secret, within Tarkov boundaries. Many of them are hidden, and many of them have already been ransacked by scavengers. My customers are very unhappy about this. It is in their best interest that technology does not fall into the hands of... undesired persons. Therefore, we need to take that technology outside of the exclusion zone. There can be no mistakes, I need original materials only, so don't trust any resellers or third parties. Of course, those people are serious and will pay serious cash. I'll give you a list of what you need to find.


  • Must be level 30 to start this quest.



Very good, very good! The clients will be happy with you, mercenary. Your reward.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
Virtex programmable processor Icon.png Virtex programmable processor 2 Handover item Yes Can be crafted in the Hideout (Intelligence Center lv. 2).
COFDM Icon.png Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter 1 Handover item Yes Can be crafted in the Hideout (Intelligence Center lv. 2).

Both items can be found in The Lab in the Main Working Area (O11). The processors are found on a pedestal inside a cage with an orange robotic arm and the transmitters on a desk behind it. They can also be crafted in the Hideout (Intelligence Center lv. 2).

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