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Looting is the main source for acquiring items, gear and weapons scattered throughout the Norvinsk region. It is also the easiest way to obtain items with the found in raid status.


The stash is a safe location outside of raids for players to store their items. Depending on the edition of the game purchased, the stash will be a different size:

  • 10x30 on Standard Edition
  • 10x40 on Left Behind Edition
  • 10x50 on Prepare for Escape Edition
  • 10x68 on Edge of Darkness Limited Edition
  • 10x72 on The Unheard Edition

The stash size can be upgraded in the Hideout, up to level 4 which corresponds to the Edge of Darkness game edition. It is also possible to permanently extend the stash regardless of game edition by up to 28 lines through the purchase of expansions on the Escape from Tarkov website.

Stash space can also be expanded through the use of Containers as they have larger inner dimensions than outer dimensions.



The inventory is where players can equip gear and hold items on their PMC. Before going into a raid, you place whatever you want to bring into a raid onto your PMC. Once in a raid, everything you brought in with the exception of armbands, secure containers and their contents, as well as melee weapons, can be lost.
In your inventory, you can equip a primary weapon, secondary weapon, sidearm, Melee weapon, Armor vests, Headset, Headwear, Face cover, Armband and Eyewear. Additionally, you can equip gear that will hold items such as a Chest rig, Backpack, and Secure containers. If you have a usable item in either your tactical rig or pockets (such as a grenade, medical item, or magazine), it can be equipped on your hotbar and quickly used in a raid.

Secure containers[]

Secure containers are containers that you can bring into a raid which, along with their contents, will not be lost upon death. Every player starts with a pouch depending on the edition of the game purchased, and all except the Secure container Gamma can be acquired through in-game means.



The traders are who you go to purchase and barter for equipment. Currency and barter items will be taken and deposited into your stash. Depending on your reputation and trader level, prices may vary. Some traders also offer Tasks that require you to complete certain objectives. Later in the game these Tasks can give very valuable rewards such as the Secure container Epsilon or T H I C C item case.

Flea Market[]

For information about the flea market click here.

Loot Containers[]

These containers have a limited assortment of loot that spawns inside of them when a raid begins. They have set locations, but not all of them are utilized in every raid, meaning some aren't in the same spot all the time. There are other non-container props that look similar to the containers below but that do not contain loot.

Reward containers[]

Event containers[]