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Looting is the main source for acquiring items, gear and weapons scattered throughout the Norvinsk region. It is also the easiest way to obtain items with the found in raid status.


The stash is a safe location outside of raids for players to store their items. Depending on the edition of the game purchased, the stash will be a different size.

  • 10x28 on Standard Edition
  • 10x38 on Left Behind Edition
  • 10x48 on Prepare for Escape Edition
  • 10x68 on Edge of Darkness Limited Edition

The base stash size can be upgraded in the Hideout up to the max level that EoD has, the level 4 stash. In the future, this will be achievable through quest rewards. Stash space can also be expanded through the use of Containers as they have larger inner dimensions than outer dimensions.



The inventory is where players can equip gear and hold items on their PMC. Before going into a raid, you place whatever you want to bring into a raid onto your PMC. Once in a raid, everything you brought in with the exception of secure containers and their contents, as well as melee weapons, can be lost.
In your inventory, you can equip a primary weapon, secondary weapon, sidearm, Melee weapon, Armor vests, Headset, Headwear, Face cover, Armband and Eyewear. Additionally, you can equip gear that will hold items such as a Chest rig, Backpack, and Secure containers. If you have a usable item in either your tactical rig or pockets (such as a grenade, medical item, or magazine), it can be equipped on your hotbar and quickly used in a raid.

Secure containers

Secure containers are containers that you can bring into a raid which, along with their contents, will not be lost upon death. Every player starts with a pouch depending on the edition of the game purchased, and all except the Secure container Gamma can be acquired through in-game means.



The traders are who you go to purchase and barter for equipment. Currency and barter items will be taken and deposited into your stash. Depending on your reputation and trader level, prices may vary. Some traders also offer Tasks that require you to complete certain objectives. Later in the game these Tasks can give very valuable rewards such as the Secure container Epsilon or T H I C C item case.

Flea Market

For information about the flea market click here.


Not currently implemented.

Loot Containers

These containers have a limited assortment of loot that spawns inside of them when a raid begins. They will always be located in the same place, but have different loot. There are other non-container props that look similar to the containers below but that do not contain loot.

Image Name Description
Airdrop Crate.png Airdrop supply crate A 10x12 grid crate that is air-dropped from a russian Ilyushin Il-76MD. Comes in 4 different variants.
Buried Barrel Cache.png Buried barrel cache A 3x4 grid buried cache.
Register.png Cash register Cash registers are 1x2 slot loot containers that only contain Roubles.
Register TAR2-2.png Cash register TAR2-2 Bigger than the standard Cash register, has a 2x2 grid that only spawns Roubles.
ShturmanCrate.png Common fund stash A 5x5 grid stash
DeadScav.png Dead Scav Corpse of a deceased scav. A 4x4 loot container that spawns Barter Items, Provisions, and medical loot.
Drawers.png Drawer Drawers are loot containers that are interacted with when searching filing cabinets. All filing cabinets currently have 4 drawers. Each drawer is a 2x2 grid.
GrenadeCrate.png Grenade box Grenade boxes are 2x3 loot containers that only spawn grenades and explosives.
Groundcache.png Ground cache A 4x4 grid buried and hidden cache.
Jackets.png Jacket A blue or brown jacket that spawns barter items, provisions and most of the mechanical keys of the game.
Bluejacket114.png Jacket (114 key) A blue jacket that has a chance to spawn Dorm room 114 key and medkits. Has a separate loot table from other jackets.
Brownjacket.png Jacket (machinery key) A 2x2 slot brown jacket that only spawns the Machinery key. Has a separate loot table from the other jackets.
Med Bag.png Medbag SMU06 An SMU06 Medical bag that only spawns medical loot.
Med Case.png Medcase A plastic medical case that only spawns medical items. Very similar to the Medbag SMU06, but cannot spawn medikits except for the AI-2 medkit.
MedicalSupplyCrate.png Medical supply crate A 5x5 medical supply crate
Pc Block.png PC block A computer case that can be searched to find PC components.
Plastic suitcase.png Plastic suitcase Plastic suitcases spawn some barter items and provisions in a 3x3 grid.
RationSupplyCrate.png Ration supply crate A 5x5 ration supply crate
Safe Container.png Safe A loot container that only spawns currency and valuable items. The large black safes share the same loot table as the small safes on top of the blue weapon safe spawns, such as in Dorm room 204.
DuffleBag.png Sport bag Sport bags are black and red 4x3 bags that spawns all Barter Items.
TechSupplyCrate.png Technical supply crate A 5x5 technical supply crate that contains Industrial and Electronic items
Toolbox.png Toolbox A small toolbox that contains some barter items.
Toolbox2.png Wooden Toolbox A Large toolbox that contains some barter items.
Weapon Box 4x4.png Weapon box (4x4) A 4x4 grid TerraGroup Weapon box that spawns weapons and mods. Note that only weapons that actually fit inside spawn.
Weapon Box 5x2.png Weapon box (5x2) A 5x2 grid TerraGroup Weapon box that spawns weapons, mods, throwables and meds. Note that only weapons that actually fit inside spawn.
Weapon Box 5x5.png Weapon box (5x5) A 5x5 grid TerraGroup Weapon box that spawns weapons and mods. Note that only weapons that actually fit inside spawn.
Weapon Box 6x3.png Weapon box (6x3) A 6x3 grid TerraGroup Weapon box that spawns weapons and mods. Note that only weapons that actually fit inside spawn.
AmmoBox Container.png Wooden ammo box Wooden ammo boxes are 3x3 boxes that only contain ammo.
WoodenCrate.png Wooden crate Green wooden crate that spawns military loot.