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The map of Escape from Tarkov consists of 11 different locations of which 10 have been released so far. While all maps are to be connected eventually, for now they are all separated from each other.

Interactive Map[]

The map below links to the locations the player can deploy to.

The LabGround ZeroStreets of TarkovInterchangeCustomsFactoryReserveWoodsLighthouseShoreline🔒 TerminalMap
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Location specific features[]



Minefield warning sign

Minefields are usually marked by warning signs, but there are also a few unmarked ones (e.g. north of the USEC camp on Woods).
The mines are invisible, respawn after they detonate and can only be triggered by players. It is therefore impossible to detect a mine, let alone clear a minefield.
While they are used to create artificial borders on Woods, Shoreline, Ground Zero and Reserve, they can also be found scattered around the water treatment plant on Lighthouse and along the harbor terminal wall on Shoreline.

Border Snipers[]


Border Sniper warning sign

Border Snipers are marked by various warning signs.
They are invisible, non-killable and can shoot through any object.
They should be avoided under all circumstances, not least because the player's health will be set to 1% after dying to them.
It is therefore essential for survival to retreat immediately when being targeted by one, as taking cover is pointless.
They are used to create artificial borders on Customs, Lighthouse, Reserve, Woods, Shoreline, Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov.



Claymore mine

Claymores are anti-personnel mines. The mines have an activation range of 5-10m, are unaffected by gunfire and explosives and instantly kill players upon detonation, unless they are behind cover. Unlike the minefield, once blown up another doesn't respawn in its place, allowing claymores to be permanently cleared after detonation. Claymores can only be detonated by getting into their activation range.

They are used on the Lighthouse, Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov locations:

  • On Lighthouse they are scattered on the bridge to the lighthouse at the peninsula territory and on the hills eastern of the water treatment plant. The mines on the bridge to the lighthouse can be passed safely with an encoded Digital secure DSP radio transmitter.
  • On Ground Zero one is located in a customer desk booth in the Tarbank.
  • On Streets of Tarkov they are scattered around the LexOs car dealership.