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The map below links to locations you can deploy to during raids.

Interactive Map

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Locations in Tarkov

Banner Name Features Duration Players Enemies Release State
Customs Banner.png Customs Taking place in an industrial part of Tarkov, Customs features a self-storage lot, a river with a bridge, a two and three story dormitory, gas stations, warehouses, construction zones, and some military checkpoints. 45 minutes 8-12 Scavs
Factory-Day Banner.png Factory A small, fast-paced CQC map inside of a multi-story industrial factory, complete with tunnels and overhead walkways. Day: 20 minutes
Night: 25 minutes
4-6 Day: Scavs, Tagilla
Night: Scavs, Cultists, Tagilla
Banner interchange.png Interchange A three-story shopping complex comprising of a variety of different types of stores typical to malls, as well as 3 major anchor stores IDEA, OLI, and Goshan. It also has underground parking, roads circling the building, and a go-kart track. 45 minutes 10-14 Scavs
Reserve.png Reserve The secret Federal State Reserve Agency base that, according to urban legends, contains enough supplies to last for years: food, medications and other resources, enough to survive an all-out nuclear war. 50 minutes 9-12 Scavs
Scav Raiders
Banner shoreline.png Shoreline A large map that runs along a shoreline. A small town, a sunken village, a gas station, a pier, a guarded pill-box, a radio station, and, most notably, a large 3-story health resort are included. The health resort also has a basement in-ground pool, a gym, tennis courts, and a theatre. 50 minutes 10-13 Scavs
TheLabBanner.png The Lab Underground laboratory complex TerraGroup Labs is a secret object right under the center of Tarkov. Officially, this research center does not exist and, based on data scraps, is engaged in R&D, testing and simulation projects in chemistry, physics, biology, and high-tech areas. 40 minutes 6-10 Scav Raiders Released
Banner woods.png Woods A moderately sized section of woods with some open fields, small hills, a logging camp, and a couple of bunkers. 50 minutes 8-14 Scavs
Wiki.png Arena Not part of the escape. Unreleased
Lighthouse banner.jpg Lighthouse The lighthouse at Cape Dalniy used to be an important strategic position for the city. Upon the outbreak of the conflict, USEC used the Lighthouse area as its landing zone, and in so doing attracted the attention of BEAR forces who were hell bent on reducing the hostile PMCs forces to zero. Unreleased
Wiki.png Private Sector Private residential sector, built up with cottages of the upper-class citizens of Tarkov. In the first weeks of emerging chaos it served as a refugee staging camp, but has become a known scavenger haunt afterwards. Unreleased
Banner streets.png Streets of Tarkov Downtown Tarkov houses, banks, malls, and hotels as well as all the other amenities a thriving metropolis could have needed. Unreleased
Wiki.png Suburbs The suburb and commuter areas of Tarkov containing all the infrastructure and creature comforts for a long and happy life. Unreleased
Wiki.png Terminal A large section of the harbour zone, rumoured to be the backup Emercom extraction point. Unreleased
Wiki.png Town The Verkhneye urban settlement is a small town by the seaside, favoured by locals as an exceptional gardening and outdoor recreation spot. Unreleased