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Medbag SMU06
Med Bag.png
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size4x3

Medbag SMU06 is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


A SMU06 Medical bag that only spawns medical loot.

Loot Table

Name Type
Analgin painkillers Drugs
Morphine injector Drugs
Golden Star balm Drugs
Vaseline balm Drugs
Augmentin antibiotic pills Drugs
Ibuprofen painkillers Drugs
Soap Household Goods
Aseptic bandage Medical
Immobilizing splint Medical
Army bandage Medical
Aluminum splint Medical
CMS surgical kit Medical
Surv12 field surgical kit Medical
Esmarch tourniquet Medical
CALOK-B hemostatic applicator Medical
CAT hemostatic tourniquet Medical
Bottle of saline solution Medical Supplies
Bottle of hydrogen peroxide Medical Supplies
Ophthalmoscope Medical Supplies
Medical bloodset Medical Supplies
Portable defibrillator Medical Supplies
LEDX Skin Transilluminator Medical Supplies
Pile of meds Medical Supplies
Disposable syringe Medical Supplies
Medical tools Medical Supplies
Salewa first aid kit Med Kit
AI-2 medkit Med Kit
Grizzly medical kit Med Kit
Car first aid kit Med Kit
IFAK individual first aid kit Med Kit
AFAK tactical individual first aid kit Med Kit
Propital regenerative stimulant injector Stimulator
SJ1 TGLabs combat stimulant injector Stimulator
SJ6 TGLabs combat stimulant injector Stimulator
Zagustin hemostatic drug injector Stimulator
eTG-change regenerative stimulant injector Stimulator
Adrenaline injector Stimulator
3-(b-TG) stimulant injector Stimulator
L1 (Norepinephrine) injector Stimulator
P22 stimulant injector Stimulator
AHF1-M stimulant injector Stimulator
Meldonin injector Stimulator
M.U.L.E. stimulant injector Stimulator
"Obdolbos" cocktail injector Stimulator
xTG-12 antidote injector Stimulator