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No Offence
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Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Chemical - Part 4
Out of Curiosity
Leads to:
Other choices:

No Offence is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


That last chemical deal damaged my trust in you. I’m not the type to hold grudges, but that trick you pulled was very dirty, and I don't like dirty tricks. If you want to straighten things up with me and regain my trust - do one favor for me. The customer who expected these chemicals was left in a tight spot, and on top of that, I haven’t even delivered the grenades from the previous order yet. The grenades he needs are foreign-made, the green round ones, and I don’t have anything like that. Get me some of these - and we’ll call it even as if nothing happened.



Hm... well, alright. Old offenses are forgotten, let’s keep working. Just be careful around that Skier character, he’s a shady dude.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in Raid
M67icon.png M67 hand grenade 10 Handover item No

M67 hand grenades can be bought from Peacekeeper LL2 after completing his task Spa Tour - Part 2. Alternatively they can be bartered from Peacekeeper LL2 for 2 Zibbo lighter per grenade.


This quest is activated after completing Chemical - Part 4 or Out of Curiosity. By completing Big Customer, you will lose access to this quest.