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No Peeking!
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Quest data
LocationGround Zero
Given ByPeacekeeper
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Getting to the Core
Leads to:
Forgotten Acquaintance
Requirement for:
Other choices:

No Peeking! was a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hello. It's good to have you here, I need some outside help. You'll do just fine. Recently, my people have noticed that someone is installing cameras in the city center. They're trying to spy on us! My men must not be seen involved in this matter, so we need your help. Take down the people who are installing the cameras. I'll pay for everything, don't worry.


  • Eliminate 5 PMC operatives at the TerraGroup HQ on Ground Zero


I've already been told you've handled everything. Well done!


In this quest you have to kill 5 PMCs at the TerraGroup HQ on Ground Zero.

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