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Orsis T-5000M .308 bolt-action sniper rifle
T-5000 View.png
General data
TypeSniper rifle
Weight6.348 kg
Grid size5x2
Sold bySkier LL3 after completing his task Lend lease - Part 1
Recoil %Vertical: 165
Horizontal: 630
Effective distance1000 m
Firing modesSingle
Rate of fire (RPM)30
Sighting range100 m
Caliber7.62x51mm NATO
Default ammo7.62x51mm M80
Muzzle velocity826 m/s
Default magOrsis T-5000M .308 5-round magazine
Accepted ammunition

The Orsis T-5000M .308 bolt-action sniper rifle (T-5000) is a sniper rifle in Escape from Tarkov.


High-accuracy ORSIS T-5000 rifle is an outstanding result of our company designers' efforts. This model was created in cooperation with professional shooters and has the properties required for a customer in the Russian market. T-5000 model is a hand-reloaded repeater with sliding breech bolt and two front locking lugs. It is a multi-purpose weapon. Its specifications provide high-accuracy long-range shots (up to 1500m), high level of shooter's convenience while preparatory, firing and recoil phases, swift sighting line recovery, excellent reliability and ergonomics.


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