PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG

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PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG
General data
TypeSubmachine gun
Weight1.529 kg
Grid size3x2
Sold byPrapor LL2
Recoil %Vertical: 65
Horizontal: 235
Effective distance100 m
Firing modesSingle
Full Auto
Rate of fire (RPM)1000
Sighting range100
Caliber9x18mm Makarov
Default ammo9x18 mm PM 9 BZT gzh
Muzzle velocity283 m/s
Default magStandard 9x18PM 30-round magazine for PP-91
Accepted ammunition
Loot experience30
Examine experience4

The PP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG (PP-9 Klin) is a submachine gun in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[edit | edit source]

A further evolution of the Kedr SMG for new 9x18 PMM cartridge, designated as PP-9 Klin. It has been manufactured since 1996 until 2002 by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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