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Photo Hunt
Photo Hunt Banner
Quest data
LocationGround Zero
Given BySkier
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Take Two
Leads to:
Forgotten Acquaintance
Requirement for:
Other choices:

Photo Hunt was a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Hey. A little birdie told me we've got some goddamn competition. They found out about our job somehow, now they want more information! Tarkov's like a tiny village, everybody knows everything about everything. It always pissed me off. Anyway, it's photo hunting season. We should put up cameras to catch the assholes. At the city center, that's where these guys were last seen.



You got shot too? Damn shitheads, eh! We'll remind them later. We just need to memorize their faces first.

Initial Equipment[]

Icon Item name Amount Notes
WIFI Camera Icon WI-FI Camera 4 This item is placed in the TerraGroup HQ.


Related Quest Items
Icon Item name Amount Requirement Find in raid Notes
WIFI Camera Icon WI-FI Camera 4 Required N/A Can be purchased from Mechanic LL1.
TerraGroup science office key icon TerraGroup science office key 1 Optional N/A Unlocks office no. 4 in the TerraGroup building.

In this quest you have to place 4 WI-FI cameras in the TerraGroup HQ on Ground Zero.

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