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Plastic suitcase
Plastic suitcase.png
General data
TypeLoot Container
Grid size3x3

Plastic suitcase is a Loot Container in Escape from Tarkov.


Plastic suitcases spawn some barter items and provisions in a 3x3 grid.


Can only be found in The Lab, Interchange and Shoreline

Loot Table[]

Name Type Notes
AA Battery Battery
D Size battery Battery
GreenBat lithium battery Battery
Powerbank Battery
Rechargeable battery Battery
0.6 liter water bottle Drink
Green Ice Drink
Vita juice Drink
Max energy Drink
TarCola Drink
Russian Army pineapple juice Drink
Apple juice Drink
Grand juice Drink
Pack of milk Drink
Hot Rod Drink
Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya Drink
Premium Kvass "Norvinskiy Yadreniy" 0.6L bottle Drink
Aquamari water bottle with filter Drink
"Fierce Hatchling" moonshine Drink
Bottle of Dan Jackiel Whiskey Drink
USB Adapter Electronics
Lower half-mask Face Covering
Balaclava Face Covering
Respirator Face Covering
Cold Fear Infrared balaclava Face Covering
Ghost balaclava Face Covering
Shemagh (Green) Face Covering
Shemagh (Tan) Face Covering
Neoprene mask Face Covering
Deadly skull mask Face Covering
GP-5 gasmask Face Covering
Momex balaclava Face Covering
Light armored Shattered mask Face Covering
Shroud half-mask Face Covering
Pestily plague mask Face Covering
Special Twitch Rivals 2020 half mask Face Covering
Smoke balaclava Face Covering
Army Crackers Food
Slickers bar Food
Can of pacific saury Food
Rye croutons Food
Humpback salmon Food
Can of green peas Food
Small can of beef stew Food
Squash spread Food
Can of herring Food
Large can of beef stew Food
Alyonka chocolate bar Food
Emelya rye croutons Food
Iskra lunch box Food
Condensed milk Food
Pack of oat flakes Food
MRE lunch box Food
Pack of sugar Food
Can of sprats Food
Jar of DevilDog mayo Food
Bandana Headwear
Pompon hat Headwear
USEC baseball cap Headwear
UX PRO Beanie Headwear
Kinda cowboy hat Headwear
Tactical fleece hat Headwear
Ski hat with holes for eyes Headwear
Miltec panama hat Headwear
USEC baseball cap black Headwear
Ushanka ear-flap cap Headwear
Kotton beanie Headwear
Soap Household Goods
Ortodontox toothpaste Household Goods
Toothpaste Household Goods
Toilet paper Household Goods
Deadlyslob's beard oil Household Goods
Chainlet Jewelry
Golden neck chain Jewelry
Horse figurine Jewelry
Antique teapot Jewelry
Antique vase Jewelry
Bronze lion Jewelry
Wooden clock Jewelry
Cat figurine Jewelry
Roler submariner gold wrist watch Jewelry
Physical bitcoin Jewelry
Golden rooster Jewelry
Silver Badge Jewelry
Chain with Prokill medallion Jewelry
Gold skull ring Jewelry
GP coin Jewelry
Raven figurine Jewelry
Veritas guitar pick Jewelry
Zibbo lighter Lubricant
FireKlean gun lube Lubricant
SurvL Survivor Lighter Lubricant
Disposable syringe Medical Supplies
Pile of meds Medical Supplies
Portable defibrillator Medical Supplies Interchange and Labs Only
LEDX Skin Transilluminator Medical Supplies Interchange, Shoreline and Labs Only
Strike Cigarettes Other
Wilston cigarettes Other
Majaica Coffee Other
Can of Dr. Lupo's coffee beans Other
Paracord Other
42nd Signature Blend English Tea Other
Round frame sunglasses Visors
Dundukk sport sunglasses Visors
RayBench Hipster Reserve sunglasses Visors