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Polikhim Hobo
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Quest data
Given ByPrapor
Required for
Kappa container
Related quests
Leads to:
Regulated Materials
Other choices:
Chemical - Part 1

Polikhim Hobo is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.


Polikhim hobo? The former deputy chief of security? Yes, I knew him. All this mess caused him some massive damage - took to drinking, degraded to a hobo. He's not a bad guy... Wait a sec, can’t he say for himself? Did he get whacked or something? Well, doesn't matter, but if you're asking about him, then there are some problems. Well, I knew where he lived, but here’s the deal - I need help scaring off the Scavs from the Customs. If you help me, I’ll tell you where this hobo lived.



Thank you, warrior. Well, your hobo used to dwell on the railway, in the train car next to the boiler. My guys have seen him there often. See you later.

Failure Penalty

  • Prapor Rep -??
Damn... Apparently, I was wrong to count on you. Nothing I can help you with. I’m neck-deep in problems now thanks to your half-assed job.


This quest is obtained when accepting the quest Chemical - Part 1.


This task is removed from Prapor if it is not accepted before completing Chemical - Part 1. That results in the following task Regulated Materials not showing as well.


  • Despite the quest's purpose of giving you information for Skier's quest Chemical - Part 1, if you complete Skier's quest before finishing Polikhim hobo, it will not cancel the quest.
  • In previous patches, this quest used to have a time limit of 2 hours while still requiring you to kill 25 scavs on Customs.