Quests, both player-given and dynamically generated, are intended to be a large part of Escape from Tarkov.

Some require you to pick stuff up for certain traders, while others require you to kill other operators or mark vehicles and specific places. Quests are the fastest way of gaining EXP. Completing one will often reward you with experience points, trader reputation, money, valuable loot, rare containers, and unlock the purchase of new items.

Quest items

Some items only spawn if the respective quest is active. These items fall in the quest items category and cannot be used, sold or discarded.

  • Quest items are guaranteed to spawn client-side, so each player in a raid with the same quest active can pick it up.
  • When picked up, quest items are transferred to the player's quest item inventory. If the player fails to extract with a quest item, they will lose it.
    To prevent losing quest items, it is strongly recommended to turn them in before starting another raid or transferring them to the Quest item special stash in the "Quest items" tab of the "Tasks" tab if you do not want to continue the quest in the next raid (e.g. during Delivery from the past).
  • While quest items are required to be found in raid as there is no other way to obtain them, the player does not have to avoid the Run Through status.

Image Guides

  • List of Quests

    Prapor Portrait.png
    Therapist Portrait.png
    Skier Portrait.png
    Peacekeeper Portrait.png
    Mechanic Portrait.png
    Ragman Portrait.png
    Jaeger Portrait.png
    Fence Portrait.png
    Quest Type Objectives Rewards
    Debut Elimination
    Search mission Completion
    • Find Prapor's missing convoy on Woods
    • Locate the temporary USEC camp
    • Survive and extract from the location
    Checking PickUp
    Shootout picnic Elimination
    Delivery from the past PickUp
    BP depot Discovery
    The bunker - Part 1 Completion
    • Find the underground bunker
    • Locate the control room in the underground bunker
    • Survive and extract from the location
    The bunker - Part 2 Completion
    • Locate the hermetic door leading to the hospital (white bishop)
    • Locate one of two hermetic doors leading to the academy building (black bishop)
    • Locate one of two hermetic doors leading to barracks №1 (black pawn)
    • Locate one of two hermetic doors leading to barracks №2 (white pawn)
    • Locate the hermetic door leading to the building of the air control center (white king)
    • Survive and extract from the location
    Bad rep evidence PickUp
    Ice cream cones PickUp
    No place for renegades Elimination
    Documents PickUp
    Postman Pat - Part 1 PickUp
    Shaking up teller PickUp
    The Punisher - Part 1 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 2 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 3 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 4 Elimination
    The Punisher - Part 5 PickUp
    The Punisher - Part 6 Elimination
    Anesthesia Discovery
    Grenadier Elimination
    Insomnia Elimination
    • Eliminate 30 PMCs during nighttime (22 to 05)
    Test drive - Part 1 Elimination
    Perfect mediator Standing
    Polikhim hobo Elimination
    Regulated materials PickUp
    Big customer Completion
    • Find the transport with the chemicals
    • Mark the chemical transport vehicle with an MS2000 Marker
    • Survive and extract from Customs
    No offence PickUp
    Capturing Outposts Elimination
    • Eliminate 15 PMCs at the Scav base on Customs
    • Eliminate 15 PMCs at the Scav base on Woods
    • Eliminate 15 PMCs at the pier on Shoreline
    Intimidator Elimination
    • Eliminate 40 Scavs with headshots
    Escort Elimination
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